Why the Label Tentative Jubilee Years?

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Declaring the Jubilees in this work has to be tentative at this stage, because they are governed by the motion of the Moon and the birght star Sirius, and if you know anything about the Moon, you'll know that its orbit is one of the most complex of all natural phenomena to understand.

Because the motions of the Moon through the field of stars is such a challenge to understand, I have not yet been able to determined the Jubilee to my total satisfaction, according to the motion of the Moon relative to the celestial vault, because the moon follows an irregular elliptical orbit around the Earth, which means that the Moon's distance from the Earth, and position against the background stars, is in constant flux.

The authors of The Illustrated Longitude, David Sobel and William Andrewes, make this highly relevant observation: "What's more, since the moon's orbital motion varies cyclically over an eighteen-year period, eighteen years' worth of data constitute the bare minimum groundwork for any meaningful predictions of the moon's position." The general principle of the Jubilee is understood, however, it is the specifcs that need the work, but I guarantee you that it won't take anywhere near 18 years, more like 18 months!

But the process of understanding the whole matter, and writing it up, could take quite some time, and I believe that, whatever this time takes, it is far too long a period to wait, given the world situation. So I have decided on this approach, presented here, and believe that the sixth/seventh and fifty-sixth/fifty-seventh year of each century show the best promise for declaring them to be the Jubilees, again, tentatively.

The prime fact is that the New Moon festivals have been restored, and that is the critical understanding for the born-again process to be incorporated in every true believer's heart.

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