The Greatest Truth of Ancient Egypt was
MAAT or the Birthright Holy Spirit

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I would like to pay tribute to the work of both Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, by letting Robert introduce something, from his book Secret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records, that is the most important thing we need to learn about ancient Egypt. Note that the footnotes, comments and images, along with their captions, have been added by myself to Robert’s comments:

“The principle tenets of the ancient temple cult and the Pharaonic state that administered it were that during this golden age of the gods a system of ‘cosmic law’ called Maat had been established by Osiris, and that it was the duty and function of his son Horus and all successive Horus-kings to ensure that Maat was upheld and kept unchanged throughout the ages. As the ancient text proclaim: 


‘Great is Maat, enduring is its effectiveness, for it has not been changed since the Time of Osiris (i.e. the First Time)’ [from Papyrus BM 10371/1-435] 


Thus there is much speculation among scholars of religion and philosophy as to what exactly Maat was to the ancient Egyptians. Maat was personified by a winged goddess on whose head was affixed a large plume or feather which, according to many researchers, symbolised ‘Truth’ or the “lightness” of a truthful and righteous heart. Wallis Budge describes the goddess Maat as … 


‘… the personification of law, order, rule, truth, right, righteousness, canon, justice, straightness, integrity, uprightness and of the highest conception of physical and moral law known to the Egyptians.’ [This is exactly what Jesus taught us on the Sermon on the Mount. See Matthew 5: 1-20] 


Perhaps the best way to perceive Maat is for it to be the combination of all these ethics which are encapsulated in the principle of ‘Divine Truth,’ or just ‘Truth.’ Maat, in short, is the ‘code of practice’ of the gods to which a human being must adhere in his earthly existence in order to progress to the god-like state. Maat is that divine microchip within our heart that tells us what is right or wrong, and guides us through life according to the Divine Will. Obey Maat, and you tread on the paths of godliness; ignore it or ‘obey’ other ‘laws’ that you know in your heart are wrong, and you deviate from the divine path. [See Figure D below] However, Maat in itself was not sufficient for achieving immortality of the soul. [[1]] 


[Nazarene Remnant comment:  Also note that name of Osiris is the Greek version of the god the ancient Egyptians called “As-Ar,” or “Ausar.” Robert Bauval points out: “It may surprise the reader to learn that the name [Osiris] is not Egyptian but Greek. The true and original name of the god [i.e. Yeshua or Christ] in its most ancient form is As-Ar, or Ausar, composed by two hieroglyphic signs of the ‘’throne  and the ‘eye.’ It is only much later, around 500 BC or so, that the Greeks gave it its classical pronunciation. The ‘throne’ almost certainly symbolizes the ‘throne of Osiris’ or, more generally, ‘the throne of divine kingship’—and its other-worldly connotation, it may also stand for ‘the throne of Osiris in the Duat.’” [[2]]  End NR comment]  


It was merely the essential prerequisite to right of entry into the kingdom of Osiris. The deceased must first successfully overcome all the ordeals and tribulations [*] he had to face during his frightful journey through the Duat, and the road that leads to the court of Osiris.  


[*] 1 Thessalonians 3: 4:  “For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know.”  


Act 14: 22: “Confirming the souls of the disciples, [and] exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.” 


 [Nazarene Remnant comment:  Egyptologists have a handy knack of confounding the true message of the ancient Egypt religion by writing everything down backwards! What I mean by this is that you were supposed to be able to do all this after you had died, instead of doing it where it only ever counted, which is during this life!  

End NR comment] 


In order to do so, the deceased must be ‘equipped,’ i.e. initiated, into the system of magical knowledge of Thoth known as Heka. It is Heka that gets the deceased through the Duat, and Maat that ensures his heavenly entrance into the kingdom of Osiris. 


Both Maat and Heka, in a sense, go hand in hand, and together provide the individual with both the quality of character [**] and the knowledge to achieve immortality. Not surprisingly then, the goddess Maat is said to be the companion or wife of Thoth. The apotheosis of the soul’s journey through life and death is reached in the so-called Hall of Judgment of Osiris. Here, sitting on his cosmic throne, Osiris is presented with the spiritualised deceased after his journey through the Duat. This dramatic scene, also known as ‘the weighing of the heart’ ceremony, is beautifully depicted in the celebrated Papyrus of Ani displayed in the British Museum (see Figure A below) 


[**] See “Character Deficiency Syndrome.” 



Figure A.


On the far right of the scene is Osiris [see Figure B below] on his throne within an open shrine. He is wearing the white crown of kingship [i.e. the White Crown of Upper Egypt] and the ‘two plumes’ of ‘great magic,’ [see Figure C below] and holds the flail and crook, symbols of Pharaonic royalty. Behind him, standing in protection and adoration, are the goddesses Isis and Nephtys.

[Nazarene Remnant comment: Robert Bauval is not correct here when he says that both the goddess Isis and the goddess Nephtys are looking on in “adoration and protection.” Isis would be, because it is through “her” spiritual work that Ani is brought to redemption. However Nephtys would be quite peeved and angry that Ani has made it into the kingdom of Osiris, because “her” work is to destroy through the working of her evil possession of all those who commit sin. Both Isis and Nephtys represent the “light” and the “darkness” of the Moon each month of the year.  End NR comment]


Figure B.


In front of Osiris is an open Lotus flower from which emerge the so-called ‘four sons of Horus,’ the personification of the cardinal directions and who, in the Pyramid Texts, assists Osiris in his heavenly ascent into the starry world with their ‘iron fingers.’ Outside, the shrine of Osiris is being brought by Horus a spiritualised dead person [the scribe Ani and his wife] who has successfully passed the final tribulation of the ‘weighing of the heart’ and, consequently, is now entitled to meet the god [i.e. great angel] and enter his heavenly kingdom. Further to the left of the scene [To the right of the scales in Figure A above] is the god Thoth, standing upright with his hands holding a palette and a pen, and about to record the reading on a large set of scales manned by a priest with a jackal’s mask.  



Figure C.


The scales symbolize Maat [i.e. God’s Law, judgments and statutes as in Malachi 4: 4.], whose image can be seen on the top of the vertical arm of the instrument. In one tray is the feather of Truth, and in the other the heart or essence [i.e. the green heart chakra] of the deceased. Holding the symbol of life and rebirth in his hand, the god Anubis or Upuaut, the ‘opener of the ways,’ brings the next deceased whose heart is ready for weighing. Above the scene is a row of deities representing the forty-two judges that assist Osiris in his final verdict of who is and who is not worthy of entry into the heavenly realm.” [[3]] 


Figure D. 


Prince Charles mocks the "feather of Truth."


Knights Companion of the Order of the [Witches] Garter wearing the full regalia of this Satanic secret society.


 The fate of the unrepentant sinner is shown here.


Again, the fate of the unrepentant sinner.


A modern histiry book's version of Maat.


A modern “history” textbook depiction of the weighing
of the heart ceremony, or the Last Judgment. 


Queen Elizabeth II promised to uphold Maat (the Laws, statutes and judgments of God. See Malachi 4: 4) when she was crowned in Westminster Abbey in 1953. See Exhibit 1 below (her signature affirming this promise is at the top of the document). This promise she has never kept [[4]]

Here's what Queen Elizabeth II promised to do but never has.


Imposter Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Crown, and holding the Orb and the Sceptre.


Difference betwen a Crown and a Diadem.


Further Reading: 


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[1] Too right Robert Bauval! You have to repent, become baptised, and begin genuinely keeping the New Moon Festivals as you do spiritual work on yourself. If you don’t do this, Maat or “magical power, does not work for you, period. 

[2] Robert Bauval, Secret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records, Century Books, London, 1999, pp. 82-83. ISBN: 0 7126 8453 0

[3] Robert Bauval, Secret Chamber, pp. 94-96. It is unfortunate that Robert Bauval then goes on to talk about “initiation into the mysteries” (instead of repentance and baptism and the keeping of the monthly New Moon Festivals, which of course he does not understand), and the suggestion that it is in secret societies, such as the Freemasons, that the ancient spiritual knowledge of the initiated masters is to be found these days. Of course Freemasonry lures the naïve and the ignorant into believing that they will receive higher wisdom and magic through various stages (the various degrees of Freemasonry) of supposed enlightenment. This of course is nonsense because the controlling heart and soul of Freemasonry is demonic to the core! Your average Joe Freemason, of course, is never told this.  Nor does he make the necessary effort of reading and studying to find out what really is the true nature of this organisation that he has unwittingly joined without prior investigation. Read Chapter 24, “A Freemason's 33rd Degree Initiation,” for some clear light on this subject. You will find that in of our book The 33rd Degree Freemason, which is available on the DvD / USB version of this work, or online here:  

[4] See chapter 17, “Any Man Who Takes An Oath Is A Liar;” chapter 18, “Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie;” and chapter 19, “All Bad Things Flow From the Oath of a Man,” of our book The 33rd Degree Freemason, which is available on the DvD / USB version of this work, or online here:  

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