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Issue #31
21 April, 2010

Learn to deal with reality or
reality will deal with you.


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  1. Ex Public Servant Blows Whistle On State-Sponsored Terrorism
  2. Watch This and Weep!
  3. DIVORCE LAW: Family Law's Unending War on Fatherhood
  4. Australian Government Seeks To Impose Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

  5. Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Glenn L Pace Memo

  6. Port Arthur: Murderous Frameup of Martin Bryant Disarms Australia
  7. The Port Arthur Massacre Revisited
  8. Who Ordered the Port Arthur Massacre?
  9. Special Forces at Port Arthur
  10. Bursting the Malachi Martin Bubble
  11. Would US Troops Fire on Americans?
  12. News in Brief
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"Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose."  (Source: Henry Makow, Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda )

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1. Ex Public Servant Blows Whistle On State-Sponsored Terrorism

John G. Wollaston, a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects and former head of the Federal Government's International Property Directorate, has written a book suggesting major terrorist attacks including our own Port Arthur have involved some guiding hands for the purpose of social engineering. Senior journalist with The Age, Garry Tippet was asked about policeman Andrew McGregor's research into Port Arthur and didn't want to discuss the matter further. Tippet is an Australian director of the Dart Centre for Trauma and Journalism, a global outfit run by psychologists who coach journalists on how to cope with trauma. But the Dart Centre makes no mention about journalists investigating such events, it's all about handling the trauma. But now that Port Arthur is getting out on Facebook (it's been on YouTube for ages) and the media (Murdoch's Hobart Mercury in particular) are in a tizz because people are questioning their "official history" and have actually produced suspects apart from Bryant. McGregor, for instance, has discovered there were about 7 ASIO people who died at Port Arthur. Tippett apparently doesn't want to know about this, or knows about it and is keeping it under wraps.!/group.php?v=wall&gid=91420938632

More Facts on Port Arthur

John G. Wollaston, born and educated in Sydney, Australia, is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, speaks several languages, has studied and taught martial arts, run business corporations, and is a respected public speaker. In 1978 he was head-hunted by the Australian Federal Government to head up its worldwide Property Directorate. Because of his involvement with Embassies and Defence facilities, Mr. Wollaston was cleared above 'Top Secret' by the Australian security organizations, ASIO and ASIS, and is still bound in some matters by the Official Secrets Act. During the six years that he worked in this area he was exposed to the inner workings of the government and its agencies. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that he would question the truth about what was happening behind the scenes in 'seemingly' unrelated events both at home and abroad.


2. Watch This and Weep! 

10 minutes 28 seconds of warning.

Health care? No, total government control that will be implemented here in Australia if we don't stop it!


3. DIVORCE LAW: Family Law's Unending War on Fatherhood

By Bill Muehlenberg     

News Weekly, 20 March 2010 




Australian family law, the Family Law Act and the Family Court all have a lot to answer for. They have regularly and systematically treated fathers with contempt and derision, depriving them of the most basic of human rights, including the right to see their own children after the breakdown of a marriage.

A devastating critique of the Family Court was penned by La Trobe University historian John Hirst in his 2005 piece entitled 'Kangaroo Court': Family Law in   Australia (Quarterly Essay no. 17). In it he highlighted the gross injustices which men receive at the hands of the court. Said Hirst: "The Family Court condemns itself. If its orders have been conscientiously framed to advance the best interest of children, then by its failure to enforce its orders it has been systematically damaging the children under its care."

He rightly points out how fathers are especially disadvantaged and discriminated against in the Family Law process. Many have a theoretical right to visit their children, but in reality they often have no access at all.

Mothers overwhelmingly end up with the children in custody disputes, and often the last thing considered is the actual best interests of the child. A recent case which became headline news provides a glaring example of this. This is how one report covered the story when it broke a few weeks ago:

"A mother found by the Family Court to be violent, untruthful, lacking moral values and responsible for the psychological and emotional abuse of her children has been given custody of them. The father, deemed 'principled' and with 'much to offer his children', has been effectively banned from seeing his daughters. The case will spark renewed debate about family law and the issue of shared parenting.

"The father, who we will name 'Bill' because he cannot be identified for legal reasons, is described by a Family Court judge as no threat to his daughters, a successful parent who is 'courteous' and intelligent. The same judge found the mother, whom we will call 'Jasmine' and who abandoned her first daughter at two and spurned the child's subsequent attempts at reconciliation, had displayed 'dreadful', 'cruel' and 'malicious' behaviour.

"But the judge still ruled that because of time spent apart, the children had become estranged from their father and it was in their interests that 'the children spend no time with the father'. This was at odds with a ruling in February 2008 that Bill should have contact with his daughters." ("Fury at ruling in custody battle", Herald Sun, Melbourne, January 10, 2010).

Sadly this is not an isolated incident. Many other cases of gross miscarriage of justice have been perpetrated by a biased, anti-father Family Court. Many men have endured misery, depression and despair over the treatment they have received from the system. And far too many men have taken their own lives as a result.

Patrick McCauley recently wrote a strong criticism of such matters for Quadrant Online, entitled "Killing fathers". In this article he asks the telling question: "why do an entire generation of children lack fathers?"

He says: "The statistics are in, so are the studies - children do not travel well without their fathers, and the levels of unfathered children is at least 10 times greater than it was at the beginning of the 1970s.

"The Family Law Act of Australia sealed the fate of millions of Australian men and their children. Fathers were reduced to 20 per cent access or every second weekend. Many wandered off in despair. Probably [fewer] than 10 per cent were truly irresponsible or violent, dangerous men. The state enacted a law which effectively 'stole' children from their fathers (without any apology). For the crime of marriage failure, most men lost their fatherhood."

He continues, "Women, freed into the massive freedoms of the sexual revolution and the feminist metanarrative, decided to have children without fathers. Single motherhood became a status symbol, an emblem, of the truly liberated woman.

"Both heterosexual women and homosexual women, even sexually confused women, were given state-funded access to IVF programs on the grounds of being 'psychologically infertile'. Fatherhood was portrayed as undesirable, and inconvenient. The state made no requirement that these children have fathers.

"The demise of fatherhood was possibly an unintended consequence of the subtle misandry (the hatred of maleness) which suffused society throughout the late twentieth century. Schools, universities, TAFE Colleges, the public service, hospitals, families became Male-Unfriendly Environments (MUEs) as they were overrun and dominated by women who were both ambitious and maintained an idealistic and fundamentalist feminist narrative. The domestic matriarchy delivered to women the quickest and most significant redistribution of wealth this country has ever undertaken."

McCauley concludes: "Up until the enactment of the Family Law Act of Australia in 1974, Australia was a patriarchy, as were, and are, all aboriginal societies. The Australian patriarchy demonstrated its commitment to fatherhood by taking unfathered part-aboriginal children into the care of the state or the church.

"It is the new domestic matriarchy, which, almost by stealth, has overtaken Australian society, which has declared this act of welfare - 'The Stolen Generations'.

"I would contend that the children stolen from their fathers since the introduction of the Family Law Act are in fact the real stolen generations. And they have been stolen by a fear and hatred of maleness that permeates our whole society. Thus they have banished the fathers, and now the children (both black and white) run ragged, confused and directionless throughout the bush and suburbs of the land." (Quadrant Online, February 17, 2010).

I certainly agree that we have here a genuine Stolen Generation. It is one thing when wives become single mothers through no fault of their own (e.g., the death or desertion of the husband). They need a lot of support, since they must now do twice as much work with only half the resources.

But it is another thing altogether when there is a deliberate act of bringing children into the world without a father. Single-parenthood by choice, lesbian parenting, and a monstrously lop-sided Family Court process are all conspiring against the rights of a child to have his or her own father. In my book that is a type of child neglect, if not child abuse.

The divorce revolution has unleashed a trail of social destruction and ruin. And the Family Courts have done their bit to devastate fatherhood. The Family Law Act, and all that goes with it, has done so much damage to so many that the best thing may be to simply put it out of its misery, and start afresh.

Bill Muehlenberg is a commentator on contemporary issues, and lectures on ethics and philosophy. His website CultureWatch is at:

Family Court No Substitute for Marriage

No one from the state forces [a married couple] to pool their incomes, if they both work. If they have the traditional gender-based division of household labor, no one forces the husband to hand over his paycheck to his wife to run the household. No one makes the wife allow him to take the kids out for the afternoon. No one has to come and supervise their negotiations over how to discipline the children. When he's too tough, she might chew him out privately, or kick him under the table. When she lets them off the hook too easily, he might have some private signal for her to leave so that he can do what needs to be done.

The typical married couple has regular disagreements over money, child-rearing, the allocation of household chores, how to spend leisure time and a hundred other things. Every once in a while, even a stable married couple will have a knock-down, drag-out, (usually) private quarrel. But they resolve their disagreements, large and small, perhaps a dozen a day, completely on their own with neither supervision nor subsidy from any court.

Extract from Jennifer Roback Morse's essay, "Why unilateral divorce has no place in a free society", published in The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market, and Morals, edited by Robert P. George and Jean Bethke Elshtain (Dallas: Spence Publishing Company, 2006). Another version of this essay is at:

Jennifer Roback Morse, "Marriage and the limits of contract: a libertarian case", Policy Review (Hoover Institution, Stanford University), No. 130, April & May 2005.

Unjust Assault on Fatherhood

[Before the introduction of no-fault divorce laws], divorces required legal cause - some ground recognised in law as constituting an adequate reason for the dissolution of a marriage. A spouse could fight the divorce and contest the grounds offered by the spouse who sued for divorce.

Under no-fault divorce, no ground is necessary. By definition, there is no fault ascribed to either spouse - fault is no longer considered to be of legal or societal importance.

Demanded by those who claimed that no-fault divorce would be more humane, the laws actually allowed two very different (but entirely foreseeable) results, and both are disastrous.

The first is the fact that no-fault divorce has allowed millions of men to abandon their families and leave their children and former wives to poverty. The statistics are clear enough - men who divorce their wives and no longer live with their children generally improve their standard of living over the next few years. The family left behind generally has the opposite experience, with children and former wives living at significantly reduced income levels.

The second result is almost the opposite of the first. No-fault divorce has also allowed women to end the marriage unilaterally, usually retaining primary custodial authority over the children. In such situations, men - who are not even charged with any fault by their wives - can find themselves robbed of their own children. No state has yet remedied the unjust assault on fatherhood that no-fault divorce set loose.

Extract from Albert Mohler, "A message from Michigan?", Albert Mohler blog, February 25, 2010.


4. Australian Government Seeks To Impose Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

 By Asher Moses

March 30, 2010




The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has launched a stinging attack on Google and its credibility in response to the search giant's campaign against the government's internet filtering policy.


In an interview on ABC Radio last night, Senator Conroy also said he was unaware of complaints the Obama administration said it had raised with the government over the policy.

The government intends to introduce legislation within weeks forcing all ISPs to block a blacklist of "refused classification" websites for all Australians.


Last week, it said it had held discussions with users and parents around Australia and "the strong view from parents was that the government's proposal goes too far and would take away their freedom of choice around what information they and their children can access".

Google also said implementing mandatory filtering across Australia's millions of internet users could "negatively impact user access speeds", while filtering material from high-volume sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter "appears not to be technologically possible as it would have such a serious impact on internet access".


"We have a number of other concerns, including that filtering may give a false sense of security to parents, it could damage Australia's international reputation and it can be easily circumvented," Google wrote.


On ABC Radio last night, the majority of callers were opposed to the filters and right before the end of the segment, Senator Conroy attacked Google over its privacy credentials.

"Recently the founders of Google have got themselves into a little bit of trouble because notwithstanding their alleged 'do no evil' policy, they recently created something called Buzz, and there was a reaction, and people said well look aren't you publishing private information?," Senator Conroy said.


"[Google CEO Eric] Schmidt said the following: 'If you have something that you don't want anyone to know maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place'. This is the founder of Google. He also said recently to Wall Street analysts, 'we love cash', so when people say, shouldn't we just leave it up to the Googles of this world to determine what the filtering policy should be...."


Google said today it was surprised to hear Senator Conroy trying to "make this an issue about Google".


"This is a debate about freedom of access to information for all Australians, an issue of national importance. Let's focus on that," Google said.


Google's Buzz product added social networking features to Gmail but it caused a privacy uproar in February, with users complaining their contacts were being made public without their knowledge and that they had little control over who could follow their updates. Google quickly tweaked the service to allay these concerns.


Google said the Schmidt quote referred to by Senator Conroy had been taken out of context. Furthermore, Senator Conroy incorrectly labeled Schmidt one of the founders of the company, when in fact he joined the company as its CEO in 2001.


Opposition communications spokesman Tony Smith said it was Senator Conroy's "default position" to attack anyone that questions his policies.


"Google should be able to express their opinion without being attacked by the Minister and having their motives questioned," he said.


Senator Conroy also said he was not aware of the US State Department contacting his office or that of the Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, over the internet filters. This contradicts a statement made by a US State Department spokesman yesterday.


"Our main message of course is that we remain committed to advancing the free flow of information which we view as vital to economic prosperity and preserving open societies globally," a U.S. State Department spokesman Michael Tran told The Associated Press.

Tran declined to say when or at what level the U.S. State Department raised its concerns with Australia and declined to detail those concerns.


"We don't discuss the details of specific diplomatic exchanges, but I can say that in the context of that ongoing relationship, we have raised our concerns on this matter with Australian officials," he added.


Senator Conroy argues the he is only attempting to apply the same restrictions placed on the distribution of books, magazines, DVDs and other content to the internet.


But critics say this approach fails to consider that the internet is a vastly different, dynamic medium. They say Senator Conroy's proposal is a heavy-handed measure that is easily bypassed by criminals and could restrict access to legal information.


Senator Conroy has conceded that greater transparency is needed in terms of how content ends up on the blacklist, but last night he again refused to make the blacklist itself public, saying it would provide people instant access to the banned material.


Whether the internet filtering policy is implemented depends largely on whether the Opposition supports or blocks the legislation. It has said it is waiting to see the government's legislation before stating a final position on the matter.


"The Federal Coalition supports sensible and workable measures to protect children from inappropriate online content," said Smith.


"However we are yet to be convinced that Labor’s mandatory filtering plans will actually be effective or achieve the best results.”



5. Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Glenn L Pace Memo



On 19 July 1990, Elder Glenn L Pace, then a counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, sent a memo to the "Strengthening Church Members Committee" on the subject of "Ritualistic Child Abuse."

Pursuant to the Committee's request, I am writing this memorandum to pass along what I have learned about ritualistic child abuse. Hopefully, it will be of some value to you as you continue to monitor the problem.


You have already received the LDS Social Services report on Satanism dated May 24, 1989, a report from Brent Ward, [Utah State Attorney General] and a memorandum from myself dated October 20,1989 in response to Brother Ward's report.

Therefore, I will limit this writing to information not contained in those papers.


I have met with sixty victims. That number could be twice or three times as many if I did not discipline myself to only one meeting per week. I have not wanted my involvement with this issue to become a handicap in fulfilling my assigned responsibilities. On the other hand,I felt someone needed to pay the price to obtain an intellectual and spiritual conviction as to the seriousness of this problem within the Church.


Of the sixty victims with whom I have met, fifty-three are female and seven are male. Eight are children. The abuse occurred in the following places: Utah (37), Idaho (3), California (4), Mexico (2), and other places (14). Fifty-three victims are currently living in the State of Utah. All sixty individuals are members of the Church. Forty-five victims allege witnessing and/or participating in human sacrifice. The majority were abused by relatives, often their parents. All have developed psychological problems and most have been diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder or some other form of dissociative disorder.


Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all child abuse. The basic objective is premeditatedto systematically and methodically torture and terrorize children until they are forced to dissociate. The torture is not a consequence of the loss of temper, but the execution of well-planned, well-thought out rituals often performed by close relatives. The only escape for the children is to dissociate. They will develop a new personality to enable them to endure various forms of abuse. When the episode is over, the core personality is again in control and the individual is not conscious of what happened. Dissociation also serves the purposes of the occult because the children have no day-to-day memory of the atrocities. They go through adolescence and early adulthood with no active memory of what is taking place. Oftentimes they continue in rituals through their teens and early twenties, unaware of their involvement. Many individuals with whom I have spoken have served missions and it has not been until later that they begin to remember. One individual has memories of participating in rituals while serving as a full-time missionary.


The victims lead relatively normal lives, but the memories are locked up in a compartment in their minds and surface in various ways. They don't know how to cope with the emotions because they can't find the source. As they become adults and move into another environment, something triggers the memories and, consequently, flashbacks and/or nightmares occur. One day they will have been living a normal life and the next they will be in a mental hospital in a fetal position. The memories of their early childhood are recalled in so much detail that they once again feel the pain that caused the dissociation in the first place.


There are two reasons why adults can remember with such detail events that happened in their past: First, the terror they experienced was so stark that it was indelibly placed in their mind. Second, the memory was compartmentalized in a certain portion of the mind and was not subjected to the dilution of experiences of ensuing years. When it is tapped, it is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.


The memories seem to come in layers. For example, the first memory might be of incest, then they remember robes and candles; next they realize that their father or mother or both were present when they were being abused. Another layer will be the memory of seeing other people hurt and even killed. Then they remember having seen babies killed. Another layer is realizing that they participated in the sacrifices. One of the most painful memories may be that they even sacrificed their own baby. With each layer of memory comes another set of problems with which they must deal.


Some have said that the witnesses to this type of treatment cannot be trusted because of the victim's unstable condition and because practically all of them have some kind of dissociative disorder; in fact, the stories are so bizarre as to raise serious credibility questions. The irony is that one of the objectives of the occult is to create multiple personalities within the children in order to keep the "secrets." They live in society without society having any idea that something is wrong since the children and teenagers don't even realize there is another life occurring in darkness and in secret. However, when sixty witnesses testify to the same type of torture and murder, it becomes impossible for me, personally, not to believe them.

I mention multiple personalities because the spiritual healing which must take place in the lives of these victims cannot happen without their priesthood leaders understanding something about it.


The spiritual indoctrination which takes place during the physical abuse is one of the most difficult to overcome. In addition to experiencing stark terror and pain, the children are also instructed in satanic doctrine. Everything is completely reversed: white is black, black is white, good is bad, bad is good, Satan is going to rule during the Millennium.


Children are put in a situation where they believe they are going to die-such as being buried alive or being placed in a plastic bag and immersed in water. Prior to doing so, the abuser tells the child to pray to Jesus to see if He will save her. Imagine a seven year old girl, having been told she is going to die, praying to Jesus to save her and nothing happens, then at the last moment she is rescued, but the person saving her is a representative of Satan. He uses this experience to convince her that the only person who really cares about her is Satan, she is Satan's child and she might as well become loyal to him.


Just before or shortly after their baptism into the Church, children are baptized by blood into the satanic order which is meant to cancel out their baptism into the Church. They will be asked if they understand or have ever felt the Holy Ghost. When they reply that they have, they will be reminded of the horrible things they have participated in and will be told that they have become a son (or daughter) of perdition and, therefore, have no chance of being saved or loved by our Father in heaven or Jesus.


All of this indoctrination takes place with whichever personality has emerged to endure the physical, mental, and spiritual pain. Consequently, there develops within each of these individuals the makings of what I call a civil war. As the memories begin to surface, there are personalities who feel they have given themselves to Satan, and there is no hope for forgiveness. The core person is an active member of the Church, often with a temple recommend. As integration takes place, the civil war begins. Sometimes, in an interview, personalities of the dark side have come out. They are petrified or perhaps full of hate for me and what I represent. Eventually those personalities need to be dealt with spiritually and psychologically.


Most victims are suicidal. They have been brainwashed with drugs, hypnosis, and other means to become suicidal as soon as they start to tell the secrets. They have been threatened all of their lives that if they don't do what they are told their brother or sister will die, their parents will die, their house will be burned, or they themselves will be killed. They have every reason to believe it since they have seen people killed. They believe they might as well kill themselves instead of wait for the occult to do it. Some personalities feel it is the right thing to do.

The purpose of this detail is to stress the complexity of psychological and spiritual therapy for these individuals. Our priesthood leaders, when faced with such cases, are understandably at a loss of how to respond. Orthodox counsel is completely ineffective. For example, some victims have been told that this all happened in their past and that they should put it behind them and get on with their lives. This is just not possible. Part of the spiritual therapy necessary is for priesthood leaders to assist with the conversion process of the personalities who have been indoctrinated into Satanism. Victims must integrate their personalities so that they can function as whole persons and be able to deal with their problems and then get on with their lives. Often, some of the parts will begin to act out, perhaps promiscuously, and a good intentioned priesthood leader, following the General Handbook of Instructions, will disfellowship or excommunicate an individual. All this does is reinforce the satanic indoctrination of the victims that they are no good.


I'm sorry to say that many of the victims have had their first flashbacks while attending the temple for the first time. The occult along the Wasatch Front uses the doctrine of the Church to their advantage. For example, the verbiage and gestures are used in a ritualistic ceremony in a very debased and often bloody manner. When the victim goes to the temple and hears the exact words, horrible memories are triggered. We have recently been disturbed with members of the Church who have talked about the temple ceremony. Compared to what is happening in the occult along the Wasatch Front, these are very minor infractions. The perpetrators are also living a dual life. Many are temple recommend holders. This leads to another reason why the Church needs to consider the seriousness of these problems. In effect, the Church is being used.


I go out of my way to not let the victims give me the names of the perpetrators. I have told them that my responsibility is to help them with spiritual healing and that the names of perpetrators should be given to therapists and law enforcement officers. However, they have told me the positions in the Church of members who are perpetrators. Among others, there are Young Women leaders, Young Men leaders, bishops, a patriarch, a stake president, temple workers, and members of the Tabernacle Choir. These accusations are not coming from individuals who think they recognized someone, but from those who have been abused by people they know, in many cases their own family members.


Whatever the form of abuse our main concern is for the victims, but there are legal ramifications. We are disturbed to receive reports that a scoutmaster has abused the boys in his troop. It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if we learn that a bishop or stake president has participated in the abominations of ritualistic child abuse. Not only do some of the perpetrators represent a cross section of the Mormon culture, but sometimes the abuse has taken place in our own meetinghouses.


I don't pretend to know how prevalent the problem is. All I know is that I have met with 60 victims. Assuming each one comes from a coven of 13, we are talking about the involvement of 800 or so right here on the Wasatch Front. Obviously, I have only seen those coming forth to get help. They are in their twenties and thirties for the most part. I can only assume that it is expanding geometrically and am horrified at the numbers represented by the generation who are now children and teenagers.


Another reason for concern is that there are several doctrinal issues that need to be resolved. The Church and society in general are very skeptical as to whether the occult and its activities do exist. There is no First Presidency statement relative to some of the doctrinal issues: What does a priesthood leader tell individuals who come forward and say that they have participated in these rituals, which may include human sacrifice? Should they have a temple recommend? Will they ever be forgiven? There are questions regarding free agency and accountability. Is a person who has been raised in an occult from infancy accountable for things that take place in a dissociated state, even though those acts were committed after the age of eight? I have formed my own opinions to these questions and have done the best I can. However, I don't have the mantle to make these doctrinal and policy decisions. I have relied on the mantle of a bishop regarding discernment and being a common judge.


The few priesthood leaders who have had to face these issues are crying out for help because they don't want to give their own opinions and yet there is no place to go for an answer. A bishop will go to his stake president who says he doesn't believe it is happening and that the member is just crazy. The stake president might go to an Area Presidency who will react in a similar way. Most people are afraid to surface it to the First Presidency for fear of getting the same reaction and don't want to appear crazy themselves for asking the question.


I hope you will excuse me if I am being presumptuous, but I am concluding this paper with scriptures I feel support my belief that these activities are real and cannot be ignored.


The things I have been writing about go back to Cain and Abel: (More) 



6. Port Arthur: Murderous Frameup of Martin Bryant Disarms Australia

I friend sent me the following. I find it not surprising that such would eventuate, but am surprised that it took so long. Not that I support such actions.


The quote below attributed to you "How could anyone ever doubt that Martin Bryant killed those people" could only be attributed to somebody of extreme naiveté.


As a peace officer of 23 years experience it would seem you did not learn how to evaluate evidence in that time.


Nobody who has looked at all the evidence could possibly come to the conclusion that a left-handed person, of low IQ (65 - he hardly has the intelligence to wipe his own bum), without tailored hearing protection, could possibly have done the shooting in the café, without being a highly trained, qualified, experienced anti-terrorist soldier trained in close-up suburban warfare techniques. The two are mutually exclusive.


Neither you or any politician or other "authority" will ever convince reasonable people that MARTIN BRYANT was or is guilty of the massacre. The evidence is overwhelming that he is innocent. This is why it was necessary to use persuasion to compel him to plead guilty so there would not be a trial. A jury would never have found him guilty and you know that.


As an ex-soldier who served in South East Asia on a number of occasions, I can tell you from personal experience that firing a military assault weapon in a confined space is hard on the hearing after just three rounds, let alone over 30. Ted Sarong knew his stuff and I would back him against any civilian or police "expert".


As for all those involved in the set up and execution of that government massacre, the truth will eventually come out as it always does. Nobody can stop that happening.


Lets look at a few simple facts.


Ray Groom stood down as Premier and Minister Responsible for Port Arthur just prior to the event. (Why a minister for a publically owned tourist attraction anyway?)


Tony Rundle, an ex-journalist who could handle the media took over Groom’s job just prior to the event.


The was an exercise planned and executed in Hobart for that weekend involving just such a scenario with all the medical experts required as that event unfolded at Port Arthur. All the experts needed were there on hand.


Brendon Nelson was given a smooth ride into parliament via a blue ribbon Liberal seat in Sydney for his assistance to John Howard and the rest of the planners and executioners of the event.


The media were totally compliant with the executors of the event and trampled on Martin Bryant’s rights by immediately accusing him and splashing his photograph across the country before he was even charged with a crime. It was all too smooth and that is the big mistake that all criminals make, trying to make their claims feasible.


The young fully trained and experienced ex-soldier, who was the "main man" in the guest house overnight, certainly was not Martin Bryant. He gave that away when he advised the police outside that he would take out their sniper with the infrared scope if he didn’t back-off.


The 22-man capacity refrigerated morgue vehicle, the only one of its size in Australia before and since, gave the game away to any reasonable observer. Not needed before and sold after as it was not needed after the government run massacre. If you think those involved are safe from the truth you must be dreaming.


The massacre was used as an excuse to disarm The People of the Commonwealth of Australia.


How come the government chosen psychiatrist, Dr. Eric Cunningham Dax, also "treated" the poor bastard involved in the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, as well as Martin Bryant, both prior to their Alleged crimes? Cunningham Dax was a director of the Tavistock Institute in London, England, the worlds first and foremost covert organisation, begun and run by MI6 to experiment with mind control during the second world war.


I suspect that all those involved in the Port Arthur massacre will eventually answer for their crimes, and there are many who know the truth of it all.




A Typical Response from the Money-Power Controlled Media

“Martin Bryant Facebook page smears ex-cop Michael Dyson




By Danielle McKay

From: The Mercury

March 19, 2010 11:49PM


§       Facebook page says Bryant is innocent

§       Page points finger at former policeman

§       Administrators have not removed the page


A MALICIOUS website has launched an outrageous attack on a former Tasmania Police officer, claiming he was a gunman in the Port Arthur massacre.


The Facebook hate page claims convicted mass murderer Martin Bryant is an innocent man and long-serving former Special Operations Group member Michael Dyson is responsible.


Mr Dyson, who assisted investigations into the 1996 massacre when 35 people were killed, has shrugged off the allegations but says the internet is out of control and accountability is needed.


He said despite attempts to contact Facebook administrators since finding the site this week, nothing had been done to remove the defamatory page.


Mr Dyson, 52, said he had also contacted Tasmania Police and Australian Federal Police because the site includes his photo and contact details, but was told they were powerless.


"Most people see these sites and people for the lunatics that they are, but if I've learned anything from my time in the force it's that there are also people out there who believe it," he said.


"They're the ones that I'm concerned about the sort that will try and take me out to even it up for Martin Bryant." Facebook faced harsh criticism only last month, when obscene and pornographic content was posted on tribute pages for two Australian children killed in separate acts of violence.


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd weighed in then on the debate, backing an inquiry into creating a federal office to combat cyber crime.


The latest controversial page: Martin Bryant is Innocent Michael Charles Dyson shooter at Seascape, not only accuses Mr Dyson of being involved in the massacre but has several links to conspiracy theory websites alleging the massacre was a government plot to force the introduction of gun control legislation.


It also targets former prime minster John Howard, former Tasmanian premier Ray Groom and former Tasmanian and Commonwealth director of public prosecutions Damian Bugg, who prosecuted Bryant.


The men feature on a poster which says: Wanted for Mass Murder, for Port Arthur massacre plot to enforce gun control in Australia. Martin Bryant is innocent and was set up to conceal the Liberal plot.


The creator of the page is not identified and only six people featured as fans are members, including one who has assumed the identity of Australian Vietnam War veteran Ted Serong, who died in 2002 and who was said to have believed Bryant was not the shooter.


Mr Dyson was one of the first investigators to search Bryant's New Town home after the massacre on April 28, 1996.


He retired from the force the following year, after 23 years' service, and now runs a security agency in Tasmania.


He said he had no doubt Bryant was responsible for the massacre and was in disbelief that anyone could allege he was involved.


"How could anyone ever doubt that Martin Bryant killed those people?" he said. "What's more absurd is that people can make allegations saying I was involved and to do so in the public eye for everyone to see.


"Meanwhile, I'm powerless to stop it. People need to be accountable for what's on the internet, it's just getting out of control because no one is controlling it."


Bryant pleaded guilty and is serving 35 life sentences without parole. He killed 20 people in the Broad Arrow Cafe, 12 on the way to the nearby Seascape guesthouse and three inside Seascape.”




7. The Port Arthur Massacre Revisited




There is reason to think the Port Arthur massacre was planned as early 1987 when, after a specially called Premier's meeting in Hobart in December 1987, the New South Wales Labour Premier, Mr. Barry Unsworth stated, “there would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania.”


On Sunday, 28 April 1996, [while the 33rd degree Freemason Prime Minister, John Winston Howard, was in office] at a sleepy little tourist location known as Port Arthur, something went down that will long live in memory of Australia's collective psyche.  An unknown professional combat shooter opened fire in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Tasmania. In less than a minute 20 people lay dead, 19 of them killed with single shots to the head, fired from the right hip of the fast-moving shooter. 


The awesome display of combat marksmanship was blamed on intellectually impaired Martin Bryant, who was held in illegal strict solitary confinement for more than 120 days, until he was "ready" to plead guilty. There was no trial. Within a matter of weeks legislation was passed to remove semi-automatic weapons from the Australian population and a gun buy-back proceeded. It is now illegal to own any semi-automatic gun in Australia.


The Port Arthur Massacre has come to be known in conspiracy circles as a "psyop." The definition of a psyop is a psychological operation or an event designed to drum up public support for some piece of legislation that would be otherwise be unpopular and probably be defeated. 


It is one of the signs of a propaganda campaign when the media continuously plays up scenes that are designed to appeal to gut level instincts to soften people up for the solution to be offered.  


The media were totally oriented around sensationalising the distress and trauma, played the scenes over and over, always cutting to updates on any developments and in effect the public were bombarded continuously day in and day out for weeks over the issue. At the same time a long list of facts or discrepancies were overlooked. Any calls for a royal commission fell on deaf ears, the media were later instructed not to talk about the subject anymore and the files have been closed for 30 years.


The Port Arthur massacre occurred on 28 April there was legislation prepared by mid May with plans for a national buyback of automatic and semi-automatic rifles.


Prior to 1996 Australia had huge number of sporting shooters traditionally used in time of war to both train and supplement our miniscule armed forces. 

However, since the psyop at Port Arthur more than 400,000 reserve forearms have been pulped instead of stored by the Federal Government. (Joe Vialls)


While gunlaws should make a country a safer place to live, in reality they are a move against the freedom and self-defence of the people. 



"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. 

The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government".


1-----Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938 enabling the government to round up 13 million defenceless Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill and impaired human beings, imprisoning them in concentration camps, and by a conscious process of attrition, destroyed them.


2-----The Turkish Ottoman Empire established gun control in 1911, proceeding then to exterminate 1.5 million Armenians from 1914 - 1917.


More gunlaws statistics



Martin Bryant, Killer or Patsy? 


It was commented that the kill rate was too high i.e., proportion of wounded to killed.  [old link]
see new link [current 2009] --  


Joe Vialls, an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oil field operations "Though Australia has tens of thousands of skilled sporting shooters it has very few combat veterans, and even fewer special forces personnel trained to kill large numbers of people quickly in an enclosed space like the Broad Arrow Cafe, which is roughly the same size as mock-up rooms used for practicing the rescue of hostages being held in confined spaces by armed terrorists. 


"It is hard to kill quickly under such circumstances for a number of unpleasant reasons, including the fact that shot people tend to fall against other people, shielding the latter from subsequent bullets. 


"Targets therefore have to be shot in a careful sequence with split-second timing to maximise kill rates. 


Read the Full Story Here:

The Port Arthur Massacre Revisited




8. Who Ordered the Port Arthur Massacre?




There have been various bombings and massacres here and abroad. I have been a bit wary of them as some have been hoaxes, however I have very little doubt about the Port Arthur massacre and the reason for it. I have spoken personally to Wendy Scurr who is mentioned in item 6 and she is adamant that it was not Martin Bryant who did the shooting. A trained investigator Joe Vialls also came up with the same conclusion and wrote a well researched book on the subject.


I have received the following from a person in Tasmania and am passing it on. 




The Port Arthur Massacre, and its connections with the London Bombings.


On Wednesday 26 September Mr Andrew MacGregor will present a common sense view of the latest World Terrorist attacks that occurred in London and Glasgow two days after Gordon Brown became the British Prime Minister. He will also discuss the Tasmanian connection to these incidents. It will be alleged that several important bureaucrats some of who are still active in public life, were involved in the planning and execution of the Port Arthur massacre.


Mr MacGregor has had 17 years experience in the Victoria Police Force and has studied Witness Reports, Court Documents, Police Reports and Media Reports. He will show how the Port Arthur Massacre fits into a pattern very similar to other staged terrorist events throughout the world.


Wed. 26 September 2007 at 7.30 pm Max Fry Hall, Trevallyn, Launceston Admission   $5.00 Concessions $2.00




You probably believe that Martin Bryant, acting alone, carried out the Port Arthur massacre on Sunday 28th April 1996. If so, can you reconcile the following facts with the official story?


Martin Bryant was 58 kilometres away when Mr David Martin was shot at Seascape Cottage. At 10.40 am.


1.  On the Sunday morning, two hours before the murders, ten of the senior managers of Port Arthur were taken to safety many miles away up the east coast, for a two day seminar with a vague agenda and no visiting speakers. Was the timing of this trip a mere coincidence?


2.  Also just before the shootings the only two policemen in the region were called away on a wild goose chase. They were sent to the Coal Mine at Salt Water River, to investigate a heroin drug stash which turned out to be soap powder. This was too far for them to get to the Broad Arrow Cafe in time to be of any use. Had a policeman remained at Dunalley he would have closed the swing bridge to prevent the killer(s) from escaping from the peninsula. Did Bryant, IQ 66, organise this decoy?


3.  Big Mortuary Truck.  Before the massacre, a specially-built 22 person capacity mortuary truck was built. It attracted some derision at the time, but its effective use at Port Arthur was unquestioned. After the massacre it was advertised, unsuccessfully, for sale via the internet, then converted for another purpose. Without the foresight of Port Arthur, why build it? When it had proven its worth, why get rid of it? Another coincidence?


4.  Martin Bryant has never been properly identified as the gunman. A young woman who ate her lunch near the gunman just before 1.30 said he had a freckled face. Graham Collyer, the wounded ex-soldier, who had the best opportunity to observe the killer, said he had a pock-marked or acned face. Neither description fits Bryant who has a beautifully smooth complexion. Graham Collyer says that it was not Bryant who shot him in the neck.


5.  Illegal Photo. On 30th April the Hobart Mercury printed a week old photo of Martin Bryant on the front page. This was illegal because at that stage some of the witnesses had not yet been asked to identify the killer, and the photo would have become fixed in the minds of the witnesses. When one witness was asked to describe the clothing worn by the gunman, she described the clothing on the photo instead of what the gunman had worn. The Mercury newspaper was not prosecuted for breaking the law. 


6.  Mrs Wendy Scurr, nurse, tour guide and Ambulance Officer, rang the police at 1.32 pm to report the shooting. She and other medics then cared for the injured and the dead without any police protection for six and a half hours. Who ordered the armed police to stop at Tarana, where they had a barbecue?The police who arrived by boats were a stone's throw away from the main crime scene, the cafe, and they too failed to come in to see what was going on. Was this meant to increase the trauma of the survivors?


7.  Three more shots were fired at Port Arthur at 6.30pm while Bryant was at Seascape. Who fired those shots?


8.  Same Question - Different Answer.  At a recent Forensics Seminar in Queensland where the Tasmanian Police forensic gun inspector, Gerard Dutton, gave a lecture, the first question came from Mr Ian McNiven. He asked if there was any empirical evidence to link Martin Bryant to the Broad Arrow Cafe. Sargent Dutton immediately closed the 15 minute question time and would not reply.When McNiven managed to say "I have here Graham Collyer's police statement...", Sgt Dutton threatened him with arrest and called for security agents to escort McNiven out of the building. When Dutton was asked the same question in America by a Doctor at an American seminar, he replied truthfully - "There is no empirical evidence to link Bryant to the cafe".


9.  Yet a police video tape exists which proves that the police had an excellent opportunity to get DNA samples and finger prints of the gunman. The video briefly shows the blue sports bag on a cafe table. The gunman had carried his 3 rifles in this bag and left it right next to his drinking glass, his Solo soft drink can, knife, fork, plate, video cameras, etc. Why did the police fail to take DNA samples and finger prints? 


10. According to the official story, Bryant first killed David and Sally Martin at Seascape Cottage in the morning, then went on to Port Arthur. Yet two policemen have reported seeing a naked woman with black hair, screaming and running from one building to another at Seascape well into the afternoon. If Sally Martin was dead, who was this woman?


11. Proof of other gunmen in Seascape Cottage.  While Bryant was calmly talking to police by telephone in the cottage during the 'siege' and the conversation was recorded, someone else fired an SKK rifle 20 times. In the transcript the gunfire is recorded as 'coughs' but an electronic analysis of one of the 'coughs' shows that it was an SKK shot.


12. Two More Very Handy Seminars. On the Sunday morning, some 25 specialist doctors (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) from all over Australia had attended a training course in Hobart, and their last lecture was on Terrorist Attack and Gunshot Wounds. They stayed on to take care of the wounded victims.


13. Also, more than 700 reporters from 17 nations came to a seminar in Hobart. They were asked to arrive during the week-end as the seminar was due to begin early on Monday morning. How handy to have 700 scribblerschurning out their anti-gun and disarmament propaganda to the whole world!


14. "There will never be uniform Gun Laws in Australia until we see a massacre somewhere in Tasmania," said Barry Unsworth, NSW Premier, December, 1987 at a conference in Hobart. Prophecy or Planning?


15. "If we don't get it right this time (gun laws) next time there is a massacre, and there will be, then they'll take all our guns off us", said the deputy prime minister, Tim Fischer in May 1996. Who is the "THEY" who would order the removal of our guns?  Did Fischer let slip that gun confiscation has been orderedby someone other than our own leaders?


16. No Respect for the Law.  Our laws demand that a Coronial Inquiry must take place (a) when foreign nationals are killed  (b) when anyone dies in a fire John Howardacted illegally when he ordered the Coronial Inquiry to be abandoned.


17. It is evident that the massacre was planned to happen on the ferry which sailed to the Isle of the Dead every day. The victims were to be eighty elderly American touristswho had come in two coaches.But the plan went awry because the sailing time of the ferry had changed from 1.30 to 2.00 pm.


All the preparations were made for a 1.30 massacre, so the killer began his work at the Broad Arrow Cafe at 1.30, instead of on the ferry at 2.00.


Here is some evidence suggesting that the plan was to kill the Americans at 1.30 on the way to the Isle of the Dead where tourists are shown the ancient convict cemetery -


(a) The gunman had tried to buy a ticket for the 1.30 sailing.

(b) When the gunman began pulling out his weapons in the Cafe, one Professional witness [Anthony Nightingale] stood up shouting
 "No, no, not here!!" If it was not meant to be "here", then it was meant to be somewhere else. Nightingale was shot for he had obviously given the game away.


(c) Had the gunman waited for the 2.00 sailing, the decoyed policemen may have returned with their firearms and two-way radios and upset things.


(d)  Also, with the later start the trauma surgeons at the Royal Hobart Hospital may have dispersed and not been available to treat the wounded victims.

(e) In a video made by the Tasmania Police we are told that some policemen came by sea to Port Arthur in patrol boats. These police did not go ashore. They did not come to the crime scenes at the Cafe or elsewhere to help the victims or to guard the First Aid workers who needed protection. Obviously they expected a massacre at sea, when they saw nothing they returned to Hobart.

(f) On his way to the Historic Site the gunman stopped to help some girls who had problems with their car. He told them of his intention to kill some WASPS [Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestants] the Isle of the Dead.

(g) On the very day Martin Bryant was being sentenced in Hobart, President Clinton was addressing the Australian Parliament in Canberra. Was he there to make sure poor Martin copped the blame for the massacre and that nothing went wrong with the gun confiscation scheme, which of course was the reason for the Port Arthur Massacre?




"I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do.



9. Politicians Shirk Responsibility On The Port Arthur Massacre


Readers will remember that in the immediate aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre, politicians developed collective verbal diarrhoea in the House of Representatives as they joined the feeding frenzy designed to undermine Australian national security by removing defensive weapons from the hands of the public. Nowadays all that has changed, and despite serious questions about the mass murder and the murderers remaining unanswered, the collective verbal sphincter has locked tight, presumably on government orders.  

Recently the Federal Member of Wide Bay, Warren Truss, used the letters column of the South Burnett Times to attack my independent investigation into the Port Arthur massacre, which used military science to prove that Martin Bryant was incapable of killing the victims in the Broad Arrow Cafe. In his letter, Mr Truss tried to explain his reasons for refusing to ask questions in the House of Representatives on behalf of his constituents. 

So that Truss and other Federal Members can be better informed, and thus able to do their duty to their constituents by asking meaningful questions in the House about the sequence of events at Port Arthur, I am providing these additional critical points:-  

On the day of the massacre, the only two policemen on the Tasman Peninsula were decoyed to a remote location at Saltwater River by an anonymous caller reporting a big stash of heroin. There was no heroin, and four minutes after the two policemen reported their arrival at Saltwater River by radio, the shooting started in the Broad Arrow Cafe. Alas, the drive from Saltwater River to Port Arthur is a minimum of thirty minutes, rendering local armed police assistance impossible in a mass murder that lasted only seventeen minutes from start to finish. Research shows this to be the only drugs decoy ever used on the Tasman Peninsula.  

Of the twenty murdered on the Broad Arrow Cafe, nineteen died from the effects of a fatal shot to the head by the Colt AR15, which the shooter fired from his right-hip at an average range of 12 feet without the benefit of a laser sight. Overall, only 29 rounds were used to kill or injure a total of 32 people. Such accuracy and speed is appropriate to the top 1% of expert counter-terrorist marksmen, but is an absolute scientific impossibility for an intellectually-impaired registered invalid. Alas, Martin Bryant always fired his Webley Osprey air rifle from the left shoulder, because he is and has always been a left handed shooter.  

Bryant was evaluated using a range of clinical psychology tests, the result of which were tendered to the Court. Those results are enough to convince any first-year psychology student that Bryant was so intellectually and cognitively impaired that he completely lacked the neuro-phsysiological ability to carry out the complex high-speed Port Arthur operation. Alas, the psychiatrists ignored their own definitive scientific test results, choosing instead to ramble off into a misleading surrealistic twilight world of entirely unproven psychoanalytical mumbo-jumbo.  

Examining whether Bryant might or might not have disliked his class mates at school, or whether he might or might not have had a desire to shoot people during his formative years, become red herrings when faced with the harsh reality that the definitive scientific tests prove Bryant neuro-physiologically incapable of meaningfully participating in the massacre. The real shooter is still very much at large and must be brought to justice as swiftly as possible. Clearly this will not happen until the public finally discard the absurd psychiatric fairy tale that an intellectually-impaired young man with a tested IQ of 66 and severe cognitive limitations, suddenly and entirely magically metamorphosized into the lethal equivalent of one of the world's most highly trained counter-terrorist marksman.  

In sworn statements to police, eyewitnesses Roganovic and Horrocks confirmed that the shooter exited through the front door of the Broad Arrow Cafe carrying a weapon, while a third witness confirmed the weapon was held in the shooter's right hand. Alas, this testimony is in direct conflict with forged video footage obtained direct from America by the Tasmanian Police Service, who entered it as evidence in the Supreme Court against Martin Bryant.  

The American footage was clearly designed to give the false impression that Martin Bryant was responsible for the massacre, but that footage has been proven a forgery scientifically, using a standard TV editing suite, available to anyone in the television industry or to any forensic scientist.  

Just how much hard scientific proof is required to move a Federal Member into asking questions in the House of Representatives on behalf of his constituents I do not know, but Mr Truss might do well to focus on the last point which deals with tendering false evidence to the courts for the express purpose of securing a conviction. This is an extremely grave offense which (in Western Australia) carries the penalty of strict life imprisonment. Truss and his colleagues have it in their power as MPs to raise the matter in the House of Representatives, and to demand that it be formally investigated by the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. The inevitable result would be a mistrial because of the false evidence tendered, allowing Martin Bryant to finally have his day in court before his peers, as the law provides. 



10. Special Forces at Port Arthur


By Joe Vialls  




Israeli Special Forces at Port Arthur

 Mistaravim at work at Beslan, in Gaza and firing dummy rockets into occupied Palestine, the fence behind the rocketeer separates Gaza from OP proper, and

there are Israeli watch towers just a few hundred meters away!


“Just try to remember that the central issue is getting Martin Bryant a trial (which he has never had), rather than allowing others to deflect attention away from this prime requirement.” (Joe Vialls)



JV: Back in 1996 when I destroyed the "official" story about policewoman Yvonne Fletcher’s murder outside the Libyan Embassy in London, a strange thing happened. After fourteen long years of accusing the Libyans of her ruthless killing, members of the mainstream media suddenly changed their minds.



According to unnamed “MI5 sources”, Yvonne’s murder was actually orchestrated and executed by renegade members of MI5 and the British SAS, based at Hereford in England. Seemingly, out of nowhere, those personnel tasked with protecting British national security and bravely rescuing hostages from the Iranian Embassy in the face of impossible odds, were charged with changing sides and murdering an unarmed policewoman on the streets of London!


The reason for this sudden media panic by the lobbies, was probably the knowledge that I had proved a direct written connection between the CIA and 8 St James Square, the building from which the fatal shot was fired. Worse perhaps, I had also proved a direct written connection between the same building and powerful Israeli interests headed by one Frank Maier.




Israeli Special Forces in Tasmania


The latter was unable to clarify details about his  movements the day Yvonne Fletcher was murdered, because only a few  months after I destroyed the official story in 1996, He was  unfortunately incinerated on a mountainside outside Dubrovnik,  when a  USAF CT43A carrying Secretary Ron Brown and others exploded in a  fireball.


Rumor has it the plane was decoyed by a false NDB beacon sited on the mountain, then shot down by a pair of short range Russian made SAM7 heat seekers. But hey, only fools listen to rumors …



Last month, once again seemingly out of nowhere, someone panicked in Australia and floated an almost identical rumor about the mass murder at Port Arthur. Unnamed “ASIO sources” apparently claimed that the mass murder was orchestrated and executed by renegade members of ASIO and the Australian SAS, based at Swanbourne in Western Australia. What an extraordinary coincidence! The modus operandi is identical of course, indicating a common origin for both rumors.


It is time to get this all into perspective.


Certainly the number one shooter at Port Arthur was incredibly highly qualified, and demonstrated specialist skills seen before only in Beirut and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Unfortunately for the lobby dream weavers, the British and Australian SAS Regiments have never operated in Beirut or the Occupied Territories, nor does either proud regiment have any record of shooting unarmed women and children.




Let us be realistic and limit the candidates to those with motive, method and opportunity, plus the skills  and equipment required for the job. Killing large numbers of unarmed  men, women and children at close range requires shooters who have done  this kind of work before, perhaps so many times they have become  completely desensitized to the stress that normal people would suffer in  such a situation.



Beyond this, at least one of the shooters must be a world class marksman in counter terrorist techniques, capable of the speed and accuracy needed in the Broad Arrow Café, where the first nineteen moving targets were killed by single shots to the head, fired from the shooter’s right hip.


Weapon selection and familiarity is of critical importance. As any competition marksman will confirm, the weapon must become an extension of the shooter himself, with both operating together like a single well-oiled machine. At Port Arthur the weapon of choice was a cut-down version of the Colt AR15, known technically as the CAR15.


This is not the weapon of choice for the British or Australian SAS, nor the weapon of choice for the American Delta Force or SEALs. However, it is the weapon of choice for a single ruthless organization in the Middle East, well-versed in its normal use of killing unarmed Palestinian men, women and children at close range in the Occupied Territories.


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the “Mistaravim,” a civilian Israeli Special Forces unit officially formed in 1987, incorporating into its ranks some former members of the IDF who saw service in Beirut during the earlier part of the decade. Technically, the Mistaravim is comprised of “Special Forces Counter Terrorist Undercover Units” (SF CT/U), designed to infiltrate designated areas and eliminate the opposition quickly and efficiently.


This they can and frequently do, with at least three current members thought to possess the speed and accuracy needed for the mass murder at Port Arthur. Unsurprisingly perhaps, some of its members took their holidays down in Australia during 1996, guess where? Not that this provides 100% proof of guilt, you understand...


Perhaps most interesting is this organization’s complete familiarity with the exact weapon used at Port Arthur and its proven ability and willingness to use the CAR15 against unarmed men, women and children, literally hundreds of times in Palestine. For case-hardened members of the Mistaravim, probably the most desensitized mass murderers on the face of the earth, killing another 35 worthless Goyim at Port Arthur would not be at all emotional or traumatic.



Colt AR15 Used at Port Arthur.

The Mistaravim’s weapon of choice is  enlightening, especially as the sawn-off CAR15 is all but unknown to  Australians. They needed weapons possessing an enhanced concealment  feature, indicating handguns and Sub Machine Guns (SMG). However  handguns and SMG lack the firepower and accuracy of assault rifles,  especially in emergency scenarios.  So the Israeli undercover units  searched for a potent firepower assault rifle with a compact frame.


The undercover units lacked the required financial resources to procure new weapons, so they came out with a shoe-string budget idea - to create a "home made" Colt Commandos by chopping down some of the CAR15 barrels in service from the original 14.5 inch length to a shorter sub 10 inch barrel length. Eventually, a new weapon emerged and entered the SF CT undercover units’ arsenal - the extreme short barreled home made Colt sawn-off CAR15.

From the moment of its first introduction in 1987, the sawn off CAR15 was an immediate success within the SF CT undercover community. Not so much for its inherent concealment tactical advantage, but rather because it was a huge status symbol, especially since in 1992 the 14.5 CAR15 become the standard issue weapon in all infantry oriented units, including both SF and regular. So carrying a sawn off CAR15 not only means you are a SF operator, but also means that you are a member of one of the more prestigious CT undercover units.

The sawn off CAR15 was such a success that many high ranking IDF officers adopted it, although they didn't have any actual need for the shorter barrel. Operationally, the sawn-off CAR15 is used in various urban CT application scenarios, both covert and overt. In order to improve the long-range accuracy of the sawn-off CAR15, most were equipped with a custom- made modified muzzle compensator (very similar to the one fitted one the Galil Sniper Rifle).

This compensator replaced the original M16 series flash hider. The sawn-off CAR15 stock was drilled with additional 1-2 holes. The additional holes are known in Israel as Terror Stock, and allow a better firing position when utilizing the Israeli Close Quarters Battle (CQB) entry technique, i.e. stock in center chest rather than in shoulder.

The sawn-off CAR15 weights 1.85 kg, is about 64 cm in length with the stock retracted and is about 72 cm with the stock fully extended. Note that the exact length depends on the actual length of the specific sawn off CAR15 barrel, which vary from one sample to another. The figures given are relevant for a 9 inch long barrel, which is the average length of the sawn-off Mistaravim barrels. Although more modern weapons are available, sawn-off CAR15s are still in active duty in several SF CT undercover units, due mainly to their high status.

End of firearm history lesson, which should be enough for even the most ardent gun nut, but in practical terms at Port Arthur during 1996 the weapon had two other huge advantages. First, it can be stowed in a "Prince" sports bag of the kind found in the Broad Arrow Cafe after the murders, which is too short to hold a full-length Colt Commando CAR15. Remember here the Mistaravim's prime requirement of "enhanced concealment" for tactical scenarios.

The container used to transport the weapon into the Broad Arrow Cafe was unquestionably the Prince sports bag, conveniently left on a cafe table after the mass murder. At 64-65 cm overall length with its stock fully folded, the sawn-off Mistaravim CAR15 and magazines fitted inside the 74 cm-long Prince sports bag easily, but the standard "decoy" Colt Commando later found badly damaged at Seascape could not have fitted at all.



Like all other  standard CAR15s, the weapon found at Seascape has a barrel length of  14.5 inches, resulting in a minimum overall length of 78 centimetres  with its stock fully folded - a  full four centimetres longer than the Prince sports bag itself!



This is critical forensic information, because it proves once and for all time that the damaged weapon found many hours later in the same Seascape building as Martin Bryant, could not under any circumstances have been the same weapon as the CAR15 used in the Broad Arrow Cafe for the mass murder.

The second huge advantage of the Mistaravim sawn-off CAR15, is that its shortened barrel generates a massive blast from the muzzle each time it fires. Well above 160 decibels (pain threshold is only 140 decibels), the CAR15’s muzzle blast is on a par with a stun grenade, and has the same effect in a confined space like the Broad Arrow Café. Thus for several seconds after the first round was discharged, the spatial orientation of everyone inside the Café was destroyed, making it completely impossible for anyone to attempt to defend themselves and their families.

No-one made the much publicized statement “No. Not here!” because after the first three shots, when the statement was allegedly made, everyone in the Café was stone deaf, with at least two survivors suffering burst eardrums. Apart from the shooter, who was unquestionably wearing ear and nasal protection, the occupants of the Café were dazed and incoherent, their central nervous systems completely stunned. It was to be at least fifteen minutes, in some cases more than a week, before most would be able to hear properly again. 



So much for the  Mistaravim and Port Arthur, and back to those willing to spread  unsubstantiated rumors about the institutions tasked to protect them,  viz. MI5, ASIO, and the British and Australian Special Air Service Regiments.



Perhaps you all missed the courage of the latter-named rescuing hostages from an embassy in the face of massed Skorpion firepower; operating alone on the East Timor border, and dying in Blackhawk crashes while merely practicing their skills in defending your respective nations? It is true they were only doing the jobs they were paid to do, but would you be up to it personally?

In time of war, a small core of these men will go on missions you have probably never heard of, because until recently the information was highly classified. In the northern hemisphere at least, special forces troopers are those responsible for placing nuclear demolition munitions behind enemy lines, destroying key installations and stalling an invasion of your country, perhaps for years. None have illusions about the missions. If required to go, they will do so in the certain knowledge that few if any will survive.

Do not misunderstand me here. Australia is supposedly a country of free speech, and I feel sure members of the Australian SAS are far too highly disciplined (and far too busy) to wander around Victoria and Queensland looking for people who have besmirched their good regimental name. This may not however be the case where certain supporters are concerned.

As an example of this, several years ago a British media-owned publishing house printed a book called Operation Nemesis, allegedly written by a former member of the British SAS with detailed knowledge of operations in Northern Ireland. Blood-curdling it was too, with active members of the Special Air Service accused of shooting dozens of innocent Irishmen through the back of the head, before burying them in a mass grave deep in the woods. It was an absolutely riveting read, but it was all untrue.

To cut a very long story short, some months later the true identity of the writer became known, and it was no great surprise to find he was a former Army corporal (a cook or something similar from memory), who had never been near the SAS barracks, much less a member of the Regiment. Rumor has it that shortly after this exposure, the retired corporal's head started bouncing off very hard solid stone walls in London. So often in fact, that he almost had a nervous breakdown. But hey, as I wrote earlier, only fools listen to rumors... 



In any event, for as long as there are fifth columnists among us willing to  recirculate unsubstantiated and blatant propaganda, it is very easy to “divide and rule” countries like Britain and Australia. The best known method is to turn citizens against the police and military, thereby automatically directing suspicion at any officer tasked with law and  order, either here and overseas.


As a dual British/Australian citizen with a military background, I am appalled at the number of people apparently willing to believe that their own armed forces would be prepared to murder 35 Australian men, women and children in cold blood.

Do not be sucked in by disinformation ploys. You all have high intelligence, and do not need to read what others or I might write for guidance. “Lateral thinking” is a puffed up new-age expression designed to pamper pompous academics, but it has no meaning in real life. What really matters is knowing how to think, rather than allowing the media to decide what you should think about. We can all do this, but it does require practice.

Interested? Try this: Record the television evening news on your VCR but do not watch it. When the program is over, play back the tape and watch it with the volume OFF. Without watching the anchorman’s face (to avoid accidental lip-reading), decide what you think each news item is about from the video alone, and make a few notes. Now rewind the tape and replay it with the volume ON. You will probably be amazed at the difference between your own interpretation of the video, and what the anchorman is trying to make you believe!

On the subject of Port Arthur and Martin Bryant there will always be massed media deception, and lobby manipulation. Just try to remember that the central issue is getting Martin Bryant a trial (which he has never had), rather than allowing others to deflect attention away from this prime requirement. Be encouraged rather than discouraged by the recent attempt on ASIO and the Australian Special Air Service, because it proves the lobbies, and others behind the mass murder, are slowly losing their nerve. For the present, be satisfied with that.



11. Bursting the Malachi Martin Bubble

March 17, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph.D

 Malachi Brendan Martin

Malachi Brendan Martin

Powerful forces have maintained the fiction that Malachi Martin left the Jesuit Order voluntarily or on principle. In fact, this prominent church critic was forced to leave the priesthood because he was a scoundrel and a philanderer.

By 1962, he had alienated the affections of at least four housewives and then dropped them.

When one spurned woman asked Martin's brother in Dublin where Malachi was, she was told: 

"Dear girl. I don't know. I must tell you, you are the fourth woman who has come here asking me the same question about Malachi. All of them have essentially the same story to tell. That they were in love with Malachi and thought Malachi was in love with them."

"Four woman?" she demanded. "The same story?"

He nodded, and said, "And one rather attractive young man."

This account can be found in Robert Kaiser's book, "Clerical Error" (2002). The woman was his wife. (pp.284-285)

Kaiser was the TIME magazine correspondent in Rome in the early 1960's.
Martin was a source who became a close family friend. Martin didn't just break up Kaiser's family. (Kaiser and his wife Mary had two young children.) It was much darker. To allay suspicions, Martin mobilized a network of influential contacts to smear Kaiser and have him committed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Martin's books exposed satanic practices in the Catholic church, and the Pope's role in the New World Order. While pretending to be against  world government and the decline of traditional faith and practice, Martin went a long way to discrediting the church. His many books were published by Illuminati mind controller Simon and Schuster, which was a sign that something was fishy.

Kaiser's book, on the other hand, is published by Continuum which bills itself as "unconstrained by the interests of any global media group or academic institution, and based in London and New York."

In it, Kaiser recalls that Martin started hanging out with two officials of the New York-based American Jewish Committee and flashing $100 bills. The Jews were particularly concerned that the 1962  Second Vatican Council pass "the Jewish Schema" which absolved Jews of blame for Christ's Crucifixion and by implication accept guilt for  2000 years of anti-Semitism.

This is a typical example of how Illuminati mind controllers invert good and evil. The Crucifixion of Christ was part of an ancient conspiracy against God and man reaching fruition with the New World Order.

"Martin was their lobbyist." Kaiser wrote. "These Jews were using him and paying him well for his help. (190)

Martin was the secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea who spearheaded the Schema and a general liberalization of church dogma and practice. According to an article in Wikipedia, Martin passed confidential documents to the American Jewish Committee, which is a front for Illuminati bankers. He also wrote under pseudonyms many inflammatory articles for Illuminati magazines like Harper's describing the foot dragging of Vatican conservatives.

Martin had a reputation as a liar. Mark Owen cites psychiatrist M. Scott Peck's book "Glimpses of the Devil"  about possession and exorcism. According to Peck, Martin, although a formidable scholar and polyglot (17 languages), could by turns be a "pathological liar" and a "leprechaun."

In an email, Owen told me that Peck said that in his book "Hostages to the Devil" Martin claimed he performed exorcisms that were actually performed by Peck.


Bob Kaiser's book, Clerical Error is also about attaining maturity. Kaiser spent 10 years as a Jesuit himself. He makes the point that immaturity is really a function of having "idols and "taking guidance from "authorities" like the Jesuits or "experts."

Kaiser was fooled by Martin's collar and couldn't see what was happening in his own home. Then instead of taking action, he sought help from the Jesuit Order, who generally prevaricated. His so-called friends didn't alert him.

Kaiser learned that maturity is not so much gaining wisdom as confidence in one's own judgment, trusting oneself no matter one's limitations.

“‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’ is really an order from God to all of us: to take charge of ourselves, think our own thoughts, and feel our own feelings. I other words, to grow up.” (262)

For a lot of us, maturity has been realizing that no one knows very much, and there are a lot of unscrupulous, stupid and evil people in the world.

One of these was Malachi Martin. Just a month ago I posted an article about his claims of a "satanic enthronement in the Vatican." I had always regarded him as a good guy although I wondered about his Jewish publisher.

Now, I would avoid his work, because I regard him as a classic example of the Illuminati phoney opposition. Martin pretended to oppose the dismantling of the Catholic Church while secretly advancing it. His personal behavior revealed where his true loyalties lay. 


Thanks to Mark Owen for referring me to Clerical Error


Michael Hoffman on Malarchy Martin 


Further Reading:

Who is Malachi Martin

The Jesuit Operative Malachi “Maimonides” Martin Reconsidered 

Malachi Martin: Double-Minded Occultist 

Jesuit Operative Malachi Martin Reconsidered
An Exchange of Correspondence Regarding Malachi Martin


12. Would US Troops Fire on Americans?

March 15, 2010

There were more than one hundred dead and wounded, including children and babies, in 1932 when US troops dispersed a camp of WW1 veterans demanding only what had been promised them.

Have No Doubt America ...


By M. Ernest Smith



The question often has been asked, especially during these last few years, if American military troops would indeed fire upon American citizens if so ordered by Washington.  The answer?  Have no doubt America, because it's already happened.


WWI was a terrible war that introduced new weapons and tactics resulting 100,000 US deaths as well as US 200,000 wounded and gassed in the first eighteen months alone.


The soldiers fighting that war for America earned between $1.00 and $1.50 per day while those serving under Selective Service in factories supporting the war earned as much as ten times that amount. After the war, the veteran soldiers demanded to be paid what they had lost during the war years as "adjusted compensation" as promised by the United States government. Later, their detractors would call it a "bonus".




Herbert Hoover, a self-made millionaire, said during his inaugural address that "the future of the country was bright with hope"...  Seven months later the Great Depression hit.  In 1932, there was 25% unemployment and many of the unemployed were WWI veterans and their families.  It was decided that the veterans led by Walter W. Waters  would march on Washington, D.C.


By May of 1932, there were approximately 10,000 veterans and a few families totaling 30,000, who occupied what was called the Anacostia Flats neighborhood of Washington, D.C. where the vets slept in tents, barrels and some makeshift huts in almost a foot of mud. 


Later, the veterans and their families proceeded to march and demonstrate to remind the Congressional representatives to keep their promise of compensation to the WWI vet, so badly needed and necessary during this nationwide financial disaster. 


At first, the Congress approved the measure but the Senate soundly defeated it days later.  It was during this time President Hoover resolved to drive the veterans out of Washington D.C. back to their homes. However, the larger problem was that most of the veterans didn't have any homes.  Many were squatting in abandoned buildings.

Solution? President Hoover ordered the Washington, D.C. police to drive the vets out of the abandoned buildings.  As with any forcible action, it was met with resistance...people fought the police...bricks were thrown and the police opened fire: two vets were killed.


It seems that anytime there is a police action around a government capital, troops are called ... reader, take notice.




President Hoover ordered General Douglas MacArthur who led 200 Cavalry, 400 armed troops, tanks and other armored vehicles against AMERICAN citizens and veterans of a war the government sent them to fight and die!


General MacArthur was not the only "Who's Who" participating in this "tyrannyfest", General MacArthur's aide, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and then Major George Patton also had a hand in the action.  It should be noted that a witness, then seven year old Naamen Seigle, witnessed Major Patton draw his saber and lead the charge against the mass of veterans.


With Patton and the Calvary charging, the 400 ground troops dawned their gas masks and proceeded to hurl gas grenades into the crowd of veterans, a bitter reminder of battles such as in the Meuse-Argonne Forest in France. 


No, this gassing was compliments of their own government.  As the veterans ran choking from the effects of the gas, the troops with bayonets fixed, charged and jabbed their way into the crowd.  Hundreds of veterans were injured and several killed.


After General MacArthur gained control of the situation, President Hoover ordered the General to proceed no further. But General MacArthur had other ideas.  General MacArthur is quoted as saying "I cannot bother with pieces of paper during a military operation" and advanced on the Anacostia Flats encampment.  It was during this unauthorized attack that MacArthur ordered the burning of the encampment to the ground.


What justification did General MacArthur use? He felt a Communist plot for revolution was at handReader, beware. 


What do we learn from this piece of history?  The government will use our own military to suppress its citizenry if it feels threatened and it will use any excuse to do so.




Note: Posse Comitatus does not apply to Washington D.C. because it is a federal district governed by the U.S. Congress (U.S. Constitution, Article 1. Section 8. Clause 17).  As usual, they have their bases covered.


Mike Smith is a 49 year old Senior at Liberty University majoring in Psychology and preparing for his Masters work in Professional Counseling. " I find myself apolitical with only the best interest of humanity in mind and a firm believer in God and Truth."


Additional Resources ...

The Warning of the Last Days

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“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations Organization) ...

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“If someone was planning to murder you, you would like to know months in advance, wouldn’t you?”

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The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial

The Time for Talk is Over

“The trip is over folks, we are out of road. I wish I could tell you where you are going. If you don't know or don't have a map, it wouldn't do me much good to try to tell you anyway. One thing is for certain; from here you will walkthe rest of the way. For many it will be to destination unknown. Most are on the way to the City of Despair, in the State of Confusion, located within the Nation of Disgrace. For others, the destination will not be pleasant nor a matter of choice. You get the picture. Those who, ‘take all of your belongings and climb into the truck,’ will weep in utter misery for the personal negligence that they brought upon themselves and their families. You will have paid the ultimate price.

 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22: 3, KJV)


So,...will you take the final moments God is giving you to step away from your ‘stupid zone’ and do what you should have so long ago? Will you finally make some plans? Will you really sell off your unnecessary toys and purchase the absolutely necessary survival tools that will give you just a chance to make it through? Will you search out the ultimate truth of our predicament and the One who can give you peace, serenity and eternal life? Can you admit that putting a dictator in office was one of your very worst mistakes, and you will try to make amends by resisting him and his communist platform? Will you do all you can to convert your family and friends who also voted for him and others supporting him to work against him in every way possible? That may sting and burn to be told that, but it is far better than the amputation of your limbs that is coming if he continues to dismantle this nation and its last freedoms.

“Procrastination in implementing your family's self preservation plans will be terminal.” [1]


Editorials like these are expected to consume about 1500 words. This is half that. Like I said, the time for talk is over.”


[1] Dr. Greg Evenson


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The Time for Talk is Over

Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight 

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Worldwide Church of God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International 

Worldwide Church oof God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International book cover.

“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” (2 Peter 2: 22)

“As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26: 11) 

Discover the part played by the Illuminati Jew, Rupert Murdoch (pictured above), and his Zondervan publishing company, in the destruction of Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

What Murdoch "... is not is an Australian 'right wing' billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda." (Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.)

Get the book here.

UFO's Originate in Nazi Antarctic Bases 

Nazi flying saucers thumbnail.

"Perhaps in order to engineer and prepare the global collective psyche to the "great earth-shattering announcement" that may be coming any day now, ... that the US, UK and allies are in contact with "technologically superior beings from other worlds, which do exist after all and we are in contact with them."

Read more here ...

"The only correct term for the mis-called 'anti-Semitic' is 'Jew-wise.' It is indeed the only fair and honest term. The phrase 'anti-Semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." (The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, p. 63)

Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?

“Is it ok if I vent a little today? I’ve built up a little frustration over the past couple of months and I just need a pressure release. Will you let me do it?


As you may be aware I have started a varsity football program at a local Christian High School. Although I vowed to myself that I would never return to prowling the sidelines when I walked away from public education in 2000,the opportunity to train young males to be men was something I could not, in good conscience, run from.


Not all males are men. I hope you understand that. Especially convincing is the evidence I have garnered recently that Christian males in particular are the least manly.



Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?


How Shall We Tell The Children? 

 "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19 (KJV)

How Shall We Tell The Children eBook cover image

"But how shall we tell the children? We probably won't tell them; the knowledge would be too dangerous to the "system" we have developed to ensure our own preservation. As long as they will continue to work in order to support, and in order to die in, for, and because of our system, we will allow as many of them who can do so, to survive until we have lived out our lives in the manner to which we have become accustomed. It has always worked before, so maybe it will continue to work long enough to keep me comfortable until I die. It is a gamble in which the odds are becoming increasingly negative."

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How The World Really Works, by Alan Jones 

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The picture which Alan Jones paints in this book is one which you must understand if your efforts in truly understanding how the world REALLY works are ever to amount to anything. We paint that picture by presenting an ordered set of book reviews which identify our enemies and describe the primary strategies and actions which they have taken against us over the last 100 years or so. Our goal in writing the book was to provide an accurate portrayal of that picture within the covers of a single moderate- length book. The 12 chapter titles of How The World Really Works are ... the names of the books being reviewed.

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This is Alan Jones' most recent book, published in April, 2001. While countless books have been written revealing yet one more outrage which the New World Order folks have perpetrated on us, Jones has resolved on an entirely different purpose: to define a way of mounting a counterattack on those elites, and not just delay their next victory, but destroy their viability, and take back our country and the world for middle class citizens everywhere. In the same way that an army or a football team will surely lose in the long run if it has only a defense and no offense, we too shall lose our world to the elites if we fail to marshal our resources, mount a viable offense against them, and reduce their present dominance of public affairs to a nullity. To that end, this book goes right back into history to discover their origin, their modus operandi, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses. The exercise has been successful, and reveals a crucial weakness which may readily be exploited. We will, in this web page, outline our search, our major findings, and finally a plan of action to save our country for the benefit, we hope, of a great number of future generations of free citizens. Our historical look will go back 2000 years and beyond. Our sources are not generally well known, are not Nobel prize- winning historians, but nevertheless are historical truth seekers whose researches are uniquely valuable. Each of the chapters of Secrecy or Freedom? carries the title of the historical work which is reviewed in that chapter. In this web page, we will give you an inkling of what is covered in each of these chapters, with the hope that these few words will lead you to order our book, carefully absorb its contents, and then join in our proposed action plan to take back our country.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man, by Mary Croft 

You're an asset of the state. You're duped into entering the world of commerce and finance and trapped in imaginary debt bya brilliant but simple con. When you see your name written in UPPERCASE LETTERS it has a very different meaning to the one your parents gave you. This is an amazing ebook. We highly recommend it.

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Classy Beauty, 25, Seeks Man Making $500K 

 Classy Beauty, 25, seeks man making $500M.

Reply to "Classy" Beauty,25, who advertised on Craig's List for a Man Making $500K.

The Answer ...

I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year.

Read the Answer the "Classy" Beauty Got

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell (1903-1950)

We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning.

“Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein: “We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath.)”

(From The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell is All This Happening Again? by David Thatcher.)

False Flag Operations or "False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy.

False Flag Operations

John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education"

"If we ever needed a battering ram to pull down the evil structure of compulsory public schooling, this book should be able to do the job. The book calls for a revolution. But not a violent one. It can be won easily and peaceably by merely taking the kids out of the public schools. It's still legal to do so. That would change America radically. But the pessimists will say that most parents are too brain-dead to care what goes on in the public schools. Those parents who do care have already gotten their kids out and are homeschooling them. But we know that every day more and more parents are beginning to see the light. That's encouraging." (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)

Read more: 
John Taylor Gatto

Democracy Is An Illusion 

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,approximately the same policies". (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

Democracy Is An Illusion

Why Men are So Attracted to Foreign Women 

Have you ever wondered why men are so attracted to foreign (non-Western) women? Have you heard from a friend lately that her ex fiancee is now looking for a Russian bride or that a male relative is engaged to a Filipina? And, do you scoff at that and put it down to these men being 'desperate' and those women as just wanting a ticket into the country?

Why You Shouldn't Get Involved With a Married Man [or Woman]
Here's a question that's been sent to me recently about a woman wondering if she should get involved with a married man. Here's my reply telling her why you shouldn't get involved with a married man! This woman's name has been changed to remain anonymous.

What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

What You Should Know About Swine Flu eBook cover image

"These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

We also need to realise - here, now - that  we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged  fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Never was this more important than with  the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate  mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccin-ation programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine." (David Icke)

Free Download: What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

This Has to be the Definitive Report on the Vaccination Hoax.  

“The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon. National Institutes of Health.

Are you scared when you’re told you have to vaccinate your child with 49 doses in 14 vaccines before age 6? Or are you scared at the idea of not vaccinating and so “exposing” your child to serious illnesses?

Are you scared about the school threatening you that if you don’t vaccinate you can’t enrol your child?

FEAR. That’s what all these pro-vaccine campaigns are based on. As a parent, what’s the biggest scare of all? When your child gets sick with a serious disease and you feel responsible for that. As you see, vaccine supporters couldn’t go wrong with this and developed a dogma that’s been bought over and over again over the years by people. The magic insurance policy to solve it all.

So, even if your child gets sick, at least you know you did everything you could for his/her health and vaccinated, right? But what if the very vaccination is able to cause the illness in the first place??

Could The Vaccine Hoax Be Over?

An extraordinary paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

The 45 page paper with detailed evidence can be downloaded here.

Also see the short article about this report in Issue #65a of our newsletter Last Days Watch, which is here.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"  (Matthew 7: 15)

Vicious wolf

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11: 13-15)

We are Facing Orwellian, Totalitarian Slavery 

That's what they want to impose on us. That's the reason behind all the national identity cards, DNA data bases, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices in cars and trucks and cell phones, digital micro-chipping of everything from A to Z, Internet surveillance and censorship, telephone taps, body and luggage searches and scans at airports, finger printing of air travelers and bank customers, interrogations at airline boarding gates, intrusive banking regulations, and much more. The Powers That Be are branding and penning up the global "human herd" in just the same way that cattle ranchers tag their cattle herds with ear tags and fence them into feed lots to fatten them up for slaughter. The Powers That Be regard us as their livestock, as their personal property, and they are in the process of branding us, tagging us, and penning us up, so that they can manage us like cattle or swine. Our plight is that stark and simple.


So do you want to be a slave or free? That's the question. Because if you want to be free you're absolutely going to have to do something about it. Millions of people are going to have to go outside of their comfort zone, that's the hard truth of the matter, because the status quo is simply not remotely acceptable for people who want to live as free human beings on this planet.


Don't imagine that you can just vote in the next criminally rigged election and a new set of corrupt politicians will somehow magically make things better. THEY WON'T. The galling thing is that the Powers That Be have set up a global system to which they insist we assiduously adhere and obey every corrupt dictate they issue, while they themselves flagrantly flout the Constitution with impunity, and never cease massively enriching themselves and their plutocrat cronies, and rolling in corrupt luxury, at our ruinous expense.


This pathetic charade will continue only as long as the people permit it, because when the people declare a de facto Jubilee Year, the jig will be up. As a matter of fact, that process is already underway. It is a simple truth that unemployed people cannot service a loan, cannot pay a tax bill, and cannot pay a fine that is imposed on them for failure to do any of the foregoing. So as the unemployed rolls continue to swell, more and more people will simply refuse or fail to make credit card payments, to pay back home, automobile and student loans, and will default on furniture, appliance and pay day loans, and much more. This is already happening and the trend will increase.”


Read the Full Story:
Hidden in Plain Sight 


The Manipulated Man

The Manipulated Man book cover.

Are You Laughing Yet, or Would You Forward this Email on to a Friend or Relative? 

The Email "Are You Laughing Yet?"

Pass this very insightful email on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it ... no one will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.

The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide 

"Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to 'control' the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers. Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2)." (Alan Caruba)

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes  

Lindsey Williams' book cover,

Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister and author of the 1980's book The Energy Non-Crisis (on line) has been reporting inside information about oil price-manipulation for many years now, and generally the information has been accurate.

According to Pastor Williams, the Globalists are fomenting rebellion as an excuse to raise the oil prices to $150-200 a barrel.

Pastor Williams revealed in his book that the US has huge untapped oil reserves that the elites have known about for decades. After manipulating the oil prices  to around $200 a barrel, we will finally see these US oil reserves opened for production.

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes

"Anyone not preaching coming out of the state church and the government system is a false prophet."(Neal King,

Christ's Flag is The Union Jack 

The Union Jack.

The Union Jack

The Australian and New Zealand flags go back much further than the 200 years you probably are aware of. Notice the most prominent symbol on all these flags is the eight-pointed cross. This 8 pointed cross consists of two different four pointed crosses (the x and the + crosses) that are superimposed!

The Australian National Flag.

Australian Flag

The New Zealand National Flag.

New Zealand Flag

Their heraldic  symbolism goes back 3,500 years; to the time of Moses and Joshua, the great Israelite (not Jewish) Military-Commanders.

The vertical cross on the flag is for the Great Cross that is formed at critical times in the Galaxy, and this is called the Galactic Cross. T  he diagonal cross stands for the Earth Cross. The Earth cross is the cross of the Zodiac, while the Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic and its perpendicular axis.

Four times during the Great Year (which is 25,920 years long)--i.e. every 6,480 years--the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross to form a single four-pointed cross in the sky. This is what will occur on December 21, 2012, which will herald the end of the "Dark Cycle."

For more information download Part I and Part II of Jan Wicherink's "Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses" reports.  These reports are also in our free book The Prophet Daniel and December 21, 2012.

The red on the flag stands for human blood, and the white stands for the Birthright Holy Spirit, which does the work of redemption (i.e. the born-again process), thus changing a sinful human being into a true blue-blood (i.e. the Elect). Blue is the colour of Sirius, and the Creator God of ancient Khemit (Egypt) known as Ptah (who we call God the Father). In this process it is important to know that there are 216 bones in the human body, and the blood is actually made in the bones!

Furthermore, the science of Khemitology reveals that Ptah was referred to as “He Who Comes from the Blue,” and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin.

What race was Ptah depicted as?

In the depictions of Ptah from ancient Khemit (the proper name for ancient Egypt) “Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose, and Negroid lips. He apparently represents many races as the ‘Father’ or progenitor race from Sirius. Ptah became known as Dyas or Zeus to the Greeks, and later ‘pater’ (father) to the Romans: Ptah, Pater, ‘Father Race.’” (Source: Stephen S Mehler’s The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001, p. 180)

It is also noteworthy that Egyptologist’s word for the bright star Sirius is Sopdet (Sp.dt). According to the science of Khemitology, the Egyptologists have it wrong (and I would heartily agree), and the word should be S.pth, which is Sa-Ptah, “The Birthplace of Ptah.” Thus we see the clear connection between God the Father and the eighth planet of the Solar System, the bright star Sirius.

For more information on the names of the Messiah and God the Father, and these flags, see our free book The God Messiah Worships.

The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

British coat of arms.

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.

The TRUE Israel People have, on their "Coat-of-Arms", a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse "rampant" with one horn. The amber Lion "rampant" on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed "House of Judah" and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox "rampant" on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed "House of Israel", collectively making the 12-tribed "Kingdom of Israel".

The word British is Hebrew. It means "the People of the Covenant" or in other words "the People Israel", whose written Constitution; under that Covenant, that they have rejected to their own loss; is written in the Bible (Israel's Book) that they still swear on to tell the Truth, but whose Constitution, under which there are no poor people, is then foolishly rejected by almost everyone, in favour of inferior and unjust, man-made laws and economics which cause poverty and therefore also crime brought about by deprivation and desperation.

Read More.

Compare the imposter Antichrist's Coat-of-arms (below) ...

The Antichrist's coat-of-arms.

The lion facing the East stands for the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the 12th Sign in the Birthright Zodiac. The unicorn stands for the Constellation of Pegasus in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Both animals are holding the Shield of Salvation, or the Shield of Damnation, depending upon your attitude to God and your way of life, whether you are in rebellion or submission.

Consequently the Lion stands for the White Crown of Upper Egypt, while the Unicorn stands for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. While the symbols may have changed, the meaning has remained the same over the Millenia.

The Bible is Not a Jewish Book 

The statement is commonly made, even by those who should know better, that “we Christians owe a debt to the Jews, for we got our Bible, and our religion, from them.” While many people have been deceived into believing this, it is completely false.  Part of the mistake comes from the complete confusion in the minds of nearly all people as to just what they mean by “Jew.” Are they referring to people of a certain race? Or people of a certain religion? For the two are not the same.  There are in Africa today some pure-blooded Negroes who are Jews by religion and there are in China today some pure-blooded Mongolians who are Jews by religion. Likewise, there are some people today who are racially of the stock we know as Jews, but who have been converted to other religions.

Read the Full Article:
The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? 

“In another pamphlet, entitled How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? Adin Ballou [another champion of non-resistance] says: ‘One man may not kill. lf he kills a fellow-creature, he is a murderer. lf two, ten, a hundred men do so, they, too, are murderers. But a government or a nation may kill as many men as it chooses, and that will not be murder, but a great and noble action. Only gather the people together on a large scale, and a battle of ten thousand men becomes an innocent action. But precisely how many people must there be to make it so?- that is the question. One man cannot plunder and pillage, but a whole nation can. But precisely how many are needed to make it permissible? Why is it that one man, ten, a hundred, may not break the law of God, but a great number may?” (Quoted in Leo Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, p. 6.)

"Don't think for a moment you are going to vote the Illuminati out of office. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. (However, God controls the hearts of His people.)" (From The Top 13 illuminati Bloodlines, by Fritz Springmeier)
Woe Unto You Lawyers! (and Policemen) 

"Of all the specialized skills abroad in the world today, the average man knows least about the one that affects him most – about the thing that lawyers call The Law. A man who will discourse at length about the latest cure for streptococci infection or describe in detail his allergic symptoms cannot begin to tell you what happened to him legally – and plenty did – when he got married. A man who would not dream of buying a car without an intricate and illustrated description of its mechanical workings will sign a lease without knowing what more than four of its forty-four clauses mean or why they are there. A man who will not hesitate to criticize or disagree with a trained economist or an expert in any one of a dozen fields of learning will follow, unquestioning and meek, whatever advice his lawyer gives him. Normal human skepticism and curiosity seem to vanish entirely whenever the layman encounters The Law.

There are several reasons for this mass submission, One is the average man’s fear of the unknown – and of policemen."

“Telling the story of the rise of Communism [Nazarene Remnant comment: This term Communism needs to be replaced by the word Satanism, because we now know that this term was chosen to hide the underlying devotion to Satan that drives these people. End NR comment] means revealing the histories of the worst of the criminals involved at the time. But this is necessary, for without knowledge of the secrets of evil, we cannot properly develop the good, either. As the Swedish philosopher Henry T. Laurency wrote: ‘Only he who knows evil knows good.’ 
Then we shall appreciate goodness above everything else on earth.Then we may really be able to welcome the truth, even if it is frightening and dismiss lies, even if they are pleasant.” (Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 63)