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Issue #33
21 June, 2010

Learn to deal with reality or
reality will deal with you.


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  1. John Wilson: Banksters and the State are Now Above the Law in Australia
  2. Financial Predictions for the Rest of 2010
  3. Incredible 'Real' Reason for Carbon Trading?
  4. The Alternative Media
  5. Palma, Debt Free Currency
  6. "The Internet Takeover Bill."
Last Days Watch is Dedicated to Watching and Reporting About the Enemy Who Intends to Enslave Us ... 

"Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose."  (Source: Henry Makow, Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda )

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1. John Wilson: Banksters and the Government are Now Above the Law in Australia


By John Wilson

The Absolute Overthrow of Truth, Justice Freedom and Democracy. 


The Final Link in the Chain that Enslaves the People. 


An Epitaph for Magna Carta.



The trial of "THE QUEEN against JOHN WILSON," in the District Court of New South Wales at Parramatta, NSW, Australia, 24 May 2010 to 9 June 2010, is conclusive proof that the BANKS and JUDGES have achieved what they have conspired to bring about ..... the undermining and wiping out of the People's Rights that have been enshrines in Magna Carta, Petition of Right, Habeas Corpus and Bill of Rights for eight centuries.

Here are the transcripts and the judgments. What was supposed to be "Trial by Jury" ... and for an understanding of what Trial by Jury is, please read Lysander Spoomer's 1852 "Essay on Trial by Jury" ... was openly declared to be Trial by Judge WITH a 12 Person Jury, i.e. the Judge took complete charge of proceedings, there being no Jury Oath, no allowing of the Jury to know the Law, to see only the evidence the Judge allowed, refusing subpoenas I issued to have witnesses give evidence and answer questions, etc.

The key elements to the trial was to present to a Jury of 12 Sovereign Human Beings were:

(a) BANK FRAUD of variable interest rates rendering a contract void for uncertainty and the creation of money out of thin air; and  

 (b) "No Freeman shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any manner, nor will we pass over him nor send over him, unless by the lawful judgment of his own equals which is the law of the land".

These the judge crushed and forbad the Jury to know, let alone exercise, the rights, responsibilitites and duties as Jurors to administer Justice.

Thus the BANKS and JUDGES have defeated the first three of the "Four Boxes for the Defence of Liberty" (Ed Howdershelt's "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.").

Lord Thomas Denning's "The purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes" also bit the dust.


The Bible says of thieves that "thieves only come to steal and kill and destroy" ...... the BANKS are thieves ... as, too, are the JUDGES exactly as Thomas Jefferson warned, ie: "A germ of the destruction of out nation lies in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body, working by day and night, advancing their noiseless step across the field of jurisdiction like a thief...." 


The lessons of history have been forgotten because of the deliberate campaign, through the schools and media, of mis- and disinformation..... now we suffer the consequences ... the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" have "subverted and extirpated the laws and liberties" of the People, precisely as those words in the Bill of Rights 1688 describe. 

The Star Chamber Courts have returned with a vengeance to effect the destruction of our nation and place above the Law the thieves and traitors who are the BANKS and JUDGES, themselves.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

Transcripts and Judgements from trial HERE  






To Restore God to His Rightful Place in Australia's Courts.


"All law hangs on loving God and loving one's neighbour as oneself" (Matthew 22: 40)


A court is a place where justice ought to be administered.


"And I saw something else under the sun: In the place of judgment ­­wickedness was there, in the place of justice­­wickedness was there." (Ecclesiastes 3: 16).


God is being removed from Australia courts ... and instead of the People "relying on the blessing of Almighty God", as the Preamble to the Australia Constitution begins, the "God of justice" (Isaiah 30: 18) is being denied to us all.


Instead of the prayer of "So help me God" resounding in our courts from the mouths of juries, to call upon His help for the administration of justice, men and women, called to perform their duty, are deliberately kept ignorant of the law and the fact of that ecclesiastical imperative.


"Ecclesia" is the Greek word for "gathering, assembly, church". Matthew 18: 17 confirms the importance of an ecclesia for "reproving another who sins", when an issue cannot be resolved one­ to ­one, by saying "tell it to the church"..... and "Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them" (Matthew 18: 18 ­20).


[Nazarene Remnant comment: The author here does not understand the simple fact that Australia is not a Christian country, and at no time has been. Certainly, in our ignorance, we have claimed to be Christians, but that has been a totally false claim. The courts  of Australia are satan's courts, no matter how you like to look at them. Further, which is worse, a court belonging to the satanic system is a place where no true Christian must ever venture. The only court where justice is to be found is in an organisation whose sole purpose is to obey God and ensure that His great Law stands firm always. Thus to a true Christian, the statement "A court is a place where justice ought to be administered," can only be a church court. That is why I would never opt to enter into the satanic court system of the world.


Moreover, members of the true Church of God “do not vote in mammon's system, run for political office, serve in police forces or armies, carry weapons, use satan's court system against each other (or even against outsiders), or go to war. The key point of our calling is to come out of the world system and to remain separate from it.” (Source: ) 


“We do not take out lawsuits against anyone. We do not seek satan’s courts of law as a remedy for wrongs done (1 Corinthians, 6: 1-8) to us. We would rather be defrauded (I Corinthians 6: 7). Differences are worked out according to the sound practices taught in the New Testament.” (Source:

“We claim that the only road to freedom is the grace that is only found by understanding and obeying the commandments, spiritually understood. This is liberty road and can only be found and traveled upon by obeying the Law of the New Covenant. But it is equally important to realise that we're not driven by obligations as presented in the Law, but by the spirit, goodness and grace of God, who really leads us, through the "writing" of His mind and heart on our own as we keep the New Moon Festivals each month. When we're led by the Spirit we naturally don't break the law, as if it is hard-wired into us from birth. We just automatically know right from wrong, if we just let the Spirit lead us, and obey the born-again process that the one true God has put in place through these monthly New Moon Festivals. This is why we say that, on the one hand there is obedience to the Law, but on the other we also stand by the claim that freedom does not come through subservience to any external law. This may seem paradoxical, but it does work, because the born-again process is one of the most powerful gifts of the Eternal God!”
(Source: )


On that note I will leave you with a couple of quotes from Lady Edith Queenborough's revealing book, Occult Theocrasy, published in 1933: 

"Today, most of the good people are afraid to be good. They strive to be broadminded and tolerant! It is fashionable to be tolerant - but mostly tolerant of evil - and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good. The wall of resistance to evil has thus been broken down and no longer affords protection to those who, persecuted by evil doers, stand in need of it." (Lady Edith Queenborough, Occult Theocrasy, published in 1933, p. 4) 

"From such an example I have been led to the conclusion that, among others, three factors can help one from being completely destroyed by the combined forces of that 'underworld:' a flawless life, independent means and real friends, all three of which must be backed by a fearless determination to fight evil on all points of the Masonic compass. 

In these days when apparently vice triumphs and virtue must be penalized, it may be well for all of us to fight the undertow by which our children may be dragged under and must of necessity perish. Vice rings and secret societies form but one vortex into which youth is drawn and destroyed whilst the 'good people,' because of their ignorance, look on helplessly in despair." (pp. 5-6)

End Nazarene Remnant comment.]



Each juror must swear an oath with the prayer of "So help me God"… for each juror to swear the oath is to bind his or her conscience to the task at hand.


Trial by jury is a gathering. A jury is an ecclesia.... it is a church ......because twelve is a traditionally sacred number. In the same way that the twelve disciples looked to Christ Jesus for instruction and guidance, so too must twelve jurors call upon God.


However, trial by jury, along with "the Protestant religion and the laws and liberties of this kingdom" are being "subverted and extirpate by divers evil counselors, judges and ministers" (Bill of Rights 1689).


Instead of "Magna carta is now seen as a mandate for trial by jury, justice for all, accountable government and no arbitrary imprisonment" (Magna Carta Monument, Canberra), justice (ie: "the protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs") has been extinguished and unlawful secular maladministration has taken over by way of Acts of Parliament, eg: the Uniform Civil Procedure Act, the Family Court Act, etc., which de­humanize us and deprive us of "law and justice with mercy" (the Coronation Oath 1953).


[Nazarene Remnant comment: This is absolutely going too far. To say that  a jury is a church is pure nonsense. Moreover, all prophecy and revelation teach us that we must expect the world to become totally evil until all the world is just about full of it. The only way to deal with this, for a righteousnes person, is to come out of the world, and band together with people who seek and live pure unadulterated truth, and that can only be found in the true Church of God.]



In the Hollywood movie, “The Verdict”, actor Paul Newman addressed the jury and said, “You are the law.


Trial by jury is trial by law ­literally ­because the word, "jury", is from the Latin word "iuris" meaning "right, law, oath". Each juror is "sui juris" ­meaning "I am my own master. I am a sovereign human being created by God". "Sovereignty" means "the ultimate authority to make and impose laws" and trial by jury is how We the People exercise our sovereignty.


Australian judges usurp the sovereignty of the People by disregarding the People’s inalienable Right to Trial by Jury … and that is Treason.


“The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body ­working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated. (Thomas Jefferson).


Australians are unaware that "God and My Right" is the foundation of our Judicature, ie: our system for the administration of justice. "God and My Right" is being dismantled from our Courts. Jury boxes are not incorporated is the construction of courtrooms. Australian courts have become nothing more than corporate entities to transact commerce devoid of justice and mercy.


Australians are kept ignorant that "Courts shall have cognizance of all Pleas civil criminal or mixed and the jurisdiction of the said Courts in all such cases is thereby settled and ascertained and it is thereby enacted that the said Courts shall be Courts of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and shall have full power and authority to administer and execute within New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land and the Dependencies thereof such Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Authority as shall be committed to the SAID Supreme Courts by our Charters or Letters Patent NOW WE DO hereby for us our heirs and successors grant ordain establish and appoint that the said Supreme Court of New South Wales shall be a Court of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction" (Charter of Justice 1814).


A jury are to “execute law and justice with mercy in all (their) judgments (Coronation Oath 1953). Ajury is to judge who is in the right and who is in the wrong. A jury must congratulate (together salute) or convict (together defeat). No one can judge anyone else (Matthew 7: 1) which is why God must be called upon to guide every juror's conscience in delivering their verdict (saying truthfully) to fairly award a benefit to one party in the dispute for doing right or suffering an injustice and/or a punishment to the other party for doing wrong (the word "guilty" means to have done wrong).


“Divide and conquer was Julius Caesar’s battle strategy. Banks and lawyers operate the same plan. They artificially divide the law into “criminal and “civil and “family”, etc.. “ Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws (Mayer Amsched Rothchild, a prominent European banker in the eighteenth century)…. “The one who has the gold, makes the rules”.


“Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered” ( Luke 11: 52).


Australia ought to be what Australia was founded to be, and what those who have gone before us fought for and sacrificed so much for ­a country where People can live in freedom and in peace and harmony ­a country holding to the Christian values of English Common Law. Lest we forget!




There are three levels of jurisdiction and sovereignty, ie: (1) Theocracy ­God rules; (2) Democracy ­people rule; and (3) Bureaucracy ­offices rule. God created people ­therefore, God is sovereign over us. People create offices, eg: parliaments, judiciaries, police, armies, etc. ­therefore, people are sovereign over such entities, persons and any rules and regulations pertaining thereto.


God created Man and Man created Offices. God is sovereign over the world, the universe and all He has created.





Juries nullify bad laws. Edward Coke, an 18th century jurist, said, "Common law doth control Acts of Parliament and adjudges them when against common right to be void". There are many Acts of Parliament which are bad, eg: Acts of Parliament that allow banks a license to steal; that disregard the love within families; that take away property rights; that deny redress of wrongs; etc. All impositions require jury, ie: lawful judgments.


We the People are Freemen ­and Free women­ on­ the­ Land. We do not stand under any authority except that of God and we are only subject to the lawful judgment of our equals, through trials by juries.


".. it is not only the right and duty of juries to judge what are the facts, what is the law, and what was the moral intent of the accused; but that it is also their right, and their primary and paramount duty, to judge of the justice of the law, and to hold all laws invalid, that are, in their opinion, unjust or oppressive, and all persons guiltless in violating, or resisting the execution of, such laws." (Lysander Spooner)


For a witness to swear an oath is to commit them to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


All who swear an oath do so under penalty for perjury ("per" meaning “false, away entirely and "jury" meaning “oath ... ie: detrimental to law) should they offend.



"Truth is the mother of justice" ­a legal maxim.


What is truth? "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 16: 6)


What is justice? "For the Lord loves justice; he will not forsake his faithful ones. The righteous shall be kept safe for ever, but the children of the wicked shall be cut off." (Psalm 37: 28)... and " The evil do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely" (Proverbs 28:5)


What is freedom? "But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing." (James 1: 25) .... and "that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage." (Galatians 2: 4)


What is democracy? Democracy is the Rule of Common Law, ie: the Law of the People, by the People, and for the People, that is created by the unanimous Judgments of congregations of twelve Freemen as Jurors who ask "So help me God" for them to administer justice.


Isaiah 61:8 "For I the Lord love justice, I hate robbery and wrongdoing; I will faithfully give them their recompense, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them."

"People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4: 6)


"If the People do not know how to govern themselves, then educate them." (Thomas Jefferson).


"NO Freeman shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, nor dispossessed of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or any other wise destroyed; nor will we pass over him nor send over him, unless by the lawful judgment of his Equals indeed the Law of the Land. To no one will sell, to no one will deny or delay Right or Justice." (Magna Carta 1215)


However, Australian judges insist "Parliament has sovereignty to determine that certain matters will or will not be tried by jury." (Christopher John Armitage, District Court) and "Your consent is immaterial" (Michael Adams, Supreme Court). This is "the argument of tyrants and the creed of slaves" (William Pitt). This is treason against the People.


Indeed, judges must never be given nor allowed to assume absolute power whereby they can conceal their own incompetence, corruption and treachery.


In Australia, when juries are empanelled, they are not juries, at all. A legal maxim says "One who does not understand is not present" ­and people who act as jurors, today, do not understand their rights, their responsibilities nor their duty.... therefore they are "not present". Also, beware of judges corrupting juries to pervert the course of justice by taking advantage of present­day juries' ignorance and incompetence. The evil judges described in the Bill of Rights 1689 are very much subverting and extirpating our laws and liberties as they did then.




"The purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes." (Thomas Denning)


Acts of Parliaments which are “ultra vires (beyond the power of the Parliament to make such laws) have resulted in ordinary People being defrauded by unlawful loan contracts and unlawful loss of their homes and livelihoods. From the Family Court, alone, there are some 5 to 7 suicides per week of non­custodial fathers.


Consent to jurisdiction: So important is it that no one man shall judge anyone else ("Judge not, that you be not judged" ­Matthew 7: 1) that it is law that, in any action, the court must obtain the clear and unequivocal consent of both parties to be without a jury ­otherwise, the court has no jurisdiction to proceed summarily, ie: without a jury, and should the court disregard these legal rights or legal procedures then any awards, doings and proceedings are not to be drawn into consequence or example, ie: they are illegal and void (Confirmation of Charters 1297, Petition of Right 1627), and the offending judge or magistrate is liable to severe penalties (Habeas Corpus 1641 – An Act to Abolish the Star Chamber).


Australia is founded on Christianity, as is the United State of America where the author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd President wrote "The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body ­working by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.".


Quick and Garran, in their book "The Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia", said "The trial of civil issues by juries is such an ancient and established institution of English law, that it may well be deemed not only incidental, but even necessary, to the due administration of justice according to English ideas."


Sir William Blackstone (1723 – 1780) wrote “trial by jury is also known as trial per pais (trial by the country) and “UPON these accounts the trial by jury even has been, and I trust ever will be, looked upon as the glory of the English law. And, if it has so great an advantage over others in regulating civil property, how much must that advantage be heightened, when it is applied to criminal cases! But this we must refer to the ensuing book of these commentaries: only observing for the present, that it is the most transcendent privilege which any subject can enjoy, or with for, that he cannot be affected either in his property, his liberty, or his person, but by the unanimous consent of twelve of his neighbours and equals. A constitution, that I may venture to affirm has, under providence, secured the just liberties of this nation for a long succession of ages. And therefore a celebrated French writer, who concludes, that because Rome, Sparta, and Carthage have lost their liberties, therefore those of England in time must perish, should have recollected that Rome, Sparta, and Carthage, were strangers to the trial by jury.

It must be know throughout the Commonwealth of Australia that any attempt to diminish or take away the right to trial by jury is an act of treason that is punishable by “Imprisonment for life (section 24AA Crimes Act 1914).



“For the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth of Australia" (the Australian Constitution), juries of ordinary men and women must ask "So help me God"


Written by John Wilson,


2. Financial Predictions for the Rest of 2010

[Nazarene Remnant Comment: the key phrase in this whole article is in the very last paragraph, and it’s this: “something is going to replace the fiat currencies.” Most people haven’t yet figured out what that is going to be! In fact what that “something” is will be quite a surprise!


To find out what that “something” is, see the #1 article "World Currencies to be Replaced with Carbon Currency," in Issue #29, 21 February, 2010, of our free Last Days Watch newsletter, available here: 

Received this information from a friend today, May 22, 2010:

Trillions in worthless "dollars" printed since Obama made president. Hundreds in worthless "investment instruments". Corruption coupled with insatiable, insane greed and hell-bent "elite" agenda? What could go wrong?

Bob Chapman

First 6 months of 2010, Americans will continue to live in the 'unreality'...the period between July and October is when the financial fireworks will begin. The Fed will act unilaterally for its own survival irrespective of any political implications ...(source is from insider at FED meetings). In the last quarter of the year we could even see Martial law, which is more likely for the first 6 months of 2011. The FDIC will collapse in September 2010. Commercial real estate is set to implode in 2010. Wall Street believes there is a 100% chance of crash in bond market, especially municipals sometime during 2010. The dollar will be devalued by the end of 2010.

Gerald Celente

Terrorist attacks and the "Crash of 2010". 40% devaluation at first = the greatest depression, worse than the Great Depression.

Igor Panarin

In the summer of 1998, based on classified data about the state of the U.S. economy and society supplied to him by fellow FAPSI analysts, Panarin forecast the probable disintegration of the USA into six parts in 2010 (at the end of June – start of July 2010, as he specified on 10 December 2000


Have projected that the third and final stage of the economic collapse will begin sometime in 2010. Barring some kind of financial miracle, or the complete dissolution of the Federal Reserve, a snowballing implosion should become visible by the end of this year. The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.


July and onward things get very strange. Revolution. Dollar dead by November 2010.

LEAP 20/20

2010 Outlook from a group of 25 European Economists with a 90% accuracy rating- We anticipate a sudden intensification of the crisis in the second half of 2010, caused by a double effect of a catching up of events which were temporarily « frozen » in the second half of 2009 and the impossibility of maintaining the palliative remedies of past years. There is a perfect (economic) storm coming within the global financial markets and inevitable pressure on interest rates in the U.S. The injection of zero-cost money into the Western banking system has failed to restart the economy. Despite zero-cost money, the system has stalled. It is slowly rolling over into the next big down wave, which in Elliott Wave terminology will be Super Cycle Wave Three, or in common language, "THE BIG ONE, WHERE WE ALL GO OVER THE FALLS TOGETHER."

Joseph Meyer

Forecasts on the economy. He sees the real estate market continuing to decline, and advised people to invest in precious metals and commodities, as well as keeping cash at home in a safe place in case of bank closures. The stock market, after peaking in March or April (around 10,850), will fall all the way down to somewhere between 2450 and 4125 during the next leg down.

Harry Dent (investor)

A very likely second crash by late 2010. The coming depression (starts around the summer of 2010). Dent sees the stock market--currently benefiting from upward momentum and peppier economic activity--headed for a very brief and pleasant run that could lift the Dow to the 10,700-11,500 range from its current level of about 10.090. But then, he sees the market running into a stone wall, which will be followed by a nasty stock market decline (starting in early March to late April) that could drive down the Dow later this year to 3,000-5,000, with his best guess about 3,800.

Richard Russell (Market Expert)

(from 2/3/2010) says the bear market rally is in the process of breaking up and panic is on the way. He sees a full correction of the entire rise from the 2002 low of 7,286 to the bull market high of 14,164.53 set on October 9, 2007. The halfway level of retracement was 10,725. The total retracement was to 6,547.05 on March 9, 2009. He now sees the Dow falling to 7,286 and if that level does not hold, "I see it sinking to its 1980-82 area low of Dow 1,000." The current action is the worst he has ever seen. (Bob Chapman says for Russell to make such a startling statement is unusual because he never cries wolf and is almost never wrong)

Niño Becerra(Professor of Economics)

Predicted in July 2007 that what was going to happen was that by mid 2010 there is going to be a crisis only comparable to the one in 1929. From October 2009 to May 2010 people will begin to see things are not working out the way the government thought. In May of 2010, the crisis starts with all its force and continues and strengthens throughout 2011. He accurately predicted the current recession and market crash to the month.

Lyndon Larouche

The crisis is accelerating and will become worse week by week until the whole system grinds into a collapse, likely sometime this year. And when it does, it will be the greatest collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire .


"You are witnessing a fundamental breakdown of the American dream, a systemic breakdown of our democracy and our capitalism, a breakdown driven by the blind insatiable greed of Wall Street: Dysfunctional government, insane markets, economy on the brink. Multiply that many times over and see a world in total disarray. Ignore it now, tomorrow will be too late."

Eric deCarbonnel

There is no precedence for the panic and chaos that will occur in 2010. The global food supply/demand picture has NEVER been so out of balance. The 2010 food crisis will rearrange economic, financial, and political order of the world, and those who aren’t prepared will suffer terrible losses…As the dollar loses most of its value, America 's savings will be wiped out. The US service economy will disintegrate as consumer spending in real terms (i.e.: gold or other stable currencies) drops like a rock, bringing unemployment to levels exceeding the great depression. Public health services/programs will be cut back, as individuals will have no savings/credit/income to pay for medical care. Value of most investments will be wiped out. The US debt markets will freeze again, this time permanently. There will be no buyers except at the most drastic of fire sale prices, and inflation will wipe away value before credit markets have any chance at recovery. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless. Since global derivatives markets operate on the assumption of the continued stable value of the dollar and short term US debt, using derivatives to bet against the dollar is NOT a good idea. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless. The dollar's collapse will rob US consumers of all purchasing power, and any investment depend on US consumption will lose most of its value.

Alpha-Omega Report (Trends Forecast)

Going into 2010, the trends seemed to lead nowhere or towards oblivion. Geo-politically,the Middle East was and is trending towards some sort of military clash, most likely by mid-year, but perhaps sooner...At the moment, it seems 2010 is shaping up to be a year of absolute chaos. We see trends for war between Israel and her neighbors that will shake every facet of human activity...In the event of war, we see all other societal trends being thoroughly disrupted...Iran will most likely shut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. This will have immense consequences for the world’s economy. Oil prices will skyrocket into the stratosphere and become so expensive that world’s economies will collapse. There are also trend indicators along economic lines that point to the potential for a total meltdown of the world’s financial system with major crisis points developing with the change of each quarter of the year. 2010 could be a meltdown year for the world’s economy, regardless of what goes on in the Middle East .

Robin Landry(Market Expert)

I believe we are headed to new market highs between 10780-11241 over the next few months. The most likely time frame for the top is the April-May area. Remember the evidence IMHO still says we are in a bear market rally with a major decline to follow once this rally ends.

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.

In my estimation, there is still close to an 80% probability (Bayes' Rule) that a second market plunge and economic downturn will unfold during 2010.

Robert Prechter

Founder of Elliott Wave International, implores retail investors stay away from the markets … for now. Prechter, who was bullish near the lows in March 2009, now says the stock market "is in a topping area, "predicting another crash in 2010 that will bring stocks below the 2009 low. His word to the wise, "be patient, don’t rush it"keep your money in cash and cash equivalents.

Richard Mogey

Current Research Director at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles- Because of a convergence of numerous cycles all at once, the stock market may go up for a little while, but will crash in 2010 and reach all-time lows late 2012. Mogey says that the 2008 crash was nothing compared to the coming crash. Gold may correct in 2009, but will go up in 2010 and peak in 2011. Silver will follow gold.

James Howard Kunstler (January 2010)

The economy as we’ve known it simply can’t go on, which James Howard Kunstler has been saying all along. The shenanigans with stimulus and bailouts will just compound the central problem with debt. There’s not much longer to go before the whole thing collapses and dies. Six Months to Live—The economy that is. Especially the part that consists of swapping paper certificates. That’s the buzz I’ve gotten the first two weeks of 2010.

Peter Schiff (3/13/2010)

"In my opinion, the market is now perfectly positioned for a massive dollar sell-off. The fundamentals for the dollar in 2010 are so much worse than they were in 2008 that it is hard to imagine a reason for people to keep buying once a modicum of political and monetary stability can be restored in Europe. In fact, the Euro has recently stabilized. My gut is that the dollar sell-off will be sharp and swift. Once the dollar decisively breaks below last year's lows, many of the traders who jumped ship in the recent rally will look to re-establish their positions. This will accelerate the dollar's descent and refocus everyone's attention back on the financial train-wreck unfolding in the United States. Any doubts about the future of the U.S. dollar should be laid to rest by today's announcement that San Francisco Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen has been nominated to be Vice Chair of the Fed's Board of Governors, and thereby a voter on the interest rate-setting, seven-member Open Markets Committee. Ms. Yellen has earned a reputation for being one of the biggest inflation doves among the Fed's top players."Schiff is famous for his accurate predictions of the economic events of 2008.

Lindsey Williams

Dollar devalued 30-50% by end of year. It will become very difficult for the average American to afford to buy even food. This was revealed to him through an Illuminati insider.

(Note: Pastor Williams has DIRECT contact with wealthy insiders for years who have told him predictions that have continually come to pass. Food will be the new gold .... Lee; Listen to this 28 minute radio interview of Feb 2010; (See other videos on the right side of this link.)

Unnamed Economist working for US Gov't (GLP)

What we have experienced the last two years is nothing to what we are going to experience this year. If you have a job may not have it in three to six months. (by August 2010). Stock market will fall = great depression. Foreign investors stop financing debt = collapse. 6.2 million are about to lose their unemployment.

Jimmy "Doomsday"

DOW will fall below 7,000 before mid summer 2010- Dollar will rise above 95 on the dollar index before mid summer 2010- Gold will bottom out below $800 before mid summer 2010- Silver will bottom out below $10 before mid summer 2010- CA debt implosion will start its major downturn by mid summer and hit crisis mode before Q4 2010- Dollar index will plunge below 65 between Q3 and Q4 2010- Commercial real estate will hit crisis mode in Q4 2010- Over 35 states will be bailed out by end of Q4 2010 by the US tax payer End of Q4 2010 gold will hit $1,600 and silver jump to $35 an oz.

George Ure

Markets up until mid-to-late-summer. Then "all hell breaks lose" from then on through the rest of the year.

The Gold Bull Market …

[Excerpted from the Casey Research newsletter]

Q. At what price do the gold stocks catch fire?

A. Some years ago, we had someone spend the better part of a week in a musty storeroom full of old Canadian newspapers, paging through past issues and recording the price and volumes of the gold stocks during the last big run-up, in the 1970s. We then compared that data to the gold price in inflation-adjusted dollars in order to determine the price that the broader investment public began piling into the gold. The number worked out to about $1,250 per ounce in today’s dollars. In other words, when gold decisively takes out $1,250 an ounce and holds above that level, if history is a guide, we may start seeing the average guy on the street – and the institutions – start to pile into the stocks.

Of course, while interesting from an historical perspective, that analysis has no scientific basis. The key point, therefore, is that during the last big gold bull market the public wasn’t involved in the gold stocks when they should have been – in the run-up phase – but rather only piled in after the price of gold bullion soared, relatively late in the bull market. So far, the average Joe and Jill are just not in this market. But, they will be.

Q. How high do you think gold will rise?

A. We were recently asked how high we thought the dollar price of gold would reach in this bull market.

My response was that there really is no way of actually forecasting that number, for the simple reason that, in a fiat currency regime, the underlying unit of valuation is so intangible. Let’s say you lived in Zimbabwe some years ago, and owned an ounce of gold. One day your ounce might be worth 1,000 of the local currency units. A year later, it might be 1,000,000. Or, even 10,000,000,000.

While the U.S. is no Zimbabwe – at least not yet – its currency is just as intangible, for the simple reason that the government can print the stuff pretty much at will. To say that gold will go to $5,000 in the current crisis is really just another way of saying that the dollar currency unit will fall by some significant degree. But, given the uncertainty in the economy, and unknown of what actions the government and the Fed might take next, we really can’t know how much purchasing power the currency unit will lose in the months and years just ahead.

To date, the government has been extraordinarily – breathtakingly – willing to abuse the dollar. They have largely gotten away with it so far, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have gotten away with it. When the time comes for the piper to be paid, we suspect he’ll be paid pennies on the dollar… which could easily result in gold trading for $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 per ounce – but, who knows, maybe even $10,000,000,000.

The point is, given the choice between dollars and gold, you are far more likely to preserve your wealth over the duration of this crisisbetter with gold.

Q. Is the gold bull market getting old? How much longer can it last?

A. Having been around and actively involved in hard assets – as the editor of "Gold Newsletter" and the conference director of the New Orleans Conference – during the last big gold bull, I hope I can provide some useful perspective.

For instance, I can well recall in late 1979 when all of the many gurus of the day were predicting gold would keep going higher and higher still. Well, as we all know, it didn’t.

What’s interesting about this time around is that there is almost no scenario we can envisage that is going to kick the legs out from under the gold market – at least any time soon. In contrast, in the late 1970s, the gold bulls coulda/shoulda seen that the Fed had a lot of room to act – i.e. by pushing up interest rates – in order to tackle the price inflation that was the key driving force in the soaring gold prices of the time.

Today, the situation is profoundly different. Starting with the fact that this is, at the core, a debt crisis. And the one thing you can’t do in a debt crisis is to encourage interest rates to rise. Look no further than Greece for that lesson.

So, we have an unprecedented monetary inflation, truly out-of-control sovereign spending and debt, unprecedented levels of private debt, unprecedented trade deficits, a massively overbuilt and overpriced post-bubble real estate market and, importantly, near historically low interest rates.

So, we have to ask ourselves – other than continuing to exercise its powers of fiat money creation – what ammunition does the government have at its disposal to address the structural problems of today’s economy? And, of course, actually creating more money and more debt isn’t addressing the structural problems, it is compounding them.

Of course, the government can default on their sovereign obligations – an option I think we’ll see Greece and others of the PIIGS take, and probably fairly soon.

They can also continue to inflate, which we expect them all to do.

And they can… no, actually, I think that about sums it up: at this stage it’s impossible to guess what that will look like. If we did see a return to a gold standard, then the government could actually be responsible for sending gold up by many multiples.

Back to the present, at this point I can’t see anything that is going to derail this bull market – but default or inflate. In either scenario, gold is going to be seen as the ultimate safe harbor.

Q. Won’t the government see gold as a threat to its fiat currency and try to do something about it?

A. Of course, governments might try any number of stunts that could affect gold. For example, raising margin requirements to curb playing the markets with leverage, or even attempting outright confiscation.

All we can do is to monitor the situation closely and try to anticipate their next moves in order to get out of the way. A number of people I know have opened safety-deposit accounts in other countries as one way to hedge their bets against confiscation. Others have bought numismatics – but be careful on that front, because that can increase illiquidity.

It is not out of the question, in my view, that before this is over we could see a revaluation of gold in order to relink the U.S. dollar to it – because sooner or later, as the crisis reaches its climax, something is going to replace the fiat currencies – but at this I do see a whole lot of things with the potential to send it into the stratosphere.


3. Incredible 'Real' Reason for Carbon Trading?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 – by  Staff Report


Critics who think that the U.S. dollar will be replaced by some new global currency are perhaps thinking too small. On the world horizon looms a new global currency that could replace all paper currencies and the economic system upon which they are based. The new currency, simply called Carbon Currency, is designed to support a revolutionary new economic system based on energy (production, and consumption), instead of price. Our current price-based economic system and its related currencies that have supported capitalism, socialism, fascism and communism, is being herded to the slaughterhouse in order to make way for a new carbon-based world. It is plainly evident that the world is laboring under a dying system of price-based economics as evidenced by the rapid decline of paper currencies. The era of fiat (irredeemable paper currency) was introduced in 1971 when President Richard Nixon decoupled the U.S. dollar from gold. Because the dollar-turned-fiat was the world's primary reserve asset, all other currencies eventually followed suit, leaving us today with a global sea of paper that is increasingly undesired, unstable, unusable. The deathly economic state of today's world is a direct reflection of the sum of its sick and dying currencies, but this could soon change. – The August Review (Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?)

Dominant Social Theme: Green is good.

Free-Market Analysis:

We tend to analyze articles that appear in the mainstream press but regular readers know that the Bell will make an exception from time to time. And in this case, we have. The paper we have alluded to, (above, excerpted) seems to reveal details aboutthe power elite's REAL agenda as regards global warming and carbon trading. While some of the information alluded to in the article has come out already in serial reports, we think the way The August Review has pulled it together and synthesized the information may be seen as both original and important.

In fact, the mind-blowing report that the Review is presenting today on its website (for the first time anywhere) sounds credible to us, understanding as we think we do, the memes of the power elite and the reason for their promotion. Click here to read Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy? [1]

We are not surprised by the quality, generally, of the Review's publications. The August Review is a "global elite research center." The tone of its analysis is often scholarly and its articles – while frank – seem to place a priority on research over opinion. Here's more on the August Review from the site itself:

The August Review is an exclusive Internet-based publication of the editor, Patrick M. Wood, and focuses on the Trilateral Commission, its members and activities. The research "juggernaut" that was created by Wood and Antony Sutton to study the Trilateral Commission has been enhanced using various professional sources now available on the Internet. This editor is committed to performing original and innovative research, as opposed to re-hashing second hand or opinionated writings of other news services or commentators. The August Review also monitors the press for news stories relating to members, policies and meetings of the Trilateral Commission.

The emphasis on making carbon an environmental bogeyman makes sense within a context of power elite promotions. The elite creates fear-based dominant social themes to frighten people into giving up wealth and power to authoritarian solutions that have also not-so-coincidentally been created by the elite. Regulate carbon and you basically have a way to monitor and control people's entire lifestyles, or certainly the part that involves the use of oil, gas, etc. That water vapor is responsible for trapping the majority of greenhouse gases doesn't enter into the equation – because the environmental movement in its later stages is not about reacting to environmental problems but about creating more power and wealth for the handful of families and individuals that create these promotions.

Here's some more from the new The August Review white paper:

The modern system of carbon credits was an invention of the Kyoto Protocol and started to gain momentum in 2002 with the establishment of the first domestic economy-wide trading scheme in the U.K. After becoming international law in 2005, the trading market is now predicted to reach $3 trillion by 2020 or earlier.

Graciela Chichilnisky, director of the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management and a designer of the carbon credit text of the Kyoto Protocol, states that the carbon market "is therefore all about cash and trading – but it is also a way to a profitable and greener future." (See Who Needs a Carbon Market?)

Who are the "traders" that provide the open door to all this profit? Currently leading the pack are JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. ...

Whoever controls the currency also controls the economy and the political structure that goes with it ... Technocracy and energy-based accounting are not idle or theoretical issues. If the global elite intends for Carbon Currency to supplant national currencies, then the world economic and political systems will also be fundamentally changed forever.

Considering the sheer force of global banking giants behind carbon trading, it's no wonder analysts are already predicting that the carbon market will soon dwarf all other commodities trading.

The August Review is a foremost authority on the Trilateral Commission. Here at the Bell we certainly believe that such private groups are damaging to free-enterprise because they inevitably seek to involve government power and to use the force of law for private ends. Such a system is called mercantilism and it is a true curse of modern Western societies.

It is the Bell's contention that the mercantilist destruction wrought by the power elite's dominant social themes has possibly met its match in the 21st century thanks to the Internet. It is the longtime contention of the editors of the Bell (for nearly a decade now in various publishing incarnations) that the Internet has been undermining the entire promotional program of the power elite and that the elite's memes would meet increased resistance as the Internet's influence grew. In fact, we believe this is taking place.

We have utilized the impact of the Gutenberg press on society as a historical reference point when making the case that the power elite will have to take "a step back" as it did before when confronted with the unique challenges of a major communications revolution. In fact, we are not impressed with arguments that because US military agency DARPA invented what became the Internet, the power elite expected and anticipated what the Internet has become. In fact, it was the invention of the floppy disc and personal computer that created the phenomenon of the Internet, and this was the result of private enterprise and could not have been easily anticipated.

The August Review's presentation of "Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?" may be seen, from the above perspective, as a further example of how the Internet is causing headaches for the power elite and its banking and financial instrumentalities. Once a concept is understood and transmitted throughout the Internet, plenty of readers take advantage of the information and elaborate on it in their own way. This will happen, we are confident with the revelations contained in "Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?" (It could thus mark an "end" rather than a new beginning, or certainly slow the momentum.)

Power elite promotions rely on secrecy and a sense of inevitability. But in the case of global warming, the promotion has been greatly damaged. It was the Internet that made possible the exposure of the reprehensible emails that showed a conspiracy to defraud as regard the impacts (and even the existence) of global warming. It was the Internet that provided people with a way to organize against environmental fascism. And now it is the Internet, in our opinion, that is exposing the further scheming that lies at the HEART of the power elite's promotional efforts as regards this horrid dominant social theme.

We are aware of the growing argument among certain observers of the alternative press that the exposure of power elite themes must be part of a larger plan. But if so, why didn't the same phenomenon occur in the 20th century when power elite promotions were at their peak and most powerful? The answer of course is the Internet. Every power elite meme from the war on terror, to global warming and central banking is under powerful attack these days. We can't imagine that this is a desirable outcome from the point of view of those involved with their implementation.

It may be that the power elite will begin "exposing" its own promotions in order to gain some advantage from Internet revelations. But we have difficulty believing that such an exercise will pay sufficient dividends to make up for the current destruction of its dominant social themes, which likely have to be rebuilt from the ground up – once the Internet is tamed (and when will that be?).

As a final aside, we are gratified that in this white paper, the August Review also deals with the fraud of peak oil. We are entirely unsurprised that Technocrat M. King Hubbert and his economically illiterate energy concepts manage to slither into the middle of the story that the August Review has to tell. The idea that the market itself would not (and somehow could not) respond to peak oil with new stores of energy is yet another power elite promotion. (Meme: Only government authorities, including the UN, can properly plan energy replacements!)


The August Review's presentation of the apparent planning and purpose behind the carbon scam is yet a further proof of the power of the Internet in our opinion. Between the emails revealing the conspiracy and the more recent revelations of phony research and false numbers (and the Review's seemingly accurate revelations as to where all this is really headed) we think the global warming meme is under extreme duress. Sure, it may stagger along – that's one of the hallmarks of a power elite promotion (it won't die no matter how many holes are shot into it) – but it's very hard to promote a theme or meme that has been discredited. And boy is it being discredited.


[1] A copy of The August Review article forms part of our article "World Currencies to be Replaced with Carbon Currency," which can be found in our Last Days Watch newsletter, Issue #29, 21 February, 2010, available here: 


4. The Alternative Media

From The Daily Bell

In the 20th century, alternative media was mostly known as "leftist" and gave readers insights into the world that mainstream publications did not, but with a distinctly collectivist perception. The alternative press was also, obviously, a paper press, with distribution mostly in big cities as the alternative press attracted less advertising and fewer subscribers simply by its nature.

The Internet has changed all that. Today's alternative press is distinctly alternative with a bias toward libertarian and "free market" analysis. While there are plenty of leftist and rightist publications, many blogs and other analysis is truly free of the fauc left/right taint and its Hegelian antecedents.

And much of alternative ‘Net reporting (real reporting) often focuses on the power elite in a way that the mainstream media does not. Also, for this reason, among others, critics have attempted to marginalize the message as being the result of "conspiracism."

So far the labeling has had little effect with the alternative ‘Net Media gaining power and viewers at the expense of mainstream media – which continues to report on the current sociopolitical and economic system worldwide without questioning its underlying validity.

The mainstream media subscribes to the mainstream money model and supports the incubation and promotion of dominant social themes. This involves a belief in a central banking-oriented, government-backed currency system, one in which "wise men" make decisions as to interest rates, money supply and other issues having to do with where the economy is headed and how it will perform.

It is the alternative ‘Net model, focusing on free-market thinking, that continues to gain popularity and readers in the 21st century and it is difficult to see how this trend will be negated short of a shut down of the Internet."


Want to know what is really going on in the world, or do you prefer to keep yoiur head deeply buried in the sand? 

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." (Thomas Jefferson)

Then really make an efort to find out what is really going on here at these Web sites: 

Henry Makow

Jeff Rense

Alessandro de Felice


5. Palma, Debt Free Currency

If these uneducated natives in a village in Brazil cracked their
own money supply system, why can't you?


6. "The Internet Takeover Bill."

Wed Jun 2, 2010


Please take your time and read this email carefully.

Because if a bill quietly sneaking its way through Congress passes, an email like this could be the last non-government message to ever hit your inbox.

In fact, someday you may even find yourself unable to log in to your email in the first place!

I know what you're thinking: Maybe this is just another Internet hoax.

I wish it was.

But Barack Obama and Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) want to make this nightmare a reality. That's why Rockefeller recently introduced S. 773, "The Cybersecurity Act of 2009."

Initial cosponsors include Senators Evan Bayh (D-IN), Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME).

You see, Barack Obama is seeking sweeping new powers to "shut down" all private internet in the event of a "cybersecurity emergency" - a vague term that the President can define at his discretion.

And Rockefeller's bill gives Barack Obama just what he wants.

That's why this expansive new power grab should really be called "The Internet Takeover Bill."

As you know, the Internet has developed into an independent sphere where 1st Amendment Rights can still be (fairly) freely exercised.

It's also become an important outlet for liberty-minded speech, cutting around the Obama-worship and corporate censorship of the mainstream media.

And we've already seen the Obama Administration's reaction to any online speech they deem "fishy."

In July, the Administration called upon Americans to report their friends' and neighbors' emails to help Barack Obama silence the "disinformation" about the Obamacare bills in Congress.

Well now Barack Obama wants to cut out the middle man.

If the Internet Takeover Bill passes, Barack Obama can silence his dissenters directly - by ordering a shutdown of the U.S. Internet.

That's right, under this bill Barack Obama can order all non-government U.S. networks to shutdown from the Internet.

But that's not all.

Even outside of periods of White House-declared "emergency," this bill mandates that private-sector networks only be managed by government-licensed "cybersecurity professionals."

If you think dealing with your office IT department is bad now, just wait until they're federally-licensed bureaucrats.

Well I know I like writing to you, and I hope you like hearing from me.

Or if not me, at least you probably like staying in touch with your family and friends, and having access to uncensored news and current events.

And that's why I hope you'll help Campaign for Liberty stop the Internet Takeover Bill by signing our Internet User's Mandate to Congress.

Today, legislation like this - built on the same statist principles as the infamous Patriot Act - must sneak through Congress quietly.

They know Americans are no longer willing to swallow this swill "for our own good."

And it's especially critical that Campaign for Liberty and other fellow Revolutionaries fight this power grab.

Can you imagine how easily those in power could fabricate an "emergency" on a big money bomb day for a strong liberty candidate threatening the establishment?

Or how about message boards vital to planning and freedom rallies and protests of socialized medicine?

With "right-wing extremists" freely and visibly exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at such events, no doubt the White House could declare "emergency" and shut down all online planning.

I don't want to see good politicians lose potential millions or demonstrations of liberty extinguished. I hope you don't either.

That's why I hope you'll sign your Internet User's Mandate and make a donation right now to Campaign for Liberty to make sure that never happens.

We're going to fight this bill hard, becauseit's clear that the Internet is the next frontier for liberty politics, and Campaign for Liberty is right on the forefront.

So please click here to sign your Internet User's Mandate to Congress in opposition to Barack Obama's Internet Takeover and Shutdown Bill.

And in addition to signing your mandate, please make a generous contribution of $100, $50 or $25 so we can fight this Internet takeover.

We need to fight to make sure Barack Obama doesn't disconnect your computer, shut down your favorite websites, or block all your emails.

And frankly with Audit the Fed, Cap and Tax and socialized healthcare debates, Campaign for Liberty is stretched pretty thin.

And unlike the government we don't print, borrow or take money by force (taxes). Our only revenue comes from voluntary contributions from liberty activists like you.

We need you to stay educated and active.

We've put too much time into building our pro-liberty online networks, websites and email lists. We simply cannot afford to give Barack Obama the power to dismantle all that at the drop of a hat.

So please, click here to sign your Internet User's Mandate and if you can make a contribution of $100, $50 or $25 or whatever you want to Campaign for Liberty to stop this power grab... defend our rights...

....and most importantly, to protect this movement.

I trust you'll join this fight to protect all the progress we've made.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The Internet Takeover Bill (S. 773) is threatening to "unplug" private networks from the Internet on the order of the President and dismantle the online army we've worked so hard to build.

Click here to sign your Internet User's Mandate to Congress, and please make a generous contribution of $100, $50 or $25 to Campaign for Liberty so we can lead the fight against this Obama power grab.


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“If someone was planning to murder you, you would like to know months in advance, wouldn’t you?”

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The Time for Talk is Over

“The trip is over folks, we are out of road. I wish I could tell you where you are going. If you don't know or don't have a map, it wouldn't do me much good to try to tell you anyway. One thing is for certain; from here you will walkthe rest of the way. For many it will be to destination unknown. Most are on the way to the City of Despair, in the State of Confusion, located within the Nation of Disgrace. For others, the destination will not be pleasant nor a matter of choice. You get the picture. Those who, ‘take all of your belongings and climb into the truck,’ will weep in utter misery for the personal negligence that they brought upon themselves and their families. You will have paid the ultimate price.

 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22: 3, KJV)


So,...will you take the final moments God is giving you to step away from your ‘stupid zone’ and do what you should have so long ago? Will you finally make some plans? Will you really sell off your unnecessary toys and purchase the absolutely necessary survival tools that will give you just a chance to make it through? Will you search out the ultimate truth of our predicament and the One who can give you peace, serenity and eternal life? Can you admit that putting a dictator in office was one of your very worst mistakes, and you will try to make amends by resisting him and his communist platform? Will you do all you can to convert your family and friends who also voted for him and others supporting him to work against him in every way possible? That may sting and burn to be told that, but it is far better than the amputation of your limbs that is coming if he continues to dismantle this nation and its last freedoms.

“Procrastination in implementing your family's self preservation plans will be terminal.” [1]


Editorials like these are expected to consume about 1500 words. This is half that. Like I said, the time for talk is over.”


[1] Dr. Greg Evenson


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“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” (2 Peter 2: 22)

“As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26: 11) 

Discover the part played by the Illuminati Jew, Rupert Murdoch (pictured above), and his Zondervan publishing company, in the destruction of Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

What Murdoch "... is not is an Australian 'right wing' billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda." (Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.)

Get the book here.

UFO's Originate in Nazi Antarctic Bases 

Nazi flying saucers thumbnail.

"Perhaps in order to engineer and prepare the global collective psyche to the "great earth-shattering announcement" that may be coming any day now, ... that the US, UK and allies are in contact with "technologically superior beings from other worlds, which do exist after all and we are in contact with them."

Read more here ...

"The only correct term for the mis-called 'anti-Semitic' is 'Jew-wise.' It is indeed the only fair and honest term. The phrase 'anti-Semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." (The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, p. 63)

Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?

“Is it ok if I vent a little today? I’ve built up a little frustration over the past couple of months and I just need a pressure release. Will you let me do it?


As you may be aware I have started a varsity football program at a local Christian High School. Although I vowed to myself that I would never return to prowling the sidelines when I walked away from public education in 2000,the opportunity to train young males to be men was something I could not, in good conscience, run from.


Not all males are men. I hope you understand that. Especially convincing is the evidence I have garnered recently that Christian males in particular are the least manly.



Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?


How Shall We Tell The Children? 

 "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19 (KJV)

How Shall We Tell The Children eBook cover image

"But how shall we tell the children? We probably won't tell them; the knowledge would be too dangerous to the "system" we have developed to ensure our own preservation. As long as they will continue to work in order to support, and in order to die in, for, and because of our system, we will allow as many of them who can do so, to survive until we have lived out our lives in the manner to which we have become accustomed. It has always worked before, so maybe it will continue to work long enough to keep me comfortable until I die. It is a gamble in which the odds are becoming increasingly negative."

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How Shall We Tell The Children eBook 

How The World Really Works, by Alan Jones 

How The World Really Works cover image

Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

The picture which Alan Jones paints in this book is one which you must understand if your efforts in truly understanding how the world REALLY works are ever to amount to anything. We paint that picture by presenting an ordered set of book reviews which identify our enemies and describe the primary strategies and actions which they have taken against us over the last 100 years or so. Our goal in writing the book was to provide an accurate portrayal of that picture within the covers of a single moderate- length book. The 12 chapter titles of How The World Really Works are ... the names of the books being reviewed.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

Secrecy or Freedom, by Alan Jones 

Secrecy or Freedom ebook cover

Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

This is Alan Jones' most recent book, published in April, 2001. While countless books have been written revealing yet one more outrage which the New World Order folks have perpetrated on us, Jones has resolved on an entirely different purpose: to define a way of mounting a counterattack on those elites, and not just delay their next victory, but destroy their viability, and take back our country and the world for middle class citizens everywhere. In the same way that an army or a football team will surely lose in the long run if it has only a defense and no offense, we too shall lose our world to the elites if we fail to marshal our resources, mount a viable offense against them, and reduce their present dominance of public affairs to a nullity. To that end, this book goes right back into history to discover their origin, their modus operandi, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses. The exercise has been successful, and reveals a crucial weakness which may readily be exploited. We will, in this web page, outline our search, our major findings, and finally a plan of action to save our country for the benefit, we hope, of a great number of future generations of free citizens. Our historical look will go back 2000 years and beyond. Our sources are not generally well known, are not Nobel prize- winning historians, but nevertheless are historical truth seekers whose researches are uniquely valuable. Each of the chapters of Secrecy or Freedom? carries the title of the historical work which is reviewed in that chapter. In this web page, we will give you an inkling of what is covered in each of these chapters, with the hope that these few words will lead you to order our book, carefully absorb its contents, and then join in our proposed action plan to take back our country.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man, by Mary Croft 

You're an asset of the state. You're duped into entering the world of commerce and finance and trapped in imaginary debt bya brilliant but simple con. When you see your name written in UPPERCASE LETTERS it has a very different meaning to the one your parents gave you. This is an amazing ebook. We highly recommend it.

Click here to download

Classy Beauty, 25, Seeks Man Making $500K 

 Classy Beauty, 25, seeks man making $500M.

Reply to "Classy" Beauty,25, who advertised on Craig's List for a Man Making $500K.

The Answer ...

I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year.

Read the Answer the "Classy" Beauty Got

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell (1903-1950)

We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning.

“Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein: “We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath.)”

(From The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell is All This Happening Again? by David Thatcher.)

False Flag Operations or "False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy.

False Flag Operations

John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education"

"If we ever needed a battering ram to pull down the evil structure of compulsory public schooling, this book should be able to do the job. The book calls for a revolution. But not a violent one. It can be won easily and peaceably by merely taking the kids out of the public schools. It's still legal to do so. That would change America radically. But the pessimists will say that most parents are too brain-dead to care what goes on in the public schools. Those parents who do care have already gotten their kids out and are homeschooling them. But we know that every day more and more parents are beginning to see the light. That's encouraging." (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)

Read more: 
John Taylor Gatto

Democracy Is An Illusion 

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,approximately the same policies". (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

Democracy Is An Illusion

Why Men are So Attracted to Foreign Women 

Have you ever wondered why men are so attracted to foreign (non-Western) women? Have you heard from a friend lately that her ex fiancee is now looking for a Russian bride or that a male relative is engaged to a Filipina? And, do you scoff at that and put it down to these men being 'desperate' and those women as just wanting a ticket into the country?

Why You Shouldn't Get Involved With a Married Man [or Woman]
Here's a question that's been sent to me recently about a woman wondering if she should get involved with a married man. Here's my reply telling her why you shouldn't get involved with a married man! This woman's name has been changed to remain anonymous.

What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

What You Should Know About Swine Flu eBook cover image

"These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

We also need to realise - here, now - that  we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged  fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Never was this more important than with  the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate  mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccin-ation programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine." (David Icke)

Free Download: What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

This Has to be the Definitive Report on the Vaccination Hoax.  

“The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon. National Institutes of Health.

Are you scared when you’re told you have to vaccinate your child with 49 doses in 14 vaccines before age 6? Or are you scared at the idea of not vaccinating and so “exposing” your child to serious illnesses?

Are you scared about the school threatening you that if you don’t vaccinate you can’t enrol your child?

FEAR. That’s what all these pro-vaccine campaigns are based on. As a parent, what’s the biggest scare of all? When your child gets sick with a serious disease and you feel responsible for that. As you see, vaccine supporters couldn’t go wrong with this and developed a dogma that’s been bought over and over again over the years by people. The magic insurance policy to solve it all.

So, even if your child gets sick, at least you know you did everything you could for his/her health and vaccinated, right? But what if the very vaccination is able to cause the illness in the first place??

Could The Vaccine Hoax Be Over?

An extraordinary paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

The 45 page paper with detailed evidence can be downloaded here.

Also see the short article about this report in Issue #65a of our newsletter Last Days Watch, which is here.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"  (Matthew 7: 15)

Vicious wolf

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11: 13-15)

We are Facing Orwellian, Totalitarian Slavery 

That's what they want to impose on us. That's the reason behind all the national identity cards, DNA data bases, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices in cars and trucks and cell phones, digital micro-chipping of everything from A to Z, Internet surveillance and censorship, telephone taps, body and luggage searches and scans at airports, finger printing of air travelers and bank customers, interrogations at airline boarding gates, intrusive banking regulations, and much more. The Powers That Be are branding and penning up the global "human herd" in just the same way that cattle ranchers tag their cattle herds with ear tags and fence them into feed lots to fatten them up for slaughter. The Powers That Be regard us as their livestock, as their personal property, and they are in the process of branding us, tagging us, and penning us up, so that they can manage us like cattle or swine. Our plight is that stark and simple.


So do you want to be a slave or free? That's the question. Because if you want to be free you're absolutely going to have to do something about it. Millions of people are going to have to go outside of their comfort zone, that's the hard truth of the matter, because the status quo is simply not remotely acceptable for people who want to live as free human beings on this planet.


Don't imagine that you can just vote in the next criminally rigged election and a new set of corrupt politicians will somehow magically make things better. THEY WON'T. The galling thing is that the Powers That Be have set up a global system to which they insist we assiduously adhere and obey every corrupt dictate they issue, while they themselves flagrantly flout the Constitution with impunity, and never cease massively enriching themselves and their plutocrat cronies, and rolling in corrupt luxury, at our ruinous expense.


This pathetic charade will continue only as long as the people permit it, because when the people declare a de facto Jubilee Year, the jig will be up. As a matter of fact, that process is already underway. It is a simple truth that unemployed people cannot service a loan, cannot pay a tax bill, and cannot pay a fine that is imposed on them for failure to do any of the foregoing. So as the unemployed rolls continue to swell, more and more people will simply refuse or fail to make credit card payments, to pay back home, automobile and student loans, and will default on furniture, appliance and pay day loans, and much more. This is already happening and the trend will increase.”


Read the Full Story:
Hidden in Plain Sight 


The Manipulated Man

The Manipulated Man book cover.

Are You Laughing Yet, or Would You Forward this Email on to a Friend or Relative? 

The Email "Are You Laughing Yet?"

Pass this very insightful email on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it ... no one will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.

The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide 

"Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to 'control' the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers. Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2)." (Alan Caruba)

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes  

Lindsey Williams' book cover,

Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister and author of the 1980's book The Energy Non-Crisis (on line) has been reporting inside information about oil price-manipulation for many years now, and generally the information has been accurate.

According to Pastor Williams, the Globalists are fomenting rebellion as an excuse to raise the oil prices to $150-200 a barrel.

Pastor Williams revealed in his book that the US has huge untapped oil reserves that the elites have known about for decades. After manipulating the oil prices  to around $200 a barrel, we will finally see these US oil reserves opened for production.

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes

"Anyone not preaching coming out of the state church and the government system is a false prophet."(Neal King,

Christ's Flag is The Union Jack 

The Union Jack.

The Union Jack

The Australian and New Zealand flags go back much further than the 200 years you probably are aware of. Notice the most prominent symbol on all these flags is the eight-pointed cross. This 8 pointed cross consists of two different four pointed crosses (the x and the + crosses) that are superimposed!

The Australian National Flag.

Australian Flag

The New Zealand National Flag.

New Zealand Flag

Their heraldic  symbolism goes back 3,500 years; to the time of Moses and Joshua, the great Israelite (not Jewish) Military-Commanders.

The vertical cross on the flag is for the Great Cross that is formed at critical times in the Galaxy, and this is called the Galactic Cross. T  he diagonal cross stands for the Earth Cross. The Earth cross is the cross of the Zodiac, while the Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic and its perpendicular axis.

Four times during the Great Year (which is 25,920 years long)--i.e. every 6,480 years--the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross to form a single four-pointed cross in the sky. This is what will occur on December 21, 2012, which will herald the end of the "Dark Cycle."

For more information download Part I and Part II of Jan Wicherink's "Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses" reports.  These reports are also in our free book The Prophet Daniel and December 21, 2012.

The red on the flag stands for human blood, and the white stands for the Birthright Holy Spirit, which does the work of redemption (i.e. the born-again process), thus changing a sinful human being into a true blue-blood (i.e. the Elect). Blue is the colour of Sirius, and the Creator God of ancient Khemit (Egypt) known as Ptah (who we call God the Father). In this process it is important to know that there are 216 bones in the human body, and the blood is actually made in the bones!

Furthermore, the science of Khemitology reveals that Ptah was referred to as “He Who Comes from the Blue,” and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin.

What race was Ptah depicted as?

In the depictions of Ptah from ancient Khemit (the proper name for ancient Egypt) “Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose, and Negroid lips. He apparently represents many races as the ‘Father’ or progenitor race from Sirius. Ptah became known as Dyas or Zeus to the Greeks, and later ‘pater’ (father) to the Romans: Ptah, Pater, ‘Father Race.’” (Source: Stephen S Mehler’s The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001, p. 180)

It is also noteworthy that Egyptologist’s word for the bright star Sirius is Sopdet (Sp.dt). According to the science of Khemitology, the Egyptologists have it wrong (and I would heartily agree), and the word should be S.pth, which is Sa-Ptah, “The Birthplace of Ptah.” Thus we see the clear connection between God the Father and the eighth planet of the Solar System, the bright star Sirius.

For more information on the names of the Messiah and God the Father, and these flags, see our free book The God Messiah Worships.

The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

British coat of arms.

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.

The TRUE Israel People have, on their "Coat-of-Arms", a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse "rampant" with one horn. The amber Lion "rampant" on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed "House of Judah" and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox "rampant" on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed "House of Israel", collectively making the 12-tribed "Kingdom of Israel".

The word British is Hebrew. It means "the People of the Covenant" or in other words "the People Israel", whose written Constitution; under that Covenant, that they have rejected to their own loss; is written in the Bible (Israel's Book) that they still swear on to tell the Truth, but whose Constitution, under which there are no poor people, is then foolishly rejected by almost everyone, in favour of inferior and unjust, man-made laws and economics which cause poverty and therefore also crime brought about by deprivation and desperation.

Read More.

Compare the imposter Antichrist's Coat-of-arms (below) ...

The Antichrist's coat-of-arms.

The lion facing the East stands for the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the 12th Sign in the Birthright Zodiac. The unicorn stands for the Constellation of Pegasus in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Both animals are holding the Shield of Salvation, or the Shield of Damnation, depending upon your attitude to God and your way of life, whether you are in rebellion or submission.

Consequently the Lion stands for the White Crown of Upper Egypt, while the Unicorn stands for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. While the symbols may have changed, the meaning has remained the same over the Millenia.

The Bible is Not a Jewish Book 

The statement is commonly made, even by those who should know better, that “we Christians owe a debt to the Jews, for we got our Bible, and our religion, from them.” While many people have been deceived into believing this, it is completely false.  Part of the mistake comes from the complete confusion in the minds of nearly all people as to just what they mean by “Jew.” Are they referring to people of a certain race? Or people of a certain religion? For the two are not the same.  There are in Africa today some pure-blooded Negroes who are Jews by religion and there are in China today some pure-blooded Mongolians who are Jews by religion. Likewise, there are some people today who are racially of the stock we know as Jews, but who have been converted to other religions.

Read the Full Article:
The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? 

“In another pamphlet, entitled How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? Adin Ballou [another champion of non-resistance] says: ‘One man may not kill. lf he kills a fellow-creature, he is a murderer. lf two, ten, a hundred men do so, they, too, are murderers. But a government or a nation may kill as many men as it chooses, and that will not be murder, but a great and noble action. Only gather the people together on a large scale, and a battle of ten thousand men becomes an innocent action. But precisely how many people must there be to make it so?- that is the question. One man cannot plunder and pillage, but a whole nation can. But precisely how many are needed to make it permissible? Why is it that one man, ten, a hundred, may not break the law of God, but a great number may?” (Quoted in Leo Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, p. 6.)

"Don't think for a moment you are going to vote the Illuminati out of office. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. (However, God controls the hearts of His people.)" (From The Top 13 illuminati Bloodlines, by Fritz Springmeier)
Woe Unto You Lawyers! (and Policemen) 

"Of all the specialized skills abroad in the world today, the average man knows least about the one that affects him most – about the thing that lawyers call The Law. A man who will discourse at length about the latest cure for streptococci infection or describe in detail his allergic symptoms cannot begin to tell you what happened to him legally – and plenty did – when he got married. A man who would not dream of buying a car without an intricate and illustrated description of its mechanical workings will sign a lease without knowing what more than four of its forty-four clauses mean or why they are there. A man who will not hesitate to criticize or disagree with a trained economist or an expert in any one of a dozen fields of learning will follow, unquestioning and meek, whatever advice his lawyer gives him. Normal human skepticism and curiosity seem to vanish entirely whenever the layman encounters The Law.

There are several reasons for this mass submission, One is the average man’s fear of the unknown – and of policemen."

“Telling the story of the rise of Communism [Nazarene Remnant comment: This term Communism needs to be replaced by the word Satanism, because we now know that this term was chosen to hide the underlying devotion to Satan that drives these people. End NR comment] means revealing the histories of the worst of the criminals involved at the time. But this is necessary, for without knowledge of the secrets of evil, we cannot properly develop the good, either. As the Swedish philosopher Henry T. Laurency wrote: ‘Only he who knows evil knows good.’ 
Then we shall appreciate goodness above everything else on earth.Then we may really be able to welcome the truth, even if it is frightening and dismiss lies, even if they are pleasant.” (Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 63)