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Issue #16
26 January, 2009

Learn to deal with reality or
reality will deal with you.


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Contents of this Issue ...

  1. The "Inauguration" and Coronation of Barack Obama as First Black President of the USA.
  2. Tony Blair Hails 'god's Love' In Extraordinary Speech As He Stands Alongside Obama At Prayer Breakfast. 
  3. Pastor Lindsey Williams Details "Economic Calamity" Ahead
  4. Netanyahu Warns of Iran Nuclear "Dash"
  5. 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300
  6. You Must Understand What Project BlueBeam Really Is?
  7. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
  8. Be Warned of End-Time Satanic Deception Ploy #1
  9. This Is One Of The Most Important Videos About Israel Made To Date.
  10. "Soviet Agents" Designed IMF, World Bank and United Nations
  11. Why has Hollywood ignored the Katyn forest executions of 1940?
  12. Other Headlines in Brief

    Last Days Watch is Dedicated to Watching and Reporting About the Enemy Who Intends to Murder 95% of the World's Population and Enslave the remaining 500 million ...

    "Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose."
    (Source: Henry Makow, Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda )

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    1. The "Inauguration" and Coronation of Barack Obama as First Black President of the USA

    "A picture is worth a thousand words"


     Coronation of Barack Obama

    "What about the masses who responded to the prod and voted for Obama? It's being reported that nearly two million people showed up for the coronation two days ago. It would have been convenient to have stands along the way to fit these people for their chains of bondage. I hope you can take time over the weekend to read a document I covered on my radio show as the coronation parties were in full swing. What made millions swoon, weep, raise their hands to the heavens, declare Obama the next Messiah and go over the edge for a nobody with a closed past - besides the color of his skin?" (Devvy Kidd,
    No, We Don't Have A New President)

    Also see:

    No, We Don't Have A New President

    Obama's Speech Written By 27 Yr Old In Starbucks

    Obama Retakes Oath Of Office In Private

    Obama's use of hypnotic technique during his speeches

    The Strange Case Of Obama's Inaugural Oath Of Office

    Will Obama Continue The 'Israeli Lie?'

    The Nightmare Begins: Obama Outlines His Gay Agenda On, here:

    Comments from , a well-known gay community Web site.

    Just how far out on the limb Obama has travelled is well expressed by the comment from thess gay activists:

    Rick said: "As I post this I am a tad aw struck after going to I read all of Obamas agenda and his positions on the LGBT community. I must say it has addressed many issues for us, in a really positive way. WOW. If you have not read it you need to. I have never seen a politician that has gone so far out on a limb for us."

    Robbie said: "I think one of the most important things to remember is that the election of our president is a direct reflection of the will of the people. To have someone in office that supports these things as a representative of the people is an amazing step. As those people being directly affected by such legislation it's our responsibility to educate and advocate for the things we believe in, not only for ourselves but for all people. Obama needs more than just the LGBT communities' support on these issues. He needs us to embody the very equality and respect we are fighting for. I believe we are capable of change and I hope we are willing to change."

    Charlie said: "I'm not so sure what the obsession with being able to get married is. I don't know of many guys capable of committing to more than a week long relationship. The exception of a few who are in it for financial reasons (sugar daddy's)."

    David said: "Didn't you get it? Barack Hussein Osama is the Biggest Nigerian Scam of them all!!!!"

    I thought all the Log Uncle Tom Republikkkans had gone to live with Larry Craig and his "understanding" wife after their latest electoral self-embarrassment. Nice to have you back and contributing, you racist moron.

    Corrective_unconscious said: "I don't care that he invited the Rev. Rick Warren to give the opening prayer: it is true that to be the president of all Americans, Obama must reach out to all Americans. Via having Warren speak, he made an effort to show that those who have very conservative beliefs (and also make up a large population in this nation) will be considered alongside the rest of us and that there's room for all valid ideas. I don't agree with Warren at all, but for a conservative preacher you can expect no less than his stance. Obama, as this article proves, has provided gays with a clear and fair and hopeful agenda to extent to us broader rights. That's far more powerful than one preacher and one prayer. Get over Warren already."


    2. Tony Blair Hails 'god's Love' In Extraordinary Speech As He Stands Alongside Obama At Prayer Breakfast

    "Tony Blair famously 'didn't do God' during his decade in Downing Street, fearing he would be viewed as a religious fanatic.

    But the former Prime Minister lectured the world yesterday on the need to put faith at the heart of global affairs.

    In an impassioned 'sermon' in the U.S. he made no fewer than 31 mentions of God, and declared: 'In surrendering to God we become instruments of his love'.

    Mr Blair also scored a diplomatic coup as the first 'world leader' to shake hands with President Barack Obama, who hailed him as 'my good friend'.

    He said Mr Blair 'did it first and perhaps did it better' and had been an example to so many people around the world 'of what dedicated leadership can accomplish'."

    Read the Full Article:
    Tony Blair Hails 'god's Love' In Extraordinary Speech As He Stands Alongside Obama At Prayer Breakfast


    3. Netanyahu Warns of Iran Nuclear "Dash"

    From Paola Totaro in Davos
    January 30, 2009
    The man who is likely to become Israel's next prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has used the World Economic Forum to warn global leaders that Iran's race for nuclear weapons is a far greater global danger than the financial crisis.

    Speaking in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, less than a fortnight before Israel's elections, Mr Netanyahu said Tehran was in the last, "100-yard dash" to the finish line for nuclear armament.

    And he warned that while the global financial crisis posed a terrible danger to the world, ultimately it would be beaten if governments unified with their central banks and took cooperative measures to stimulate international economies and reverse the downturn.

    But in a pointed and political call to more than 40 heads of state and national leaders attending the conference, he said: "What is not reversible is the acquisition of nuclear weapons by a fanatic radical regime committed to a pre-medieval view of the world, "We have never had, since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear weapons in the hands of such a fanatical regime."

    His comments, clearly designed to bolster his standing in the imminent polls in Israel, he said any efforts worldwide to secure peace in the Middle East would fall apart if Tehran managed to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

    Mr Netanyahu was speaking on a panel on leadership which included the British Opposition Leader, Conservative David Camero. The Israeli said that three qualities were needed to successfully lead a nation: courage, power that is usable and a level of vision.

    "Unless you have the big three - the vision, the power and the guts - it is not going to happen," he said.

    Mr Netanyahu insisted that he wanted to "move rapidly to advance a workable peace", with moderates in the Palestinian Authority and said the Iranian race was the greatest challenge facing the leaders of the 21st century."

    Iran has consistently denied that it is moving towards nuclear armament insisting the push is for energy and peaceful use.

    Netanyahu warns of Iran nuclear 'dash'

    Mr Netanyahu used the forum discussion to float his proposed economic stimulus package for Israel signalling tighter government spending, tax cuts and increased competitiveness including major infrastructure construction.

    "My vision is that we can use this crisis to complete reforms so that Israel becomes one of the ten most competitive economies in the world," he said.

    The most recent polls suggest that Likud and other tough talking parties winning a majority in the parliament, giving Mr Netanyahu a strong chance of forming a government.

    However during a discussion on Central Asia and the Caucuses on Thursday, Iran's Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, signalled a positive response by his nation if the new US President, Barack Obama's promises on a new tack in foreign policy changes are "genuine".

    He said nations of his region are waiting to see if the US leadership is offering strategic or just rhetorical change: "We do believe that if the new administration of the United States, as President Obama has said, is going to change its policies, not in talking but in acts, then definitely it will find in the region a creative and cooperative reaction, including from Iran."

    He said his country's 3000-year history had shown that the Iran's relationships with its neighbours are based on peaceful coexistence and had helped work towards "stability and security which we consider to be in our interests, as well as in those of other countries in the region.


    4. Pastor Lindsey Williams Details "Economic Calamity" Ahead

    January 16, 2009

    (This is a summary by "Tom" of a recent interview of Williams by Gianni Hayes)

    Dear Friends and Family:
    For some years now, I have been saying that the "money changers" and "banksters" in London and New York are setting us up. They're playing a money game in which all of the marbles are on the table. It seems that this game is now in the bottom of the Ninth inning. Tonight I listened to the Reverend Lindsey Williams on American Voice Radio, hosted by Ms. Gianni Hayes. Some people will recognize his name, some won't. I am not going to go into a lengthy bio. You will have to do that research yourself, assuming you even have an interest. I will only mention that he is the man who, because of his contacts in the oil industry, correctly predicted that the world price for oil would fall from roughly $140.00 per barrel to less than $50.00 per barrel. He claims to be well connected to what he calls "the power elite," and I firmly believe that he is telling the truth. But, what he calls the power elite is just one level of corporate America. He interacted with the high paid servants of the oil industry. That would be the executives of ARCO and other big oil companies when he served as chaplain for the Alaska pipeline. He knows and admits that the "real power" is much further up the food chain. Bottom line? Personally, as far as I am concerned, Reverend Williams character and credibility are unimpeachable. I think it is very important to pay attention to what he has to say.
    After two hours of interview I had four legal pages of notes. I am going to relate as best I can the highlights of that interview. Some of you will get duplications because some of you are on more than one of my mailing lists. Please understand. I consider this matter to be extremely important!
    This will be rough, since it will be stream of consciousness, right off of my note pad. But it is the message that is important and not the delivery.

    1. The reason why the "elite" dropped the world price of oil down below $50.00 a barrel was to wage economic warfare against the Arab/ OPEC countries. "They" seek to bankrupt OPEC countries., especially the Iranians by cutting their revenues more than 75%. (Do you think that is why Mr. Chavez is so belligerent towards the USA?) Why would they do that? Because Iran and the other OPEC states are getting too strong and too wealthy. The Iranians are running an oil bourse, that effectively sidesteps the oil markets of New York and London. (My note. Even worse they are trading oil not for dollars but for other currencies such as the Euro. This is a direct threat to the western banking system.) According to Williams, this will not be allowed to continue. This is about control!!  "What is happening today has been planned for years and there are other more nefarious motives, which will be outlined below.
    2. The world reserve currency is the dollar and dollar denominated assets such as U.S. Treasury Debt. The Arabs have been recycling their petro dollars into U.S. Treasury debt for thirty five years. (My comment. The Arabs/OPEC have been financing our national debt. This is per agreement with the New York Banking establishment, and the U.S. Treasury. This arrangement has been part of the world order since the collapse of the Bretton Wood Agreement in 1971. This is now coming to an end.) Now that they are being bankrupted (intentionally) the OPEC/Arab states are no longer willing or able to buy Treasury Debt. Hence, the interest on the National Debt (which now exceeds 15 Trillion dollars?) is not being financed by foreign creditors. China, India and other Asian states are doing the same thing. "They are running from dollar denominated assets." Therefore, the Federal Reserve is now buying up all the Treasury Debt issued by the U.S. Treasury to cover the debt maintenance on the national debt. (My Comment: this is called monetization and it is highly inflationary.) (My note: to put this in perspective, the so-called bailout, which was really nothing but a heist without the guns, in the amount of 700 billion dollars, was actually in the amount of 8.5 trillion dollars. All of this sum represents more debt "created" by the Federal Reserve which is then added to the National Debt. In addition to being extremely inflationary, we will be paying interest ("tribute?") on this debt to the banksters in perpetuity.)
    3. Gold and Oil generally move in tandem i.e., when oil goes up, so does gold. This has not been the case since the oil market collapsed. Gold has shown huge relative strength to the price of oil. Because of intense world wide demand and speculation the relationship between gold and oil will no longer continue. Gold will now move independently of oil.
    4. This year, 2009, the USA will face total financial collapse.  The dollar will also collapse in value, and it will take years for the U.S.A. to recover.
    5. OPEC has been cutting production steadily but they cannot influence the supply of oil enough to affect the world price.
    6. Pastor Lindsey said that the Papacy and the Jesuits had nothing to do with what was going on.
    7. He said we have more than enough oil in the USA for our own needs, but the so-called "elite" as he calls them have no intention of EVER developing a major oil field in the continental U.S. or Alaska. "They" will not allow this country to become energy independent, and they intend to continue to keep us dependent on foreign oil sources. (My note: Dependency is another world for control.) Later he mentioned the field just disclosed by the USGS which is located in Montana and N. Dakota. (This I believe is the Bakken Field.) He said that it contains 320 billion barrels which is only 10% of the reserves. This oil is worth about 15 trillion dollars. (My note: in others words the 300 BB is the easy oil. It's the oil that will flow out of the ground under its own pressure. That means total reserves of this one field using secondary and tertiary recovery techniques are probably near three trillion barrels. To put that in perspective the Saudis have reserves of about 260 Billion barrels.) One of the senators from Montana has been screaming about this to Congress. He has been totally ignored by both Congress and the media.
    8. Regarding Obama.  "It did not matter who won the election." The handlers around Obama are, for the most part, members of the Council on Foreign Relations. "The elite." "The globalists." They are essentially the same people who ran the Clinton administration and both Bush Administrations. "There will be absolutely no change in either our domestic or foreign policy.  (My note: the people who have looted this country will continue to loot this country.) Regarding economic policies "Obama" will be another Hoover." In other words Obama will follow orders and will take the fall for the economic calamity that is about to unfold. (My note: Obama is another feckless, empty suit, who was selected, trained, groomed, packaged and sold to a gullible, naive and lazy American public.)
    9. Because of the tremendous cut in revenue to the Arab states (75%.) Dubai will become a "wasteland."  Already they have suspended all construction on major buildings in Dubai. "There will be no change in the future. "
    10. All of the Arab states are sliding into a depression.  Their budget planning is based upon $80.00 oil, so they are cutting their expenditures dramatically----especially infrastructure and public works.
    11. In addition to no longer buying our treasury debt, the Arab/OPEC states are now actively selling what treasury debt they hold. This is also occurring throughout Asia, especially China. This of course amounts to Trillions of dollars of Treasury debt etc. (My Note: if the Fed is now monitizing these debt instruments, which they must surely do since they are the buyer of last resort, this will also be highly inflationary.) The Arabs/OPEC/Asia are converting their dollars and dollar denominated assets to gold and other hard assets.
    12. The long term goal of "these people" is to control and own everything.  "They intend to break us." (My comment: Geeeez. I am confused. Here, all along, I have been told by the media that our enemies are in the Middle East.)
    13. Gasoline will remain at approximately $1.50 per gallon for the next year to a year and half.  This is killing the State government gas tax revenues. Total, state tax revenues are collapsing. Expect many states to go bankrupt----especially California.
    14. "They" intend to control the world price of oil by dumping massive amounts of oil on the market to keep the price down.  They intend to use, among other sources, an oil field in Indonesia that "they" just brought "on line." This field has reserves of more than 300 billion barrels. He also mentioned another field in northern Russia.
    15. The ultimate objective is to "destroy the USA."  At the same time "they" seek to consolidate control over all assets of any significance. "They" already own and control, the banks, and the media. (My note: Williams did not say, but obviously, they also control the oil industry.) "They" intend to gain control of the entire auto industry. According to Williams "why not buy the auto industry? All they need to do is create the credit in a computer entry."  The takeover of the auto industry will happen when the time is right. They also seek control of all the real estate that is worth owning. According to pastor Williams, everyone is going to be paying rent by the time this thing is over.  Again he emphasized that "After years of collapse they intend to own everything."
    16. Russia is a major world power.  Tensions will increase between the west and Russia. Look for a return of the cold war. (My note: he did not say it but I got the feeling that the Russians are not anxious to become part of the New World Order. Of course this oil price suppression is really hurting the Russians. They have had to devalue the Ruble seven times.)
    17. "There will be no attack on Iran.  There will no war with Iran." "The American people will not stand for it." They intend to accomplish their goal of destroying Iran by economic means. "They will accomplish their goal of destroying Iran without the need of another 911 false flag operation."
    18. "Within six to nine months we will be into full blown hyper inflation."  "Buy everything you need right NOW!!!!" "Prepare your dinner table NOW! It is going to be 1933 all over again."
    19. "The nations of the world, especially China, are dumping U.S. currency and buying gold.
    20. "The reason why it is getting so hard for people to buy gold is that "they" do not want people to be able to protect themselves."  "They don't want people to have something that is REAL." (My note: it's hard to find any significant quantities of gold anywhere. Silver too!)
    21. "They fear people buying gold because it is something "they" can NOT control. They feel that only they, the elite, should own gold.""They regard it as real money."
    22. Their greatest fear is that the people will "wake up" from their slumber. "In fact they are terrified." They do not intend to impose martial law. They believe this would cause an armed revolution and that they do not want. Hmmmm. (I guess that is why the founders included the Second Amendment in the Constitution.) "A revolution means they could lose control."
    23. "The American people are terrified of Obama."  "The day after the election the gun shops in the USA were emptied by alarmed and frightened citizens." "Wal Mart reported that the day after the election their sales of ammunition went up by 400%.  It was a record for ammunition sales in a twenty four hour period. (My note: this continued for several weeks after the election.) Evidently this behavior caused a great deal of alarm.
    24. "They" have given up on implementing the North American Union and are "going all the way."  The goal is total global control of everything. Global Government. Global bank. Global Currency. Etc. (My note: this NWO globalism business has always included a global army, and a global religion. I am sure we will be hearing more about global religion from "Americas pastor," Rick Warren)
    Pastor Williams was asked what can we do? He made some suggestion which are not surprising.  They are:
    1. Get your spiritual house in order. (My note: I totally agree with Rev. Williams. At the core, this struggle is spiritual in nature. It is also a war on human consciousness. And, It is about both controlling and breaking the human spirit. That can only happen if we allow it to happen. "They" need us to surrender our God given powers to them for them to accomplish their evil deeds. Think, think, think! People must learn to use the magnificent brain that God gave us.  Be skeptical of everything. In the coming months accept nothing at face value. Investigate everything. To do that you will need to turn off the "electronic sewer" "they" call television. Better yet, throw the damn thing in the dump where it belongs.The electronic and print media are a wasteland designed to keep you distracted, misled, confused and misinformed. You will NEVER discover anything of value watching boobokvision. Never!!!! Trust nobody until that person has EARNED your trust.  And above all, question everything, especially if it comes from people in a position of authority. And, finally recognize that "the enemy" is within. The enemies of freedom are right here. Inside the gates.)
    2. Plant a garden.
    3. Get out of debt.  He said debt is the main weapon of subversion and control used by "these people." (My note. I totally agree with that remark unless all of your debt is unsecured and you own no real assets. Can't squeeze blood from a stone.)
    4. Store lots of food.  "The farm economy is collapsing."
    That was all he had to say, but I am sure everyone on this list can fill in the rest.
    I would only add, that disclosure is what these parasitic cockroaches fear the most.  So, feel free to circulate this memo. But, PLEASE remove my address. I don't want to be spammed. I have already won so many lotteries I just can't collect the money fast enough.
    Get ready. Be prepared. Protect yourself and your family. Protect your fellow Americans.
    Keep smiling!!! It confuses "the enemy."

    Good luck and God bless! Choose life!!!! Tom



    5. 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

    By Dr. John Coleman.

    From: Conspirators' Hierachy: The Story of The Committee of 300

    1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920:s and 30:s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a "church" body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

    2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

    3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own creation, as mentioned above.

    4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski's Red Terror look like children at play.

    5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call "the post-industrial zero-growth society". Excepted are the computer- and service industries. US industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labor is available. As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. Unemployables in the US, in the wake of industrial destruction, will either become opium-heroin and/or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination of the "excess population" process we know of today as Global 2000.

    6. To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an "art-form", which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

    7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot's genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome's research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

    8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati's conception of "limited natural resources" right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

    9. To cause. by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, the death of three billion people by the year 2050, people they call "useless eaters". The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title "Global 2000 Report" and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year of 2050.

    10. To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy".

    11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first enclosed in 1980.

    12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.

    13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company's servant Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of "God's chosen people", and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

    14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem Fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out mind control experiments of the Jim Jones and "Son of Sam" type. It is worth noting that the late Khomeini was a creation of British Military Intelligence Div. 6, MI6. This detailed work spelled out the step-by-step process which the US Government implemented to put Khomeini in power.

    15. To export "religious liberation" ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with the "Jesuit Liberation Theology", that brought an end to the Somoza Family rule in Nicaragua, and which today is destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a "civil war". Costa Rica and Honduras are also embroiled in revolutionary activities, instigated by the Jesuits. One very active entity engaged in the so-called liberation theology, is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll's so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago. The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the Government of El Salvador. The US press and the new media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation possessed by the Salvadorian Government, which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and placed a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Moçambique, Angola and South Africa.

    16. To cause a total collapse of the world's economies and engender total political chaos.

    17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the US.

    18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the UN.

    19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

    20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi, who persuaded the Italian and US Governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnapers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, Dozier was placed under strict orders not to talk what happened to him. Should he ever break that silence, he will no doubt be made "a horrible example of", in the manner in which Henry Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

    21. To take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. By 1993, the full force effect of this policy is becoming apparent, and will be even more destructive as primary and secondary schools begin to teach "Outcome Based Education" (OBE).


    6. You Must Understand What Project BlueBeam Really Is?

    By Serge Monast
    Originally Published 1994

    [Note: Serge Monast and another journalist, both of whom were researching Project Blue Beam, died of "heart attacks" within weeks of each other although neither had a history of heart disease. Serge was in Canada. The other Canadian journalist was visiting Ireland. Prior to his death, the Canadian government abducted Serge's daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam. His daughter was never returned. Pseudo-heart attacks are one of the alleged methods of death induced by Project Blue Beam.]

    The infamous NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. I'll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible! That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

    Engineered Earthquakes and Hoaxed 'Discoveries'

    The first step in the NASA Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown [re-evaluation] of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with the set-up, with artificially created earthquakes at certain precise locations on the planet, of supposedly new discoveries which will finally explain to all people the "error" of all fundamental religious doctrines. The falsification of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted. Psychological preparations for that first step have already been implemented with the film, '2001: A Space Odyssey;' the StarTrek series, and 'Independence Day;' all of which deal with invasions from space and the coming together of all nations to repel the invaders. The last films, 'Jurrassic Park,' deals with the theories of evolution, and claim God's words are lies.

    Hoaxed "Discoveries'

    What is important to understand in the first step is that those earthquakes will hit at different parts of the world where scientific and archaeological teachings have indicated that arcane mysteries have been buried. By those types of earthquakes, it will be possible for scientists to rediscover those arcane mysteries which will be used to discredit all fundamental religious doctrines. This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity because what they want to do is destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet. To do that, they need some false 'proof' from the far past that will prove to all nations that their religions have all been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

    The Big Space Show in the Sky

    The second step in the NASA Blue Beam Project involves a gigantic 'space show' with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to predominating regional national religious faith. This new 'god's' voice will be speaking in all languages. In order to understand that, we must study various secret services' research done in the last 25 years. The Soviet's have perfected an advanced computer, even exported them, and fed them with the minute physio-psychological particulars based on their studies of the anatomy and electromechanical composition of the human body, and the studies of the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain. These computers were fed, as well, with the languages of all human cultures and their meanings. The dialects of all cultures have been fed into the computers from satellite transmissions. The Soviets began to feed the computers with objective programs like the ones of the new messiah. It also seems that the Soviets - the new world order people - have resorted to suicidal methods with the human society by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture to induce suicidal thoughts if the person doesn't comply with the dictates of the new world order.

    There are two different aspects of step two. ...

    Read the Full Article:

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    Beware of NASA'S Project Blue Beam

    Last Days Watch, Issue #5
    "MAJESTYTWELVE: You must learn to read the 'symbolic language' of the Mysteries in order to guard the minds of your children against the subliminal indoctrination which is being implanted into their eager minds."

    Last Days Watch, Issue #11
    War on Iran: The Perfect Storm from Hell

    Behold A Pale Horse, by William Cooper
    This is basic background reading, and one of the most important underground books ever to be published. You should be able to get a free copy online via a Google search.

    "William Cooper may be one of America's greatest heroes and this story may be the biggest story in the history of the world."

    Reading 39: "The Research And Writings of William Cooper" in The Warning of the Last Days, available here:

    "The Research And Writings of William Cooper," online version.


    7. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

    From Ken Adachi (Editor)
    June 4, 2004

    The authoritative expose of the greatest brainwashing organization to ever exist in the course of human history is now revealed in Dr. John Coleman's latest book, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. The Tavistock Institute is located in the City of London and at Sussex University in England.

    Dr. John Coleman, the author of 15 books, the best known of which is Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to bring the world's attention to the existence of Tavistock, hitherto unknown to press and pundits alike, in a monograph published in 1969. Since his initial 1969 revelations concerning the pivotal role that Tavistock plays in shaping political, social, educational, and economic 'opinions', especially in the United States, more than a few writers of global conspiracy have attempted to place laurels upon their shoulders for revelations about Tavistock's key influence as the Mother of all Propaganda Ministries, while ignoring the fact that this pioneering work was first published by John Coleman. Dr. Coleman's new book, however, leaves no doubt as to who is the master and who are the students when it comes to the subject of Tavistock.

    The book is stunning in the new knowledge that it reveals about the hidden role of British oligarchs to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the British public (and later the American public) into accepting the notion that war with Germany was necessary in order "to secure a lasting peace."

    The plan to 'create' public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain's most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe's position was over sighted by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, Arnold Toynbee (future director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs), and the Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays (nephew to Signund Freud).

    Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothchilds (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers. Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1921 after the propaganda "victories" of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured.

    Read the Full Article:
    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations


    8. Be Warned of End-Time Satanic Deception Ploy #1

    The following article is an example of a powerful type of Satanic Deception that is beginning to sweep the globe, and catch many unsuspecting people in its grip. I use this article byZeph Daniel to illusrate this dangerous tactic by the powers of satan and his followers. As you read keep your wits about you because you're going to be taken for one big ride that is a pure con job.

    Read the full Article here:
    End-Time Satanic Deception Ploy #1


    9. This Is One Of The Most Important Videos About Israel Made To Date.

    The translation is superb.

    If you are not familiar with it; please watch this stunning documentary, based on documentation, in its entirety.
    This video blew my mind.
    I thought I knew how anti-Semitic the anti-Semitic side of Zionism is. I hadn't even waded into the sewer.
    In order to be balanced, it must be realized that Orthodoxy has been infiltrated and is profoundly infected with occultism.
    The irony is, the same people who are responsible for the infiltration and infection of Judaism with occultism, are the very same people who own and operate the Zionists, who claim, mendaciously, to base their anti-Orthodoxy on those very distortions.
    In fact, the real target is the kernel of true Judaism that remains, miraculously, despite the onslaught over the ages.
    My guess is that it's the Vatican that's behind and choreographing the various onslaughts on us."



    10. "Soviet Agents" Designed IMF, World Bank and United Nations

    By Henry Makow
    January 8, 2009

    "We usually think of the New World Order as something coming in the future. In fact, a veiled Masonic Jewish banker dictatorship has existed for some time.

    This is the first world conquest by infiltration and subversion. They took over the levers of power while maintaining the appearance of democracy and freedom. They did this by duping Jews and Masons, and the population in general with liberalism, socialism, zionism and communism.

    (Protocol 1-25:"Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since these days by stupid poll-parrots who, from all sides around, flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world...")

    The Illuminati formalizes its tyranny by, for example, using the phony "war on terror" as a pretext to suspend civil liberties and build a police state. Notice, no one has asked Barack Obama to withdraw the "Patriot Act."

    Read more here:
    Soviet Agents Designed IMF, World Bank and United Nations


    11. Why has Hollywood ignored the Katyn Forest Executions of 1940?

    Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell

    January 24, 2009
    By Henry Makow Ph.D.
    Source: Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell

    Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell 

    "Defiance", yet another movie about Jewish victimhood and heroism opened in 1800 US theaters last week.

    This story of Jewish partisans fighting Nazis adds to a growing Holocaust film genre that includes Sophie's Choice, Shindler's List and The Pianist.

    But one incredible Jewish story of genocide continues to elude Hollywood. This isthe execution of 20,000 Polish Officer POW's, (devout Roman Catholics who represented much of the Polish elite,) by the Bolshevik Jewish-led NKVD in the Katyn forest in 1940.

    Why has Hollywood ignored this story? My opinion is that, with six degrees of separation, Hollywood, (and indeed America) is ultimately run by the spiritual descendants of these murderers.

    Thus we are brainwashed to ignore genocides that don't fit the Nazi-Jew paradigm. Movies are essential to this programming. Part of an ongoing psychological war on the Christian European majority, we are made to identify with minorities. If we object, we are counted as Nazis. I will expand later when I briefly review Hollywood's current fare.

    Andrej Wajda, 82, Poland's most celebrated film director, lost his father at Katyn. In 2008, Wajda made a movie about this genocide and its effect on the victims' families. Financed by Polish TV, the film, "Katyn," was a major artistic and commercial success in Poland. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2008, but still has not found wide distribution outside Poland.

    It didn't win the Oscar. The award went to a Jewish Holocaust movie, "The Counterfeiters," a "true story" from Germany. It described the moral dilemma faced by a Jewish master-counterfeiter forced to forge British and US currency. ("Should I sabotage this process?") I saw this movie. It is an enjoyable piece of propaganda which helps the audience identify with Jews. In real life, I doubt if the hero had any such moral qualms. Even in the film, he filled his own pockets.


    Here is the trailer for "Katyn." I haven't seen the movie but I did stumble across information that illustrates why this is the stuff of which epics are made.

    First, some background from Wikipedia: "Since Poland's conscription system required every non-exempt university graduate to become a reserve officer, the Soviets were able to round up much of the Polish intelligentsia. Those who died at Katyn included an admiral, two generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 3,420 NCOs, seven chaplains, three landowners, a prince, 43 officials, 85 privates, and 131 refugees. Also among the dead were 20 university professors; 300 physicians; several hundred lawyers, engineers, and teachers; and more than 100 writers and journalists as well as about 200 pilots. In all, the NKVD executed almost half the Polish officer corps."

    In 1945, Maurice Shainberg was the Assistant to KGB Col. Grigory Zaitzev who was the Commandant of the main Katyn work camp. In his book, Breaking from the KGB, (1986) Shainberg, a Polish Jew, tells how he discovered Zaitzev's Katyn diary in the safe. Shainberg had misgivings about Communism and identified with his fellow Poles. He took great personal risks to copy sections of the diary. The Zaitzev Diary was dynamite because the Soviets always claimed the Nazis had committed the war crime.

    The diary appears authentic except for one major discrepancy. Zaitzev pretends the slaughter was necessitated by lack of transport to remove the prisoners in advance of the Nazi onslaught in June 1941. In fact, Stalin and Beria gave the order to murder the Poles in early March and the executions took place in April and May 1940. Only 4250 were actually shot in Katyn forest. The remainder were executed in prisons elsewhere. Many were taken out in barges on the White Sea and drowned.

    Otherwise, the diary describes how the Soviets tried to indoctrinate and intimidate the Poles into betraying their culture and their country (as the Western-elite has done today), by forming a puppet class in a future Soviet-dominated Poland. The Poles refused and that is the reason they were slaughtered.


    When Zaitzev got his assignment, he was warned that the Poles were all "educated religious fanatics" always singing patriotic songs and hymns with their chaplain. Zaitzev was confident he could teach them to "pray to a new God."

    The prisoners worked cutting trees from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. In the evening they boycotted the indoctrination sessions. They had no desire to assist in building the future Soviet Poland.

    One officer explained: "As a Pole I know my nation. None of us have the desire to dictate to other people, and we don't want other people to dictate to us. We are neither a Fascist or a Communist nation, but a devoutly Catholic one."

    Once during a speech, the Polish Army Chaplain Jozwiak lifted up the crucifix he wore and began to chant a prayer. The prisoners followed suit. That night, Jozwiak was taken to the Interrogation Chamber.

    "The use of electrical currents on Father Jozwiak's eyes and body didn't help. Nor was the Chinese method successful, where the prisoner was stripped from the waist down and forced to sit over an open cage of starving rats. We couldn't allow the priest to go back to the other prisoners in the condition he was left in, so we finished him off." (Shainberg, p. 165)

    The NKVD thought the priest's example would have a sobering effect on the POW's but instead they curtailed their work. The NKVD retaliated by decreasing rations which made the prisoners too weak to work. When the NKVD started shooting prisoners who didn't work; the others turned on the guards with their axes and 192 Poles were shot.

    Now the Poles were more defiant than ever. When a collaborator lectured to them, they began to chant a prayer: "We Polish soldiers and prisoners of the Soviets have been brought here to foreign lands to die. We beg of you, Mother of God, to take care of our nation...Save us from German and Soviet imprisonment. We are offering ourselves as a sacrifice for the independence of our fatherland..."

    Of course this is the kind of self sacrifice and patriotism that our Masters don't want us to see.

    "Our task was impossible," Zaitzev wrote. "People who have never met these Poles will not understand how difficult it was to change their attitude toward us. No beating or abuse would make them stop their singing. They are a hard and proud people. Every day they get physically weaker but their anger and hatred increased."

    Polish historian Krzystztof Siwek tells me that Poland has declared April 13 a National Day of Rememberance of the Katyn martyrs. "A joint Polish-Russian commission was formed to develop an official position of both sides. Most of controversies remain unresolved. Russians fear that admitting fully to the crime against humanity would allow the victims' families to demand compensations and other penalties as in the case of Germany."


    The goal of  Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic gentile collaborators is to meld the world's population into a single servant class in a "New World Order."  This requires the destruction of the four legs of human identity: race, religion, nation and family.

    The Illuminati bankers established the USSR as a preccursor to the New World Order. The execution of the Polish elite was necessary to the longterm plan. The Nazis, also an Illuminati Jewish creation, treated Polish and other national elites in a similar fashion.

    The Illuminati are Luciferian. They wish to substitute their rule for God's natural and spiritual (moral) order. They need to destroy the Western European Christian heterosexual middle class to fulfill their agenda.  Culture is a function of money and the Illuminati control credit. Thus our culture maintains a conspiracy of silence about the gradual subversion of Western Civilization by its own traitorous elite.

    Instead the focus, in movies for e.g., is on minorities. Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" is about a redneck who learns to love Asian immigrants kids. Oscar nominated "Slumdog Millionaire" is about Bombay street kids. Sean Penn's "Milk" is about a crusader for homosexual rights. Oscar nominated "The Reader" combines pedophilia and German guilt for the Holocaust. "Revolutionary Road" presents a negative view of marriage and the 1950's, a period when the nuclear family recovered. (I liked this movie, but not the message.) "Doubt" is about homosexuality in the Catholic Church. French Best Foreign Language nominee "The Class" is about immigrant youths and how lovable they are. And on it goes, movies are propaganda for the Illuminati agenda.

    When the movie is about white Americans, as in "Benjamin Button," no collective identity can be upheld, no universals revealed. Life must be literally turned upside down, in this case reversed from old to young, before it has any interest for the screenwriter, Eric Roth. This diverting but ultimately vacuous movie is a triumph of make-up. It has nothing important to say to Americans at this critical moment.

    So there should be no surprise that a film about Christian martyrs and patriots coming from an anachronism called a nation like Poland will be quietly swept under the carpet by Hollywood. Heaven forbid that the sheep figure out that the same fate may await them.

    Related Article: My "Art Movies Pack ideological Sucker Punch"

    and "Was the Polish Holocaust Also a Hoax?"

    Comments for "Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell"

    Guy said (January 26, 2009):

    Sickening, the way Christianity is consistently under attack and all the good it has done is ignored, all the persecutions it suffered in the 20th Century disregarded - here in the UK we have a Holocaust Memorial Day which ignores the far more numerous (and unavenged) victims of Communism and we buy our manufactured goods from the biggest perpetrator of the lot! And through it all there is continuing in the West perhaps the largest scale genocidal project ever practised and given further endorsement (as is inevitable ) by the most acclaimed leader in the History of the World. Hope and Change .

    I am on the wrong Planet, my friend, being on the opposite side of just about every consensus.

    A nice little house with a nice little garden, nice neighbours, nice little shops and no need of cars - and enough for the needs - all those safe predictable things should be so easy to attain after umpty-umpty thouand years of history and civilisation - something so easy to obtain in theory but, after all this time, as elusive as Narnia!

    Chris from Poland said (January 25, 2009):

    Thank You for this article. It is always neccessary to spread the knowledge about history which is being forgotten or misunderstood even in my country. I ecourage You to see the 'Katyn' movie. While critics were quick to notice some inaccuracies in the Wajda's story, the general message reflects real conditions of that tragic events. There were expectations for 'Katyn' to win Oscar prize however I suspect that Hollywood's estimates are driven by factors which exclude the substance of the story.

    To be honest I do not believe that this movie should be described as great art. Maybe it is not. On the other hand the global definition of art has been distorted to a great degree so far. Of course there is no way to present the full complexity of historical events with all surrounding circumstances in an hour or so. But when it serves to motivate further interest and research of the matter then it remains the purpose of art in the classical meaning.

    And what should be mentioned is another, even more tragic history behind the Katyn massacre. In the years from 1939 to 1941 the Soviets forced mass deportation of around 1,5 mln people from Polish Eastern Frontier and other occupied areas to Syberia, Far East and Kazakhstan. This number included more than 800 thousand Poles, more than 200 thousand Jews and the same number of Ukrainians. Most of them never came back home and died in labour camps of exhaustion, starvation and freezing temperature. Deliberate genocide without a gun shot.

    Dan said (January 25, 2009):

    I found Katyn with eng subtitles on Torrent, I'm downloading it. I've previously read up on the incident. Another of Comrade Stalin's 'minor' atrocities which I never heard of during the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's since it might have upstaged Nazi atrocities.

    Anyway, I've been downloading 'All the King's Men', the recent whitewash of the Long assassination - and I gathered the latest distortion and smear of Long's true history in the puzzle of American politics. I figured I might as well go ahead and watch this piece of shit, just to see how blatantly they've handled it. Wish my grandparents were around to watch it with me, they'd know the straight dop I never read his speeches before but I found some, also some high quality recordings of his radio broadcast speeches. Reading and listening to these, I can see right away why Roosevelt would have shot him personally in broad daylight if there was no other way to kill him. Long checks out as a genuine American hero. Too bad the public is too stupid and bamboozled to support their real leaders. We're not going to see any more Huey Longs.

    Kevin said (January 25, 2009):

    Brilliant article........upsetting though to realise how thoroughly blind we generally are to the propaganda placed before us as 'entertainment' easily, like 'cattle', we accept this culture that attacks and abuses us.

    It is very difficult to convince people that the media is being used in this fashion. The ordinary person can generally recognise and acknowledge the general trends, but tend to consider a person a lunatic for suggesting that this culture is the product of a determined conspiracy at the top.

    It is horrible how hard it is to strike effectively against these oppressive manipulators of the public mind and soul."

    Source: Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell

    POSTSCRIPT November 26, 2010:

    Russian Parliament Finally Admits Guilt Over Polish Massacre


    In a symbolic admission of guilt, Russia's parliament has declared that Joseph Stalin ordered his secret police to execute 22,000 Polish army officers and civilians in 1940, in one of the greatest mass murders of the 20th century.


    Today's acknowledgment of Stalin's personal culpability over the Katyn massacre comes amid a cautious thaw between Moscow and Warsaw, whose recent relations have been thorny at best. It was also seen as a sign that Russia may finally be ready for muted self-scrutiny over its totalitarian past.


    Mikhail Gorbachevadmitted in 1990 that the NKVD was to blame for the massacre, after a half-century of the Soviets blaming it on Nazi troops. However, there has never been a formal statement which implicates the Soviet leadership in such explicit terms.


    Officials in Warsaw greeted the declaration positively. "It is a good step, an important sign," Poland's speaker of parliament, Grzegorz Schetyna, told reporters. It would ensure a "better atmosphere" for Russian president Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Warsaw next week, he added.


    The 21,768 officers, doctors, policemen and other public servants – captured by the Red Army when it swept into Poland after the outbreak of the second world war in 1939 – were mainly shot in Katyn forest near Smolensk in western Russia and in several other places.


    The current improvement in ties accelerated after Poland's then president, Lech Kaczynski, and 95 other people including scores of high-ranking government and military figures, died in April when their plane crashed on landing at Smolensk. The passengers were on their way from Warsaw to attend an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the massacre.


    In the wake of the crash, Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, made unequivocal statements about Soviet responsibility for the Katyn massacre and urged reconciliation. Historian Natalya Lebedeva, a Russian member of the two countries' intergovernmental commission on "especially complex questions", told the Guardian that Putin's words had helped the healing process. "Both Russia and Poland realise it is time to stop the confrontations," she added.


    Moscow and Warsaw have clashed in the past decade over Poland's admission to the EU and Nato, and over US plans for missile defence sites in eastern Europe.


    However, Eugeniusz Smolar, a senior fellow at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, said that the Kremlin now felt it had to engage with Warsaw as a major economic power in the region.


    A change to pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine and the prospect of Russia joining the US missile defence shield also helped. "On a human level, Poles were also very touched by so many Russians coming to our embassy in Moscow to show sympathy after the Smolensk disaster," he added. 


    12. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, How Ignorant We Are About You   

    By Peter Hitchins 

    17 December 2008 


    The eruption of the Middle East on to this blog last week impels me to write a few words about this subject before I take a Christmas break (yes, Mr “Demetriou”, I am shortly taking some time off in my armchair, not going to Burma, Belarus, Moscow,  Russia, Moscow, Idaho, Venezuela, Zambia or the Congo. My column will continue to be posted here each Sunday, but I shall not resume the mid-week postings till after the New Year has begun).

    I noticed that my antagonists were determined to stick to their view that Israel is irredeemably wicked and the Arabs peace-loving and more or less faultless, despite my efforts to steer them into the more rational position that both sides are guilty of major wrongdoing and that there is nothing to be gained by atrocity propaganda. 

    One of them frequently represented my opinions as being more hard-line and pro-Israeli than they in fact are, presumably because he was more comfortable with an opponent who fitted his pre-ordained idea of what a Zionist should be. I do not attack him for misrepresentation, as I am sure he genuinely thinks that I hold the views he attributes to me. But it does make it rather laborious, trying to argue with him. I have to keep looking up my own words, wondering where exactly my opponents have ingeniously discovered the various sentiments they attribute to me, which I don’t hold and haven’t expressed. Often the change in meaning is quite slight, but also crucial. Or they simply miss my points, or slip past them. Well, I must now reluctantly slip past them. A moment comes in any debate when you have to recognise that your opponent doesn’t want to find common ground and regards your olive branches as spears. Well, as it happens, I do want to find common ground, so I’ll try to seek it elsewhere. 

    By the way, can I request that, in such arguments, people do not expect me to take seriously the views of the United Nations General Assembly ( a hopelessly biased anti-Israeli parliament of despots and torturers with all the moral authority of Jack the Ripper)?  Nor do I need to be persuaded that Israel has done many wrong things, so telling me about them will not alter my position.

    Also, can we please rule out any claims that the Israelis behave like the Nazis, that Gaza is a ‘concentration camp’ etc etc. This is emotionalised agitprop piffle, and only shows that those who use it have become so hot-eyed that they have lost all sense of proportion.  The German industrialised massacre of European Jewry was a unique event, and it is a demonstration of ignorance about the past and about the present, plus a severe case of language inflation,  to try and equate it with anything now taking place. The moment Israel starts getting its non-Jewish citizens to wear Yellow Crescent badges, rounds them up by force,  takes them to extermination camps and gasses them to death by the million, then it will be true to say that Israel is behaving as the Nazis did. As long as it doesn’t do that,  it won’t be.

    Israel  often behaves very badly, especially when maddened into unreason and emotional folly by terror attacks. So do most countries, including our own. But that doesn’t make it a reincarnation of the Third Reich. 

    I know why this claim is made. The murder of European Jews, at the behest of the government of what had been viewed until then as one of the most civilised and advanced nations on earth, was and will always remain one of the chief reasons for Israel’s existence.  Personally I think that reason remains unanswerable and uncomfortable for all of us. The record of the free nations,  asked to help Jewish refugees from Hitler from 1933 onwards, is a disgrace.  I might add that  at least one prominent Arab leader from the region, Haj Amin al Husseini,  became an active ally of the Nazis and helped recruit Bosnian Muslims for a special Muslim division of the SS. So you can see why an Arab  propagandist might want to confuse the issue.

    Similarly, baseless accusations of anti-Semitism against legitimate critics of Israel should be left at the door. Those who criticise Israel proportionately and fairly (that is to say, not selectively choosing to attack Israel for crimes and misdeeds that they overlook elsewhere) are entitled to be heard without being defamed in this silly way. In return, anti-Israel voices who are genuinely opposed to Judophobia should be ready to observe and condemn that phobia where it is present ( as it is, with frightening persistence) in much Arab and Muslim anti-Israeli propaganda. 

    Many people prefer angry passion to cool reason in this debate. Why? Because angry passion allows you to be weak on reason, and weaker still on facts. If you abandon total partisanship in this quarrel,  you have to stop huffing and puffing about “evil terrorists” or “oppressive occupiers”,  you have to acknowledge that (for instance) Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount was not a sufficient reason for the Second Intifada (which by the way completely scuppered any hope of a settlement at Taba, on which so much weight is placed by some contributors). And you also have to acknowledge that Ariel Sharon is an undoubted war criminal.

    Then you have to think about what we might actually do if we are serious about peace, rather than anxious for the total triumph of one side or the other. 

    The real question is, since a territorial compromise is obviously the civilised way out, why one has not happened. My view is that the Arab side does not actually want a compromise, and does not see any reason why it should seek one, given its huge success in persuading most of Western opinion that Israel is in the wrong.  A substantial body of Israeli opinion, likewise, prefers secure borders without a treaty, to a peace that is not secure. The behaviour of Arab leaders and states strengthens this faction all the time. And as long as that continues, and as gullible people allow it to continue, the existing miserable conditions will continue.

    Actually, Israel will lose this contest in the end, since the demographics of the area mean that it will be increasingly difficult to maintain a Jewish majority even within the boundaries of the pre-1967 state. More or less desperate measures, such as the encouragement of Russian immigration in the 1990s, have already backfired quite severely. Many of the Russian Jews turned out not to be Jewish in any identifiable way. Without a permanent and secure peace, Israel is unlikely to get a significant number of other Jewish migrants. And at the same time it is increasingly difficult for Israel to handle its substantial minority of Arab citizens. these - especially the badly mistreated Bedouin - feel left out, neglected and despised. An article I wrote about this, published in the MoS on 16th June 2007,  is still available on the web. Google “Peter Hitchens” and “Israeli Arabs” and it should pop up.

    All the more reason for a lasting and equitable solution, you might think. 

    In my view, most Western opinion about Israel is profoundly ignorant, and those who hold the standard opinions on the subject would invariably fail a 20-question quiz about the origins and nature of the dispute. I am keenly aware of this because I was once deeply ignorant about it myself, in the days when I used to support the ‘Palestinian’ cause. And I have spent a lot of time and done a lot of travelling and reading and arguing to try to put this right.




    13. Peek Inside Our Schools And Shudder ... For This Is The Future

    By Peter Hitchins

    27 December 2008

    If you want to know how bad the future will be, take a look at our schools, and shudder. We know that they are nurseries of ignorance, which is why we have to import disciplined, hard-working, competent young Poles to do so much of the work in this country.

    We should also be concerned that they are places of fear and violence, where authority is nothing but a joke.

    The police have admitted (under Freedom of Information laws) that they were called to violent incidents at least 7,000 times in English schools last year. Since FoI disclosures are about the only Government statistics we can trust, I think we should take this seriously, though - since not all police forces replied - the figure is probably much higher.

    There is no reason to think that things are much better in Scotland or Wales.

    The Sixties revolution, which destroyed the authority of parents and teachers alike, will soon reach its long-cherished goal.

    Everything stuffy, traditional, repressive, old-fashioned and boring has been swept away in the world of the young. They are all free now.

    The trouble is that they do not know how to be free, because they have also been taught that morals are 'judgmental', religion is 'outdated' and that adults are just obsolete ex-teenagers groping their way to the grave, a nuisance to be ignored or violently shoved aside.

    They have discovered that the law is not just feeble (though it is) but that it frequently punishes those who try to uphold what used to be the rules of civilisation. And that, while we now have armed policemen licensed to kill virtually at will, our authorities recoil in horror at the very idea of an adult smacking a child.

    Listen to this slightly edited account of a day in a supposedly reputable school in a prosperous and middle-class area of one of the Home Counties. It is written by a highly experienced teacher, returning to work after a few years away.

    'The class turned up totally out of control ... it was similar to controlling a riot ... it took about 15 minutes to sit them down and make them do some work.

    'A boy in the front row turned his back on me and decided that he would try to wind the class back up into a frenzy, by calling out, waving his arms and by completely disregarding my presence. I thought he was going to mount the desks in front of him and cause other pupils - or himself - some damage. I had no intention of smacking him, but to restrain him from his own actions I went to grab him.'

    The result of this was that the teacher concerned was accused, by another pupil, of the heinous crime of 'smacking'. Thanks to this, the person involved has given up teaching and is - quite reasonably - worried in case the Useless Police and the CPS are called in and mount one of the zealous life-ruining prosecutions of innocent teachers that they so much enjoy.

    Now, listen carefully, to see if you can hear any Sixties liberals admitting that they were wrong to dismantle adult authority.  And listen even more carefully to see if you can discover a 'Conservative' politician with the courage to say that this must be put right, that marriage is miles better than non-marriage, that a man without a conscience is wilder than any beast, that fathers should be respected, that parents must be allowed to smack, that teachers should be able to cane.

    All you will hear is silence, mingled with the sound of boots kicking a human head as if it were a football, the head of another poor fool who tried to stand up for what was right, and thought he could appeal to the better natures of people who have been brought up feral, and have no better natures.

    Another soldier dies, another leaf in Blair's memoir

    On Christmas Day itself we learned of yet another death in Afghanistan, Royal Marine Benjamin Whatley. Our tenderest sympathies must go out to this man's family, unbearably bereaved at a time when the rest of the country is rejoicing. And we must express our admiration for him, for setting out on the path of danger in the full knowledge of where it might end. When we no longer have any such men, we will be finished as a nation.

    But can those who sent him there explain what this was for? They cannot, resorting to incoherent justifications that shift every few weeks and that do not accord with the facts. And can our 'Opposition' claim to have subjected our Afghan policy to scrutiny? They cannot. Being ashamed of surrendering our country to Brussels, they leap noisily upon any passing flag-decked bandwagon, and support any war going, in the hope of looking patriotic.

    Meanwhile, the Blair creature, the vain dimwit responsible for all these deaths and many more besides, travels first-class around the world making money and evading human justice. Soon we shall have to endure his atrocious memoirs, a landfill site of half-truths and boasting, rewarded by an enormous, sordid cheque. How can he bear this? I hope that he sees the faces of the dead staring at him from among the figures on his bank statements.

    Konk the Clown and the joke policeman

    PC Konk the Clown is detained by humourless 'security' goons at an airport, and has his plastic handcuffs confiscated. Like all totalitarian thought-systems, the 'War on Terror' hates laughter above all things, since it depends completely on persuading us that ludicrous measures are necessary for our own good. That is why certain jokes, made in the hearing of a 'security' person, can get you detained or even prosecuted.

    I have never found clowns all that funny myself. Many children are very scared of them. But both funnier and more frightening is the heavy-handed Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, who let his wife operate a fancy car-hire business from his home and then whined that his 'security' had been compromised when this enterprise was publicised by The Mail on Sunday.

    But just imagine what might have happened if Osama bin Laden, or one of his numerous 'deputies', had fancied a spin in Mrs Quick's 1936 Rolls-Royce.

    By the way, why does a senior copper, committed to enforcing and observing the speed limit on private journeys, want to own a sports car capable of 130mph?




    14. Other Headlines in Brief


    Crematoria That Have Been Built In Every State And Every Major City On Earth.

    Gaza Is Burning

    Obama Is Not A Legal President

    Obama Lies - Which Barky Did You Vote For?

    The Nazi Roots Of The House Of Windsor

    Alas, Babylon!

    Berg's 2nd Letter To Oprah About Obama

    Is Your Family Next For Zionist Nazi Bloodshed?

    Brown's Blank Check Leads Brits Into Slavery

    Brown Takes UK To Edge Of Bankruptcy

    Lindsey Williams Details 'Economic Calamity'

    Israel Can Be Tried For War Crimes - Amnesty

    Israelis Killed 48 Members Of One Family

    New RFID Tracks You Without Your Knowledge

    Godfathers Of Terrorism

    Gaza And Warsaw Ghetto Compared

    The Deep Politics Of Hollywood

    Face Scanners Coming To British Schools


    Additional Resources ...

    The Warning of the Last Days

    The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion


    How to Download YouTube Videos …


    By default, doesn't allow users to save or download their videos. It only allows users to send a hyperlink to the friends and invite them to go to YouTube Website to view them there.


    Eventually this will become a problem because these video may be deleted by YouTube at any moment and be gone forever due to copyright infringement issues, etc. Why not save and download the video before it's too late, and play them back at your leisure?


    Here’s how to do that. …


    How to Download YouTube Videos:

    1. Go to this site:


    2. Enter the video URL you want to download into the form on the Website. For example, I want to download the following video by Lord Chris Monckton, on the Copenhagen Treaty, so I enter the URL of that movie, which is:


    3. Hit “Download Video” and wait for the video link.

    4. Click on the download link to save the video.

    5. Rename the “video.flv” that the site automatically gives your movie, to something that clearly identifies this movie, e.g. Lord Chris Monckton ... on Copenhagen treaty.flv

    6. Download a free 
    FLV player to watch on your PC. The file name is RivaEncoderSetup.exe, and the URL to get this FLV player is:



    7. Install the FLV player on your system, find the video you have downloaded to your computer, and double-click on it. It should automatically start playing. Open the volume control from your Taskbar to adjust the volume to your liking.


    On your Desktop the FLV player shortcut will be shown as “Riva FLV Player.”

    Also works for Metacafe, DailyMotion and  Myspace.


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    John Mulligan


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      The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture ...

      We are entering an age that Satanists call the Age of Fire, when they will use every murderous, demonic, vicious, and most cunning tactics and lies to usher in their Nazi Fourth Reich (aka the New World Order). They have made the following point very clear:

      “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations Organization) ...

      Read the Full Article:
      The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture

      The Warning of the Last Days 

      The Warning of the Last Day eBook cover image

      "Therefore, behold, I will make them know, this once I will make them know my power and my might, and they shall know that my name is the Lord. The clamour will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations; he is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked he will put to the sword." (Jeremiah 16: 21; 25: 31)

      Free Download:The Warning of the Last Days

      The Usher of Desecration 

      Usher:Noun: “Somebody who shows people to their seats, e.g. in a theatre or at a wedding.” Verb: “To inaugurate or introduce (something): usher in a new era.”

      Desecration: Verb: “1. To violate the sanctity (of something sacred); to profane (it). 2. To treat (a sacred place) irreverently or contemptuously.” The Penguin English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 2003.

      “If someone was planning to murder you, you would like to know months in advance, wouldn’t you?”

      Read the Book:
      The Usher of Desecration

      The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial. 

       Read the Book:
      The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial

      The Time for Talk is Over

      “The trip is over folks, we are out of road. I wish I could tell you where you are going. If you don't know or don't have a map, it wouldn't do me much good to try to tell you anyway. One thing is for certain; from here you will walkthe rest of the way. For many it will be to destination unknown. Most are on the way to the City of Despair, in the State of Confusion, located within the Nation of Disgrace. For others, the destination will not be pleasant nor a matter of choice. You get the picture. Those who, ‘take all of your belongings and climb into the truck,’ will weep in utter misery for the personal negligence that they brought upon themselves and their families. You will have paid the ultimate price.

       A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22: 3, KJV)


      So,...will you take the final moments God is giving you to step away from your ‘stupid zone’ and do what you should have so long ago? Will you finally make some plans? Will you really sell off your unnecessary toys and purchase the absolutely necessary survival tools that will give you just a chance to make it through? Will you search out the ultimate truth of our predicament and the One who can give you peace, serenity and eternal life? Can you admit that putting a dictator in office was one of your very worst mistakes, and you will try to make amends by resisting him and his communist platform? Will you do all you can to convert your family and friends who also voted for him and others supporting him to work against him in every way possible? That may sting and burn to be told that, but it is far better than the amputation of your limbs that is coming if he continues to dismantle this nation and its last freedoms.

      “Procrastination in implementing your family's self preservation plans will be terminal.” [1]


      Editorials like these are expected to consume about 1500 words. This is half that. Like I said, the time for talk is over.”


      [1] Dr. Greg Evenson


      Read the Article:
      The Time for Talk is Over

      Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight 

      Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight cover image

      Read the article Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight.

      Worldwide Church of God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International 

      Worldwide Church oof God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International book cover.

      “But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” (2 Peter 2: 22)

      “As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26: 11) 

      Discover the part played by the Illuminati Jew, Rupert Murdoch (pictured above), and his Zondervan publishing company, in the destruction of Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

      What Murdoch "... is not is an Australian 'right wing' billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

      Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

      We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda." (Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.)

      Get the book here.

      UFO's Originate in Nazi Antarctic Bases 

      Nazi flying saucers thumbnail.

      "Perhaps in order to engineer and prepare the global collective psyche to the "great earth-shattering announcement" that may be coming any day now, ... that the US, UK and allies are in contact with "technologically superior beings from other worlds, which do exist after all and we are in contact with them."

      Read more here ...

      "The only correct term for the mis-called 'anti-Semitic' is 'Jew-wise.' It is indeed the only fair and honest term. The phrase 'anti-Semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." (The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, p. 63)

      Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?

      “Is it ok if I vent a little today? I’ve built up a little frustration over the past couple of months and I just need a pressure release. Will you let me do it?


      As you may be aware I have started a varsity football program at a local Christian High School. Although I vowed to myself that I would never return to prowling the sidelines when I walked away from public education in 2000,the opportunity to train young males to be men was something I could not, in good conscience, run from.


      Not all males are men. I hope you understand that. Especially convincing is the evidence I have garnered recently that Christian males in particular are the least manly.



      Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?


      How Shall We Tell The Children? 

       "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19 (KJV)

      How Shall We Tell The Children eBook cover image

      "But how shall we tell the children? We probably won't tell them; the knowledge would be too dangerous to the "system" we have developed to ensure our own preservation. As long as they will continue to work in order to support, and in order to die in, for, and because of our system, we will allow as many of them who can do so, to survive until we have lived out our lives in the manner to which we have become accustomed. It has always worked before, so maybe it will continue to work long enough to keep me comfortable until I die. It is a gamble in which the odds are becoming increasingly negative."

      How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How Shall We Tell The Children eBook 

      How The World Really Works, by Alan Jones 

      How The World Really Works cover image

      Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

      The picture which Alan Jones paints in this book is one which you must understand if your efforts in truly understanding how the world REALLY works are ever to amount to anything. We paint that picture by presenting an ordered set of book reviews which identify our enemies and describe the primary strategies and actions which they have taken against us over the last 100 years or so. Our goal in writing the book was to provide an accurate portrayal of that picture within the covers of a single moderate- length book. The 12 chapter titles of How The World Really Works are ... the names of the books being reviewed.

      How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

      Secrecy or Freedom, by Alan Jones 

      Secrecy or Freedom ebook cover

      Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

      This is Alan Jones' most recent book, published in April, 2001. While countless books have been written revealing yet one more outrage which the New World Order folks have perpetrated on us, Jones has resolved on an entirely different purpose: to define a way of mounting a counterattack on those elites, and not just delay their next victory, but destroy their viability, and take back our country and the world for middle class citizens everywhere. In the same way that an army or a football team will surely lose in the long run if it has only a defense and no offense, we too shall lose our world to the elites if we fail to marshal our resources, mount a viable offense against them, and reduce their present dominance of public affairs to a nullity. To that end, this book goes right back into history to discover their origin, their modus operandi, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses. The exercise has been successful, and reveals a crucial weakness which may readily be exploited. We will, in this web page, outline our search, our major findings, and finally a plan of action to save our country for the benefit, we hope, of a great number of future generations of free citizens. Our historical look will go back 2000 years and beyond. Our sources are not generally well known, are not Nobel prize- winning historians, but nevertheless are historical truth seekers whose researches are uniquely valuable. Each of the chapters of Secrecy or Freedom? carries the title of the historical work which is reviewed in that chapter. In this web page, we will give you an inkling of what is covered in each of these chapters, with the hope that these few words will lead you to order our book, carefully absorb its contents, and then join in our proposed action plan to take back our country.

      How To Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

      How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man, by Mary Croft 

      You're an asset of the state. You're duped into entering the world of commerce and finance and trapped in imaginary debt bya brilliant but simple con. When you see your name written in UPPERCASE LETTERS it has a very different meaning to the one your parents gave you. This is an amazing ebook. We highly recommend it.

      Click here to download

      Classy Beauty, 25, Seeks Man Making $500K 

       Classy Beauty, 25, seeks man making $500M.

      Reply to "Classy" Beauty,25, who advertised on Craig's List for a Man Making $500K.

      The Answer ...

      I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year.

      Read the Answer the "Classy" Beauty Got

      "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell (1903-1950)

      We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning.

      “Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein: “We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath.)”

      (From The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell is All This Happening Again? by David Thatcher.)

      False Flag Operations or "False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy.

      False Flag Operations

      John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education"

      "If we ever needed a battering ram to pull down the evil structure of compulsory public schooling, this book should be able to do the job. The book calls for a revolution. But not a violent one. It can be won easily and peaceably by merely taking the kids out of the public schools. It's still legal to do so. That would change America radically. But the pessimists will say that most parents are too brain-dead to care what goes on in the public schools. Those parents who do care have already gotten their kids out and are homeschooling them. But we know that every day more and more parents are beginning to see the light. That's encouraging." (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)

      Read more: 
      John Taylor Gatto

      Democracy Is An Illusion 

      "The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,approximately the same policies". (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

      Democracy Is An Illusion

      Why Men are So Attracted to Foreign Women 

      Have you ever wondered why men are so attracted to foreign (non-Western) women? Have you heard from a friend lately that her ex fiancee is now looking for a Russian bride or that a male relative is engaged to a Filipina? And, do you scoff at that and put it down to these men being 'desperate' and those women as just wanting a ticket into the country?

      Why You Shouldn't Get Involved With a Married Man [or Woman]
      Here's a question that's been sent to me recently about a woman wondering if she should get involved with a married man. Here's my reply telling her why you shouldn't get involved with a married man! This woman's name has been changed to remain anonymous.

      What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

      What You Should Know About Swine Flu eBook cover image

      "These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

      We also need to realise - here, now - that  we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged  fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

      It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

      The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

      I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

      Never was this more important than with  the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate  mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

      If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccin-ation programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine." (David Icke)

      Free Download: What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

      This Has to be the Definitive Report on the Vaccination Hoax.  

      “The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon. National Institutes of Health.

      Are you scared when you’re told you have to vaccinate your child with 49 doses in 14 vaccines before age 6? Or are you scared at the idea of not vaccinating and so “exposing” your child to serious illnesses?

      Are you scared about the school threatening you that if you don’t vaccinate you can’t enrol your child?

      FEAR. That’s what all these pro-vaccine campaigns are based on. As a parent, what’s the biggest scare of all? When your child gets sick with a serious disease and you feel responsible for that. As you see, vaccine supporters couldn’t go wrong with this and developed a dogma that’s been bought over and over again over the years by people. The magic insurance policy to solve it all.

      So, even if your child gets sick, at least you know you did everything you could for his/her health and vaccinated, right? But what if the very vaccination is able to cause the illness in the first place??

      Could The Vaccine Hoax Be Over?

      An extraordinary paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

      The 45 page paper with detailed evidence can be downloaded here.

      Also see the short article about this report in Issue #65a of our newsletter Last Days Watch, which is here.

      Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 

      "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"  (Matthew 7: 15)

      Vicious wolf

      "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11: 13-15)

      We are Facing Orwellian, Totalitarian Slavery 

      That's what they want to impose on us. That's the reason behind all the national identity cards, DNA data bases, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices in cars and trucks and cell phones, digital micro-chipping of everything from A to Z, Internet surveillance and censorship, telephone taps, body and luggage searches and scans at airports, finger printing of air travelers and bank customers, interrogations at airline boarding gates, intrusive banking regulations, and much more. The Powers That Be are branding and penning up the global "human herd" in just the same way that cattle ranchers tag their cattle herds with ear tags and fence them into feed lots to fatten them up for slaughter. The Powers That Be regard us as their livestock, as their personal property, and they are in the process of branding us, tagging us, and penning us up, so that they can manage us like cattle or swine. Our plight is that stark and simple.


      So do you want to be a slave or free? That's the question. Because if you want to be free you're absolutely going to have to do something about it. Millions of people are going to have to go outside of their comfort zone, that's the hard truth of the matter, because the status quo is simply not remotely acceptable for people who want to live as free human beings on this planet.


      Don't imagine that you can just vote in the next criminally rigged election and a new set of corrupt politicians will somehow magically make things better. THEY WON'T. The galling thing is that the Powers That Be have set up a global system to which they insist we assiduously adhere and obey every corrupt dictate they issue, while they themselves flagrantly flout the Constitution with impunity, and never cease massively enriching themselves and their plutocrat cronies, and rolling in corrupt luxury, at our ruinous expense.


      This pathetic charade will continue only as long as the people permit it, because when the people declare a de facto Jubilee Year, the jig will be up. As a matter of fact, that process is already underway. It is a simple truth that unemployed people cannot service a loan, cannot pay a tax bill, and cannot pay a fine that is imposed on them for failure to do any of the foregoing. So as the unemployed rolls continue to swell, more and more people will simply refuse or fail to make credit card payments, to pay back home, automobile and student loans, and will default on furniture, appliance and pay day loans, and much more. This is already happening and the trend will increase.”


      Read the Full Story:
      Hidden in Plain Sight 


      The Manipulated Man

      The Manipulated Man book cover.

      Are You Laughing Yet, or Would You Forward this Email on to a Friend or Relative? 

      The Email "Are You Laughing Yet?"

      Pass this very insightful email on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it ... no one will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.

      The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide 

      "Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to 'control' the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers. Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2)." (Alan Caruba)

      The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes  

      Lindsey Williams' book cover,

      Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister and author of the 1980's book The Energy Non-Crisis (on line) has been reporting inside information about oil price-manipulation for many years now, and generally the information has been accurate.

      According to Pastor Williams, the Globalists are fomenting rebellion as an excuse to raise the oil prices to $150-200 a barrel.

      Pastor Williams revealed in his book that the US has huge untapped oil reserves that the elites have known about for decades. After manipulating the oil prices  to around $200 a barrel, we will finally see these US oil reserves opened for production.

      The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes

      "Anyone not preaching coming out of the state church and the government system is a false prophet."(Neal King,

      Christ's Flag is The Union Jack 

      The Union Jack.

      The Union Jack

      The Australian and New Zealand flags go back much further than the 200 years you probably are aware of. Notice the most prominent symbol on all these flags is the eight-pointed cross. This 8 pointed cross consists of two different four pointed crosses (the x and the + crosses) that are superimposed!

      The Australian National Flag.

      Australian Flag

      The New Zealand National Flag.

      New Zealand Flag

      Their heraldic  symbolism goes back 3,500 years; to the time of Moses and Joshua, the great Israelite (not Jewish) Military-Commanders.

      The vertical cross on the flag is for the Great Cross that is formed at critical times in the Galaxy, and this is called the Galactic Cross. T  he diagonal cross stands for the Earth Cross. The Earth cross is the cross of the Zodiac, while the Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic and its perpendicular axis.

      Four times during the Great Year (which is 25,920 years long)--i.e. every 6,480 years--the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross to form a single four-pointed cross in the sky. This is what will occur on December 21, 2012, which will herald the end of the "Dark Cycle."

      For more information download Part I and Part II of Jan Wicherink's "Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses" reports.  These reports are also in our free book The Prophet Daniel and December 21, 2012.

      The red on the flag stands for human blood, and the white stands for the Birthright Holy Spirit, which does the work of redemption (i.e. the born-again process), thus changing a sinful human being into a true blue-blood (i.e. the Elect). Blue is the colour of Sirius, and the Creator God of ancient Khemit (Egypt) known as Ptah (who we call God the Father). In this process it is important to know that there are 216 bones in the human body, and the blood is actually made in the bones!

      Furthermore, the science of Khemitology reveals that Ptah was referred to as “He Who Comes from the Blue,” and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin.

      What race was Ptah depicted as?

      In the depictions of Ptah from ancient Khemit (the proper name for ancient Egypt) “Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose, and Negroid lips. He apparently represents many races as the ‘Father’ or progenitor race from Sirius. Ptah became known as Dyas or Zeus to the Greeks, and later ‘pater’ (father) to the Romans: Ptah, Pater, ‘Father Race.’” (Source: Stephen S Mehler’s The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001, p. 180)

      It is also noteworthy that Egyptologist’s word for the bright star Sirius is Sopdet (Sp.dt). According to the science of Khemitology, the Egyptologists have it wrong (and I would heartily agree), and the word should be S.pth, which is Sa-Ptah, “The Birthplace of Ptah.” Thus we see the clear connection between God the Father and the eighth planet of the Solar System, the bright star Sirius.

      For more information on the names of the Messiah and God the Father, and these flags, see our free book The God Messiah Worships.

      The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

      British coat of arms.

      The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.

      The TRUE Israel People have, on their "Coat-of-Arms", a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse "rampant" with one horn. The amber Lion "rampant" on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed "House of Judah" and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox "rampant" on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed "House of Israel", collectively making the 12-tribed "Kingdom of Israel".

      The word British is Hebrew. It means "the People of the Covenant" or in other words "the People Israel", whose written Constitution; under that Covenant, that they have rejected to their own loss; is written in the Bible (Israel's Book) that they still swear on to tell the Truth, but whose Constitution, under which there are no poor people, is then foolishly rejected by almost everyone, in favour of inferior and unjust, man-made laws and economics which cause poverty and therefore also crime brought about by deprivation and desperation.

      Read More.

      Compare the imposter Antichrist's Coat-of-arms (below) ...

      The Antichrist's coat-of-arms.

      The lion facing the East stands for the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the 12th Sign in the Birthright Zodiac. The unicorn stands for the Constellation of Pegasus in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Both animals are holding the Shield of Salvation, or the Shield of Damnation, depending upon your attitude to God and your way of life, whether you are in rebellion or submission.

      Consequently the Lion stands for the White Crown of Upper Egypt, while the Unicorn stands for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. While the symbols may have changed, the meaning has remained the same over the Millenia.

      The Bible is Not a Jewish Book 

      The statement is commonly made, even by those who should know better, that “we Christians owe a debt to the Jews, for we got our Bible, and our religion, from them.” While many people have been deceived into believing this, it is completely false.  Part of the mistake comes from the complete confusion in the minds of nearly all people as to just what they mean by “Jew.” Are they referring to people of a certain race? Or people of a certain religion? For the two are not the same.  There are in Africa today some pure-blooded Negroes who are Jews by religion and there are in China today some pure-blooded Mongolians who are Jews by religion. Likewise, there are some people today who are racially of the stock we know as Jews, but who have been converted to other religions.

      Read the Full Article:
      The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

      How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? 

      “In another pamphlet, entitled How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? Adin Ballou [another champion of non-resistance] says: ‘One man may not kill. lf he kills a fellow-creature, he is a murderer. lf two, ten, a hundred men do so, they, too, are murderers. But a government or a nation may kill as many men as it chooses, and that will not be murder, but a great and noble action. Only gather the people together on a large scale, and a battle of ten thousand men becomes an innocent action. But precisely how many people must there be to make it so?- that is the question. One man cannot plunder and pillage, but a whole nation can. But precisely how many are needed to make it permissible? Why is it that one man, ten, a hundred, may not break the law of God, but a great number may?” (Quoted in Leo Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, p. 6.)

      "Don't think for a moment you are going to vote the Illuminati out of office. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. (However, God controls the hearts of His people.)" (From The Top 13 illuminati Bloodlines, by Fritz Springmeier)
      Woe Unto You Lawyers! (and Policemen) 

      "Of all the specialized skills abroad in the world today, the average man knows least about the one that affects him most – about the thing that lawyers call The Law. A man who will discourse at length about the latest cure for streptococci infection or describe in detail his allergic symptoms cannot begin to tell you what happened to him legally – and plenty did – when he got married. A man who would not dream of buying a car without an intricate and illustrated description of its mechanical workings will sign a lease without knowing what more than four of its forty-four clauses mean or why they are there. A man who will not hesitate to criticize or disagree with a trained economist or an expert in any one of a dozen fields of learning will follow, unquestioning and meek, whatever advice his lawyer gives him. Normal human skepticism and curiosity seem to vanish entirely whenever the layman encounters The Law.

      There are several reasons for this mass submission, One is the average man’s fear of the unknown – and of policemen."

      “Telling the story of the rise of Communism [Nazarene Remnant comment: This term Communism needs to be replaced by the word Satanism, because we now know that this term was chosen to hide the underlying devotion to Satan that drives these people. End NR comment] means revealing the histories of the worst of the criminals involved at the time. But this is necessary, for without knowledge of the secrets of evil, we cannot properly develop the good, either. As the Swedish philosopher Henry T. Laurency wrote: ‘Only he who knows evil knows good.’ 
      Then we shall appreciate goodness above everything else on earth.Then we may really be able to welcome the truth, even if it is frightening and dismiss lies, even if they are pleasant.” (Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 63)