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Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents,
and the
AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich

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Original Title: The Rise of the Fourth Reich?


By (Author Unknown)

Comments and additions by Nazarene Remnant.

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Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
(A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)

PM Julia Gillard gives Masonic handshake

Aussie PM: Swearing in Features Masonic (Thumb on Knuckles)
 Julia Gillard (a "Star") with Governor-General Quentin Bryce
(another "Star") at her swearing-in as PM at Government House. Picture:
Kym Smith.
 Source: The Australian

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because most people don't want to admit they don't have the courage to do anything about it. Most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all" (Michael Rivero)

Warning:The information in this article is not suited for minors, as it involves extreme violence of the worse kindagainst children. I present this information because it is not being offered in the churches, in the media, in the universities, and colleges, or anywhere on the planet, making it so easy for demonic forces to have the first and the last say. Moreover, most people on this earth turn a blind eye to shocking truths like this, but it is time that they truly opened their eyes and understand what really goes on in this world. The spirit in which I offer this is well summarised by Jesse Penn-Lewis:  


Yet in face of this plain forecast of the peril in later times, we find the Churchin almost entire ignoranceof the workings of this army of evil spirits. The majority of believers too readily accept everything ‘supernatural’ as of God, and supernatural experiences areindiscriminately accepted because all such experiences are thought to be Divine. 


Through lack of knowledge, the majority of even the most spiritual people, do not carry out a full and perpetual war upon this army of wicked spirits; [Nazarene Remnant comment: They even vote for them at elections!] and many are shrinking from the subject, and the call to war against them, saying that if Christ is preached it is not necessary to give prominence to the existence of the devil, nor to enter into direct conflict with him, and his hosts. Yet large numbers of the children of God are becoming a prey to the enemy for lack of this very knowledge, and through the silence of teacherson this vital truth, the Church of Christ is passing on into the peril of the closing days of the age, unprepared to meet the onslaught of the foe. On account of this, and in view of the plainly given prophetic warnings in the Scriptures; the already manifest influx of the evil hosts of Satan among the children of God; and the many signs that we are actually in the ‘later times’ referred to by the Apostle; all believers should welcome such knowledge about the powers of darkness, as will enable them to pass through the fiery trial of these days, without being ensnared by the foe.” (Jessie Penn-Lewis, with Evan Roberts, War on the Saints, World Wide Web Edition, based on Unabridged 1912 Edition. This Edition courtesy of . p. 10.) 




Everyone likes to say, "Hitler did this", and, "Hitler did that". But the truth is Hitler did very little. He was a world class tyrant, but the evil actually done by the Third Reich, from the death camps to WW2 was all done by German citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told by their government was the truth or not, and who because they did not want to admit to themselves that they were afraid to question the government, refused to see the truth behind the Reichstag Fire, refused to see the invasion by Poland was a staged fake, and followed Hitler into national disaster.


The German people of the late 1930s imagined themselves to be brave. They saw themselves as the heroic Germans depicted by the Wagnerian Operas, the descendants of the fierce Germanic warriors who had hunted wild boar with nothing but spears and who had defeated three of Rome's mightiest legions in the Tuetenberg Forest.


But in truth, by the 1930s, the German people had become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery was both salve and slavery. Germans were required to behave as if they were brave, even when they were not.


It's easy to look back and realize what a jerk Hitler was. But at the time, Hitler looked pretty good to the German people, with the help of the media. He was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938. The German people assumed they were safe from a tyrant. They lived in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government could and more importantly could not do. Their leader was a devoutly religious man, and had even sung with the boy's choir of a monastery in his youth.


The reality was that the German people, as individuals, had lost their courage. The German government preferred it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But the German people didn't wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding individual courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the German people simply pretended that the situation did not exist. And in that simple self-deception lay the ruin of an entire nation and the coming of the second World War.


When the Reichstag burned down, most Germans simply refused to believe suggestions that the fire had been staged by Hitler himself. [Shades of the inside job that was 911] They were afraid to. But so trapped were the Germans by their belief in their own bravery that they willed themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they could nod in agreement with Der Fuhrer while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoided the one situation which most required real courage; to stand up to Hitler's lies and deceptions.


When Hitler requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under German law, but powers Hitler claimed he needed to have to deal with the "terrorists", the German people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, agreed. The temporary powers were conferred, and once conferred lasted until Germany itself was destroyed. [Compare to the current bogus war on terror that has been created by the money-power elite, and their stooge politicians, which will see the world erupt into the greatest emergency of all time.]


When Hitler staged a phony invasion [they're well and truly known as "false-flag attacks" these days] from Poland, the vast majority of the German people, their own self-image dependant on continuing blindness to Hitler's deceptions, did not question why Poland would have done something so stupid, and found themselves in a war.


But Hitler knew he ruled a nation of cowards [Nazarene Remnant Comment: Indeed, the modern money-power elite know that they have turned the people of the world into complicit cowards who do their dirty work, without ever thinking twice about the dirty work they are engaged in.], and knew he had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards could fight and win. He decorated his troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Hitler copied the parade regalia of ancient Rome, to remind the Germans of the defeat of the legions at the Tuetenberg Forest. Talismans were added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fell in battle. Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, Hitler spent vast sums of money on his wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, the world's first cruise missile and the world's first guided missile, weapons that could be used to kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they were doing [Nazarene Remnant Comment: Actually this view of the Hitler and the Second World War is a well-contrived lie of the highest order. A good place to start finding out how we've been hoodwicked about world history is The Secret Road to Mount Olympus].


The German people were lured into WW2 not because they were brave, but because they were cowards who wanted to be seen as brave, and found that shooting long range weapons at people they could not see took less courage than standing up to Hitler. Sent into battle by that false image of courage, the Germans were dependent on their wonder-weapons. When the wonder-weapons stopped working, the Germans lost the war. [Nazarene Remnant Comment: This is a simplistic lie of history. The Germans didn't really lose the war at all, as you'll learn!]


I remember as a child listening to the stories of WW2 from my grandfather and my uncles who had served in Europe. I wondered how the German people could have been so stupid as to have ever elected Hitler dog catcher, let alone leader of the nation. Such is the clarity of historical hindsight. And with that clarity, I see the exact same mechanism that Hitler used at work here in this nation.


The American people imagine themselves to be brave. They see themselves as the heroic Americans depicted by Western Movies, the descendants of the fierce patriot warriors who had tamed the frontier and defeated the might of the British Empire.


But in truth, by the dawn of the third millennium, the American people have become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery is both salve and slavery. Americans are required to behave as if they are brave, even when they are not.


The American people assume they are safe. They live in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government can and more importantly cannot do. Their leader is a devoutly religious man. [Nazarene Remnant Comment: This is patent rubbish. Every American President has been a Freemason of the highest order, and if you know what Freemasonry is all about, you'll know that it is really an organisation with a satanic backend, and a "Christian" front door.]


The reality is that the American people, as individuals, have lost their courage. The government prefers it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But Americans don't wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the American people simply pretend that the situation does not exist.


When the World Trade Towers collapsed, most Americans simply refused to believe suggestions that the attacks had been staged by parties working for the US Government itself. Americans were afraid to, even as news reports surfaced proving that the US Government had announced plans for the invasion of Afghanistan early in the year, plans into which the attacks on the World Trade Towers which angered the American people into support of the already-planned war fit entirely too conveniently. But so trapped are Americans by their belief in their own bravery that they will themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they can nod in agreement with the government while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoid the one situation which most requires real courage; to stand up to the government's lies and deceptions. The vast majority of the American people, their own self-image dependant on continuing blindness to the government's deceptions, never question why Afghanistan would have done something so stupid as to attack the United States, and as a result, Americans find themselves in a war.


Now the US Government has requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under Constitutional law, but powers the government is claiming they need to have to deal with the "terrorists". The American people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, are agreeing. [Nazarene Remnant Comment: This strategy is working in all countries in the world, and is a very serious indictment againbst all peoples. ] The temporary powers recently conferred will be no more temporary in America than they were in Germany.


The US Government knows they rule a nation of cowards. The government has had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards can fight. The government has decorated the troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Talismans are added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fall in battle. Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, the United States government has spent vast sums of money on wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, cruise missiles, and guided missiles, weapons that kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they are doing. [Nazarene Remnant Comment: But this killing will cost every perpetrator their eternal lives, if not repented of. And no, they cannot fall back on the defence that the Nazi top brass used at Nuremburg, who tried to pin the murders on their commanding officers. The simple fact is that we are all held accountable for our own individual behaviour.]


As I mentioned above, Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938. Stalin wasTIME Magazine's Man Of The Year for 1939 and 1942. Both of these men, and many others also celebrated by the media, were unimaginable monsters. The lesson from these facts is that it isn't easy to spot a genocidal tyrant when you live with one, especially one whom the press supports and promotes. Tyrants become obvious only when looking back, after what they have done becomes known. The German people did not stand up to Hitler because their media betrayed them, just as the American media is betraying the American people by willingly, voluntarily, even proudly, abandoning its traditional role as watchdog against government abuse.


[Nazarene Remnant Comment: Since the media is owned and controlled by the demonic powers who intend to enslave and murder us, and seeing that we are addicted to getting all our information from this "fifth column" we invite into our lives at every opportunity, we have put ourselves on a collision path with untold disaster that we are totally ignorant about:

"We journalists ... have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else's country... That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is. For propaganda relies on us in the media to aim its deceptions not at a far away country but at you at home... In this age of endless imperial war, the lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth or their blood is on us ... Those whose job it is to keep the record straight ought to be the voice of people, not power." (John Pilger, in his new film The War You Don't See)

How many journalists do this? None that I know of ... they spend their time telling us lies, and doing a hatchet job on more honest journalists like John Pilger, and we are so stupid as to continue to believe their lies.


The simple fact is that most journalists in the world are nothing but intellectual prostitutes. Few will admit to this, but thankfully one of these journalists has told us what that occupation is really all about. He is John Swinton, 1830-1901), former chief-of-staff of the New York Times newspaper. Here's what he told us:

“There is no such thing in America as an independent press, unless it is in the country towns. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dare to write his honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand they would never appear in print. I am paid $150 a week for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should permit honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, like Othello, before twenty-four hours, my occupation would be gone.


The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. You know this and I know it, and what folly is this to be toasting an 'independent press'! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” (John Swinton, New York Times editor, speech to journalists at the Twilight Club in New York City, 1883-04-12. Source: George Seldes, The Great Quotations, Lyle Stuart, New York, 1960, P. 671.) ]

It is the very nature of power that it attracts the sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world's last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do absolutely anything to win that power, and hence are also willing to do absolutely anything with that power once they have it. If one thinks about it long enough, one will realize that all tyrants, past and most especially present, MUST use deception on their population to initiate a war. No citizen of a modern industrialized nation will send their children off to die in a war to grab another nation's resources and assets, yet resources and assets are what all wars are fought over. The nation that wishes to initiate a war of conquest must create the illusion of an attack or a threat to start a war, and must always give their population of cowards an excuse never to question that carefully crafted illusion.


It is naive, not to mention racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we're Americans. America has escaped the clutches of a dictatorship thus far only through the efforts of those citizens who, unlike the Germans of the 1930s, have the moral courage to stand up and point out where the government is lying to the people. And unless more Americans are willing to have that kind of individual courage, then future generations may well look back on the American people with the same harshness of judgment with which we look back on the 1930s Germans.


Nazarene Remnant Comment: Here in Australia we have a "tyrant in the making," in the person of our current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who has all the hallmarks, and background, of an evil demonic force. Of course the truth about Julia Gillard is starting to come out, but how many people will believe any of it? I'm referring to her lack of goodness, her hypocrisy, her own well-known lesbianism (no, she is not married to that fellow, he's what's known as a "beard" in the trade), her promotion of lesbianism and homosexuality, her deep connections to the pro-abortion Emily's List (see below), her profound communist background, and her unashamed promotion of anything that comes out of AshkeNAZI Zionist Israel.


Concerning the love affairs with Zionist Israel, anyone trying to understand the politically corrupt core of any country must first come to an understanding of Rothschild Zionism, and how it will bring the world to the point of total destruction. The best way to get up to speed in this understanding is to study the following three articles by David Icke. They are here:


Rothschild Zionism:


What Is Really Happening in the Middle East, Part 1


What Is Really Happening in the Middle East, Part 2 


Of course David Icke's articles only touch the tip of the iceberg. Yes, there is much to know, and since people like Julia Gillard are master liars first and foremost, you had better know just what and who you are dealing with:


The Origin of the Word Nazi


Where Does Nazism Fit Into Satan’s Plans


The Khazars were not Semites


Every Prime Minister of Israel Has Been An AshkeNAZI Jew


Fortress Australia and the Nazi Takeover of the World 


Pyramid of power showing where Julia Gillard sits.


As to why I am charging Julia Gillard with being a Nazi, you had first better know that communism is just a front movement for Nazism, and always has been. Secondly, there are two kinds of Jews in Israel, the Separhdic Jews (these are the good guys), and the Ashkenazi Jews, and this latter group are not Jews at all! They are pretenders and have always been so, and they are the group Jesus specifically addressed as "Jews who are not Jews." Pursue this topic in much more depth in chapter 6: "The Lying Pen of Scribes," in our free book:


The Sacred Calendar of the Messiah—Restored!


In fact the Ashkenazi Jews (they are not Jews at all, but Khazars, as Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe, shows) have made it their business to wipe out the Sephardic Jews, since the formation of Zionist Israel in 1948 (and no, Zionist Israel is not a creation of the Great God, another big lie). The following is typical of what the Ashkenazis have done to the Sephardic Jews:


Attempted Genocide

of the Sephardic Jews

“1952: Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion oversees a project in which a generation of Sephardic Jews in Israel are weeded out from their Ashkenazi counterparts at school and, to avoid suspicion by the parents, these Sephardic children are then taken on ‘school trips.’ On these supposed ‘trips,’ they actually receive a radiation treatment, purportedly for ringworm infection. At this time, the permitted maximum x-ray dose was 0.5 rad, yet these children received 350 rad, directly to their heads. As a result at least 6,000 die shortly afterwards, with those remaining developing severe conditions such as cancers, epilepsy, and psychosis. Those that are still alive today, and many of their children and grandchildren, are stricken with genetic diseases and malignant tumours.

This is an attempt to genocide the Sephardic Jews who are an underclass in Israel and even referred to by many Ashkenazi Jews, as ‘niggers.’” (Source: The Synagogue of Satan 1949-1973) 

Getting back to Gillard, serious charges have been made about her that she is (by now she has probably divested herself of this position) the head of the satanic alpha lodge here in Australia, and it is that lodge that controls much of what actually goes on in Australian politics. See the index of Last Days Watch for articles on these charges:


or download a PDF of all back issues.


Australian also ought to become aware of the connection between child sacrifice in satanic coverns (this is a very regular occurrence in Australia), and the murder of the unborn child, which is abortion. Gillard is deeply connected to both. Here is the connection between abortion and satanism:

“In his Book Demonic Abortion, Euteneuer explains that an abortion is a ritualistic sacrifice of a baby to Satan and it has been practiced from a long time ago.


He wrote that "… programs of sex education in the schools change how the youth of a country behave in matters of human sexuality. Sex education is the systematic values and behavior modification program of the culture of death, and it is very effective when it is implemented in the public school systems, far from the watchful eyes of parents."


He also advocated that exorcisms be performed outside abortion clinics, which he described as "temples of a demonic religion."


C said (January 25, 2011):


Anton LaVey, high priest and founder of the Church of Satan admitted that abortion was an actual sacrifice to Satan. He said it with all the glibness of one who knew he wouldn't even be reprimanded. This is true, it really happened.

We should also open our eyes to the evil pratices that go on in Black Masses, a most important part of the satanic rituals of the higher echelons of Masonry that Gillard belongs to:

The Black Mass You Don't Want To Know About't-want-to-know-about.html


Another very telling similarity to the rise of Nazism is how Gillard attacks truth-seekers, and in fact anyone who challenges her version of events. The "Julia Gillard" of the Nazi Third Reich, in this respect, was also another JG, Joseph Goebbels, who said this:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 - 1 May 1945) was the German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was one of German dictator Adolf Hitler's closest associates and most devout followers.)

What appears to lie at the core of her evil, like all evil, is her absolute godlessness, and how she is self-confidently committed to scoffing at and scorning anyone and everyone who are not on the same downward path she's on.


Julia Gillard and those like her in corrupt government use an enormous amount of public money in completely pulling the wool over the eyes of the people they say they serve. A pro-Israeli Web site that Julia would endorse, has a good description of a skill that Julia Gillard uses to great effect on anyone who tries to expose her:


“And, naturally, they have a huge machine of misinformation, disinformation, spin and propaganda, to conceal themselves and rubbish their enemies. Conspiracy theorists are always dismissed as mad. Who benefits from the discrediting of conspiracy theorists? The conspirators, of course. Their greatest trickis to convince the ordinary person that they do not exist. In the fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes, the scam-artist weavers say that anyone who is unable to see the emperor’s (non-existent) new set of clothes is either stupid or unfit for the office they hold. Something similar happens in reverse with conspiracy theories. Anyone who can see the conspiracy is called stupid or unfit for office. But in each case the reality is the oppositeof what we are told by those who seek to con us.” (Source: The Secret History: How 6,000 People Can Rule the World


Australia, like most countries around the world, have "leaders" who, generally speaking, openly promote the spirit of lawlessness, and clearly present the problem Garry D. Nation identifies as Character Deficiency Syndrome. There are four levels of this syndrome, and Julia Gillard has certainly "graduated" to level 4 a long time ago:

Level 1. The first degree is the Simple or Naive Fool, who is unthinking, gullible. He lacks the most basic understanding of moral cause and effect.


Level 2. The second degree is the Self-Confident Fool. He is known by his stubbornness, and by his big mouth.


Level 3. The third degree is the Committed Fool, who has decisively rejected wisdom, and instead pledged his allegiance to destructive ideas and behaviors.


Level 4. The fourth degree or terminal stage of Character Deficiency Syndrome is reached by the Scornful Fool, a mocker who is openly contemptuous of spiritual truth and moral righteousness.

In other words, we have leaders who have turned the world upside down by promoting evil as good, and good as evil, and Julia Gillard is a perfect example of this degradation, masquerading as an angel of light. For a brief sampling of the lies and deception she thrives on, see the following articles in our Last Days Watch newsletter:


"The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Pipeline: The Real Reason for Four More Years of War in Afghanistan," in Issue 39, 21 December, 2010, available here: 


"Australian Politicians Do Not Serve Those Who Have Elected Them," in Issue 38, 6 December, 2010, available here: The connections being made here are directly to the modern rogue state of Israel, and her satanic leaders.


"PM Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Collude in Telling the Australian People Flat Out Lies About the War in Afghanistan," in Issue 38, 6 December, 2010, available here:


One bullet to the head.

What you don't see, but you are told plenty of lies about by our politicians: killing our soldiers for Illuminati oil profits in Afghanistan and elsewhere. "The reality of war - the damage of one bullet to the head; CAUTION … THE REALITY of the following photo MAY UPSET but it drives home the truth of war and the propaganda that goes with it; It is happening now—not only to the enemy—but to the cream of your country's brave young people; The picture could well the one you will never be allowed to see of your son or daughter, father or mother; This at least was a quick death, what of the others hit in the gut, the shoulder, below the belt, the not so lucky sons, fathers daughters, mothers; Ask yourself 'what for?'; Then ask yourself why you are allowed to see, on TV, night after night, the dead from a tsunami - but not from a war zone? Is somebody afraid that if you see the REALITY of man made/controlled death and destruction (war) glaring at you from the TV screen night after night, as we have the tsunami devastation, that we may, say - NO MORE? Question: How come we can raise millions to help victims of a tsunami and not even an angry voice to help - to prevent - the victims of war?I realise that most people don't like the truth, - sorry, - only the truth will set you free." Photo and words in quotes courtesy of Joe Bryant. "Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for 'the universal brotherhood of man' -- with his mouth." (Mark Twain, "What Is Man"?)


"The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Pipeline: The Real Reason for Four More Years of War in Afghanistan," available here:


"The Real Reason for the Military"


"Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister, Continues to Support the Lies about 911," in Issue 38, 6 December, 2010, available here:


Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control Is In Australia


"Aussie PM in Masonic Handshake at Swearing In," in Issue 37, 25 October, 2010, available here:


"Freemasons Barter for Power in Australia," Issue 36, 21 September, 2010, available here:


"The Geopolitics Behind the Phoney US War in Afghanistan," Issue 35, 21 August, 2010, available here:


"Australian Candidates Pander to Money, Jews," Issue 35, 21 August, 2010, available here:


"What Julia Gillard Really Thinks About Men," Issue 35, 21 August, 2010, available here:


"Schools: Gillard's Dumbed-Down, Politically Correct Approach To Geography," Issue 35, 21 August, 2010, available here:


"Is New Oz PM Head of Satanist Lodge?" Issue 34, 21 July, 2010, available here:


"Satanist Hints Oz PM is "Toilet Vampyress" Issue 34, 21 July, 2010, available here:


Propaganda: One Of The Deadliest Weapons Of Any Government


A Closer Look at Government

"The vision we're usually given of how political power is manifest in our society typically runs something like this: government at the top, banking, industry, media and military, beneath, and the people beneath this. However, an independent examination of the development of modern political power is more likely to reveal the following arrangement: extended family banking groups at the top, government beneath, facilitating the wishes of this hierarchy, and the media [which is owned by the 'extended family banking groups']beneath portraying the work of the government to the people as "democracy in action."

It can thus be seen that, in truth, most governments are little more than front organizations for the elite banking cartels. They interface with the public via the media, acting to facilitate social change in a manner that maintains relative social stability, while ensuring that our culture stays in line with any course the elite wish it to pursue.

Western governments do not usually allow the public to actually pick who becomes their political representative, merely to choose between individuals selected by the party hierarchy. Neither do the public get to pick the policies the representative will pursue, this is also under the control of the party. To say that this system is open to abuse is a considerable understatement." (Blueprint for a Prison Planet, by Nick Sandberg  )

"Conquered states ... can be held by the conqueror in three different ways. The first is to ruin them, the second for the conqueror to go and reside there in person and the third is to allow them to continue to live under their own laws, subject to a regular tribute, and to create in them a government of the few [i.e. traitors] who will keep the country friendly to the conqueror." (Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince)

There is no doubting the obvious fact that the pressure is well and truly on all of us, and promoted by our religious and secular "leaders," to become not only tolerant of lies and evil, but also scornful and hateful of people who love and seek after righteousness. Seventy-seven years ago
 Lady Edith Queenborough identified this very problem:

"Today, most of the good people are afraid to be good. They strive to be broadminded and tolerant! It is fashionable to be tolerant - but mostly tolerant of evil - and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good. The wall of resistance to evil has thus been broken down and no longer affords protection to those who, persecuted by evil doers,stand in need of it." (Lady Edith Queenborough, Occult Theocrasy, published in 1933, p. 4)

Yes, Julia Gillard has free will, as each of us has, but while this means that she is free to do what she likes, she is not free of the eternal consequences that will surely follow from taking such an erroneous pathway in life. Unless she, and all people like her, repents from the heart, their destiny is sure.





Let’s Play the Game

“Nowadays, a key instrument used in this “end run around national sovereignty to erode it piece by piece,” is so-called “democracy,” which has decayed into a vote-counting mechanism driven by huge amounts of money, whereby armies of mediocre players called “politicians” are screened to become players acting out the roles of “president” or “prime minister” (code words for “National CEO”) next to other puppets acting out parts as “Senators,” “Representatives,” “Governors,” “Mayors,” and “Judges, all presented to the public in the best light possible and as the sole options to run their country at any given time.

Their election campaigns are lavishly financed and supported by the local/regional/ international media, which easily catapult them into public office. All glorified by the symbolic trimmings people want and need to see: flag-waving parades, fanfares, acceptance speeches, presidential palaces, inaugurations, signs and symbols, limo caravans, presidential jets, wordy addresses, swarms of flashing cameras and microphones … A veritable Media Show!!

These actual and aspiring CEO’s and their teams, share power for a short time—usually four years—once they are rigorously screened and white-balled to become an army of unimaginative, adaptable, subordinated, lying, unprincipled, even treacherous individuals, who are nevertheless attractive to the public’s eye circumstantial expectations.

When any one of them gets into (public) trouble—be it Blair or Bush, Menem or Mubarak, Spitzer or Blagojevich, Aznar or Collor de Melo—they are easily replaced by a host of other similar marionettes anxiously waiting on the sidelines waiting for their turn to play the “National CEO Game.” To make the “democracy game” seem more real, they play out a balancing-act of alternating their chosen “CEOs” between teams that are slightly right-of-centre (e.g. Republicans, Conservatives, CDU …[Nazarene Remnant comment: Here in Australia the game-players are primarily Labor, Liberal-National, and Greens, the latter group being, like Julia Gillard, well described as watermelons—green on the outside, red inside.]. Where “centre” is the Global Power Elite’s rallying point of basic tenets of Political Correctness; and where “left” and “right” are the maximum deviation limits that political correctness will tolerate.

It’s a political version of the world of Coke or Pepsi; Manchester United or Manchester City, Boca Juniors or River Plate. They might appear to be “rivals,” but they are just two sides of the same Money Power coin. Actually, the real problem and threat to the Global Power Elite starts when “We the People” start waking up and ask for something really different, i.e. when True Democracy tries to storm its way in …” (Adrian Salbuchi, “Global Elites Behind the Chaos in the Arab World,” )

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 Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
(A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)

You may also like to look at the following stories about Gillard:

Gillard Government to Curb Fathers'
to Shared Custody


By Colin H. Jory

News Weekly, 27 November 2010


Recently, I wrote in News Weekly (Letters, October 30) that if the pro-family political parties want to make huge gains in their vote, all they need do is make a sustained assault on the Family Law Act, the Family Law Court and the domestic violence industry. I stated that of all the factors which harm the Australian family and do draconian injustice to individual Australians, nothing remotely compares with these in scope or severity.

Now the Gillard Labor Government has revealed its intention to amend the Family Law Act to make it even more draconian and unjust.


In 2006, the Howard Coalition Government amended the act to require judges to approach custody cases with the "rebuttable presumption" that both parents are equally important in a child's upbringing. The presumption is rebuttable in the sense that if there is compelling evidence that one of the parents is likely to harm the child, access should be limited in proportion to the risk.


Unfortunately, as a sop to the feminists, the Howard amendments broadened the act's definition of what constitutes harm to children to include "physical or psychological harm from being subjected to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect or family violence".

Those acquainted with the government-sustained feminist domestic violence industry - as I have been since a daughter brought home some of its hate-propaganda from her diocesan Catholic school - will know that this diseased cult always defines "family violence" to mean any behaviour by the father in a family which might vex the mother or a child


They will further know that the cult deems any friction between the parents to constitute psychological violence against the children. Indeed, it is now standard practice for interventionist social workers to seize the children in families in which the parents are quarrelling, purportedly to protect the unwilling captives from psychological harm, and to place them in foster care until the parents agree to break up.


The Gillard Government intends to incorporate the domestic violence industry's infinitely elastic definition of "family violence" and "abuse" into the formal lexicon of the Family Law Act. Thus, a father will be guilty of "family violence" not only if he physically assaults his wife or a child, but if he "torments, intimidates or harasses" them with "derogatory taunts"; if he "controls, dominates, deceives or coerces" them "unreasonably"; if he denies them money they need for "reasonable living expenses"; if he causes them "to feel threatened"; and so on.


Even if his behaviour is eminently reasonable, that is no defence against the charge of "causing" fear. Thus an explanatory note for the draft bill states: "The element of 'fear' would be a subjective test based on the victim's actual state of mind rather than an objective or semi-objective test of how a reasonable person in the street may react to the behaviour with or without the same history."


In practice, just as at present, this criterion will be applied selectively by "family violence" assessors. A mother who claims to have felt intimidated by the father of her children will be believed, and her alleged fear treated as a product and proof of serious psychological abuse, while a father who claims to have felt intimidated by the mother will either be disbelieved or his fear will be disdained as wimpish.


The pre-inquisition and pre-conviction of fathers for "family violence" will be, as now, conducted not by the Family Court judge in the court-room but by the court's sub-judiciary of registry managers, psychologists, counsellors, and "family consultants". Fathers are required to submit to the inquisitions but are not allowed to bring their solicitors: the pretence is that they are being impartially assessed, as if by their GP. If a father obdurately denies having committed physical, psychological or emotional "family violence" when deemed by a pre-inquisitor to have done so, and thus shows no remorse, the court is advised by its own March 2009 guidelines, Best Practice Principles for Use in Parenting Disputes when Family Violence or Abuse is Alleged, to interpret this as evidence that he is incorrigibly violent.


Basically, every father in a marriage or "relationship" is presumed by the Family Court's sub-judiciary, by many of its judges, past and present, and by the domestic violence industry which operates hand-in-glove with the court, to be a continuous threat to his children's welfare.


It is assumed that while the marriage or relationship lasts he will probably be committing "family violence" of some kind; and if a relationship breaks down, the court's sub-judiciary see their role as being to trawl back through its history to find proof of his physical or emotional violence. He will then be deemed to have psychologically harmed his children by creating an abusive environment, and to be likely to continue doing so if given the chance.


There is much more that needs exposing about the horrors of the Family Law Act, of the Gillard Government's proposed amendments to the act, of the culture of the Family Law Court, and of the domestic violence industry; but what I have said should at least give an idea of the nature and magnitude of those horrors. If there is one moral to be drawn, it is that every Australian father is in continuous peril from the act, the court and the industry, and thus, by extension, so is every Australian family and child.


Dr Colin Jory is a Canberra teacher, historian and pro-family activist.



The usual picture that is on the cover of satanist and freemason Manly P Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, shows red-headed Eve (or orange-headed Eve) supping (blood) at table with the demons (to the left), while blood fills the jug on the table, with some of it flowing over the table and dripping into terracotta pots by the table (foreground). This is very reminiscent of Prince Charles' Garden at Highgrove, where great prominence is given to terracotta pots. For more information on this see our free The Sinister Garden at Highgrove. You would have undoubtedly noticed that today's music industry goes to great lengths in presenting red-headed women as being little less than raunchy sluts given to all sorts of sexual excess and perversion, both onstage and off. This is always intended to mock and poke fun at the Supreme God whose metaphor for the first woman, Eve, was reduced to this status by satan and his demons. Not only that, the real message is that the modern money-power elite, the 13 Illuminati bloodline families, are all descended from the adulterous sexual intercourse of satan and Eve, which produced this breed of fiends in the first place. They take every opportunity to remind us of this fact, and are in the process of turning our young woman into this same type of woman. That is what the degradation of our women is really all about: a repeat performance of the sexual sin between the woman and satan, which caused the First Fall. Again satan spits in God's eye, using our women! Thus today we are on the edge of the Fall, Version 2.0, with the coming Wrath of God (the Wrath begins three and one half days after the death of the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem. See the Book of Revelation for the details.) being a repeat performance of what God did to the world at Fall 1.0. For more information on this topic, see our free book The Beguiled and the Doctrine of the "Two Spirits." Also see Appendix B of this book: "William Cooper and the Red-Headed Eve."


Emily's List - Who and What Are They?


By Babette Francis

News Weekly magazine, 1 September, 2010


Many people have no idea what "Emily's List" means, nor are they aware of its pernicious influence, writes Babette Francis.


In my suburban paper there was a news item advertising a theatrical production, and it was mentioned that funds raised would be donated to "Emily's List". Some people would in good faith attend the theatre, unaware of what they were supporting.


The acronym "Emily" stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. First established in the United States, Emily's List is a feminist organisation which raises money to have pro-abortion women elected to parliament. It functions within the Democratic Party in the US and the ALP in Australia. Emily's List candidates also support "equity", i.e., the preferential hiring and promotion of women, and "diversity", meaning homosexual rights.


In Australia, Emily's List was founded by two former Labor premiers, Joan Kirner (Victoria) and Carmen Lawrence (Western Australia). It claims to have 3,000 members and to have helped 115 women into state and federal parliaments.


Candy Broad, MLC for Northern Victoria (whose recent bill to decriminalise abortion in Victoria has been deferred until after the federal election) is an Emily's List member, and Joan Kirner is one of the driving forces behind the bill.


Kath Woolf, spokesman for the Australian Federation of Right to Life Associations, says Broad's male ALP colleagues, some of whom have indicated they would not support her bill but would consider a different bill, "either do not understand, or do not wish to acknowledge, the influence of the pro-abortion women in all our parliaments".


She says: "A core strength in these women's ranks are those who are supported in their career by Emily's List. The List supports Labor 'pro-choice' women from pre-selection right through; (once) in power, these successful candidates owe allegiance to this agenda.

"Even more dangerously, they are the strong glue for the cross-party women's alliances so clearly demonstrated in the federal legislative initiatives of 2006: the 'Lockhart bills' (permitting embryo-experimentation and cloning), the RU-486 abortion pill regulatory regime (taking authority away from Health Minister Tony Abbott), and the attempted silencing of pregnancy-support groups by punitive measures, which is still on-going.


"If their Labor colleagues expect some consultation or consideration for the party's standing on a divisive topic, they are living in another universe. The alliance between Emily's List Labor women in all Australian parliaments and non-Labor pro-abortion women MPs is growing stronger all the time; their weapon of choice is the private member's bill. Major parties can dodge making policy decisions defending core values by subsequently offering a 'conscience' vote."


One could add to Kath Woolf's list of the anti-life activities of Emily's List and their allies in other parties the pressure currently being exerted on the Howard Government to include abortion-funding in Australia's overseas aid.


Besides its anti-life activities, Emily's List is committed to affirmative action, meaning discrimination against men in employment and promotion until an equal number of women are employed at all levels. As the pool of available women is always smaller (because of child-bearing and child-raising) than the pool of men, affirmative action involves gross discrimination against men instead of employment and promotion on merit.


One wonders why ALP men tolerate the sexism of Emily's List.


Emily's List won't tolerate any restrictions on abortion, even for viable full-term babies. Andrew Bolt, in Melbourne's Herald Sun (July 25, 2007), pointed out that Candy Broad's bill in the Victorian Parliament had been motivated by the controversy surrounding the abortion of Jessica, the 32-weeks gestation baby, wrongly suspected of "dwarfism".

This is the only case in decades in which abortionists might have had to face charges. Subsequently, they did not - nor have the abortionists of the other 20,000 pregnancies terminated every year in Victoria.


Late-term abortion


Just how committed Emily's List is to late-term abortion is illustrated by what happened in the United States to Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.


Senator Landrieu is "pro-choice", but she did vote for the US Congress's ban on partial-birth abortion. The US Supreme Court in upholding the ban stated: "A moral, medical and ethical consensus exists that the practice of performing a partial-birth abortion … is a gruesome and inhumane procedure that is never medically necessary and should be prohibited."


In 1996, when Landrieu first ran for the US Senate, Emily's List donated $112,000 to her campaign, but cut her off from any funding in the 2002 elections after she voted for the ban on partial-birth abortions.


To have the financial and political support of Emily's List, a candidate must support the abortion of a full-term baby right up to the moment of birth.
Labor leader Julia Gillard promises she is going to unleash "the real Julia" and no longer be guided by campaign advice and professional or common wisdom and "just go for it" in her election battle against Tony Abbott. But how much of the "real Julia" are we likely to see?


I am indebted to Dr Lachlan Dunjey of Western Australia, an indefatigable supporter of the rights of unborn children, for this item of research on Emily's List, the pro-abortion feminist faction in the ALP of which Julia Gillard was a co-founder. Emily's List's stated objective is to raise money to help "progressive", i.e., pro-abortion, women get elected to parliament.


According to Jacqueline Kent's biography, The Making of Julia Gillard (Penguin Viking, 2009), Julia Gillard was not only a founder of Emily's List but wrote its constitution.

Dr Dunjey reports: "Please note that the news item [see below], which was on the Emily's List site until approximately two weeks ago when I last used the link, has now 'disappeared' when I checked on July 24, 2010."


(The substance of it was reproduced in EMILY's Notes, December 2008, page 3, which News Weekly has made available with this article as a downloadable PDF).

Why has this news item been laundered from Emily's List website? Emily's Listers were celebrating with glasses of champagne when Victoria's notorious Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed in 2008, so why the coyness now?


Is it to protect their co-founder, Julia Gillard, whom Emily's List voted the best performer during the 2004 election campaign? She was then shadow health minister, and Emily's List have politely overlooked her Medicare Gold Card fiasco.


Emily's List's started in 1994 when the ALP national conference passed an affirmative action rule requiring that women be preselected in 35 per cent of winnable seats at all elections by 2002.


Among the "progressive" women who drove this change were Julia Gillard, former Victorian premier Joan Kirner, former WA premier Carmen Lawrence, Helen Creed, Candy Broad, Kay Setches, Leonie Morgan, Judy Spence, Meredith Burgmann, Jan Burnswoods, Carolyn Pickles, Sue Mackay and Fran Bladel.


To be "progressive" a woman has to be pro-abortion, pro-diversity (i.e., increased "rights" for same-sex couples) and pro-institutionalised childcare (with no equivalent funding for mothers who care for their own children), and, of course, pro-affirmative action, i.e., discrimination against men until the numbers of women and men in all jobs and at all levels of promotion reach "equity".


This is the real agenda of the "real Julia."


Babette Francis, B.Sc. (Hons), is national coordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc.


100 Abortion Pictures


This is what Emily's List is all about.

Julia Gillard is a co-founder of Emily's List, and infant murder is the reason for its existence. On September 11th, 2001, 3,000 innocent people who were peaceably trying to live their lives were murdered by their own government. On that same day, 3,500 unborn babies were murdered by their mothers in America. But that drew hardly a yawn from Americans. Every day, over 3,500 babies are murdered by abortion in the United States. That's over 1.2 million murders/abortions every year. Abortion Doctors have murdered over 52 million real American people (babies) since 1973. A great many of these infants had their fully developed skulls crushed by so-called "doctors." Who in the 1950's or 1960's could have dreamed that the America we love would have made it an undeniable right (Law) that a woman could contract a so-called "doctor" to reach into her uterus with forceps and crush the head of a well-formed thinking and feeling baby, pull apart the baby's limbs with cold steel instruments, and burn its small body with saline solution?


Emily's List at work on the unborn again.

Emily's List at work again on the most vulnerable of all, the innocent unborn child. In Australia about 274 unborn babies are murdered each day, or about 100,000 per year. Who is responsible for this massive number of murdered babies? Liberals, Nationals, Labor, Greens, and you ... through your tacit support of our political structure, and not speaking up (especially by your vote), you have blood on your hands. I tell you now, future generations will look back in horror upon you, and wonder at your callous cruelty. But God will judge against you forever, unless you repent. Source of image:

While we're on the topic of brutally murdering the unborn (abortion), check out the following articles in our free book, The Warning of the Last Days, in Reading 17: "The Genocide Guillotine:"

100 Abortion Pictures
Almost as Many African-American Children are Aborted as are Born
Killing Blacks as Planned Parenthood Abortion
Obama's Elite Agenda: Black Abortion for Profit
Abortion Survivor Tells of Great Suffering
"Evil [people] are more likely than most to politically aggrandize themselves."
Treason at the Top: Feminism, Fertility and Fascism

Abortion procedure.

Murder by the Dilation and Evacuation method (D&E). The baby's body parts are grasped at random with a long-toothed clamp. The baby is then pulled apart. The parts, the arms, hands, feet, legs, are then pulled out through the vagina. The remaining body parts are then forcefully removed by the same method. The head is then grasped and crushed in order for it to be removed through the vaginal canal. The placenta and what remains of the body are finally sucked out.


The Warning of the Last Days is available here:


When I read the article "Abortion Survivor Tells of Great Suffering," I wondered to myself had Julia Gillard read this article, and looked at the pictures of dead and mutilated babies, when she was composing and writing the constitution for "Emily's List." This woman, the abortion survivor just mentioned, as a child survived a late term abortion, and has serious health problems for the rest of her life. She tells how the saline solution used in most abortions causes the unborn baby great suffering as it burns the child from the inside and outside. Here are the links Julia, have a good look at what you do to the most vulnerable of all, the unborn child!


Video #1:
Video #2:


While you're at it, check (in the same book) to see if you're on Gillard's hit-list, in Reading 17: "The Genocide Guillotine:"

The “Rainbow Classification” of New World Order Resisters

The aim of Emily’s List is sinister, murderous, and total ungodly, and belongs in the ranks of the worst aspects of Nazi Germany. Emily’s List stated objective is to help “progressive” women, i.e. child-murderers, to get elected to parliament, so that they can further tear the heart out, and crush the skulls of our unborn children. Not only was Julia Gillard a founding member of Emily’s List, she also wrote its constitution.


Abortion picture 1.


In case you don’t know, “progressive” is doubles-talk for unspeakable evil, following the satanic dictum of turning good into evil. To be “progressive” a woman has to be pro-abortion, pro-diversity (i.e. increased “rights” for homosexuals and lesbians), and pro-institutionalised childcare (ever wonder why the government, especially the Labor and Green part of it, is so keen to get your child away from you, its parents, and into their clutches?), with no equivalent funding for any family who seeks to care for their own children. Oh, I almost forget. Then there is the bit about what’s called pro-affirmative action, i.e. discrimination against men until the numbers of women and men in all jobs and at all levels of promotion reach “equity.” 


Abortion 2.

So, it has to be asked, who is the murderer, and destroyer of our children, the parent or the teacher, or the child-care centre, or the politician? We know what the politicians are really all about, so the answer to the question is quite elementary. 


Abortion 3.


It appears that people were starting to wise up to Geobbels Gillard (no coincidence that she has the same initials as Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi high-priest of satanism), because a key part of the Emily’s List web site was removed, undoubtedly because it revealed far too much about their real sinister aims. Here’s the incriminating piece from Emily’s List Web site, and which has now been removed (conveniently, this was done just prior to the August 21, 2010 Federal election): 






Emily’s List Web site, October 14,
2008 (recently deleted)

“Abortion law reform a momentous occasion for Victorian women.”

Emily’s List congratulates the Victorian Parliament on the passage of the Abortion Law Reform Bill. We commend the parliament for harmonising current medical practice, community attitudes and the law. We thank Premier John Brumby, Health Minister Daniel Andrews, and the Minister for Women’s Affairs Maxine Morand for their strong leadership and integrity throughout the contentious debate.

Emily’s List thanks all of the women, and men, from across the political spectrum, who have worked tirelessly in the community and in the Parliament to make decriminalisation of abortion a reality. This is an historic moment for the recognition of women’s right in Victoria.

We would especially like to thank our pro-choice MPs for their principled stand: their commitment to just and equitable outcomes for all Victorian women, their determination to see the Bill through, their dedication in defeating numerous regressive amendments, and their courage in the face of contemptible tactics from some quarters. We are grateful to their diligence; their thoughtful, measured and articulate contributions to the debate; and their unswerving respect for women and women’s rights.

Emily’s List believes that this landmark legislation represents a vital shift in the way that our society respects women’s ability to make sound decisions about their bodies and their lives. This legislation will mean that women in all areas of Victoria will be able to access safe, legal terminations free from persecution; and medical practitioners provide vital reproductive health services to women free from harassment.

It is our firm belief that the strong and increasing representation of women in the Parliament has made reform to Victoria’s abortion law possible. Women MPs advocating for the women’s reproductive rights put decriminalisation on the agenda and were instrumental at every stage of Abortion Law reform Bill’s development. We are especially grateful to Candy Broad MLC for her bravery in putting forward the Private Member’s Bill last year, which set the scene for referral to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, and galvanised the parliamentary process.

Emily’s List thanks all of those organisations and individuals who worked so productively together to bring about abortion law reform. We would particularly like to acknowledge former [Victorian] Premier and National Co-Convenor of Emily’s, Joan Kirner, for her inspirational leadership on this issue.”

This is one of the most evil and degrading pieces of congratulatory writing I have ever seen in my life. This woman Goebbels Gillard is evil incarnate, beyond the pale of redemption, and anyone following her by decriminalizing murder and butchery, especially of a defenceless unborn baby, has not only thrown away their Birthright, but also their life. Luke 17: 2 was undoubtedly penned with people like her in mind: “It would be better for her that a millstone be hanged around her neck, and she be cast into the sea, than she should offend one of these little ones.” And that goes for her band of fellow butchers as well.


Abortion 4.


Yes indeed Victorian women, you have led the way in totally destroying your country in the eyes of God, you foolish people! Future generations will look back in horror upon you, and wonder at your callous cruelty. You have been led by a bunch of butchers who hold no regard for human life, and who have turned the meaning of everything upside down. You use words like “reform,” “itegrity,”improve,” “harmonising,” “women’s right,” “principled stand,” “diligence,” “thoughtful,” “respect,” all words that convey the meaning of an improvement, a betterment of life, and a change for the better. Well ladies and gentleman of Victoria, and all other baby butchers out there, have a good look at the pictures of the butchery you have performed. Imagine for a moment, that one of those babies could have been you, had you had a mother like yourself.


Abortion 5.



All of the people involved in this disgusting act cannot just sit back and blame the satanic core that led the “reform.” M Scott Peck reminds us that we all will stand on our own merits, when it comes to the judgment, and cannot blame the evil leaders:


“Children will, in my dream, be taught that laziness and narcissism are at the very root of all human evil, and why this is so. They will learn that each evil is of sacred importance. They will come to know that the natural tendency of the individual in a group is to forfeit his or her ethical judgment to the leader, and that this tendency should be resisted. And they will finally see it as each individual’s responsibility to continually examine himself or herself for laziness or narcissism and then to purify themselves accordingly. They will do this in the knowledge that such personal purification is required not only for the salvation of their individual souls but also for the salvation of their world.” (Peck, M Scott, People of the Lie, p. 253.)


Indeed the “momentous occasion” spoken of will be just that, I promise you that. Remember what you have called down upon yourself in the short time that is left remaining, and it will indeed be, as you say, “a momentous occasion.”


 Abortion 6.



In effect what Julia Gillard and her murderous band, have done, is to trample God’s Law into the dust. Which Law you ask? The seventh commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” This is just not about killing. This is about butchering the weakest in our society, the unborn baby, and this is where the strength of the law lived. This is the lowest, the most despicable, degrading, and the darkest act a human being can commit. It’s victim is the most vulnerable. These babies are not only totally innocent of any wrong-doing, they are totally defenceless, the weakest of all humans, and therefore in the greatest need of our nurturing and care. This is who these low-down cowardly butchers target? And we have the gall, the grossest stupidity imaginable, to elect them into the highest position in the land. This is one of the prime reasons why Australia falls, and why God will have no hesitation in destroying this land. 


Abortion 8.


And that includes the Greens, who are just as evil and murderous as Julia Gillard, and her band of black-hearted women (other women who need adding to this list include), and stupid men.


Barack Obama's is a pro-abortionist.


If you think “Green” is good, you are ignorant of what the colour green is all about. You have been deceived! I assure you, green trees and green grass, and the environment, are not what the Green Movement is all about at all. The colour Green is an religious motif, going all the way back to true Christianity, and the original understanding of who the Messiah of Israel (not Ashkenazi Israel, the modern rogue state in the Middle East, that is the origin of all the world’s problems) really is. Wake, wise-up, and do your homework, before these fiends start on their real agenda. A good place to start on what Green is really all about is the book, The Antichrist and the Green Prince, available here: 


Antichrist and the Green Prince 


Or you can read a serialised version of The Antichrist and the Green Prince in our Last Days Watch newsletter, here: 


Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 1 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 2 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 3 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 4 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 5 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 6 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 7 

Antichrist and the Green Prince Part 8 


Also, check out the following while you’re at it: 


Worshipping Nature More Than Its Creator 

The Greening The Environmentalist's Drive For Global Power 


Anyone not familiar with the depths of Satanism, and what they do at their regular human sacrifices (many of whom are young children) at their Black masses is out of touch with reality. 


The Black Mass You Don't Want To Know About't-want-to-know-about.html  


Anyone associating themselves with such murder and degradation are putting themselves in agreement with such aims and practices. 


While on the subject of “progressives” (i.e. homosexuals, lesbians, child-murderers, “greens,” and associated fellow travellers) did you know the following facts (yes, I said facts) about the ugly and filthy depths of homosexuality and lesbianism: 


What's Coming to Your Child's School Very Soon 

Homosexuals Will Take You To Hell If You Let Them 

Everyone Should Know these Statistics on Homosexuals 

A Homosexual's Quest for Self-Knowledge 

Homosexuals "Born That Way"--A Con Job 

Homosexuals "Born That Way"--A Con Job--Part 2 

Homosexuals "Born That Way"--A Con Job--Part 3 

Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy 

Homosexuality and Demonic Possession 

Are Homosexuals Psychopaths 

Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans 

The Ugly Dark Side of Feminism Exposed 

Feminism Deprives Girls of Father's Love 

Why are Feminists Surprised Their Daughters are Sluts 

My Story Young Women in Death Spiral 

Why All Porn Is Gay 

Feminism Can Be Cured 

Feminism is Key to the Making of a Slave 

Sexual Liberation is About Slavery 


All of this is the real agenda of people like Julia Goebbels-Gillard, Kevin Rudd, and Bob Brown, are all about. By the way, I assume that you know that Bob Brown is also just another satanist in a greenie suit. He rejects the real truth of what being human is all about (we are no different to animals in his book and in fact a kitten has more rights than an un-born baby); he supports infanticide, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality, and the destruction of the family (there are no family policies on the Greens Web site). Cardinal George Pell, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, has described Bob Brown very well:


One wing of the Greens are like watermelons, green outside and red inside.” 


More accurately, he has said of the Greens that they are “sweet-camouflaged poison.” 


Julia Gillard's Long-Term Agenda


By John Ballantyne

News Weekly magazine, 10 July 2010


Don't say we haven't been warned.


Our new Prime Minister is not the mainstream, centrist leader that the media want us to think she is. Julia Gillard comes with a lot of ideological baggage from her radical-left past.


For several years she has played down her past political affiliations, attempted to mainstream herself and altogether presented an agreeable image to the public.

So appealing is she that she has won plaudits from across the political spectrum, even from conservatives such as Christopher Pearson and Janet Albrechtsen.


The left-dominated media, no doubt with an eye on the forthcoming federal election, have bent over backwards to depict Julia Gillard as, if anything, a conservative. They have reminded us that she was brought to power with the help of Labor's right-wing factions. Thus, so the story goes, she will be beholden to Labor's right and not stray far from moderate policies.


Bob Katter and Wayne Swan exhange Masonic handshakes

Freemasons dividing the spoils in Australia after the August 21, 2010 Federal election. Wayne Swan on the left, Bob Katter on the right, while Julia Gillard, Tony Windsor, and Rob Oakshot (obscured bySwan's head) look on. Australians are the most naïve people on Earth to believe that their vote determines what happens in the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of the people in this telling photograph serve the Ashkenazi money-power elite (generally known as the Illuminati, and to refine that term down further, they are actually Jewish Zionists). They are members of the worst secret societies ever created, Freemasonry, the satanic Alpha Lodges, and the Fabian Society, and that’s where the real decisions of government are actually made. [1] What I am telling you here is that our so-called leaders do not serve you and I. They serve the global and bloody Zionist New World Order, which is the enemy of all mankind.

In the past week, Julia Gillard herself has tried to connect with conservative voters, even going so far as to hint that she would be prepared to take a harder line on asylum-seekers.


This is all for public consumption before the election. What she will be like after an election victory, when she has her own mandate to govern and is no longer so beholden to Labor power-brokers, is another question altogether.


Then we will see just how much of her radicalism she has shed and whether she really is the centrist Labor figure she would like us to think she is.


Ms Gillard has long been a prominent figure of Labor's powerful left-wing feminist caucus, Emily's List, which was founded by two former Labor premiers, Joan Kirner (Victoria) and Carmen Lawrence (Western Australia).


The stated aim of Emily's List is to raise money to help "progressive", i.e., pro-abortion, women get elected to parliament.


"Emily" stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. (News Weekly, September 1, 2007).

Joan Kirner, whom Ms Gillard has described as a mentor and friend, was one of the driving forces behind the passage of Victoria's notorious 2008 abortion laws, which not only decriminalised abortion, but legalised late-term abortions right through nine months of pregnancy.


Ms Gillard has been unswervingly faithful to radical feminist orthodoxy. In 2000, as a member of a House of Representatives standing committee on education, she adopted a very hostile tone towards two members of the public who presented scientific data about the biological and psychological differences between the sexes and the specific educational needs of boys. (News Weekly, February 17, 2007).


Julia Gillard's first foray into politics was in the early 1980s, when, as a university law student, she became active in the now-defunct Australian Union of Students (AUS).

The AUS was then totally dominated by the extreme left. In 1983 — the year she was elected AUS president — an AUS annual council defeated heavily a call to oppose "all acts of terrorism and political violence" (AUS Annual Council 1983: motion N28).


Furthermore, the AUS annual council declined to recognise the rights of religious clubs and societies at universities to "express their views on campus" or to have access to campus facilities (AUS Annual Council 1983: motion N34).


The AUS declared 1983 to be the International Year of the Lesbian.


It also adopted a policy on prostitution which said, in part: "Prostitution takes many forms and is not only the exchange of money for sex. … Prostitution in marriage is the transaction of sex in return for love, security and house-keeping." (Quoted by Helen Trinca, The Australian, April 6, 1984, p.7).


This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. Anti-AUS student activists produced posters with the slogan: "AUS says your mother is a prostitute!"

By early 1984, not only Liberals, but moderate Labor and Jewish students, were campaigning vigorously to abolish the AUS. While Julia Gillard and her left-wing colleagues were defending the union, campus after campus was seceding from it, depriving it of funds and bringing about its rapid collapse.


From 1984 until 1993, Ms Gillard became a prominent figure in the militant left Socialist Forum, which had recently been formed by disaffected members of the Communist Party of Australia and Labor's left-wing. It sought, among other things, to remove Australia from the ANZUS alliance and to twin Melbourne with Leningrad (re-named St Petersburg since the fall of communism).


Julia Gillard has made light of her youthful radicalism, and has been painstakingly careful to present herself as a moderate.


It is worth remembering, however, what she once wrote for the Socialist Forum on how the extreme Left could advance its agenda by giving "strategic support for Labor governments".


She said: "We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance." (Quoted by Andrew Bolt, "Gillard's plan for power", Herald Sun, October 29, 2007).

It's quite obvious that the REAL Julia Gillard is nothing but a high-level degenerate shill for the AshkeNazi black forces that intend to enslave and murder us. This woman is evil incarnate. Make no mistake here, these people are working to a definite timetable, and June 2011 is worth keeping an eye on, as is the London Olympic Games of 2012, but the reason for these deadlines is not understood by just about everyone. If you read our free book The Prophet Daniel and the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 you will finally understand much. And there is much more chilling information in our The Usher of Desecration.


"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same policies." (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

"The foreign policy of the world’s only superpower is directed from Israel and our [the satantic Alpha Lodge in Sydney, Australia] work is now running on autopilot." (David Griffin, ex-Lord Mayor of Sydney, writing in his Australia’s Global Satanic Legacy And Future). You will recall that Julia Gillard has been charged with being the Outer Head of this same Lodge! (see The Fozdyke Letters)


"The emerging set of Satanic leaders is young, savvy, competent and heartless. They are masters and mistresses of their emotions and their intellect. Many are involved in business, politics, the legal profession and the arts. They are affluent, mobile and stylish examples to the next generation and therefore to the next generation of Satanists that power is glory, lust is nobility and liberty is the highest ideal of the new world man and woman. They use debasement of their victims as a ritual of power to themselves and their Deities. Often their victims are made to suffer in any number of situations. All of them are dedicated ‘to creating the new men and women of the future’ and ‘to surpassing the Old Ones.’" (David Griffin, ex-Lord Mayor of Sydney, writing in his Australia’s Global Satanic Legacy And Future).

Don't say we haven't been warned.


PS: Oh, I almost forgot the red slippers!


Yesterday, December 10, 2010, for the first time that I've noticed anyway, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was wearing the most obvious pair of red or ruby shoes (more like slippers actually) imaginable. The occasion was the usual PM XI playing the English cricket team in Canberra. Of course the Australians were thrashed, which seems to be par for the course these days, having just lost the recent test series 3 to 1 against the Poms.


Now back to the red slippers. In the Illuminati red or ruby slippers are used as a symbol of authority at the Matriarch level. Just before the last Federal election in 2010 an interesting article appeared on the Henry Makow Web site. It was called “Satanist Hints Oz PM is ‘Toilet Vampiress,’ and was written by an Australian satanist whose public name is Aloysius Fozdyke.” The article starts with this interesting editorial comment:

“In his last testimony, Satanist Frater 616 writes that ‘Some of the deadliest, most effective and disarming assassins are women ... the Outer Head of the Alpha Lodge Australasia is a very highly placed and successful Federal politician—whose Satanic name is Bestia.’ Many believe he is referring to Julia Gillard, 48.”

Julia, wearing her red slippers to the cricket match, is perhaps making a public admission that indeed, she is Bestia, outer head of the Alpha Lodge Australasia, headquartered in Sydney. You can find this material from Aloysius Fozdyke, and other pertinent information, here:


The Fozdyke Letters  


Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control Is In Australia  


The meaning of the Pope’s red slippers comes from the film The Wizard of Oz. Read the following very brief summary of the story-line of that movie, and you’ll understand that the“Wicked Wizard of the West” (The “West” is not just a geographical term. Rather in the occult, and in ancient Christianity, it meant the “Land of the Dead,” or that part of the Solar System that belonged to Satan. ) stands for Satan and his evil demonic followers (the hard-core of which reside in the higher levels of Freemasonry), who are intent upon relieving all peoples of their morality, their wisdom, their religion, but principally their wealth, which is what the red slippers symbolise.Pope Ratzinger (called “Joe the Rat” by his cardinals, who are also in the know) is now wearing the red slippers to tell us that their plan has been fully realised! Dorothy Gale, symbolising the ignorant human race, has been deprived of her red slippers which were given to her by Glinda (symbolising God). The summary follows: ‘The film follows 12-year-old farm girl Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) who lives on a Kansas (which symbolizes the material world) farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, but dreams of a better place "somewhere over the rainbow." After being struck unconscious during a tornado by a window which has come loose from its frame, Dorothy dreams that she, her dog Toto and the farmhouse are transported to the magical Land of Oz. There, the Good Witch of the North, Glinda (Billie Burke), advises Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and meet the Wizard of Oz, who can return her to Kansas. During her journey, she meets a Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), a Tin Man (Jack Haley) and a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), who join her, hoping to receive what they lack themselves (a brain, a heart and courage, respectively). All of this is done while also trying to avoid the Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) and her attempt to get her sister's ruby slippers from Dorothy, who received them from Glinda. For much more information about the brief sketch we have just given you, consult Reading 42: “The Wizard of Oz,” of our free book The Warning of the Last Days, which is on the DvD / USB or online here:


Read more here: 

Red slippers, to the satanic elite, have a definite meaning, and Gillard as a high-ranking satanist in the hierarchy, was arrogantly telling us many other things yesterday at Manuka Oval. For starters she's was boasting symbolically that the "Age of Satan," which they also like to call "the Age of Fire," is upon us. She was also making a decidedly satanic statement, connecting herself with other high-ranking satanists, such as Pope Benedict XVI, and President Barack Obama. Expect to see more of these antics these days, especially now that 2011 is here, and we're within a few short months of the London Olympics in 2012, which Nostradamus has dubbed as The Games of the Slaughter. For more information, read the following three articles:


"Are the London 2012 Olympic Games the Beginning of the End," in issue 40 of our Last Days Watch newsletter, which is here:


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Australian traitors, Kevin Rudd, Kim Beazley, and Brendan Nelson.

Renegades and traitors to the Australian people. “Bomber” Beazley on the left, Kevin Rudd, centre, leaning towards Brendan Nelson. Great buddies are we, birds of a feather, all chirping to the same tune, finally revealed to the sheople of Australia, who haven’t a clue what their eyes are telling them. Julia Gillard, it is admitted, is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to political corruption in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter). She is a member of the Fabian Society (Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Gough Whitlam, and Philip Adams (the radio broadcaster) are other Australian examples), as are many politicians around the world, which has the avowed aim of enslaving the world to the whims of the money-power elite. Their logo is apt (a wolf in sheep's clothing), as is their motto ("the inevitability of gradualness"). Source of image: The Sydney Morning Herald.


PPS: About the "TC" Proponents Part of the Heading


Another thing I almost forgot, but equally as important as everything else in this article, has to do with the fate of what's known as "TC" Proponents. For explanation, see the article "Are You A 'TC' Proponent," which is also in issue 40 of our Last Days Watch newletter, which is here:


The real financial situation in Australia. The Liberals create and build, while labour destroy and tear down.

The real financial situation in Australia shown here in blue and red. The Labor governments always destroy and tear down, and bring the nation into a massive debt cycle. The Liberals/Nationals then get back in and restore the system to its pristine good health of national surplus. Yet both sides, the red and blue, serve the same masters and the same agenda!


The New World Order is "Communism" 


One of the most successful ruses used by these satanic Nazis is that they never allowed their movement, since the end of World War II anyway, to be called Nazism proper. Rather than went under various closely related ideologies of communism, socialism, fascism, and Fabianism. Our media and history teachers have taught us a false understanding of communism. In school and university I was taught that communism is an ideology dedicated to public ownership of all property, and the championing of the workers and the poor. Henry Makow explains: 

“Most people think Communism is an ideology dedicated to public ownership and championing workers and the poor.  This was a simple but incredibly successful ruse which duped hundreds of millions. The ideology appealed to people who want something for nothing--rather a large segment.

In fact, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it
 as State power. (The State is run by witting and unwitting agents of the Rothschilds.)

Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the "State" is Communism in another guise. These ideologies -- socialism, liberalism, fascism, neo-conservatism, zionism and feminism -- are fronts for "Communism," and are organized and funded by the central banking cartel.    

The essence of the New World Order is Communist. Current events are all designed to increase government power. For example, the viruses that the Protocols of Zion mentioned over a hundred years ago, and threaten us now, are designed to force people to vaccinate or quarantine. They are tests to see how much government control people will
 docilely accept. That's why it's very important to resist vigorously. My hunch is that this is not the big plague but could very well be a dry run. Amazing how the mainstream media is so certain this is going to be serious.

We must ask ourselves why, when America is teetering on financial collapse, Obama would focus his energies on expanding health care? This is like a bankrupt man buying a Mercedes instead of getting a job. My friends say it is a diversion. It certainly fits the pattern of increasing government control.


After The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Red Symphony is the best revelation of the real state of our world. "The Red Symphony" is a 1938 Stalinist Secret Police (NKVD) interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Soviet ambassador who was a close associate of Leon Trotsky, Rothschild's agent. The text is online or in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich.

I introduced this explosive 50-page document to my readers in 2003. It strips the veil from modern history and explains the real meaning of Revolution, Communism, Freemasonry and War. It was not intended to become public knowledge. The translator, a Dr. J. Landowsky, made an unauthorized copy.

The human experiment is endangered by private interests who have usurped the function of money creation everywhere. Modern history reflects the gradual process by which they transfer all wealth and power to themselves, destroying Western Civilization and creating a world police state. In 1938, he could say the whole world is controlled by the Rothschild syndicate of Sabbatean (Illuminati, Masonic) Jewish bankers and their allies.

Rakovsky, whose real name was Chaim Rakover, was sentenced to death in Stalin's purge of the Trotskyite faction of the party. Leon Trotsky wrote in his autobiography, My Life, : "Christian G. Rakovsky ... played an active part in the inner workings of four Socialist parties-- the Bulgarian, Russian, French, and Roumanian--to become eventually one of the leaders of the Soviet Federation, a founder of the Communist Internationale, President of the Ukranian Soviet of People's Commissaries, and the diplomatic Soviet representative in England and France ..."

Rakovsky tried to convince his interrogator that the bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached." (emphasis mine)

A pernicious force paralyzes our national life. Rakovsky identifies it: "Imagine to yourself, if you can a small number of people having unlimited power through the possession of real wealth, and you will see they are the absolute dictators of the stock exchange and [economy] ... If you have enough imagination then ... you will see [their] anarchical, moral and social influence, i.e. a revolutionary one ... Do you now understand?"

"...They created credit money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. And to give it the speed of is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith...." (pp.245-246)

Of course they need to protect their credit monopoly by translating it into a monopoly over all power and thought. World government is necessary to prevent any country from issuing their own credit (money) or repudiating their debt. This is the New World Order.


The Revolutionary Movement, which defines modern history, was a means to institutionalize banker power by destroying the old order. Marxism, "before being a philosophical, economic and political system, is a conspiracy for the revolution." Rakovsky scoffs at the "elementary Marxism...the demagogic popular one" that is used to dupe the intellectuals and the masses. (238)  Marx was hired by Rothschild to dupes the masses. Rakovsky says Marx "laughs in his beard at all humanity."  (Griffin, 240) Of course, Marx never mentioned the Rothschilds. (243)

As for Freemasonry: "Every Masonic organization tries to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry," says Rakovsky, a high-ranking Mason himself.

The aim of the Revolution is no less than to redefine reality in terms of the interests of the bankers. This involves the promotion of subjective truth over objective truth. If Lenin "feels something to be real" then it is real. "For him every reality, every truth was relative in the face of the sole and absolute one: the revolution."

In other words, white is black and up is down. This is the way it was in the Soviet Union and this is now happening to us. Truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. "Political correctness" a Bolshevik term is now in common usage. Physicists like Steven Jones who question Sept.11 are silenced. (The problem with not bringing the 9-11 perps to justice is that they will do it again.) Homosexuality is normalized and promoted to increase arrested development and destroy the family. .

Rakovsky marvels that "the benches on which sat the greasy usurers to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there ... to bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money..."

He says the Soviet five-pointed star represents the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known."

Isn't it strange that Marx never mentions this fact? Rakovsky asks. Isn't it strange that during revolutions, the mobs never attack the bankers, their mansions or banks?


War is the means by which the central bankers advance their goal of totalitarian world government. Rakovsky says Trotsky was behind the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand (which sparked WWI.) He recalls the phrase used by the mother of the five Rothschild brothers: "'If my sons want it, then there will be no war.' This means that they were the arbiters, the masters of peace and war, but not emperors. Are you capable of visualizing the fact of such a cosmic importance? Is not war already a revolutionary function? War? The Commune. Since that time every war was a giant step towards Communism."

After the murder of [Illuminati member Weimar Foreign Minister] Walter Rathenau in 1922, the Illuminati give political or financial positions only to intermediaries, Rakowsky says. "Obviously to persons who are trustworthy and loyal, which can be guaranteed a thousand ways: thus one can assert that those bankers and politicians [in the public eye] - are only men of straw
 . . . even though they occupy very high places and are made to appear to be the authors of the plans which are carried out."  Think Barack Obama.

In 1938, Rakovsky outlined three reasons for the upcoming Second World War. The first is that Hitler began to print his own money. "This is very serious. Much more than all the external and cruel factors in National-Socialism."

Secondly, the "fully developed nationalism of Western Europe is an obstacle to Marxism...the need for the destruction of nationalism is alone worth a war in Europe."

Finally, Communism cannot triumph unless it suppresses the "still living Christianity." He refers to the "permanent revolution" as dating from the birth of Christ, and the reformation as "its first partial victory" because it split Christianity. This suggests that the "conspiracy" also contains a racial or religious factor.

"In reality, Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the Bourgeois States. Christianity controlling the individual is capable of annulling the revolutionary projection of the neutral Soviet or Atheist State."

Now the Central Bankers are promoting World War Three as in "The Clash of Civilizations." Substitute Islam for Christianity above, and pit "Christians" against them.


The New World Order does not only create a new power. It creates a new reality out of touch with the truth. It employs legions of pundits, professors and politicos to enforce its precepts. These are the argentur ("agents") referred to smugly in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

What kind of credibility do these people have knowing they will lose their jobs if they tell the truth? They are all accomplices in the 9-11 cover-up,

The truth is that society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel. The private sector all sings from the same song book, indicating the central bankers control it.  The same applies to think tanks, foundations, NGO's, professional associations and major charities.  Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control.

This article "How the Fed Bought the Economics Profession" is the template for all professions.

As a result, society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling, degrading and enslaving us. We are stymied by the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism" when most Jews are deceived and manipulated like everyone else, (although their role is vastly disproportionate.) There is no shortage of lackeys from all ethnic backgrounds willing to serve these Satanist bankers. This service defines "success" today.

"History" is a lie. Wars are a fraud. Current events are largely orchestrated. Projects are ventured for different purposes than stated. All we can do is continue to throw a spanner in their works and alert our fellow citizens.  I am not too concerned with catastrophe. I see continued gradual drift to one world order fascism. Mankind is being put into a coma, a state of arrested development based on a fixation with toys, sports, relationships, sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.

Mankind is doomed as long as Cabalist central bankers control society. All that is needed is to nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing by these bankers, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

But as long as the majority perceive their interests in terms of the status quo, our problems will remain systemic. They won't go away.” (Henry Makow, “The New World Order is ‘Communism’”


What we are about to learn is that the word “communism” itself is an even bigger ruse, for it conceals a far greater danger to us all, and that is Satanism. Thus communism, at its core, is really Satanism, and most of the hangers-on in the world communist/ socialist/Zionist movement do not know the depths of depravity and evil (See The Black Mass You Don't Want To Know About) While on this subject you would educate yourself considerably, as to the depths of satanism in our world, if you picked up a copy of the movie Eyes Wide Shut, and studied it.)that is involved in the hidden compartments of their “movement.” Now in Australia satanists/ communists/ socialists, call it what you will, have always hidden themselves in the recesses of the Labor Party. Certainly most members of Labor are not Satanists or communists, but a significant section of the most extreme in the party are. We are about—within the next six months (this was written on January 29, 2011)—to see what all these cancerous movements have been all about: the Nazi Fourth Reich


Former Labor Premier of NSW, Bob Carr, has stated that recent revelations (The Family File, by Mark Aarons, , published by Black, Inc. Mark Aarons is a left-wing journalist and broadcaster, whose father, uncle and grandfather held prominent positions in the Communist Party of Australia. His book is the result of Aaron’s investigation of the many volumes of files kept on members of his family over many decades by the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation [ASIO].) about the Australian Labor Party have come like a “bombshell revelation.” The study he was referring to presented evidence that a number of senior left-wing Labor identities were also secret members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA). And these are very senior Labor politicians and other Labor identities: Dr. H.V. Evatt, Arthur Gietzelt (he was a minister in the Hawke Labor government), Bruce Childs, Dr. Jim Cairns, Bill Hartley, George Crawford, and Fergan O’Sullivan (Evatt’s press secretary). Evatt for most of his life professed a love affair with communism, and counted several leading Australia communists among his closest friends and advisers. 


The trade union movement also was a hotbed of communism, and in 1945 the Communist Party of Australia controlled 40% of the votes of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). This was Bob Hawke’s old hunting ground. It was probably thanks to the breakaway Catholics in the Labor Party, led by B.A. Santamaria, which became the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), which saved the day for Australia, and took back control of the trade unions from the CPA. As Bob Carr says: “Still something of a Labour romantic, I find it painful to squeeze this out, but it strikes me the DLP indictment of the ramshackle Labor Party led by H.V. Evatt and Arthur Calwell was mostly right.” And then there are people like Sir David Griffin. 


Then we have the Australian Fabian Society, named after Fabius Maximus, for his brilliant strategy of “the inevitability of gradualness,” in defeating Hannibal’s armies. The current Patron of the Australian Fabians is former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Other members of the Australian Fabian Society include: Gough Whitlam (ALP Prime Minister 1972–75); Bob Hawke (ALP Prime Minister 1983–1991); Paul Keating (ALP Prime Minister 1991–1996); John Cain (ALP Premier of Victoria); Jim Cairns (ALP Deputy Prime Minister); Don Dunstan (ALP Premier of South Australia); Geoff Gallop (ALP Premier of Western Australia); Neville Wran (ALP Premier of NSW 1976–86); Frank Crean (ALP Deputy Prime Minister); Arthur Calwell (ALP Former Leader); Race Mathews (ALP MHR and Victorian MLA); John Faulkner (ALP Senator and National President); Julia Gillard (ALP Australia's first female Prime Minister); John Lenders (ALP Treasurer of Victoria); Henry Hyde Champion (Journalist); John Percy Jones (Businessman); Nettie Palmer (Writer); Ernest Besant-Scott (Historian); Lucy Morice (Feminist); Charles Strong (Clergyman); William Henry Archer (Statistician); Edward Shann (Economist); Charles Marson (Clergyman); David Charleston (Trade Unionist); John Howlett Ross (Teacher); Bernard O'Dowd (Writer); Phillip Adams (Broadcaster). 


Zionism Defined 




“Thoughts on Zionism amidst all the frustration at the levels of disinformation and misdirection out there. 




Zionism is the cuckoo in the nest that is Israel, it cares nothing for Judaism other than as a useful cover for violence and trouble in the world, Israel is a criminal base for the world’s gangsters and deviants. It is being used as a cover for its atrocities. And what better people to hide amongst? racist? and utterly self-centred, like a selfish child. 


The Jewish people are made this way like a production line through intense indoctrination from rabbis etc to help maintain a group of people that is at odds with the world, is programmed for hostility and selfish acts, based on their misguided sense of superiority. 


The Zionists will sacrifice Israel and the Jewish people is it serves their needs, what do they care about a strip of land in the desert when they can command the best of the world’s resources. Believing the Protocols are real, but Israel is  o more than the rocket booster to help deliver the payload of Zionist control. 


People can’t rise above the Jew thing as it is so emotive, in many ways they are also victims too, but they are becoming the world’s focal point, and yes their nature is not nice (generally) but they have been setup to be a shield that these ‘Zionists’ can hide behind. 


But take it a step further and Zionism becomes meaningless, the core people are deeply tied to the occult and the connections they have therein, they have few values that we would even recognise as human. It doesn’t matter whether you believe dark forces exist, it matters that they do (and they do) and at the heart of this terrible charade are the black spiritual elite that want a world that fits their satanic view. 


The human race is being tested severely over what it does with free will, and whether it  can make good choices and retain compassion under great adversity. May won’t buckle to the evil in the world, or give up and become one of that type. There are people who demonstrate the strength of the human spirit and inspire others. 


The war has been ongoing for quite a while, its not just about tanks and bombs and it will probably be ended with the intervention of one of the races that put us here, we are being watched, all is being measured, and there are equivalent forces for good behind the scenes. 


For the time being, we are all actors on the screen, but for people who want to know more, that is enough for more ‘guidance’ or ‘intuition’ to come through to help. 


Hopefully another perspective assists in some way, and this is from the spiritual side rather than the political and that is the driving side for the highest levels of these forces. 


[And I challenged the writer to know if this secretive black spiritual elite who are running the Zionist show. I asked whether they were self-proclaimed Jews. 


… and he answered: 


‘To answer your question, yes, these core people would consider themselves ‘Jews,’ but not really in a classical sense with all this right of return [to Israel] business. Just look at the ‘crypto’ or ‘marrano’ Jews that are like chameleons, putting on whatever guise suits their purpose. The advanced mystical black side means those who have studied the true Quabalah and gained some insight into its power, not only the goy milking projects like the calabah centre in London, or that kind of thing, we are talking occult ritual much of it tied into [human] sacrifice, etc.’] 


Now I also asked him about this comment of his about ‘the intervention of one of the races that put us here,’ and I have not had an answer … yet! 


Comments on the above: 


Israel is a nuclear state 

Israel is a terrorist state 

Israel is a pirate state 

Israel is an apartheid state 

Israel is an illegal state 

Israel is not the US' ally, it's the BOSS 

Israel is not a democracy it's a racial colony 

The UN itself said Zonism is? racism 

Arabs are semites, nothing is more anti-semitic than Zionism 


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Global Controllers 


By Batr Sartre
May 30, 2010




As difficult as it is for most people to deal with the savage events that shape and manipulate humanity, it is nearly impossible to get the multitude to admit that they are expendable bondage slaves to a global system of hideous design and sinister purpose. The illusion that governments, serve the people is a total denial of history and especially, current events. Human nature requires an eternal struggle against the evil committed in the name of the "public good". Honesty about their plight under the boot of oppression is too hard to digest. The cause of their captivity refuses to identify their own role and compliance within the cancerous organism that rules the planet. 


Documentaries like to pinpoint individuals or specific groups as the culprits. The "so called" Nostradamus theme that there are three anti-Christ’s, Napoleon, Hitler and one to come, avoids the true political conflict that has been playing out with breakneck speed for the last two hundred years. It is simplistic and inaccurate to blame Bonaparte the emperor, or der Führer the dictator, as the embodiment of all mankind injustices. More to the point, when viewed within the context of global politics, both were major challenges of their era’s world community.  


Many of the names are familiar; the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and Illuminati get much of the attention. These and scores of lesser known groups and societies have a long and dark record of running the world behind the scenes. Claims that only a nutcase conspiracy theorist would hold to such an examination is anti-intellectual by all historic standards of rational inquiry and analysis. In order to be a member in good standing of polite society, one must discredit such research. The unadorned reason why facts, evidence and proof of the way the world really works is taboo, reveals the true characterof the "TC" mindset. 


Interdependence, global economy, climate change, quasi-governmental organizations and a myriad of other terms are all code words for the implementation of a Global Gulag. The United Nations, World Trade Organization, Intergovernmental Organizations and Multinational Corporations all function as components of a universal system of predatory carnivores that feed on the carcass of humanity. The ultimate objective is the age-old drive of all empires, total world domination.Totalitarian Collectivist policies are the means and methods of achieving the satanic aspiration of an immoral scheme of sheer wickedness. 


For the want of a better name, "The World Community" is the New World Order. There is no need to fabricate secret societies to implement the global strategy for aggregate slavery. Often mentioned openly in the mass media are the names of the players and driving forces behind the plot. When in 1991 David Rockefeller thanked the press for their discretion that supported the implementation of the NWO and when in the same year President George H. Bush acknowledged, ". . . forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order . . . "the existence of a secret NWO, went mainstream. 


In the deeds that these "Mattoids" perpetrate, lay the real crimes against humanity. Make no mistake about the global comingling program; it is the death-blow to all that is dear in our Western Civilization heritage. The Global Controllers are not playing a parlor house game. The stakes cannot be any higher. The Totalitarian Collectivists are dedicated to the eradication of any resistance to their slave-state diagram for command and control. 


The State is used as the blunt instrument to force people to obey. The Church is marginalized and invalidated as a source of moral authority and responsibility. The Family is assaulted and broken up as the basic unit of personal identity and security. The Economy is manipulated and stilted to impoverish main street business and create government dependency. The School is used to brainwash innocent students and mold them into dysfunctional obedient servants. The Media is used to distort reality and portray the "TC" society as the only social structure. Corporations control the marketplace under a court-enforced protection racket. The Corporate/State merges together to achieve domination over all aspects of commerce and public administration. The final solutionis the holocaust of the NWO global gulag.

Is this malevolent juggernaut inevitable? Up to this point, no viable opposition seems feasible. If former historic patterns remain intact, the prospects for humankind are bleak. Reform is counterproductive because the understructure no longer supports a legitimate authority. Progress is absurd when the integral ruling cabal is running a system that seeks the demise of human dignity. The premise upon which the world community operates is false and rests upon lies, deceit and fraud.


When governments claim to punish, remove or eliminate rogue regimes, it is really saying that there is no toleration of dissent to the NWO. Freedom of self-determination, the cry that justified the carnage of past world wars, is now a phony phrase. Resistant to the dictates of international councils and world government results in the most punitive measures. Economic sanctions and withholding of financial credit automatically follows. Military coercion is the terminal routine response for consistent defiance. Bring democracy to every corner of the planet is really paying homage to the beast.  


It took a "reign of terror" to set the conditions for Napoleon and a hyperinflation destruction of currency to bring Hitler to power. Conversely, the global controllers are on the path to achieve total domination through the inevitable debt repudiation that is coming to the world economy. When the collapse arrives and the fiscal dike is broken beyond repair, the crisis that will come will dwarf 911 to a footnote of history.  


"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste" has an absolute meaning, when the New World Order manufactures the ultimate excuse for Totalitarian Collectivism.  


Just what can be done to stop this despotic madness? Institutions only provide reinforcement to the "Establishment". The law engenders no relief. Public officials are miniature poodlelap dogs, soon to become bloodhounds.  In the end, all that is left is you . . . thrust into a lonely and frightful position that no sane person would eagerly embrace. Yet that is where we each find ourselves.  


Defense of the realm is now unpatriotic. Real Conservatism demands Radical Reactionaries.  


Revolutionary rebellion is a positive concept when viewed as a moral and non-violent force. Accepting insane government control is about as alien to the true meaning of the American Saga as surrendering the principles of the Declaration of Independence to the "Crown" of supreme oppression, the New World Order.  


The Bill of Rights needs to be used daily to keep the relevance of the principles. Defying bureaucracy is moral and dynamic in an age of "TC" regimentation. Laws become irrelevant when individual’s natural rights are subverted. Governments in the normal course of affairs habitually commit treason against their own citizens. The global controllers are no more powerful than the jackboot stooges who do their dirty work. The system enslaves public officials and creates the plantation society for the remaining freemen. The overseers willingly use the whip on their fellow neighbors, for the reward of ill-gotten pay and unwarranted retirement benefits.  


If Washington DC is out of touch with the heartland, just what hope would an American have under a world government? Accepting the dictates of a federal government and a fraudulent financial banking system is insane on its face. Both are committed to the consolidation of world governance. There is no solution for reversing this rush into total despotism if you continue to give your consent to an immoral system. 


Totalitarian Collectivism is the enemy of all mankind. There is no legitimacy for any level of government, the corporate/state or a financial apparatus of debt created central banking that is based upon elimination of individual sovereignty. The Inherent Autonomy that is the literal heritage of the American Saga calls for rational, moral and measured civil disobedience against injustice and oppression. Re-establishing a true Free Market using honest "debt free" specie money is a necessary step for renouncing an empire and reinstating a true republic. The New World Order will cease if courageous Americans overthrow the tyrants that rule our own country.  


This task seems so immense that each person, who contributes to the continuation of this despotism, must reject his or her own part in the process. That is why the prospects are bleak. The only white knight that will ride to your rescue is yourself. The "TC" system seems all-powerful, but it is vulnerable because it is based upon your submission. The choice is yours, live free or die."




Helen Trinca, "New right now in vogue on the campus", The Australian, April 6, 1984, page 7.


Babette Francis, "My unhappy memories of Julia", News Weekly, February 17, 2007.


Babette Francis, "Emily's List — who and what are they?", News Weekly, September 1, 2007.


Andrew Bolt blog, "More Than Just Red Hair", Herald Sun (Melbourne), October 19, 2007.


Andrew Bolt blog, "Gillard's Plan for Power", Herald Sun (Melbourne), October 29, 2007.


Andrew Bolt blog, "Why Hasn’t Gillard Been Honest?," Herald Sun (Melbourne), October 23, 2007.


Ben Packham, "Coalition Offers Pensioners $4b Poll Incentives," Herald Sun (Melbourne), October 23, 2007. [Nazarene Remnant comment: It would be nice if people could just stick close to reality, and call things by their right name. For example the name for the headline of this article should be "Coalition Offers Pensioners $4b Poll Bribe." Eventually all peoples will realise that satanists have been bribing them since they were born. Of extreme significance is how easily people on government pensions, and welfare payments, can be easily bribed (controlled). This welfare system has always meant to be the forerunner of the full-blown Chinese Dangan. You probably haven't heard of that term before, but believe me, if you have lived on a pension or on government welfare, then you've got a fair idea of what the Dangan is. For more information, see the article "The Coming Enslavement: The Chinese Dangan in Australia," in Issue 38, 6 December, 2010, of our Last Days Watch newsletter, freely available here: ]




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 Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
 (A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)

What Satanists Won't Tell You

By Anthony


Satanist makes satanic sign with his hands.

What Satanists won't tell you is that they kill people, especially children, in all their rituals, so they can harvest the vital energy to open portals through which demons arrive and materialize for a short time in order to give instructions.

They also have another kind of complex rituals, applied over specific places (guided by gematria, numerology and leylines, all BS), in order to open spiritual gates so demons locked in the Abyss can come to this plane. They believe that they can take over only when all these demons are here.

Almost all of the 96 gates have been opened, and that is why they are so excited, even though this is all within God's control and time line. Until God removes the restrainer, a million rituals would do no good. In a sense, God is making them run with no purpose.

Neither they will tell you that they are often defeated by prayer and protection by God's angels. They know they can't touch God's anointed (common saved folks). Their demon guides tell them specifically never to send them to attack a real Christian. When they astral travel to a Christian house, they get a beating from God's angels.

Demons hate to talk about the time they were still in Heaven, and can't bear to say or hear the name of Jesus. When told to go under the authority of Jesus' name, they flee.

What kind of powerful master do they have? It is a joke. That's why they hate faithful churches and do all they can in order to destroy them. All the power they have comes from the fact that God is patient and respects people's free will. Until judgment comes. They will rule for three years and a half, and then it is over. Forever.

It is not a good life to have money and be under the thumb of a hateful, irate demon, complex rituals and rules all the time. It is slavery. Satan loves to create busyness, to make people run up and down, in order to create a fiction that they are special, an elite, to play with their pride.

He never could say the truth, that he despises humans and is just using this "elite" to destroy the rest, that he just wants company in misery. Many Grand Mothers of Darkness have a specific age when they must be sacrificed and pass the position to a younger one.

Some Satanists offer themselves in sacrifice, like it is a great honor. Many are killed for a minor misstep, as an example, so they are all in fear all the time. One must defer many times to a lesser person, just because he has a more powerful demon on his side. It is all based on the hierarchy of demons, Satan at the top, four under him (B. A. A. L.) taking care of a global region and an element (The US is ruled by air, South America by water, etc), 5 under each, and so on. The person is just a tool, a vessel. Some Satanists acknowledge that they live in a daily hell, but are too afraid to leave.

It is ironic that Satan sells independence, autonomy, but his followers are controlled slaves and get exactly the opposite.

The funny thing is that while the naive Satanists are all glad that their time has come, Satan himself and all the demons who deceive them know very well that their time is short, and that they are going very soon to the lake of fire. That's why they want to bring as many as possible with them.

Satanists are in for a big surprise ! God always use Satan as a string puppet, he was fooled at the cross, he will be fooled again. We will see the greatest revival of people coming to God in history during the end times.

Repent while there is time. May Jesus Christ bring many to Him to the glory of God.

Australia on the Eve of the Nazi Fourth Reich  


Long before you and I were born the Illuminati money-power elite have been gathering together to plan to destroy the world, and murder as many people as possibe, before the changeover date of December 21, 2012. What they were doing I have chosen to call The Plan (details of The Plan are in our free book The Usher of Desecration), although I’m sure there are many other names that could be used. The first task was deciding which countries would be selected as test beds to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. After all, they wanted to ensure that their “system,” once it was sprung on an unsuspecting world, would be a total iron-control system that no one could escape from. So their first task was to find and work their guinea pig nations! Develop, prime, test, and perfect!

“If you were a planner, looking for a country to test out your diabolical [NWO] plan, which one would you choose?

A little known place, as far away as possible so as to be inconspicuous.
A country whose activities are considered so unimportant that the world’s media barely gives it a thought.
A country situated as close to the international dateline as possible so that the day’s trading for the world could start there each morning.
A country with possibly a fair sized land mass (shall we say about the size of Great Britain) but with a tiny population.
A population of people who are not in the main vocal, demonstrative, or vociferous in their condemnation or opposition of anything they find offensive. Their national motto could be summed up in the words, ‘She’ll’’ be right.’

A population who, in the main, know very little of activity in the outside world, only that which is carefully fed them by the media.

Preferably an island nation where border controls do not pose a great problem.
A country looked upon as a poorer brother to a larger nation nearby. The plan could therefore be tested on both nations in tandem. The larger nation situated alongside this test case country, could have as their motto, ‘She’ll be right, mate.’” (Smith, Barry R., Better Than Nostradamus, Or, The Secretive World Takeover, Griffin Press, Australia, 1999, p. 87, emphasis added.)

Of course the first country being referred to here is New Zealand. The “larger nation nearby” is Australia. But it could be your country, as Barry Smith points out: “Come with me on this fascinating journey as we search to find out why our country has been so drastically torn apart. Readers from other countries, take out your pen and make notes, as many of you by now have followed the same path, or at this very time are following it to the letter.” (Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 88.)

“Whatever you do, don’t choose a volatile group such as the French, the Spanish, the Italians or the Greeks. The whole thing would quickly become far too complicated as they would all, with great waving of arms and legs, protest every single step of your restructuring of their lives.” (Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 113.)

“Other countries’ citizens will sometimes claim that their country in particular was also a test case. This could well be true on occasions, as the new World Order folk do not put all their eggs into one basket. This would make the ‘plan’ too obvious too quickly, and angry citizens may attempt to put a stop to it.” (Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 88.) 

Prediction:“Your country will follow the New Zealand and Australian plan. As they have also borrowed money, they must also fulfil the conditions. Gradually, circumstances will be developed, so that political power moves from each nation to the international New World Order ruling elite.” In short, this whole evil scenario will be exported right across the globe, starting here in Australia and New Zealand. But we did not know a few years ago, that the elites masterstroke was that part of them would appear to be sacrificial victims, allowing themselves to be vilified, so that they could introduce the next form of their evil plan. Indeed, we did not know that these fiends intended to move right here to Australia and New Zealand, as "The Culling" was taking place.

“In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.” (Martin Niemoeller, a Lutheran minister imprisoned by the Nazis during WW2. Source: Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Little Brown and Co., 1980, p. 824)

Certainly other countries have been test cases for many other parts of the plan, and here is one glaring example: Communist China to test out mass control of millions of people through the elaborate and far-reaching system known as the “Chinese Dangan.” Of course, when we have perfected this system (perhaps it is Vindex?), export it to all countries of the world, through the educational-vocational education nexus, which we will easily establish as part of the general dumbing-down of the people in the “educational” system we already own and control. Also, we will lock up China as a totalitarian police state, so that we can plan and develop in secret, away from the watchful eyes of the world. 


Ultimately this is what non-resistance, which is the Kiwi and Australian Way, will eventually mean for you and your children and your grandchildren: 

§   They will have no personal freedoms. 


§   They will have no religious freedom. 


§   They will have no right to own their own home. 


§   They will have no right to own their own children. 


§   They will have no right to run their own business. 


§   They will have no right to hold their own beliefs at all. 


§   God becomes the earth and the cosmos. 


§   The true God as a separate Creator has no place whatsoever—remember the word ‘seclorum.’ (Novus Ordo Seclorum—a secular, heathenistic, ungodly, One World Government, One World Religion, One World Law System, One World Economic System, or N.I.E.O. (New International Economic Order).) 


“It matters little whether our masters stoop to state the matter in the form that 'every prison should be a school'; or in the more candid form that 'every school should be a prison.' They have already fulfilled their servile principle in the case of the schools. Everyone goes to the Elementary Schools except the few people who tell them to go there. I prophesy that (unless our revolt succeeds) nearly everyone will be going to Prison, with a precisely similar patience.” (Part VII)

“There really is a sort of sham Socialism that the modern politicians may quite possibly agree to set up... Everything in it, tolerable or intolerable, will have but one use; and that use what our ancestors used to call usance or usury. Its art may be good or bad, but it will be an advertisement for usurers; its literature may be good or bad, but it will appeal to the patronage of usurers; its scientific selection will select according to the needs of usurers; its religion will be just charitable enough to pardon usurers; its penal system will be just cruel enough to crush all the critics of usurers: the truth of it will be Slavery, and the title of it may quite possibly be Socialism.” (Part IX) (G.K. Chesterton, Utopia of the Usurers, 1917)

The Education System


A most important strategy of the planners was to dumb-down the education system in all countries in the world. This has always been a top priority. They made sure that each new backward step, is “beat up” in the media as its direct opposite, i.e. you are always to insist that standards in schools, reading ability, etc etc, are as good as they ever were! [1] 


“Education has two purposes: on the one hand to form the mind, on the other hand to train the citizen. [...]

Education in a scientific society may, I think, be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Jesuits. The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world, and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus. In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play. Children will be educated from their earliest years in the manner which is found least likely to produce complexes. Almost all will be normal, happy, healthy boys or girls. Their diet will not be left to the caprices of parents, but will be such as the best biochemists recommend. They will spend much time in the open air, and will be given no more book-learning than is absolutely necessary. Upon the temperament so formed, docility will be imposed by the methods of the drill-sergeant, or perhaps by the softer methods employed upon Boy Scouts. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’ i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them. Their education thought will be in great part manual, and when their school years come to an end they will be taught a trade. In deciding what trade they are to adopt, experts will appraise their aptitudes. Formal lessons, in so far as they exist, will be conducted by means of the cinema or the radio, so that one teacher can give simultaneous lessons in all the classes throughout a whole country. The giving of these lessons will, of course, be recognized as a highly skilled undertaking, reserved for the members of the governing class. All that will be required locally to replace the present-day school-teacher will be a lady to keep order, though it is hoped that the children will be so well-behaved that they will seldom require this estimable person's services.” (Russell, Bertrand, The Scientific Outlook, p. 243.)  


"In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities, probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play.... All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called 'co-operative,' i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them." (Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook, 1931) 


“Except for the one matter of loyalty to the World State and to their own order, members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative....” (Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook, 1931) 


“On those rare occasions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it.” (Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook, 1931) 


These kids not only don't know anything; they don't even want to know!


“I feel more chagrined about my lyrical evocation of Intelligence Intensification. In the 1970s, I simply did not recognize the extent to which the 1960s 'youth revolution' had terrified our ruling Elite, or that they would try to prevent future upsurges of radical Utopianism by deliberately 'dumbing down' the educational system. What they have produced, the so-called Generation X, must rank as not only the most ignorant but also the most paranoid and depressive kids ever to infest our Republic. I agree with outlaw radio star Travis Hipp that the paranoia and depression result inevitably from the ignorance. These kids not only don't know anything; they don't even want to know! They only realize, vaguely, that somebody has screwed them out of something, but they don't have enough zest or bile to try to find out who screwed them and what they were screwed out of. 


Fortunately, this Age of Stupidity cannot last very long.”




The best way to control the countries of the world is ultimately to force them, through lies and deception, to sell off their assets to us, the money power elite. Of course they must not really suspect what we are doing with the powerful strategy. Better let them think that random unknown buyers, are becoming the new owners of their country. 


In New Zealand and Australia the sellout plan was called privatization, and as Barry R Smith points out, “they used to call it treason, now they call it privatization.” To protect the guilty from such punishment “hanging for treason was struck from our law books just prior to these restructuring events taking place.” (Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 95.) 


In New Zealand five members of the Labour Party secretly setup the sellout without the rest of their party knowing what they were doing! Prime Minister David Longe has acknowledge this many times. (For example in The Listener, New Zealand, 19 December, 1987, and in The Christchurch ‘Press,’ 26 June, 1987. “Rogernomics kept secret from the party: The Labour Party hierarchy kept ‘Rogernomics’ secrets from the party members for the 1984 General Election, the Prime Minister, Mr David Longe has told Australian television. Mr Longe said Labour’s economic policy had to be sold to the party and the country in various disguises the newspaper said …” The Christchurch ‘Press,’ 26 June, 1987.


Food Control

Food supplies would come under tight control. If population growth didn't slow down, food shortages could be created in a hurry and people would realize the dangers of overpopulation. Ultimately, whether the population slows down or not the food supply is to be brought under centralized control so that people would have enough to be well-nourished but they would not have enough to support any fugitive from the new system. In other words, if you had a friend or relative who didn't sign on [tape ends abruptly and continues on side two] … And growing ones own food would be outlawed. This would be done under some sort of pretext. In the beginning, I mentioned there were two purposes for everything -one the ostensible purpose and one the real purpose- and the ostensible purpose here would be that growing your own vegetables was unsafe, it would spread disease or something like that. So the acceptable idea was to protect the consumer but the real idea was to limit the food supply and growing your own food would be illegal. And if you persist in illegal activities like growing your own food, then you're a criminal.

While you’re are reading this material keep this long-term aim of the money power elite in the back of your mind: 


“Merge all big business until about 6 companies control the commerce of each country.”(This of course is Fascism, pure and simple! ) 


Thus the name of the game is “centralization of all control.” Thus we have the constant call to merge, merge, merge, and the most recent great example in Australia has been the merging of smaller local government areas into giant centralised local government areas, all of course aimed at the establishment of a centralised dictatorship when the time comes. 


Here is Barry R Smith’s précis of the New Zealand plan: 


1.      “Government departments targeted for restructuring. … Do you have government departments? Yes, we used to have them too, and if you looked them up, they could be found in the front of our telephone directories. Not now though. They’ve disappeared. 


Citizens of other countries take careful note.


2.      Corporatisation.  (When government and industry combine against the people that used to be the definition of Fascism!) We awoke one morning in the early 1980s to find that 6 government departs had been targeted for ‘restructuring.’ The catch word was ‘corporatization.’ The clever folk explained to the not so clever folk that this would increase efficiency. Any old fool knows of course that government departments worldwide are notoriously inefficient. All the Kiwis (New Zealanders) said ‘Oh good!’ 


3.      Privatisation.  … We woke up a few days later to see a new word in the paper. It was ‘privatisation.’ 


4.      Shares 49% overseas initially (i.e. locals and foreigners joint control). … We awake and upon reading the morning paper, see a new word appear—‘shares.’ At this point, we smell a rat, and quickly write letters to our leaders asking whether they are selling these shares to overseas people. 


‘Oh no,’ is the hasty reply. ‘We are only selling 49% overseas and thus the remaining major shareholding remains in New Zealand,’ and all the unsuspecting Kiwis said, ‘Oh good.’ 


5.      Overseas raiders come in and buy up local shares until over 51% goes foreign. … 


By a further act of Parliament, or by hostile share takeovers, the overseas investors [that should read ‘the money power elite’] buy up 51% of the ex-government departments (“Overseas departments also take note that when government departments become privatized, in many cases you will find them being sold off at ‘mates rates’ to insiders (those in the know—sometimes at a price less than half their value.” Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 101.) with their assets and those of valuable commodities, often called the ‘family silver,’ bought with the tax money paid for through my grandfather’s sweat, my father’s sweat, and my sweat, go overseas, never to return again. And all the Kiwis said, ‘Oh dear.’


Overseas readers may be interested to read that the Christchurch ‘Mail,’ 20th December, 1993, reported ‘New Zealand 40% foreign owned.’ Also note a ‘Press’ headline 10 December 1994, ‘Most of major firms’ shares, foreign owned.’ 


New Zealand Railways—U.S. owned. 

New Zealand Ferry Service-- U.S. owned. 

Wellington Buses—Scottish owned. 

New Zealand Herald—Irish owned. 

Wellington electricity—Canadian owned. 


Now should there be a neighbouring Australian laughing up his sleeve and saying ‘New Zealand you only have 11% to go and you’ve lost your sovereignty and independence,’ let us turn to the Austrade figures reported from a magazine called ‘Fight,’ dated July, 1994. These were the levels of foreign ownership in various areas at that time.’ 


Processed food 

Motor vehicles 


Confectionary and beverages 


Building materials 







Oil and Gas 















Let us divide these percentage totals by the number of industries listed and it would appear that Australia is approximately 88.62% in overseas hands, at least as far as these industries are concerned. 


                [And this was 16 and a half years ago] 


In the UK more than 200 government business have been sold off up until 1994! 


And, Barry R Smith asks, “Did you know that the Rothschilds have a privatization unit?”


6.       State-owned Enterprises and assets called ‘the family silver,’ has gone forever. 


“The first area to be privatized in each country and sold overseas to agents of the New World Order planners must be telecommunications (Telecom in New Zealand, Telstra in Australia, Telekom in Malaysia, etc). Sell it for a song if necessary but get rid of it. This is so that a global dossier [also known as the Chinese Dangan] on every individual can be set up”  


What else can be privatized? Just about everything: schools, hospitals, jails, the town water, the farm water, the water in the Murray-Darling basin in Australia (under the guise that we’re really trying to fix the ecology there by buying up all the farmers’ irrigation licenses), railways, buses, trams, shipping, airlines, freeways, bridges, electricity, airports, government banks, gas companies, serum laboratories, scientific laboratories, inland fishing rights, ocean fishing rights, defence facilities, etc etc etc. … 


7.       Investors must be found to stop the country collapsing. 


8.       National sovereignty is an illusion and a thing of the past. 


9.       As the future government has little or no assets to work with, the final stage is a change to M.M.P. (“Today, on 27th April, 1995, the leadership of … [New Zealand] … is further weakened by the setting up of a mass of little parties, none of them with any ‘clout.’ … Remember the old phrase—‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ The new system is called M.M.P. (Mixed Member Proportional). I asked a friend the meaning of these three letters to which he replied ‘Many Mixed-up Politicians.’ We need help and we need it urgently.” Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., p. 111.) which involves many little groups forming coalitions as they can no longer govern the country anyway. The coalition group voted to power gives the illusion of governing and thus keeps the ignorant masses happy. True control now comes from our New World Order masters, oversea.” (Smith, Barry R., Op Cit., pp. 96-101, 103.) 


Meanwhile, across the Tasman, things in Australia are much worse. Here the people are still unaware that Australia has always been a colony of Great Britain, and our so-called independence and sovereignty, has been a sham. They are also mostly unaware that Australia is a country owned not by Australians but by a "closed-end investment company" in Switzerland. Australia's David Longe has been Peter Beattie in Queensland, and his work is still continuing at a frantic pace under Premier Anna Blight. In effect, Australian have been taken to the cleaners. They have been totally dispossessed of most of the big companies in the land, as well as much of its farming and industrial infrastucture.


Here's some pertinent information fromJohn Wilson, in Sydney. John's Web site is :


Dear Fellow Australians,  


1.   Local Governments in Australia are NOW corporations, e.g., the Coffs Harbour City Council is a corporation registered on the Australian Business Registry with the number of 79 126 214 487.   


2.   State Governments in Australia are NOW corporations, e.g., the NSW Parliament is a corporation registered on the Australian Business Registry with the number of 89 288 775 026.   


3.   Federal Government in Australia is NOW a corporation, i.e. the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation registered in the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission with the number of CIK (0000805157) SIC: 8880.   


CIK is the Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund, Inc. (the Fund) - is a diversified, closed-end investment company. The Fund's investment objective is to seek current income through investment primarily in debt securities.   


SIC is the "Standard Industrial Classification" and the SIC Code of 8880 has the "Industrial Title" of "American Depositary Receipts" ).   


The Commonwealth of Australia is a "debt security," packaged up as a "corporation".   


Do the People of Australia know their country is owned by a "closed-end investment company" in Switzerland?   


What does that make the People of Australia? ... personnel or merchandise?   


Yours sincerely,   


John Wilson.   


Further Reading on This Subject: 


Australian Government Now Officially Illegal 


Consolidating the "Legal" Foundations for the Nazi Fourth Reich in Queensland


Sue Maynes: The Removal of All Ownership Rights in Queensland and All Other States of Australia (the Brigalow Corporation): 


Australia is still a British colony? or 


Hidden Aspects of Australian Democracy: or 


It has been shown that the Australian Constitution is Invalid: 


Australia's Constitutional Position Today: or 


John Wilson: The denial of the Common Law Trial by Jury transfers supreme power from the People to a ruling élite: a despotism or oligarchy. The denial of the Juror’s rôle and Duty denies Trial by Jury: 


The Australia Act 1986: available free of charge from your Federal representative.  


Our Treasonous Political Leaders: 


The Fabian Society's Deadly Agenda


Note that most of our politicians are members of the Fabian Society, which ought to ring warning bells in the ears of every person in the world. Examples of members of the Fabian Society: Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Julia Gillard, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Harold Wilson, Emmeline Pankhurst, Leonard and Virginia Woolf, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Sir George Buchanan, Lord Alfred Milner Jawaharlal Nehru, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Lee Kuan Yew, John Dewey, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Maynard Keynes, Walter Lippmann, George Bernard Shaw (who said: “Fabianism feeds on Capitalism, but excretes Communism.” He also said: “Our propaganda is one of permeating – we urged our members to join the Liberal and Radical Associations in their district, or, if they preferred it, the Conservative Associations - we permeated the party oganisations and pulled all the strings we could lay our hands on with the utmost adroitness and energy, and we succeeded so well that in 1888 we gained the solid advantage of a Progressive majority full of ideas that would never have come into their heads had not the Fabians put them there."). 


The Coat of Arms of the Fabian Society was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”: 


Motto: "The inevitability of gradualness"


Note:  1. The word "politician" derives from an Old English word meaning prostitute.

2. "The British Fabian Society plan to takeover the world by the City of London financial community was first published in a book entitled All These Things by a New Zealand author and journalist, A. N. Field. (I have personally spoken to her to confirm that she was persecuted after the publication of this book.)" (Sue Maynes


"It is so simple, they'll never work it out," said Queensland's Premier, Peter Beattie. 



PDF download button.
Right-Click the Link to Download the Full PDF eBook

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
(A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)

Politician is an Old English Word that Means Prostitute

In each country establish a system of government that fools the people into thinking they actually run the country through a “representational voting system.” Call this system the “government of the people,” or “democracy” for short. Never let a chance go by to indoctrinate the people with this smoke and mirror trick.


"Democracy in the west today is the forerunner of Marxism, which would be inconceivable without Democracy." (Captain Ramsay, The Nameless War.)


"The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen....At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties." (John F. Hylan, 1922, then mayor of New York City)


“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same policies.” (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)


"The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, State and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self-created screen. It seizes in its long and power(ful) tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection..."


"To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses... One of my first acts as mayor was to pitch out, bag and baggage, from the educational system of our city the Rockefeller agents and the Gary plan of education to fit the children for the mill and factory." (John Hylan, former mayor of New York City, from a speech in Chicago as quoted in the New York Times, 1922-03-27)


"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." (Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England, in a novel he published in 1844 called Coningsby, the New Generation)


This is a Very Dangerous Sign.

“When you control everything (including the media) like the Bush Cabal does, you can virtually act with impunity.

"They don't even need the pretence anymore.
 This is a very dangerous sign. They don't even form illegal covert operations anymore to put a good face on the fraud or to even try to hide it. They're operating with their fraud so openly it seems that they don't care about the consequences.

They know that they can do that at least for awhile because they have such control of the media and they have such control over all organs of state and industry. But eventually they can't hide the result from the people-declining stock markets and the declining value of the dollar. They realize the end may be near for them, and the only way to accelerate the Bushonian Agenda is to act more openly. There is nothing to be gained in not acting openly. It takes more time to set up covert operations and dummy companies, etc. Now they're just committing naked raw fraud."

Of course, this is another way of saying that the majority of the American public is now so deeply asleep or otherwise bamboozled (to use a technical term) that these crooks in high places can act quite openly. The other side of that coin is that the 10% who aren't asleep are as angry and stirred-up as the family guard dog who's tied-up in the backyard, watching the thieves steal the silverware while the household sleeps.

Not a pretty picture, is it?” (Al Martin, “Raining ‘War’ Dollars, The Golfcart Gestapo, And Bush's Con Game,” The Spectrum News magazine, August 2002, p. 78, . See Al Martin’s Web site here:  )

“The real rulersin Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.” (Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice) This evil position is even more so in Australia, with the satanic Alpha Lodge in sydney really in control of the Australian Government in Canberra. See The Fozdyke Letters.


"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst yourselves, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves." (Attributed to President Andrew Jackson, who in 1836 forced the closing of the Second Bank of the U.S. by revoking its charter)


"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." (Franklin D. Roosevelt) 


Israel, We Bless Thee

If you live in Australia you probably wouldn't know that our politicians have secretly been serving Zionist Israle through various secret meetings, clandestine organisations, and outright political treacher to the Australian people. So I'd like you to read Mark Glen's famous article about Israel, because he knows what he is talkign about.

By Mark Glen 
November 9, 2006


Today, while driving through town, I wound up behind a minivan that had a big sticker on the back. The sticker had an Israeli flag in the middle of it, and under it the quotation from the book of Genesis that reads “I will bless those who bless thee.” 


I would like to take this time to list my own reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for us, since I am quite sure most Americans are unaware of just what kind of friend she has been to us. 


·          For extorting from me and my fellow Americans $4,000,000,000.00 a year for the last 4 decades, we bless thee.


·          For taking our most sophisticated weapons technology and stealing it for yourself without paying the American patent holders, we bless thee.


·          For taking that high-tech military technology and selling it to our enemies, such as the Russians and Chinese, thus further endangering us, we bless thee.


·          For using that weaponry in a sustained attack against a United States ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to sink her, thus preventing US servicemen from revealing to the rest of the world information concerning the war crimes they witnessed you commit against Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Desert during the Six Day War, as well as for the purposes of dragging the US into yet another one of your murderous adventures, we bless thee.


·          For killing 35 and wounding 170 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty, we bless thee.


·          For bribing the United States government into covering it up, preventing any justice from being done for the benefit of the families of the lost sailors – as well as the American People, we bless thee.


·          For sending your agents into Egypt and blowing up American buildings for the purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair, we bless thee.


·          For sending your agents into Libya during the Reagan administration, and broadcasting radio messages in Arabic that were designed to sound like “terrorist cell planning” so that the US would initiate military strikes against Khadafi in an event known as Operation Trojan Horse, we bless thee.


·          For withholding information from us concerning the planned attacks against the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, attacks you knew about through your moles in the Islamic world and about which you deliberately refused to warn us in order to further your interests against the Arabs, we bless thee. 


·          For employing Jonathon Pollard, an American serviceman paid to spy for Israel in order to steal even more of our National Security secrets for your parasitic purposes, we bless thee.


·          For blackmailing President Clinton through one of your sayanim, Monica Lewinsky, in order to prevent a coherent peace program from being pushed forward between yourself and the Palestinian people whom you have brutalized and murdered for the last 50 years, we bless thee.


·          For breaking every agreement you have made with your Arab neighbors, stealing their land, displacing, murdering, and treating them like the animals you see them as, we bless thee.


·          For using your agents within the first Bush administration to involve us in the first Gulf War, causing the deaths of American men and women, and exposing our servicemen to whatever bioweapons were and are responsible which have led to Gulf War Syndrome, we bless thee.


·          For your role in the September 11 attacks in this country, and for blackmailing and bribing the US government into deporting back to Israel the 100 or more intelligence agents that were arrested after the attacks, we bless thee.


·          For suppressing the information from the American people of your involvement in the September 11 attacks and sending us in the wrong direction in search of answers, we bless thee.


·          For using one of your agents in the US Army Weapons Lab to steal anthrax and distribute it into our mail system, terrorizing US citizens and killing several in order to blame the Arabs, we bless thee.


·          For using your agents in the US Government, namely, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, and the rest into initiating this war in the Middle East so that you could bring to heel all the enemies you have made during the last 50 years, we bless thee.


·          For using your agents in the media to lie to us on a minute by minute basis about the war, lying to us as to how “just” this cause is, and what the real reasons behind it are, we bless thee.


·          For using your agents in the Christian Evangelical community, such as Falwell, Graham, Swaggert, Robertson and the rest who praise you as God’s chosen people and further keep Americans in the dark about who you really are what you have done, and what you are truly about, we bless thee


·          For bringing idiots like Limbaugh, Liddy, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly and Savage to the forefront as paid liars who will support you and further lead Americans astray, we bless thee.


·          For making America [and Australia, and 45 other foolish nations] your attack dog, and for sending her sons and daughters to fight and die in all your future wars, we bless thee.


·          For using your influence in the media to hide the real statistics about the war, the dead and wounded on both sides, we bless thee.


·          For using us in such a way that not only further inflames the Arab world against us, but as well has succeeded in our alienating ourselves against those nations with whom we have been friendly for over a century, we bless thee.


·          And finally, for using your influence in our media and academia to flood our minds with pornography and lies, as well as inculcating in us a hatred for our history, religion, and culture, for dividing our nation between races and sexes, and for releasing into our society all of your plagues and filth that have left us a rotted out corpse of a once great nation, oh Israel, our friend, 


we bless thee. 


2006 by Mark Glenn 


Anyone interested in verification of some of the information contained in this piece should read either of ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky’s books, By Way of Deception, and The Other Side of Deception, as well as ex-US Congressman Paul Findley’s books Those Who Dare To Speak Out and Deliberate Deceptions.


High Ranking Alpha Lodge Member, Aloysius James Fozdyke


Now that we've sailed through some of Australian true past history, let's see where we are on Australia Day, January 26, 2011. Australian Satanist Aloysius James Fozdyke began his last blog post, on, with the blunt headline that “The Party is Beginning!” He made it on the 20 January, 2011, right at the end of the Queensland flood disaster. I have no doubt he was referring to the man-made Queensland floods which will usher in the next phase of The Plan.[2] Remember that this Aloysius Fozdyke has been the same person who has been keeping us updated with his outright gloating over what he and his satanic mates have achieved. I have collected his letters and they are in our free book The Fozdyke Letters,[3] and should be taken very seriously for the information that they contain. Just remember, though, to temper what Aloysius says, because Aloysius, like Julia Gillard, serves satan, who is the father of lies. Putting all that aside, here’s Fozdyke’s January 20, 2011, rant: 


“The sheeple appreciate that it's better to live on their knees than to die on their feet. Remember the old 'Duck and Cover' films? Today it's more like peasants under glass. The only problem with treating sheeple like slugs is that your shoes get dirty. 


The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been put to bed. Freedom will soon be a distant and distorted memory. It won't so bad. Everyone's already on their knees waiting for Yeshua. We silenced Kelvyn Alp. You can always rely upon the legal profession. Lions beneath the throne and all that. We silenced Ken. As the story will never be published, just take it from me: The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand could have destroyed all of the sacrifice, work and dreams of the Alpha Lodge, efforts going back to long before I was even born. That's not going to happen. [Nazarene Remnant comment: Make sure you have a good look at our articleConsolidating the Legal Foundations for the Nazi Fourth Reich in Queensland.”[4]] 


The United Nations isn't interested in national sovereignty. The U.N. is interested in global control. [Nazarene Remnant comment: This is spot-on information from Aloysius, something that most people will have trouble believing. Check out our article “The Fearful Master the United Nations Is The Beast.”[5]]If the constitutional issues had been fixed, this would have destroyed so many well laid plans and conceivably caused international economic and political turmoil. As it was and as it remains, the media and sheeple are otherwise engaged. There's a Writ of Mandamus served on Chief Justice French of the Australian High Court which is to be filed with the Privy Council in early February. That's sorted.[6] 


Oil prices are going to rise significantly this year.[7] And oil is the life blood of economies ... 




When the war starts and Iran stops the flow of oil, life will change instantly. American taxpayers have been subsidising Israel for so long it's about time that they got something in return. And they will. Wars are best way of uniting slaves. They'll fight to the death to protect their slave master so that they can go back to being slaves. The only promised hope is the Usher of Desecration.[8] Soon the sheeple will know this. 


The left hand path remains the spirituality of the new over-class. Men and women born to become Deities in this life. The multitudes are so decrepit as not to know the value of freedom or life. As such they deserve neither. They are slaves and we will enslave them. In this the Usher will fulfil the longings of the masses before the coming of Vindex.[9] 


I can literally smell victory in the morning air! The fools cower and are abased before us. The only agenda is ours, for our agenda is the only option. Now is the time to make a pact with the mighty powers of darkness because nothing can or will halt our domination! The evolutionary current - dammed for nearly two millennia - has been breached. [Nazarene Remnant comment: This is a direct call to make a pact with satan. In other words it is a preliminary invitation to accept the coming Mark of the Beast. But you had better know what God will do to you if you do! For that warning see our article The Most Stern Warning in All the Bible.”[10]


We will give warfare, not welfare; fiefdom in place of freedom; cruelty for charity and power unimaginable whilst the filth pray! We are warriors, not worriers seeking greatness not goodness. Ours is the demonic not the democratic. For Our Prince offers intelligence in place of ignorance; elitism not equality. Mayhem speaks louder than words as Our God utters the memory and promise of His greatness! [Nazarene Remnant comment: This is typical diatribe of what Satanists like Gillard and Fozdyke think about us. They never deal with the reality of what is actually going to take place very shortly. Even though this evil monstrous kingdom Fozdyke gloats about shall do great damage to the Earth and its peoples, during its allotted time, it shall be totally broken by supernatural power. They never mention this bit:


“And through his [the Antichrist] policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8: 25) ] 


Blesséd are the Warriors for we shall inherit this Earth! 


The New World Order will be one of Majesty, Order, Discipline and Honour giving rise to Vindex: The Avenger and Philosopher King!” (Aloysius James Fozdyke, Satanist Insider: “The Party is Beginning!”


Even if we didn’t have Fozdyke around to gloat at us, we would still know that satan now rules through the outright evil that is everywhere. There is no greater evidence for the claim that this Earth is well and truly under the control of satan and his demonic followers than the massively large number of women who voluntarily submit their unborn babies into the hands of the abortion butchers. Judging by the rush to abortion, as these numbers show, we have reached the lowest state of immorality imaginable. Future generations will look back in horror upon these women, and wonder at their unspeakable callous cruelty. They will ponder deeply on two issues. First, what evil and cunning trickery was used to bring these women to this deplorable state of affairs,[10] and secondly, why these women allowed themselves to be hoaxed into taking the murderous actions that they have. As regards the first point, we have been totally deceived about the actions of people like Julia Gillard, Joan Kirner, Carmen Lawrence, and the others on the Emily’s List table below. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg here in Australia, since it is reckoned that there are over 100,000 abortions annually. But that is only half the truth.  


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Undoubtedly a pact made in hell between Zionist and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahou, and Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard on one of her many visits to Israel. The five nations that are the foundation nations of the Nazi New World Order are: England; Israel; America; China, and Australia. The treacherous leaders of these five nations have been scurrying to and from and meeting with each other lately, no doubt intent on the next part of the deadly charade they intend to bring against a dying and deceived world. Both the Australian Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, and PM Gillard, have been in England, undoubtedly taking last minute orders from their superiors. Currently the Foreign Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, is in China, the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, is in Vietnam meeting with the US Secretary of State, traitor, and fellow lesbian, Hilary Clinton. Clinton has been on an extensive trip through the Asian region, including visits to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand.


The vital ingredient is to be found in the total lack of character in the Australian people. Australians in early 2011 could be likened to the Germans of the late 1930s, just before the Second World War broke out. This is the theme that began this article, and it is time to return to it again, for it is a truism that for people who refuse to learn the lessons of history, that history will surely repeat itself: 


“Everyone likes to say, ‘Hitler did this,’ and, ‘Hitler did that.’ But the truth is Hitler did very little. He was a world class tyrant, but the evil actually done by the Third Reich, from the death camps to WW2 was all done by German citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told by their government was the truth or not, and who because they did not want to admit to themselves that they were afraid to question the government, refused to see the truth behind the Reichstag Fire, refused to see the invasion by Poland was a staged fake, and followed Hitler into national disaster. 


The German people of the late 1930s imagined themselves to be brave. They saw themselves as the heroic Germans depicted by the Wagnerian Operas, the descendants of the fierce Germanic warriors who had hunted wild boar with nothing but spears and who had defeated three of Rome's mightiest legions in the Tuetenberg Forest. 


But in truth, by the 1930s, the German people had become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery was both salve and slavery. Germans were required to behave as if they were brave, even when they were not. 


It's easy to look back and realize what a jerk Hitler was. But at the time, Hitler looked pretty good to the German people, with the help of the media. He was TIME    Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938. The German people assumed they were safe from a tyrant. They lived in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government could and more importantly could not do. Their leader was a devoutly religious man, and had even sung with the boy's choir of a monastery in his youth.” 


Try reading that again, but this time substituting the word Australia/Australians/ Gillard, where necessary, and you’ll get my meaning. For “refused to see the truth behind the Reichstag Fire,” use“refused to see the truth behind the Queensland floods of early 2011;” for “refused to see the invasion by Poland was a staged fake,” try “refused to see the Port Arthur Massacre/911/the Bali Bombings/the War on Terror was/were a staged fake(s).” Of course this list can go on and on, but you get the point. 


"If you give a man the correct information for seven years, he may believe the incorrect information on the first day of the eighth year when it is necessary, from your point of view, that he should do so. Your first job is to build the credibility and the authenticity of your propaganda, and persuade the enemy to trust you although you are his enemy." (A Psychological Warfare Casebook Operations Research Office, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1958)

The truth is that
 the evil actually done in Australia was all done by Australian citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told by their government was the truth or not. Because they did not want to admit to themselves that they were afraid to question the government, they were led along by the hip-pocket, and by fear, to their destruction, and gave their thumbs up to a cohort of evil to rule over them. The simple fact is that iniquity rules in Australia, and has done so for a very long time. What is iniquity? Iniquity is when we get so used to sin that we are no longer ashamed to do it. It becomes second nature in our lives. All wisdom literature says that when iniquity prevails—in other words, when the heart of men and women is so callous and hardened—we are no longer ashamed to sin and cannot even recognise that a particular act is sin. It is at this point that God realizes that we are beyond the pale, beyond help, and He determines to judge the land, and its leaders and people. But it gets worse when we actually institutionalize iniquity, and we do that by allowing politicians, who we stupidly “blank cheque” at election time, to make laws  against Godand for satan. 

The five foundation nations of the New World Order
The five founding nations of the Nazi Fourth Reich.

There are many examples of institutionalizing iniquity, but two will suffice. First, in 1975, when Gough Whitlam and Lionel Murphy, very late at night, when the parliamentary chamber was, well, virtually asleep, pushed the Family Law Act (which allowed no-fault divorce) through the chamber, and into “law.” The destruction of Australian families was about to begin, and Australia has not been quite the same since. The second example occurred in 2008, when Victoria’s shameful Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed. This would have not been possible except for the creation of Emily’s List by the satanic Julia Gillard and her supporters of this gross evil. Emily’s List started in 1994 when the ALP national conference passed an affirmative action rule requiring that women be preselected in 35% of winnable seats at all elections by 2002. For more information on this satanic organization, see Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, “TC” Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich,[11]


So the bottom line is that iniquity is when we become incapable of discerning between right and wrong any more. In this case it is when baby butchery become completely normal in the land, and no one stands up to oppose this evil. Now, let’s look at a parallel situation in Brazil, which occurred before the last election there (October, 2010), we will see the effect that the actions of just one person had on the outcome of the election. Just after Australia had voted into office the homosexual, godless, pro-abortionist, and satanic Julia Gillard, one man in Brazil stood up against the evil and filth, and decisively influenced the result. This one man was Pastor Paschaol Piragina Junior, of the Curitiba Baptist Church, and here is the story:


Pastor Paschoal Piragine Jr, from Curitiba's Baptist Church, Brazil.
Pastor Paschaol Piragina

Brazil's Dilma Suffers Setback from Pastor.” 


October 7, 2010

By Marcos

Brazil's Lula's workers party has received a cold shower this weekend. All polls indicated that former terrorist and bank robber Dilma Rousseff

 should take the presidentialelection this last Sunday.

In Brazil, it takes more than 50% of valid votes in order for the election to be decided in the first round. Dilma got 46%, and there will be a second round on October 31st (ironically, the Day of Witches).

There are many indications that Poll Institutes are in the pocket of the Party. In the largest state of the nation, Sao Paulo, an adversary candidate to the Senate was ranked as 3rd, but ended first in the election. Dilma was expected to have more than 50% and even 55% (Sensus Institute) of votes. They have lost all credibility.

Dilma faced two main problems in the first round: the first was a huge scandal involving her right hand, Erenice Guerra, who had a gang inside the Chief of Staff Office, selling contracts and privileges for a bribe. Unfortunately, this seems not to have affected Dilma much.

Her main problem was her position on abortion. There is much evidence in print and video that Dilma and the party favored abortion, but she has absurdly denied it, against all proofs.

Even though the party has bought off much of the Masonic (apostate) Evangelical Churches with promises of radio and TV concessions, one man seems to have made a difference.

His name is Pastor Paschoal Piragine Jr, from Curitiba's Baptist Church. He published a video on Youtube that spread like wildfire. Just one version has almost 3 million visits, and it has been said that all of them combined reach 5 million. What the man said is simple: iniquity is evil in continued form, and the next government is preparing to turn iniquity into law. Simple? Yes, but nobody had the guts to say it.

The 5 million views may not be completely responsible for the turn around, but certainly they helped a LOT. This proves that just one man still can make a difference if he is courageous enough to fight for what is right. He has been threatened, alright, but is still standing.  It also shows the enormous power of the Internet. Anyone with internet access can check that Dilma is lying. For how long will we have this freedom? Let's take advantage of it.

Even if you are not a Christian, I recommend you watch the video. It gives a very accurate portrait of the new world order plans for Brazil. 

View and/or Download the Video:
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The Carbon Dioxide Deception


By Alan Caruba,
January 5th, 2009  




Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to "control" the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers.  

Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2). 


Why do we need to know about CO2? Because the President-elect, several of his choices for environmental and energy agencies, the Supreme Court and much of the U.S. Congress have no idea what they are talking about and, worse, want to pass legislation and regulations that will further bankrupt the United States of America.  

Do I have your attention now? 


For the purpose of the lesson, I will be borrowing heavily from a paper on CO2 written by Robert A. Ashworth. It requires some understanding of science, but anyone with a reasonable education and common sense should be able to read it on their own. Ashworth is a chemical engineer. 


Suffice it to say that if any of the nitwits babbling about CO2 and global warming ever went to any of the several dozen excellent websites that provide accurate scientific data and analysis, they would cease from their abusive manipulation of the public and perhaps find honest work. 


To begin at the beginning: at the heart of the global warming hoax is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. While it purports to represent the views of thousands of scientists, it does not. As Ashworth notes, "Most scientists do not agree with the CO2 global warming premise. In the United States 31,072 scientists, including the author, have signed a petition rejecting the Kyoto global warming agreement." An additional 1,000 scientists are being verified to be added to the list. Thousands more exist who find the assertion the CO2 will destroy the Earth totally absurd. 


Here's what you need to know: if an increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) is directly related, i.e. causes changes in the Earth's temperature, there would be a direct correlation between the two. As CO2 rose, we would see a comparable rise in the Earth's temperature. This correlation does not exist. 


Global warming liars, however, insist that CO2 builds up on the atmosphere over a 50 to 250 year period, but this is untrue. "Every year around April, increased CO2 absorption by plants in the Northern Hemisphere starts reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere," notes Ashworth, "and the reduction continues until around mid-to-late August when plants start to go dormant." 


"It is clear that nature reacts very fastin its consumption of carbon dioxide." Farmers call this the growing season, followed by the harvest season, followed by snow and cold during which nothing grows. Modern civilization, beginning about 5,000 years ago, is predicated on the ability to provide food to both humans and livestock, all based on these obvious seasonal cycles. 


The ancient Egyptians and Mayans understood the seasons, but they are apparently too difficult a concept for today's many ex-politicians, some PhD's, United Nations flunkies, and high school teachers. 


Warming and cooling cycles are well known throughout human history, reaching back to the days of ancient Rome. There were Viking settlements in Greenland because they arrived in warmer times. By 1410 the place froze up. Shakespeare lived during a Little Ice Age when the Thames would freeze too. The man-made emissions of CO2 had nothing, zero, to do with these climate events. 


The IPCC, however, with its agenda to tax and control energy use that produces CO2, is not based on either the obvious or more complex science involved. Its "data" is the invention of computer models that are deliberately manipulated to produce false results which, in turn, can be announced and repeated worldwide. 


In March 2008, The Heartland Institute brought together more than 500 climatologists, meteorologists, economists, and others for two days of seminars and addresses that totally destroyed the IPCC's lies. It will do so again for a second time, March 8-10 of this year in New York City. Suffice it to say that the mainstream media did its best to ridicule or ignore the event and will no doubt do so again. 


Here, then, is a fundamental fact about CO2 you need to commit to memory. "Nature absorbs 98.5% of the CO2 that is emitted by nature and man." Nature is a totally self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to "control" the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers, not to forget fireplaces where logs glow or just about any human activity you can name, including exhaling two pounds of the stuff every day! 


"Further," says Ashworth,  "no regulation by man is necessary because CO2 is not a pollutant; it is part of the animal-plant life cycle. Without it, life would not exist on Earth. Increased CO2 in the atmosphere increases plant growth, which is a very good thing during a period of world population growth and an increasing demand for food." 


"Taxing carbon,"Ashworth adds,"would do absolutely nothing to improve the climate but would be devastating hardship to the people of the world."  For example, U.S. Representative John Dingell's plan to tax carbon would add 13% to the cost of electricity and 32% to the cost of gasoline; just what we need during a Recession that threatens to become a Depression. 


Dr. Tim Ball, a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, recently asked, "How many failed predictions, discredited assumptions and evidence of incorrect data are required before an idea loses credibility? CO2 is not causing warming or climate change. It is not a toxic substance or a pollutant." 


It is time to rebuke everyone attempting to foist the global warming hoax and carbon taxes on the United States and the rest of the world. It is time to let Congress and the White House know that Americans will not be ruled by laws that have no scientific merit. 

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The real reason for the great effort put in by satanists like Julia Gillard to establish the lie about carbon dioxide, is to trick all people into taking the mark of the beast. This will be done by the mechanism of the New World Order currency system, which is something most people won't expect (in other words the currency is to be based on carbon):

World Currencies to be Replaced with Carbon Currency 

To understand why it has been possible for the money-power elite to deceive the people into literally believing that white is black, or, as in this case, that carbon dioxide is very harmful, see this excellent article:

Blueprint for a Prison Planet, by Nick Sandberg 

The really important material concerns how our self-esteem is fiddled with by the world system, especially during our school years. It's in Part 2: "The World Inside."

As Nick Sandberg poiints out:

"As I hope to demonstrate, it is actually quite straightforward. The "conditioning" process that most of us undergo in the course of a normal Western childhood not only causes us to divert from our natural behaviour but also permanently alters the way most of us evaluate information. In the second section of this piece I shall be looking at how a typical Western childhood can subconsciously render us: addicted to material pleasures and the quest for personal power, resistant to information which contradicts what we believe we already know, and impervious to natural self-healing - and all without most of us becoming any the wiser." 




Now I don’t want you to be ignorant of what’s coming against you, and why this is happening. Now there are two things coming. The first thing “coming” is going to be a great deception. It will be dressed up as a blessing, but in actual fact it is like the scorpion. It will look really good on the front end, but it's backside will be horrendous, for it will contain a very poisonous sting in its tail. Those who go along with the scorpion will, at first, imagine that Camelot and King Arthur have returned to Earth, such are the snares that will be offered to you. But all of this is a deception as I keep saying. After a short period of a 42-month honeymoon, the scorpion side of Camelot will be revealed to everyone’s horror.


A second 42-month period, or Great Tribulation, will start, but this will be the core of “Jacob’s Trouble.” After this Great Tribulation, a second momentous event will occur, but this will be from God the Father Himself, and it is called The Wrath (also known as the “Day of the Lord,” but more accurately as “The Day of the Law.”) Now God has said continually that this day would come, and it would be directed against all those who had forgotten His Ways and His Laws. “For the wages of sin [is] death” as Romans 6: 23 clearly tells us. Or to give you a bit of Irish: “We Fremen have a saying – God created Arrakis (the Earth) to train the Faithful. One cannot go against the Word of God(and live)”(Dune)  


Thus, the agenda is for the complete takeover of the planet, starting with the secret state of Capricornia, in Australia, by the satanic host without anyone realising that it has even happened. (David Icke, The Greatest Secret, pp. 273-274.) It is more than that actually, the satanic host have the twisted desire that everyone shall voluntarily make a pact with satan, as we have seen, so that in effect, the people have imprisoned themselves through voluntary servitude! This required that they effect a plan of installing traitors from within, and that is exactly what our top-echelon politicians have become over the years. Of course this has been courtesy of conscripting many of our bright young students through schemes such as the Rhodes Scholarship. It is they who have been doing the dirty work of the Zionist-Illuminati elite, [12] instead of serving the people who elect and pay them.


Now the writing is more than on the wall, the rats have started deserting the sinking ship a long time ago. In case you've wondered at the sudden exit of many politicians over the lasy few years, such as Bob Carr (ALP NSW), and Peter Beattie (ALP Queensland), now you need wonder no more. In fact the situation in New South Wales is very revealing, with a State election coming up in March 2011. Even blind Freddie can see that the upper echelons of the Labor leadership in NSW knows something very sinister is just around the corner. They have virtually given up, for there is no longer any need to pursue the Grand Plan. Bruce Hawker, the political strategist charged with helping NSW Labor's election campaign, has readily admitted that the state government will be easily defeated in NSW. "The prospect isn't a win for Labor, it's that we're so weakened we don't effectively represent the interests of Australians in the NSW Parliament." Truer words about Australian politics have never left the public mouth of a politcian before. Hawker just left out the vital truth though, he didn't tell us who Labor really represents. By now I hope that you have joined the dots.


All is in readiness for the next part of the Plan. Indeed, these things are a very dangerous sign for the people of Australia. I will leave you now with a final exhortation to return to God, and to come out of this mad evil world. Have a place to flee to, and to be ready for anything and everything, but principally get ready for the First Resurrection, which is the most important event you will witness in your lifetime. May God hear and bless you and yours!


Do not accept Julia Gillard's carbon pricing system because it will lead you by deceit into taking the Mark of the Beast, and “… acceptance of the "mark" will constitute "worship" of the beast and will signify fear and respect owing to the issuer of the "mark" –- i.e., the Beast and his System. This Beast System will be accomplished through great deception. The only ones who will escape are those who, in adherence to God's Word, steadfastly refuse to be numbered.   


The most stern warning in all the Bible   is found in Revelation 14, and it is directed to those people who accept the mark of the beast, or the beast’s number, and consequently "worship" his image:  


‘And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a great voice, If any man worshippeth the beast and his image, and receiveth a mark on his forehead, or upon his hand, ‘he also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is prepared unmixed in the cup of his anger; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: ...  ‘and the smoke of their torment goeth up  for ever and ever; and they have no rest day and night, they that worship the beast and his image, and whoso receiveth the mark of his name.’ (Rev. 14:9-11).  


The Bible tells us that those who worship the beast -- and his image WILL receive the "mark of the beast. No one will be forced to receive the mark; those who receive it will do so willingly. This is not unlike "voluntary" tax-filing and reporting.” (Neil Smith, You Cannot Serve Two Masters. The biggest temptation is going to be the offer of the NESARA money, which you must reject.)

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 Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
(A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)


The biggest temptation is going to be the offer of the NESARA money, which you must reject. You can find details on this in our free book The Real Crisis is About to Unfold, and It's Not Financial. It's in Reading #54: "The Prosperity Programs and the Nesara Money."


The book is available here:'s-not-financial.html


Another one of our books, The Usher of Desecration, also contains details on NESARA. You can get it here:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear." (Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 BC)




[1] Jeremy Lee informs us that most politicians haven’t a clue about how decisions are really made: “Behind this ‘comedie noire’ a different series of conferences has been held through the years where the real action takes place. Some are secret, like those of the Bilderbergers and the Trilaterals; others less so, such as G-7 conferences, the IMF conferences, the World Economic Forum, and the series of North-South conferences that took place in the seventies and eighties. The agenda for these get-togethers is fashioned in full-time ‘think-tanks,’ entirely separate from national governments. The Brookings Institution, the Socialist International, the Club of Rome, the Brandt Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the various Institutes of International Affairs; it is in theseand similar bodies that world policy is made. Most elected politicians know little or nothing about them. A few, however, with some journalists and editors smarter or more compliant than most, are allowed into the inner sanctum, if not the ‘holy of holies.’ Woe betide the journalist who reports that which should not be reported.” (Lee, Jeremy, Australia 2000: What Will We Tell Our Children?, Pickford Productions Pty Ltd., PO Box 1234, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, Australia, 1997, p. 48.)

[2] For an in-depth discussion of The Plan, see our free book The Usher of Desecration, which is available here:  

[3] The link for The Fozdyke Letters is:  

[4] The link for “Consolidating the Legal Foundations for the Nazi Fourth Reich in Queensland” is: 

[5] Link: “The Fearful Master the United Nations Is The Beast:”  

[6] We reported on that in Issue 39, 21 December, 2010, of our Last Days Watch newsletter, “Prerogative Writs Of Mandamus Served In The High Court of Australia!” here:

[7] Again, this is part of the age-old plan. See the section on Jay Weidner’s essay “the Culling,” in The Usher of Desecration for what this artificial price-rise is all about. 

[8] We tell you what this is all about in out book by the same name. 

[9] Unsure what Vindex is, but I have givene my thoughts about it in The Usher of Desecration

[9] Link for “The Most Stern Warning in All the Bible:”  


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 Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich
 (A4 International Version)

Julia Gillard, Red Slippers, "TC" Proponents, and the AshkeNAZI Fourth Reich 
(US Letter Version)


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The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture ...

We are entering an age that Satanists call the Age of Fire, when they will use every murderous, demonic, vicious, and most cunning tactics and lies to usher in their Nazi Fourth Reich (aka the New World Order). They have made the following point very clear:

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations Organization) ...

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The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture

The Warning of the Last Days 

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"Therefore, behold, I will make them know, this once I will make them know my power and my might, and they shall know that my name is the Lord. The clamour will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations; he is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked he will put to the sword." (Jeremiah 16: 21; 25: 31)

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Usher:Noun: “Somebody who shows people to their seats, e.g. in a theatre or at a wedding.” Verb: “To inaugurate or introduce (something): usher in a new era.”

Desecration: Verb: “1. To violate the sanctity (of something sacred); to profane (it). 2. To treat (a sacred place) irreverently or contemptuously.” The Penguin English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 2003.

“If someone was planning to murder you, you would like to know months in advance, wouldn’t you?”

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The Usher of Desecration

The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial. 

 Read the Book:
The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial

The Time for Talk is Over

“The trip is over folks, we are out of road. I wish I could tell you where you are going. If you don't know or don't have a map, it wouldn't do me much good to try to tell you anyway. One thing is for certain; from here you will walkthe rest of the way. For many it will be to destination unknown. Most are on the way to the City of Despair, in the State of Confusion, located within the Nation of Disgrace. For others, the destination will not be pleasant nor a matter of choice. You get the picture. Those who, ‘take all of your belongings and climb into the truck,’ will weep in utter misery for the personal negligence that they brought upon themselves and their families. You will have paid the ultimate price.

 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22: 3, KJV)


So,...will you take the final moments God is giving you to step away from your ‘stupid zone’ and do what you should have so long ago? Will you finally make some plans? Will you really sell off your unnecessary toys and purchase the absolutely necessary survival tools that will give you just a chance to make it through? Will you search out the ultimate truth of our predicament and the One who can give you peace, serenity and eternal life? Can you admit that putting a dictator in office was one of your very worst mistakes, and you will try to make amends by resisting him and his communist platform? Will you do all you can to convert your family and friends who also voted for him and others supporting him to work against him in every way possible? That may sting and burn to be told that, but it is far better than the amputation of your limbs that is coming if he continues to dismantle this nation and its last freedoms.

“Procrastination in implementing your family's self preservation plans will be terminal.” [1]


Editorials like these are expected to consume about 1500 words. This is half that. Like I said, the time for talk is over.”


[1] Dr. Greg Evenson


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The Time for Talk is Over

Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight 

Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight cover image

Read the article Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight.

Worldwide Church of God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International 

Worldwide Church oof God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International book cover.

“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” (2 Peter 2: 22)

“As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26: 11) 

Discover the part played by the Illuminati Jew, Rupert Murdoch (pictured above), and his Zondervan publishing company, in the destruction of Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

What Murdoch "... is not is an Australian 'right wing' billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda." (Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.)

Get the book here.

UFO's Originate in Nazi Antarctic Bases 

Nazi flying saucers thumbnail.

"Perhaps in order to engineer and prepare the global collective psyche to the "great earth-shattering announcement" that may be coming any day now, ... that the US, UK and allies are in contact with "technologically superior beings from other worlds, which do exist after all and we are in contact with them."

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"The only correct term for the mis-called 'anti-Semitic' is 'Jew-wise.' It is indeed the only fair and honest term. The phrase 'anti-Semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." (The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, p. 63)

Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?

“Is it ok if I vent a little today? I’ve built up a little frustration over the past couple of months and I just need a pressure release. Will you let me do it?


As you may be aware I have started a varsity football program at a local Christian High School. Although I vowed to myself that I would never return to prowling the sidelines when I walked away from public education in 2000,the opportunity to train young males to be men was something I could not, in good conscience, run from.


Not all males are men. I hope you understand that. Especially convincing is the evidence I have garnered recently that Christian males in particular are the least manly.



Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?


How Shall We Tell The Children? 

 "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19 (KJV)

How Shall We Tell The Children eBook cover image

"But how shall we tell the children? We probably won't tell them; the knowledge would be too dangerous to the "system" we have developed to ensure our own preservation. As long as they will continue to work in order to support, and in order to die in, for, and because of our system, we will allow as many of them who can do so, to survive until we have lived out our lives in the manner to which we have become accustomed. It has always worked before, so maybe it will continue to work long enough to keep me comfortable until I die. It is a gamble in which the odds are becoming increasingly negative."

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How Shall We Tell The Children eBook 

How The World Really Works, by Alan Jones 

How The World Really Works cover image

Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

The picture which Alan Jones paints in this book is one which you must understand if your efforts in truly understanding how the world REALLY works are ever to amount to anything. We paint that picture by presenting an ordered set of book reviews which identify our enemies and describe the primary strategies and actions which they have taken against us over the last 100 years or so. Our goal in writing the book was to provide an accurate portrayal of that picture within the covers of a single moderate- length book. The 12 chapter titles of How The World Really Works are ... the names of the books being reviewed.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

Secrecy or Freedom, by Alan Jones 

Secrecy or Freedom ebook cover

Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

This is Alan Jones' most recent book, published in April, 2001. While countless books have been written revealing yet one more outrage which the New World Order folks have perpetrated on us, Jones has resolved on an entirely different purpose: to define a way of mounting a counterattack on those elites, and not just delay their next victory, but destroy their viability, and take back our country and the world for middle class citizens everywhere. In the same way that an army or a football team will surely lose in the long run if it has only a defense and no offense, we too shall lose our world to the elites if we fail to marshal our resources, mount a viable offense against them, and reduce their present dominance of public affairs to a nullity. To that end, this book goes right back into history to discover their origin, their modus operandi, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses. The exercise has been successful, and reveals a crucial weakness which may readily be exploited. We will, in this web page, outline our search, our major findings, and finally a plan of action to save our country for the benefit, we hope, of a great number of future generations of free citizens. Our historical look will go back 2000 years and beyond. Our sources are not generally well known, are not Nobel prize- winning historians, but nevertheless are historical truth seekers whose researches are uniquely valuable. Each of the chapters of Secrecy or Freedom? carries the title of the historical work which is reviewed in that chapter. In this web page, we will give you an inkling of what is covered in each of these chapters, with the hope that these few words will lead you to order our book, carefully absorb its contents, and then join in our proposed action plan to take back our country.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man, by Mary Croft 

You're an asset of the state. You're duped into entering the world of commerce and finance and trapped in imaginary debt bya brilliant but simple con. When you see your name written in UPPERCASE LETTERS it has a very different meaning to the one your parents gave you. This is an amazing ebook. We highly recommend it.

Click here to download

Classy Beauty, 25, Seeks Man Making $500K 

 Classy Beauty, 25, seeks man making $500M.

Reply to "Classy" Beauty,25, who advertised on Craig's List for a Man Making $500K.

The Answer ...

I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year.

Read the Answer the "Classy" Beauty Got

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell (1903-1950)

We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning.

“Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein: “We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath.)”

(From The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell is All This Happening Again? by David Thatcher.)

False Flag Operations or "False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy.

False Flag Operations

John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education"

"If we ever needed a battering ram to pull down the evil structure of compulsory public schooling, this book should be able to do the job. The book calls for a revolution. But not a violent one. It can be won easily and peaceably by merely taking the kids out of the public schools. It's still legal to do so. That would change America radically. But the pessimists will say that most parents are too brain-dead to care what goes on in the public schools. Those parents who do care have already gotten their kids out and are homeschooling them. But we know that every day more and more parents are beginning to see the light. That's encouraging." (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)

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John Taylor Gatto

Democracy Is An Illusion 

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,approximately the same policies". (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

Democracy Is An Illusion

Why Men are So Attracted to Foreign Women 

Have you ever wondered why men are so attracted to foreign (non-Western) women? Have you heard from a friend lately that her ex fiancee is now looking for a Russian bride or that a male relative is engaged to a Filipina? And, do you scoff at that and put it down to these men being 'desperate' and those women as just wanting a ticket into the country?

Why You Shouldn't Get Involved With a Married Man [or Woman]
Here's a question that's been sent to me recently about a woman wondering if she should get involved with a married man. Here's my reply telling her why you shouldn't get involved with a married man! This woman's name has been changed to remain anonymous.

What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

What You Should Know About Swine Flu eBook cover image

"These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

We also need to realise - here, now - that  we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged  fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Never was this more important than with  the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate  mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccin-ation programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine." (David Icke)

Free Download: What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

This Has to be the Definitive Report on the Vaccination Hoax.  

“The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon. National Institutes of Health.

Are you scared when you’re told you have to vaccinate your child with 49 doses in 14 vaccines before age 6? Or are you scared at the idea of not vaccinating and so “exposing” your child to serious illnesses?

Are you scared about the school threatening you that if you don’t vaccinate you can’t enrol your child?

FEAR. That’s what all these pro-vaccine campaigns are based on. As a parent, what’s the biggest scare of all? When your child gets sick with a serious disease and you feel responsible for that. As you see, vaccine supporters couldn’t go wrong with this and developed a dogma that’s been bought over and over again over the years by people. The magic insurance policy to solve it all.

So, even if your child gets sick, at least you know you did everything you could for his/her health and vaccinated, right? But what if the very vaccination is able to cause the illness in the first place??

Could The Vaccine Hoax Be Over?

An extraordinary paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

The 45 page paper with detailed evidence can be downloaded here.

Also see the short article about this report in Issue #65a of our newsletter Last Days Watch, which is here.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"  (Matthew 7: 15)

Vicious wolf

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11: 13-15)

We are Facing Orwellian, Totalitarian Slavery 

That's what they want to impose on us. That's the reason behind all the national identity cards, DNA data bases, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices in cars and trucks and cell phones, digital micro-chipping of everything from A to Z, Internet surveillance and censorship, telephone taps, body and luggage searches and scans at airports, finger printing of air travelers and bank customers, interrogations at airline boarding gates, intrusive banking regulations, and much more. The Powers That Be are branding and penning up the global "human herd" in just the same way that cattle ranchers tag their cattle herds with ear tags and fence them into feed lots to fatten them up for slaughter. The Powers That Be regard us as their livestock, as their personal property, and they are in the process of branding us, tagging us, and penning us up, so that they can manage us like cattle or swine. Our plight is that stark and simple.


So do you want to be a slave or free? That's the question. Because if you want to be free you're absolutely going to have to do something about it. Millions of people are going to have to go outside of their comfort zone, that's the hard truth of the matter, because the status quo is simply not remotely acceptable for people who want to live as free human beings on this planet.


Don't imagine that you can just vote in the next criminally rigged election and a new set of corrupt politicians will somehow magically make things better. THEY WON'T. The galling thing is that the Powers That Be have set up a global system to which they insist we assiduously adhere and obey every corrupt dictate they issue, while they themselves flagrantly flout the Constitution with impunity, and never cease massively enriching themselves and their plutocrat cronies, and rolling in corrupt luxury, at our ruinous expense.


This pathetic charade will continue only as long as the people permit it, because when the people declare a de facto Jubilee Year, the jig will be up. As a matter of fact, that process is already underway. It is a simple truth that unemployed people cannot service a loan, cannot pay a tax bill, and cannot pay a fine that is imposed on them for failure to do any of the foregoing. So as the unemployed rolls continue to swell, more and more people will simply refuse or fail to make credit card payments, to pay back home, automobile and student loans, and will default on furniture, appliance and pay day loans, and much more. This is already happening and the trend will increase.”


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Hidden in Plain Sight 


The Manipulated Man

The Manipulated Man book cover.

Are You Laughing Yet, or Would You Forward this Email on to a Friend or Relative? 

The Email "Are You Laughing Yet?"

Pass this very insightful email on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it ... no one will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.

The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide 

"Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to 'control' the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers. Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2)." (Alan Caruba)

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes  

Lindsey Williams' book cover,

Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister and author of the 1980's book The Energy Non-Crisis (on line) has been reporting inside information about oil price-manipulation for many years now, and generally the information has been accurate.

According to Pastor Williams, the Globalists are fomenting rebellion as an excuse to raise the oil prices to $150-200 a barrel.

Pastor Williams revealed in his book that the US has huge untapped oil reserves that the elites have known about for decades. After manipulating the oil prices  to around $200 a barrel, we will finally see these US oil reserves opened for production.

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes

"Anyone not preaching coming out of the state church and the government system is a false prophet."(Neal King,

Christ's Flag is The Union Jack 

The Union Jack.

The Union Jack

The Australian and New Zealand flags go back much further than the 200 years you probably are aware of. Notice the most prominent symbol on all these flags is the eight-pointed cross. This 8 pointed cross consists of two different four pointed crosses (the x and the + crosses) that are superimposed!

The Australian National Flag.

Australian Flag

The New Zealand National Flag.

New Zealand Flag

Their heraldic  symbolism goes back 3,500 years; to the time of Moses and Joshua, the great Israelite (not Jewish) Military-Commanders.

The vertical cross on the flag is for the Great Cross that is formed at critical times in the Galaxy, and this is called the Galactic Cross. T  he diagonal cross stands for the Earth Cross. The Earth cross is the cross of the Zodiac, while the Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic and its perpendicular axis.

Four times during the Great Year (which is 25,920 years long)--i.e. every 6,480 years--the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross to form a single four-pointed cross in the sky. This is what will occur on December 21, 2012, which will herald the end of the "Dark Cycle."

For more information download Part I and Part II of Jan Wicherink's "Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses" reports.  These reports are also in our free book The Prophet Daniel and December 21, 2012.

The red on the flag stands for human blood, and the white stands for the Birthright Holy Spirit, which does the work of redemption (i.e. the born-again process), thus changing a sinful human being into a true blue-blood (i.e. the Elect). Blue is the colour of Sirius, and the Creator God of ancient Khemit (Egypt) known as Ptah (who we call God the Father). In this process it is important to know that there are 216 bones in the human body, and the blood is actually made in the bones!

Furthermore, the science of Khemitology reveals that Ptah was referred to as “He Who Comes from the Blue,” and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin.

What race was Ptah depicted as?

In the depictions of Ptah from ancient Khemit (the proper name for ancient Egypt) “Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose, and Negroid lips. He apparently represents many races as the ‘Father’ or progenitor race from Sirius. Ptah became known as Dyas or Zeus to the Greeks, and later ‘pater’ (father) to the Romans: Ptah, Pater, ‘Father Race.’” (Source: Stephen S Mehler’s The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001, p. 180)

It is also noteworthy that Egyptologist’s word for the bright star Sirius is Sopdet (Sp.dt). According to the science of Khemitology, the Egyptologists have it wrong (and I would heartily agree), and the word should be S.pth, which is Sa-Ptah, “The Birthplace of Ptah.” Thus we see the clear connection between God the Father and the eighth planet of the Solar System, the bright star Sirius.

For more information on the names of the Messiah and God the Father, and these flags, see our free book The God Messiah Worships.

The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

British coat of arms.

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.

The TRUE Israel People have, on their "Coat-of-Arms", a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse "rampant" with one horn. The amber Lion "rampant" on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed "House of Judah" and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox "rampant" on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed "House of Israel", collectively making the 12-tribed "Kingdom of Israel".

The word British is Hebrew. It means "the People of the Covenant" or in other words "the People Israel", whose written Constitution; under that Covenant, that they have rejected to their own loss; is written in the Bible (Israel's Book) that they still swear on to tell the Truth, but whose Constitution, under which there are no poor people, is then foolishly rejected by almost everyone, in favour of inferior and unjust, man-made laws and economics which cause poverty and therefore also crime brought about by deprivation and desperation.

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Compare the imposter Antichrist's Coat-of-arms (below) ...

The Antichrist's coat-of-arms.

The lion facing the East stands for the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the 12th Sign in the Birthright Zodiac. The unicorn stands for the Constellation of Pegasus in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Both animals are holding the Shield of Salvation, or the Shield of Damnation, depending upon your attitude to God and your way of life, whether you are in rebellion or submission.

Consequently the Lion stands for the White Crown of Upper Egypt, while the Unicorn stands for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. While the symbols may have changed, the meaning has remained the same over the Millenia.

The Bible is Not a Jewish Book 

The statement is commonly made, even by those who should know better, that “we Christians owe a debt to the Jews, for we got our Bible, and our religion, from them.” While many people have been deceived into believing this, it is completely false.  Part of the mistake comes from the complete confusion in the minds of nearly all people as to just what they mean by “Jew.” Are they referring to people of a certain race? Or people of a certain religion? For the two are not the same.  There are in Africa today some pure-blooded Negroes who are Jews by religion and there are in China today some pure-blooded Mongolians who are Jews by religion. Likewise, there are some people today who are racially of the stock we know as Jews, but who have been converted to other religions.

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The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? 

“In another pamphlet, entitled How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? Adin Ballou [another champion of non-resistance] says: ‘One man may not kill. lf he kills a fellow-creature, he is a murderer. lf two, ten, a hundred men do so, they, too, are murderers. But a government or a nation may kill as many men as it chooses, and that will not be murder, but a great and noble action. Only gather the people together on a large scale, and a battle of ten thousand men becomes an innocent action. But precisely how many people must there be to make it so?- that is the question. One man cannot plunder and pillage, but a whole nation can. But precisely how many are needed to make it permissible? Why is it that one man, ten, a hundred, may not break the law of God, but a great number may?” (Quoted in Leo Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, p. 6.)

"Don't think for a moment you are going to vote the Illuminati out of office. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. (However, God controls the hearts of His people.)" (From The Top 13 illuminati Bloodlines, by Fritz Springmeier)
Woe Unto You Lawyers! (and Policemen) 

"Of all the specialized skills abroad in the world today, the average man knows least about the one that affects him most – about the thing that lawyers call The Law. A man who will discourse at length about the latest cure for streptococci infection or describe in detail his allergic symptoms cannot begin to tell you what happened to him legally – and plenty did – when he got married. A man who would not dream of buying a car without an intricate and illustrated description of its mechanical workings will sign a lease without knowing what more than four of its forty-four clauses mean or why they are there. A man who will not hesitate to criticize or disagree with a trained economist or an expert in any one of a dozen fields of learning will follow, unquestioning and meek, whatever advice his lawyer gives him. Normal human skepticism and curiosity seem to vanish entirely whenever the layman encounters The Law.

There are several reasons for this mass submission, One is the average man’s fear of the unknown – and of policemen."

“Telling the story of the rise of Communism [Nazarene Remnant comment: This term Communism needs to be replaced by the word Satanism, because we now know that this term was chosen to hide the underlying devotion to Satan that drives these people. End NR comment] means revealing the histories of the worst of the criminals involved at the time. But this is necessary, for without knowledge of the secrets of evil, we cannot properly develop the good, either. As the Swedish philosopher Henry T. Laurency wrote: ‘Only he who knows evil knows good.’ 
Then we shall appreciate goodness above everything else on earth.Then we may really be able to welcome the truth, even if it is frightening and dismiss lies, even if they are pleasant.” (Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 63)