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Issue #15
21 December, 2008

Learn to deal with reality or
reality will deal with you.


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Contents of this Issue ...

  1. The Research And Writings of William Cooper
  2. Christian Jews Arrested, Persecuted In Israel
  3. How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry
  4. The Truth About the Entertainment Industry
  5. "Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch
  6. Author of Build Yourself an Ark, the Irish priest Andrew D.F.J. O'Brien (1926-2008) Dies
  7. Bilderberg Group to plunge our World into 'total chaos'
  8. The Canadian Jewish Congress Wants to Shut Down Henry Makow's Web Site
  9. Vatican Told Bishops To Cover Up Sex Abuse
  10. More from the Educate-Yourself Series
  11. Other Headlines in Brief 

Last Days Watch is Dedicated to Watching and Reporting About the Enemy Who Intends to Murder 95% of the World's Population and Enslave the remaining 500 million ...

"Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose."  (Source: Henry Makow, Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda )

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1. The Research And Writings of William Cooper

By Greg Szymanski
26 Dec 2005

As We Look To The New World Order's 2006 Agenda, It's Best To Review The Research And Writings of William Cooper

William Cooper, a former military intelligence officer and world-renowned lecturer and writer, was killed in a suspicious 2001 police shootout in his Arizona home. Author of the best selling underground book of all time, Behold A Pale Horse, his top secret intelligence document discoveries provide proof positive the Illuminati intends mass destruction of half the world's population, reaching its diabolical goal in what the author terms 'the age of deception.'

To better understand what the New World Order has planned for 2006 and the years to come, it's wise to review the life and works of writer and lecturer, William Cooper, killed in a Nov. 6, 2001, police shootout in his Arizona home.

Cooper, 58, author of more than 20 books including Behold A Pale Horse,the best selling underground book of all time, was also a highly popular worldwide radio talk show host, his show, "The Hour of the Time," appearing on shortwave and the Internet on the Worldwide Christian Radio station out of Nashville.

After Cooper's untimely and suspicious death, Mills Crenshaw, a KTALK radio host out of Salt Lake City, put the sad event into perspective:

"William Cooper may be one of America's greatest heroes and this story may be the biggest story in the history of the world."

Read the Full Article:
The Research And Writings of William Cooper


2. Christian Jews Arrested, Persecuted In Israel

By Rev. Ted Pike
18 Dec 08
The state of Israel says "GO HOME!" to Christian Jews who want to become citizens or to live as authentic, Holy Spirit-led believers in Israel. Israel prohibits Christian Jews from becoming citizens. It also forbids any Christian-whether Jew or Gentile-from sharing Christianity with a minor or even buying an adult Jew a cup of coffee in the course of their religious discussion!

In Israel's latest act of official anti-Christianity, a Messianic Jewish couple was arrested and detained for over eight hours-in what the husband described as a "particularly dirty, smelly and overcrowded" detention facility-because of their faith.

The Jerusalem Post:

'A director of the US Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and his wife were detained Sunday at Ben-Gurion Airport by Interior Ministry officials amid allegations he is involved in illegal Christian missionary activity. It is illegal in Israel to proselytize among minors. It is also prohibited to engage in missionary activities among adults when economic incentives are offered.

After over eight hours of detention, Jamie Cowen, a former president of the union, and his wife, Stacy, were permitted to enter Israel only after they agreed to sign a document that they would not engage in missionary activities during their stay.The Interior Ministry, which directed the police to arrest the Cowens, said they had classified information regarding missionary activity.' 

Cowen, who is also a U.S. immigration lawyer, comments: "This type of religious discrimination would be expected of Iran, not Israel.In the US we imprison individuals suspected of terrorism. Here apparently one can be jailed for his religious convictions. This is a case of blatant discrimination against basic rights." ("Messianic Jews detained at Ben-Gurion," The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 14, 2008)

To Obey or Not Obey in Israel

In the Book of Acts, apostles Peter and John were similarly detained by Jewish authorities. Like the Cowens, they were warned that if they continued to witness for Christ they would be flogged and imprisoned - a much worse fate than simply being denied entry to Israel. Unlike the Cowens, they did not agree to be silent and deny their Lord. They were subsequently flogged and imprisoned. (Acts 4, 5) They would not insult the Holy Spirit's right to guide their actions at any time, anywhere, even in a land where it is illegal to witness for Christ.

Today, the government of Israel requires any Christian who wants to live there unimprisoned to insult the Holy Spirit. That Christian must ignore God's prompting to speak or teach. The Cowens were told to leave their freedom of speech and the Holy Spirit at the Tel Aviv airport. This is the worst moral assault on any true Christian - assault on his conscience and openness to God's guidance. God's Holy Spirit yearns to use the Cowens and all believers visiting Israel to help save lost Israelis, young and old. Now such souls may go to hell.

For the privilege of entering the "holy land" and visiting their daughters, the Cowens, like millions of visiting evangelicals every year, agreed to Israel's anti-Christ terms of silence.

Colossal Ingratitude

Ironically, the Cowens aren't even racists or political subversives! Hardly. They are dedicated backers of Israel with an impressive record of support for Jewish charities. "Cowen said he had visited Israel about 10 times, and had been active in social causes via the Knesset Social Lobby. 'I've brought $100,000 in humanitarian aid to Israel. We've provided lone IDF soldiers with about $50,000 in aid.' Of the slap in the face which Israel gave him for his altruism, Cowen says, 'This is unbelievable.'"

The US Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, over which Cowen formerly presided, "has 90 member congregations with membership ranging between 50 and 400 per congregation . . ." The government of Israel understands Cowen's influence and that their harassment of him could send shockwaves among evangelicals. Yet the Interior Ministry, increasingly inhabited by ultra-Orthodox Jews, only cares about ending Christian evangelism in Israel, not about world opinion.

The government of Israel, as well as local governing bodies, continues to silently look the other way as Messianic Jews in Israel endure continuous and increasing harassment, persecution and even violence. Official anti-Christianity is documented via many graphic video clips by the oppressed Messianics at their websites. [1]

Israel's mistreatment of the Cowens is a reminder that Israel, despite its propaganda, is not a democracy. "Calev Myers, founder and chief counsel of The Jerusalem Institute, which provides legal advice and representation to messianic Jews, said, 'Israel is the only Western country where basic freedom of religion is denied.'"

Israeli Thought Police

Many evangelicals, led by "Israel-first" fanatics like Pastor John Hagee, believe (evidently like the Cowens) that tireless love, blessing, and financial gifts will soften Israel's anti-Christianity. The behavior of the increasingly Orthodox government proves otherwise. Israel is developing into an anti-Christian police state, feeding on tips from Orthodox informers. The Post quotes anti-missionary spokesman Meyer Cohen saying the Interior Ministry now has its own intelligence unit to spy on missionaries and Messianic Jews. Calev Myers says, "anti-missionary associations such as Yad Le'achim often tipped off Interior Ministry officials regarding messianic Jews attempting to enter the country." Israel, taking off her smiling mask, emerges as an ominous "speech crime" gestapo on the make.

In the United States and through world governing bodies, the Anti-Defamation League, chief PR rep for Israel, works tirelessly to conform the rest of the world to what they view as the Israeli ideal. ADL wants to make the whole world like Israel - a place where it will become a federal crime for anyone to witness for Jesus Christ in print, on the airwaves, the internet, or just on the street corner.

ADL wants Christians in heartland America, as in Israel, to face arrest and imprisonment for the "hate crime" of leading anyone to Christ. When those converted are Jews, ADL ups the ante to the crime of "anti-Semitism," a crime against the Jewish people which conceivably could lead to deportation and imprisonment in Israel, fulfilling Christ's prophecy (Luke 21:12). [2]

Holding the Holy Land Hostage

For millennia, the "holy land" has been viewed as owned by God, a place for individuals of all faiths to find inspiration, to visit or live in. Now Israel holds it hostage as if it belongs only to Talmudic Jews.  The government legislates not only against Christians and Moslems but even Jews who believe in Jesus. The Post says, "The [Israeli] Supreme Court has ruled that Jews who embraced Christianity are not eligible for Israeli citizenship."

When will evangelical visitors to Israel stop caving in to Israel's demands that they not witness? When will Christians, like the apostles in Acts, resolve to speak only as the Holy Spirit leads, regardless of the price? After all, authentic Christianity is about pleasing God alone, not man. If Christians do not defy Israeli law, as did the apostles, even to the point of going to prison, Israel's anti-Christian aggression will only increase.

It's time for Christians to do what has heretofore been unthinkable to them.

Say to Israel, "We must obey God, rather than men." (Acts 5:29)

1. See Lura Maimon Beckford's website at
2. See ADL's Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic at, February 15, 2006.

Source:  Christian Jews Arrested, Persecuted In Israel

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Civil Disobedience, Is It Scriptural


3. How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry


"When everything else in the world seems to be upside down, at least we can find our comfort in rock music, by listening to our old heroes, who truly know what the world is about and how to rebel against it.

At least this is what we are led to believe.

As I write this, it's been ten years since I published my first article on the Internet and at the same time established the "Illuminati News Website". Although it has been a challenge and I have had wonderful, and not so wonderful, responses over the years, there is one subject I have brought up that has caused more upsets and uproar than any other, and that is the exposure of the music industry, to which I have dedicated a whole section. It is a holy cow, indeed.

Of course, most people who are blues and rock'n'roll fans have heard about Robert Johnson and how he sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads in exchange for brilliant musical skills. Whether this is a myth or if it's true, I leave for you to decide, but strange things are happening behind the scenes in the Music Industry and unfortunately, the rock stars most of us have worshipped are not always what we thought they were. Although the Robert Johnson story could be a myth, he is not the only one claiming to have sold his soul to the Devil for fame and fortune. There are quite a few admitting to the same thing, where Bob Dylan is one of them as we shall see later in this article.
The Music Industry as a Propaganda Machine

First of all, before we start putting the pieces together, we need to dissolve the myth that the Music Industry has our best interests in mind. By now, more and more people become aware of that this world is to a major degree controlled by a secret cabal we call the Illuminati, a Shadow Government if you will, who wants to create a New World Order and a One World Government. They have already taken over a big part of world politics, business, education and religious movements. This fact is accepted by many, because the evidence is overwhelming, so why would this cabal, who wants total control and the ability to take over our minds and thinking processes, leave the film and music industries alone?

Put yourself in these people's shoes and you will understand what I'm talking about. If I were them, the music and film industries would be two of the first things I wanted to control. Why? Because here you have a golden opportunity to influence the masses and lead them in any direction you want. All you need to do is to create super heroes (Gods) that people can look up to and follow. Although Bob Dylan sings in "Subterranean Homesick Blues" in 1965,

"Don't follow leaders
Watch the Parking Meters"

he must have known pretty well that although they are true, these are just empty words. By writing those lines, his audience would be even more attached to him and he would really create followers. So it's a contradiction, and some would call it "reversed psychology".

We see a similar phenomenon when Black Sabbath is singing about how we should fear the Devil and cry to God for help. How come then they are not creating a Christian fellowship, but instead it has the opposite effect? It is because they are actually leading the audience into violence and darkness by tuning down the guitars to lower vibrations, turning up the volume to maximum and repeating hypnotic riffs over and over again. What stays in people's minds is not that we should turn to God, but that Black Sabbath is singing about the Devil and demon possession and it's cool. People start getting interested in mysticism and occultism of the darkest kind instead, as per the plan. It's mind control, my friends. But it's not just the audience that is mind controlled, so are many of the artists as well, which brings me to the real purpose of this article - to expose who is pulling the strings on the artists and ultimately - us!"

Read the full article:
How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry 


4. "Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
January 17, 2008

In the old Soviet Union, art was considered a branch of propaganda. If a novel or movie wasn't "politically correct," it wouldn't be seen. The idea that art should reveal transcendent truths was out-of-the-question.

I am noticing the same trend in the West where the Communist Party term "politically correct" is now in common usage. Last week, I saw "The Kite Runner" a story set mainly in Afghanistan about a friendship between two boys and how, in the course of a lifetime, one learns moral courage.

The film upheld human values and moved me to tears in a couple of places. I found myself wondering, "How did this movie get wide-release?"

The answer wasn't long in coming. The hero returns to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to rescue his friend's son from an orphanage. The Taliban are portrayed in the worst possible light, as religious fanatics who stone women and sodomize children. Without realizing it, the theater audience will assume that Muslim fundamentalism is a scourge, and the "war of civilizations" is justified.

No mention here of how, with US aid, the Taliban actually liberated Afghanistan from Soviet oppression and stamped out the opium trade. No, yesterday's "freedom fighters" are today's "terrorists." See a more truthful view of the Taliban by Eric Margolis: "The Taliban are Terrorists"

Read the full article:
"Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch


5. The Truth About the Entertainment Industry

By Wes Penre, 2004

Wes Penre's Web site "... has the ambition to show the reader what is really going on in the art business.
I want to show you that behind the Record Companies and the Art Business Industry is an Elite of super-wealthy people, calling themselves the Illuminati[1], or "Moriah Conquering Wind"[2], who use the Industry to distract and alter our minds with the purpose to fulfill their crimes against humanity.
The big Record Labels are all controlled by the same Elite of people, and they run their business through the Occult, and are the heads of Secret Societies like the Freemasons and the OTO.
To sign up as a musician for the big Record Companies, you have to be willing to work toward their Agenda, which is to eventually obtain total control over the World Population, or, like in many cases, you are already mind controlled before you start your career. This doesn't mean that all artists that sign up are aware of the Agenda, but they are tied to strict rules and regulations by the Industry. In a free world, the artist would be able to express him/herself the way he/she wants, but if your want to make it in the Industry, you have to adjust to rules, regulations and censorship. Still, the Art Business and Hollywood are only two examples of industries the Illuminati control. For more information, see
The famous artists, who get the most promotion, are themselves often mind controlled victims, who have split, multiple personalities and are controlled by a Programmer or a Handler (who quite often is the Manager). This is to keep the artist "on track", so that he/she keeps following the course that is set out for him/her. If the artist tries to drift away from the "cause", he/she is getting threatened, "re-programmed", denied to make more records (fired), or even killed. The Art Business has maybe one of the highest death statistics of all professions. Why?
Many artists are themselves involved in the Occult and members of secret societies like the ones mentioned above, and the Church of Satan. They are practicing Occultism and Black Magic (like Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin to name a few), and this web site has the ambition to reveal what is behind the "glamour". Their task is to demoralize our youth, to create a society where no one is able to think for themselves (contrary to what the pop culture is trying to teach us, that rock music is rebellious and good for us). The musicians are often acting degraded and high or low on drugs, so their fans start acting the same, because if the celebrities are doing it, it is cool; the purpose is to create apathy and decay. Quite a few artists also put subliminal backward messages in their music, like Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, and more ... Here is a website that tells you more about Backmasking:

Does this all sound crazy? Unbelievable? Yes, it certainly does - for most people. However, hopefully the readers will change their minds after have read the information on this website, and the powerful testimonies from people who themselves are/were working in the Music Industry. My ambition is NOT to put a stop to music, but to try putting a stop to the evil agenda that rules the Industry, and prevent them from picking young, talented people and have them "Sell their Souls to Rock And Roll (And Mind Control)" in exchange for money and glory. The truth is, that those rich and famous artists cannot enjoy their wealth and glory at all, as they are very trapped and controlled and feel miserable most of the time. This, of course, is nothing new. You can read about miserable artists all the time in the newspaper. Only problem is that no one is asking the question why they are so miserable although they seem to "have it all"...The truth is, you can not be happy if you are constantly traumatized and controlled; it doesn't matter how many millions you have on your bank account.

And who am I? I am Wes Penre, a former rock musician and composer. I am one of those who did not fit into the Agenda of the Elite. I am one of those who at that time didn't understand why my revealing lyrics and melodic songs were not appreciated by the big Record Companies. Now I know better. And no matter what some people might think, I am NOT a bitter, failed musician, who wants to "get even" with the Industry. I live a life I am very happy with, and even if I had the chance again, I would not sign up to be a professional musician. In a better world I would, but I will NOT sacrifice my body and soul to make big bucks for the Illuminati.

Now, enjoy your research into this field! Unfortunately, not many researchers seem willing to confront this topic, so when I write this, I am one of the few who exposes this without having a religious or personal agenda. Whatever you may think of the following, it will definitely open your eyes, and next time you see an interview with one of those artists, listen to a concert, or listen to a CD, you will recognize some of what is written here. Again, my intention is not to have you stop listening to music. I still find much of the rock music being great, and I listen to it daily - but with a new insight ...

Thank you,

Wes Penre"

"I believe that Brittany [sic] Spears, Eminem, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like (ever notice that he wears a Neo-Nazi look and sings hate lyrics? This is NOT by chance).

In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the "Mickey Mouse club" (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist's Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control. How many lyrics advocate suicide, violence, despair, or New Age spirituality in pop/rock today? Or just get a copy of the words and read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control).

~Svali~ (former member of the Illuminati)

Read the full article:
The Truth About the Entertainment Industry


6. Author of Build Yourself an Ark, the Irish priest Andrew D.F.J. O'Brien (1926-2008) Dies

From Henry Makow
December 21, 2008

"Andrew O'Brien died peacefully in the Dalgan Nursing Home, in the early morning of 4 March 2008.

Born on 10th March 1926 in Cork City, he was educated at St Angela's College, CBS St Patrick's Place, and Christian Brothers' College.

He came to Dalgan in 1944 and was ordained priest on 21 December 1950.

He was assigned to the Philippines in 1951 and spent the next twenty years in pastoral work on the island of Mindanao. He served in the parishes of Aloran, Kolambugan, Bonifacio and Corpus Christi, Iligan City. Pastoral visitation was difficult on poor roads and with inadequate transport. He worked hard to ensure that parish schools were run efficiently and to high standards.

He was appointed to the Region of Ireland in 1969 and over the next eighteen years helped in various parishes in Ireland and Britain. His health had never been very robust and he retired to Dalgan in 1987 where his meticulous bookkeeping kept the farm accounts in order.

Andrew was an assiduous reader who loved to keep abreast of political events in the wider world. He tended to take a rather pessimistic view of recent developments in the Church and in theology. His comments were always seasoned with a dry wit that generated a host of anecdotes. He will be remembered as a man of prayer and deep faith, who had great devotion to Our Blessed Mother and to the Rosary.

May he rest in peace."


Build Yourself An Ark is composed of eight 45-minute talks by an Irish Priest, Andrew O'Brien, who demonstrates a deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy. They are available here: talk 1, talk 2, talk 3, talk 4, talk 5, talk 6, talk 7 and talk 8.


7. Bilderberg Group to Plunge our World into 'total chaos'

As reported on the Henry Makow Web site

December 19, 2008

Henry Makow's Note: This source is usually alarmist and unreliable but this article is worth noting.

By Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

"Iran's official news agency IRNA is warning today of a Global plot hatched by a 'secret society of Freemasons' known as the Bilderberg Group to plunge our World into 'total chaos' in order to destroy all religions and independent Nations in order to establish a planetary wide single system of government.

[This story cannot be found on the IRNA website.-Makow]

According to the articles published by Iranian reporter Amir Taheri on this plot, "The alleged conspiracy was finalized at a secret meeting of the group in June 1999 in Caesar Park Hotel in the Portuguese resort of Penha Longa."

Taheri further states about this Bilderberg Group: "Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as the Bilderberg Group or Masonic lodge. What we have is an annual private meeting of influential individuals, mostly from Europe and the United States, designed to generate free discussions on a range of issues without a pre-set agenda and according to the so-called Chatham House rules under which there are no reports of the proceedings and none of the participants could be quoted by name.

The first meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg near Arnhem in Holland in 1954 at the invitation of Prince Bernhard, the husband of the then Queen Juliana. The number of guests was fixed at 130 and initially only limited to politicians, academics and business people from member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Later, the meeting extended its reach and started inviting personalities from all over the world, according to which countries happened to be in the news. The invitations were designed to include two representatives from each country, one liberal and one conservative.

Over the past half a century, almost anybody who was somebody in international business or politics has made at least one appearance at the group's annual meetings. Thus, if this were a gathering of conspirators we would have to assume that virtually the whole of the global leadership elite consists of Masonic plotters. Last June, for example, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both attended the Bilderberg meeting along with more than 60 other political figures from across the globe."

American dissident researchers writing about the Bilderberg Group further warn that this organization is, in fact, a 'shadow government' having great power over all of the World's governments and that its meetings are banned by US propaganda media organs from reporting on them to their citizens.

Russian intelligence reports on the Bilderberg Group state that it is one of the six German Nazi based 'Illuminati' governed organizations that comprise what is loosely referred to as the Round Table that seeks total Western control over our entire Earth and its resources and has been directly responsible for both World War's I and II, and which have left over 500 million dead in the past 80 years alone.

In our December 12th report titled "Council On Foreign Relations Warns Of United States Collapse By Summer, 2009", we had reported on one of the other members of this Round Table wherein Russian Foreign Ministry sources had warned about these groups agenda for our World and which includes:

Global manipulation of the prices of oil, natural gas, zinc, iron ore, nickel, copper, platinum, gold, corn, wheat and rice to 'stratospheric heights' to be immediately followed by their, likewise, engineered collapse.

Manipulation of the Global economy through the flooding into financial systems of 'unlimited' credit to be immediately followed by an engineered contraction of the money supply thereby collapsing the entire World's banking system to leave the West's powerful Central Banks as the sole survivors, and defacto owners of the West's industrial output.

Dissolution of the North American and European Nation States which are then to be 'reformed' into 'Global Trading Blocs' centrally governed by unelected emissaries to a new 'One World' governing body.

The 'forced destruction' of all other Nation States on Earth, to include, Russia, China, the Middle East, South and Central America and Africa, whereupon they too will be able to become a part of the 'new' One World ruling structure.

The forced relocation of the Earth's entire population into urban 'environments', with the United States, Canada and Mexico to be the first Nations to implement this policy among its citizens, by 'force' if necessary.

Though there are growing signs that the American people are beginning to awaken from their decade's long slumber which has seen their freedoms and economic power stolen from them by these insidious power blocs, it may be 'too little' and 'too late' for them to reverse their catastrophic plunge into the abyss, and as we can read as reported by the World Tribune News Service in their report titled "Doomsday: U.S. report warns of 'strategic shock' leading to massive unrest", and which says:

"The United States could be sleep-walking into its next crisis, a military report said.

The report by the U.S. Army War College's Strategic Institute, said that a defense community paralyzed by conventional thinking could be unprepared to help the United States cope with a series of unexpected crises that would rival the Al Qaida strikes in 2001, termed a "strategic shock."

"Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security," the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, said."

Reports from the United States are showing that their War Leaders are heeding these warnings as the US Military is preparing to unleash upon its citizens another 11,500 American Troops that they say will protect their Nation upon their new President's inauguration.

Being lost upon these American people, however, is that the Military Forces they will soon be confronting are not there to protect them, but are instead being deployed to protect the ruling American elite classes who have robbed their people of their entire wealth and intend to leave them as nothing more than economic slaves and prisoners in their vast urban concentration camps and vast prison network which has made them the most jailed people our World has ever known.

What is feared most by these American War Leaders is that their citizens will awaken to the plans being made for their slavery like the peoples in Greece who are now violently engaged against these Western monsters in order to free their Nation from its planned destruction.

Russian Military Experts state in their reports that unlike Europe, the Middle East or the Eastern Nations of the World, the American people are not expected to rise up in mass against their planned destruction as their physical and mental states have been nearly totally destroyed by the forced drugging of them through their genetically modified foods, fluoridated water and psychotropic medical supplies, all of which are based upon eliminating these peoples as serious threats as they have become the most obese, most depressed and most mind controlled human beings our World has ever seen.

As astonishing as it is to believe, it is nevertheless true that the American people remain the only peoples on our entire Earth who still do not know that microwave prepared foods have all of their nutrients destroyed leading to obesity and diabetes, that the Aspartame ingredient contained in all of their diet foods and drinks to 'control' their obesity is outlawed in nearly every other Nation on Earth as it is nothing more than a poison, and that the violent video games they buy for their children have all been funded by their Military to overcome in these young minds the strongest human taboo there is....killing another human being.

But, to the greatest danger of all facing these people is their belief that warnings such as this one are the 'conspiracy', instead of their knowing that the truest, and darkest, conspiracies are those of their own government and propaganda media organs who continue to tell these deluded people not to listen to anyone other than them as they lead these poor souls into the pits of their final destruction."

© December 19, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.


8. The The Canadian Jewish Congress Wants to Shut Down Henry Makow's Web Site

December 3, 2008

"When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything--you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him." (Robert A. Heinlein,If This Goes On, 1940)

The Canadian Jewish Congress believes this website promotes hatred against Jews. It has complained to the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission and demanded that I be silenced.

Does this website promote hatred against Jews? As my readers, you are the best judge of this. Send your comments to for posting here.

Hi Henry

Never be silenced or intimated by any shady organizations! Your site is awesome and it's thanks to you that I now know so much about the current world we live in. You're a courageous and inspirational man and I will continue to use the resources you provide on your site to try to guide and educate others. Never have you once encouraged or promoted hatred to Jews or any other race and for anyone to say such things hasn't read your material. Regards



Hello Henry,
Your website promotes love for Jews and warns us against Zionists.  Zionists are not Jews. Jews are a religion, not a race, as my hero William Cooper (who sadly was murdered by government agents in November, 2001) also said with passion in his June, 2001 radio talk show I listened to. So maybe the Canadian Jewish Congress is run by Zionists? I am not Jewish racially but graduated from a Jewish university. I recall that one of my classmates refused to be called a Jew and asked me to call her Jewish instead. Huh? Fact is, she had no belief in God and emphatically denied the existence of God.
I am an avid reader of your postings. I must say there is absolutely nothing in your website that promotes anti-semitism.  You're just telling us the truth.  How is it that telling truth is an act of promoting hatred?  You know, common sense is not so common theses days (sigh). I want to thank you for all your great work -- it's the kind of responsibility that only a great citizen is willing to bear.
Washington USA

Maybe if they re-define Human or Jewish Rights as Satanic Rights, then they can shutdown your Anti-Satanic website. befits the contents of your website. You have already gained tremendously. I pray that God, The Almighty gives you even more blessings. Please continue and never give up.
With Prayer,

Dear Henry,

As for your web site promoting hatred among Jews, that is obscene. I dislike the radical Jewish propaganda that people like that spew. That is hate speech.

I always assumed you were Jewish and I love reading your articles. In fact, assuming you were Jewish has always made me feel better toward the Jews.

While I tend to be very liberal, you are the only conservative that ever made sense to me and I emailed that comment to you years ago. Maybe it is because you are neither liberal or conservative, rather a good person trying to make the world better.

If the Jews want to do something to improve their image perhaps they will consider tearing downs the walls of their concentration camps in Palestine and freeing the Palestinians. This is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

As an American, my fore fathers fought a war that allowed Israel to become a State. If they had known what the Jews were going to do with it, I am sure they would not have sacrificed themselves.

Yeah, for me anyway, nothing creates hate speech like concentration camps and censorship of a free press.

The truth can live in the light of day but the thieves and liars require the cover on night.

My Best

Ray Wiltfong
Portland OR USA

PS - Is the whole world and UN spewing hate speech as well?

"Nearly half of the 88 resolutions against Israel "condemned", "censured" or "deplored" the member state or its actions.[3] During this time, in the UN General Assembly, 429 resolutions against Israel were passed, and Israel was condemned 321 times."

Whether 'they' be-lieve (live by) it or not, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission et al. can never-ever silence YOU! If 'they' take off-line, we'll create hundreds-and-hundreds of Henry Makow dedicated sites. If 'they' shut-down the Internet, we'll print thousands-and-thousands of Henry Makow literature and hand 'em out. If 'they' chop our hands-off, we'll mouth it off to everyone "that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God" (Rev 2:7). If 'they' chop our heads-off like in "those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea" (Matt 3:1) "And his disciples came, and took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus" (Matt 14:12).

My dear dear Henry, if it wasn't for a JEW like YOU, i'd probably hate all "Jews" today. "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life" (Rev 2:9). "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I. And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe. Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence" (John 14:27).

Dr. Makow, if i can be of any assistance, don't ever hesitate to get in touch. You or your website does not promote "hate" but LOVE to Jews, Christians, Muslims and ALL living creatures. I am your witness, you are my witness and "Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing. Why askest thou me? ask them which heard me, what I have said unto them: behold, they know what I said" (John 18:20). I'd sign an affidavit and/or testify in any courtroom that Henry Makow is indeed a peacemaker (Matt 5:9) and NOT a whoremonger (Ephe 5:5) like the Canadian Jewish Congress "which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

As ever, i swear by Almighty God that the evidence i shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
A reader,
Amar Alaman (London, UK).

[N.B. I trust and give you full-permission to do whatever ye see fit with this letter incl. submitting my full-details to any third-parties concerning this fraudulent Canadian Jewish Congress action against your very Being!]

Dear Henry,

Another Canadian who woke up a year or so ago. I don't think that your website is anti-Jewish but I can certainly understand why they don't want you to wake up any more of us...


I am a gentile follower of the Lord Jesus. I am intelligent with an above average IQ (Mensa member.)

Since I've started reading the info at your site and similar info, I have quit worshiping on Sunday. I now enjoy a Sabbath from sundown Friday night to Saturday night. I have since quit celebrating pagan holidays (X-mas, Easter) ... preferring to observe God's Holy Days which are traditionally though of as Hebrew Holy Days. I quit attending a worship service lead by gentiles, and prefer to attend Hebrew worship services when I can. Pretty peculiar for a gentile ... but these are the things that delight my heart.

My enthusiasm for these traditionally Hebrew practices are in no way inconsistent with my enthusiasm and support for your website. Both interests have grown in tandem. It is hard to imagine how this could be possible if your website truly promoted hatred for Jews. The accusations and insinuations against you seem to be hysterical conjecture, to say the least.

I have been reading your website now for around a year and one theme that consistently sticks out to me is your COMPASSION for the many Jews and Gentiles ignorant of the new world order agenda. There is no hatred here but EMPATHY. While the usual suspects will trot out their tiresome accusations of Jewish hatred and self-hatred etc they are manifestly absurd. I hope your important work continues unobstructed. Your ability to educate and empower your readers is exceptional and your sagaciousness second to none. -Chris


After almost 30 years being involve in politic, I've been disappointed many times by corrupt politicians or journalist and the lack of a courageous writer, from the time I start to read your articles I can see the missing links and the fact that you are a Jewish and understand the core problem of Judaism which are the interference of cabala and Talmud into Moses teachings.

I believe your work is against hatred and violence, and more you teach people that we are all humans and no one is above the others or "chosen", more peaceful people will be around. I wish you the best, and hell to the Jewish mafia.... K in Denmark


In all honesty I can't say I have particularly liked most Jews that I've met, mainly because of their pro-Israel, whiny, self-pitying and materialistic behavior.
But your articles go out of their way to direct people's attention towards the Jews and non-Jews responsible for many of the destructive economic, political, foreign, and social policies that are plaguing the world, while pointing out that the vast majority of jews are being used as pawns to advance these NWO/Illuminati goals. Other similar websites might not care to emphasize these distinctions, and in any case you have mentioned other groups that are being used as pawns (gays, Christians, Muslims, etc...).
But we all know this isn't about right and wrong or hate and racism, there's no freedom of speech unless it lies within the parameters set by the ruling classes and special interest groups in modern 'democratic' societies. -NM

I think it is outrageous and mendacious that the CJC is making these allegations against you.

If anything, in your writing, you are shining the spotlight (successfully) upon a cryptocracy of elite families of the Moriah, or Illuminist or Sion or Rex Deus Dynasties (some of whom are of ethnic Judean or Desposyniac ancestry - tracing their lineage through King David) together with their global network of secret societies. The nations which observe Jewish law look to this Dynasty and its Council of Elders and Sanhedrin as supreme; so do many nations which are controlled by them. This is a covert super national government. Its agenda is world order on the basis of Communism as defined by the platform of the Internationale and U.N. Charter.

This highly elite group owns the Bank of Settlements in Basle (pronounced appropriately Ba' al), Switzerland. Thus they own nations through their reserve banks of issue, they own the IMF and its corporate infrastructure. Marxist economic rationalism is their monetary dicta for nations - formerly one set of economic rationalist policies for the former socialist republic bloc of nations (the USSR) vs another set of economic rationalist policies for the capitalist economic bloc aligned with the West. Today, of course, their economic dicta is creating a global Soviet for the emerging Trilateral of EU / Russia vs NAU vs Asia/Pacific.

You are shining the spotlight very clearly upon the ways in which this cryptocracy has used and even genocided Jewish people in the service of the cryptocracy's agenda to own the entire earth in fee simple and to enslave all nations.

I think historically with many documented proofs, you have successfully nailed the Revelation of the Method for the 20th century and its genocides.

Thesis: Bolshevik Revolution as financed by the Wall Street Banksters and dictated by them as State Monopoly Socialism for the USSR

Anti-thesis: the WJC Declaration of War served on the anti-Communist state of Germany - the only nation capable of standing in the way of a Soviet takeover of Europe and Hitler's rise to power financed again by the European Banksters in the same cartel with the Bank of Settlements at its Apex.

Synthesis: the Communism of the U.N. (its Charter identical to the Communist platform of the Internationale). This is the globalisation of the new world order now integrating into the Trilaterals of the global pyramid through the phoney war on 'terror' aka WW III against the peoples of the Middle East, Central Aisa, all Western nations. This Banksterism is being waged through the ideologies: Zionism, Economic Rationalism - capitalist version: bolshevism vs the corporate state, New American Century-ism, Islamofacism. More of this orc mischief every day.

And in North America, it is clear that the Communist Revolution is being conducted from the highest levels of Western governments. Their script for America demands a 'backlash' against the Jewish people as responsible for this Revolution in the minds of the multicultural population at large. In their script 'the Backlash' will be the trigger that changes the entire rule set and justifies every tyranny: internment of thought criminals, abridgement of all rights etc.

You clearly demonstrate from many sources that the Jewish people (as a people) are victims of this dialectic and have also suffered among the genocides of the twentieth century. Rightfully, you oppose this. And so should we all....

Not for nothing do the Bolsheviks first deal with the intellectuals. Summarily. Because the people who read and think for themselves and are never satisfied until they get it figured out will get their number. And there will be worse to come when these Sons of Bitches use their proxies to commit terrorist acts on the American people and orchestrate their backlash against the Jews- they are going to pin it on the 'homegrowns' the thought criminals a.k.a. intellectuals who figured it out. You figured it out Henry. Through you, many have also done so.

Time is short. But unless those who know and understand speak now we will regret it forever. Write on for your people, Henry, who as fellow Americans and Canadians are loved as a people, an integral part of the great multinational Project America. And may the Gentiles who love the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our Lord, Jesus Christ cheer you on.

Lynda, Australia

It's been a year since I have been reading your articles. I do ask alot of questions to myself about all the history and current events ; they get answered. Its great to see someone who is a Jew and who does not conform to Zionism/Communism(another connotation for fascism in my words) and who shows love for everyone. But you do not show any hatred to anyone. You are just telling the truth.

You are the first person in my educational life that has taught me something behind history-conspiracy.

Thank you so much for trying to helping others like me who are unsure and being brainwashed at school. School means nothing, but a Neo Platonic machine of brainwashing kids to conform to what elite want to believe.

Keep up and don't give up.


Dr. Makow simply asks the questions few Jews dare to contemplate; and non-jews too likely too afraid of being labeled anti-semitic.

As a Jew myself; I have found most Jewish explanations for anti-jewish sentiment lacking. Could there be a real reason for "anti-semitism," might the reason be more than just jealousy of Jewish financial shrewdness or intelligence. I have learned that most myths and stereotypes have some basis in truth.

I have too have searched for spirituality, and a relationship with the Creator and come up empty handed , and empty hearted in the religion of my birth.

I have found the Jewish religion to be one filled with tradition, but devoid of spirituality, blessed with intelligence but lacking compassion for non-jews.

Why would an "ultra-orthodox" jew refuse to touch the hand of even a non -ultra orthodox jew ....and expect the world to not wonder what is so holy about this person ; or what is so unclean (eg. Tumah, ) about us...

-- Rick Sinai - New Orleans


I am a long time reader and want you to know that I appreciate your commitment to "exposing" the truth as best as you can. The darkness hates the truth which is why I think the CJC wants to ban your site. Your writings do not incite hatred towards Jews by me, but sadness for humanity and for the innocent and decent Jews who are being setup for trouble like all of us by these evil vermin.

Thanks for your website. It makes me think that some Jews are good and some are bad. You are a Jew too but you are among the good ones the likes of Gilad Azmon, Israel Shamir, Noam Chomsky, etc., to just named a few, not to mention Moses and Jesus. You are a supporter of truth and justice and freedom not of lies and oppression.
May God protect you from evil in this world and the hereafter. There, I've been wanting to say that for ages.
your Muslim sister.


I've just read about that case with the Canadian Jewish Congress awhile ago, and I'm going to pray that things would turn out well for you and your family.

For some reason, it reminds me of a slogan I've read about in this article ( "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth."

I've learned that those who are for God will always be the subject of persecution, injustice, hate, ridicule and mockery in a world ruled by evil powers - "trials and tribulations", if you will. It stinks, but that's how it's got to be. It is something that's still difficult for me to fully accept, but I know that it is something that everyone who wishes to truly follow Jesus, has to. But think about it, if people who are clearly "not for God" are working against you, you must be doing something right, right?

Speaking of "hate", isn't it ironic that those who like to conveniently throw that word around are actually the ones who tend to be rather hateful towards those that disagree with them or refuse to accept their ways?


Dear Henry,

EVERYONE have a divine/inherent right to self-expression. For you to be denied the liberty to voice your opinions and beliefs would be a violation of human rights. A case could be made should a person, motivated by hatred or dementia, be stirring social unrest but i've seen no evidence from your material to indicate that this is so.

I've been reading your articles for many years and have never seen you use any phrases connoting or denoting 'hatred toward Jews' (words are meaningless unless analyzed/understood in context). You are a Christianized Jew [right expression?] who simply speaks for what he believes.You write about and present what to many is a much sought-after opinion on 'unpopular' recorded historical and present events. I've never noticed in any of your writings any attack on Jews.

In my opinion, we need more cool-headed people like yourself that don't shy away from expressing, rather, demanding, that truth be told, from whatever side it comes from; and that is what you do best. You may not be always on the mark (and to some, you may appear 'way-off'), but in the end however you succeed in making us the readers think just a little bit deeper. You stimulate intelligent dialog, ie., constant questioning of the status-quo, re-evaluatiion of our beliefs, self-discovery of our values, [ultimately, a journey toward REmemberence]. You invite readers to offer responses to your posts; responses that you frequently publish on your site irrespective of whether the reader agrees with you.

Best wishes in this fight; and as we say in french, Bon courage.


[ps. you've had a positive influence in my life ever since i started reading your site Your writings gave me courage and wisdom which helped me wed, not to mention better understand and better provide for, the woman i love. You've helped a young man who used to read mainstream magazines cover-to-cover turn instead to reading the bible in that fashion- i finished Revelations last month. While i used to be unconsciously guided by the values propagated by mainstream, reading your work helped me see 'beyond' the fantasy. Thank you Henry for pointing the way. ]


I have been reading your articles for awhile now. They have greatly informed me in the over all conspiracy against mankind. It's not just Jews, but a much bigger integrated plot to imprison mankind and you make that clear in your writings. The common Jew is as much a victim as I am when it comes to the future planned evil against mankind. Those who try to silence you can only be assumed to be a part of the evil foreshadowing future events.



I have been visiting your website for four (4) years and not once did I get the slightest impression that what you wrote would create "hatred" against Jews. It is sad however that Jews are their own worst enemies as rather than set themselves free from those using them, they appear more comfortable in being used. I suppose there is some sort of status in maintaining such a stand, however when push comes to shove, when a Jew finds himself in need of the Canadian Jewish Congress, they often won't assist.


My attitude towards Jews is the same, as I have for all others, which is to love every one. Your writings have not diminished that spirit in any way, and in fact may have created a deeper admiration for the things a Jew must deal with. I suppose the Canadian Jewish Congress is less concerned about any anti-Semitic comment, than they are about revelations of truth. I have been an ardent student of history for more than 40 years, and any one whom has spent that much time in research, study and evaluation of historical fact, cannot but help trip over the dirty hand-prints of a global conspiracy. Thankfully, I understand this very old movement so well, that to say it is a product of any specific ethnic group, is ridiculously off base. The facts of the matter demonstrate that this 4000 year old satanic intrigue runs through every nation, and therefore, makes the manipulators of every nation, guilty of the crime. While I agree that certain high levels of this conspiracy happen to be of Jewish blood, they neither stand for Judaic religion, nor are they supporters of the nation state system. The only problem you have Henry, is that you're probably hitting too close to the bone, and its becoming irritating to some of the conspirators. Therefore, my hats off to you, and hope you will continue to fight, the good fight.......David


9. Vatican Told Bishops To Cover Up Sex Abuse

November 27, 2008
Read the 1962 Vatican document (PDF file)

The Vatican instructed Catholic bishops around the world to cover up cases of sexual abuse or risk being thrown out of the Church.

The Observer has obtained a 40-year-old confidential document from the secret Vatican archive which lawyers are calling a 'blueprint for deception and concealment'. One British lawyer acting for Church child abuse victims has described it as 'explosive'.

The 69-page Latin document bearing the seal of Pope John XXIII was sent to every bishop in the world. The instructions outline a policy of 'strictest' secrecy in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse and threatens those who speak out with excommunication.

They also call for the victim to take an oath of secrecy at the time of making a complaint to Church officials. It states that the instructions are to 'be diligently stored in the secret archives of the Curia [Vatican] as strictly confidential. Nor is it to be published nor added to with any commentaries.'

The document, which has been confirmed as genuine by the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, is called 'Crimine solicitationies', which translates as 'instruction on proceeding in cases of solicitation'.

It focuses on sexual abuse initiated as part of the confessional relationship between a priest and a member of his congregation. But the instructions also cover what it calls the 'worst crime', described as an obscene act perpetrated by a cleric with 'youths of either sex or with brute animals (bestiality)'.

Bishops are instructed to pursue these cases 'in the most secretive way... restrained by a perpetual silence... and everyone... is to observe the strictest secret which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office... under the penalty of excommunication'.

Texan lawyer Daniel Shea uncovered the document as part of his work for victims of abuse from Catholic priests in the US. He has handed it over to US authorities, urging them to launch a federal investigation into the clergy's alleged cover-up of sexual abuse.

He said: 'These instructions went out to every bishop around the globe and would certainly have applied in Britain. It proves there was an international conspiracy by the Church to hush up sexual abuse issues. It is a devious attempt to conceal criminal conduct and is a blueprint for deception and concealment.'

British lawyer Richard Scorer, who acts for children abused by Catholic priests in the UK, echoes this view and has described the document as 'explosive'.

He said: 'We always suspected that the Catholic Church systematically covered up abuse and tried to silence victims. This document appears to prove it. Threatening excommunication to anybody who speaks out shows the lengths the most senior figures in the Vatican were prepared to go to prevent the information getting out to the public domain.'

Scorer pointed out that as the documents dates back to 1962 it rides roughshod over the Catholic Church's claim that the issue of sexual abuse was a modern phenomenon.

He claims the discovery of the document will raise fresh questions about the actions of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Murphy-O'Connor has been accused of covering up allegations of child abuse when he was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton. Instead of reporting to the police allegations of abuse against Michael Hill, a priest in his charge, he moved him to another position where he was later convicted for abusing nine children.

Although Murphy-O'Connor has apologised publicly for his mistake, Scorer claims the secret Vatican document raises the question about whether his failure to report Hill was due to him following this instruction from Rome.

Scorer, who acts for some of Hill's victims, said: 'I want to know whether Murphy-O'Connor knew of these Vatican instructions and, if so, did he apply it. If not, can he tell us why not?'

A spokesman for the Catholic Church denied that the secret Vatican orders were part of any organised cover-up and claims lawyers are taking the document 'out of context' and 'distorting it'.

He said: 'This document is about the Church's internal disciplinary procedures should a priest be accused of using confession to solicit sex. It does not forbid victims to report civil crimes. The confidentiality talked about is aimed to protect the accused as applies in court procedures today. It also takes into consideration the special nature of the secrecy involved in the act of confession.'

He also said that in 1983 the Catholic Church in England and Wales introduced its own code dealing with sexual abuse, which would have superseded the 1962 instructions. Asked whether Murphy-O'Connor was aware of the Vatican edict, he replied: 'He's never mentioned it to me.'

Lawyers point to a letter the Vatican sent to bishops in May 2001 clearly stating the 1962 instruction was in force until then. The letter is signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, the most powerful man in Rome beside the Pope and who heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - the office which ran the Inquisition in the Middle Ages."



10. More from the Educate-Yourself Series:

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11. Other Headlines in Brief

How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry

Democracy and Accountability Are An Illusion


Additional Resources ...

The Warning of the Last Days

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion


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Here’s how to do that. …


How to Download YouTube Videos:

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The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture ...

We are entering an age that Satanists call the Age of Fire, when they will use every murderous, demonic, vicious, and most cunning tactics and lies to usher in their Nazi Fourth Reich (aka the New World Order). They have made the following point very clear:

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations Organization) ...

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The Most Stern Warning in all Scripture

The Warning of the Last Days 

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Desecration: Verb: “1. To violate the sanctity (of something sacred); to profane (it). 2. To treat (a sacred place) irreverently or contemptuously.” The Penguin English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 2003.

“If someone was planning to murder you, you would like to know months in advance, wouldn’t you?”

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The Usher of Desecration

The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial. 

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The Real Crisis Is About To Unfold and It's Not Financial

The Time for Talk is Over

“The trip is over folks, we are out of road. I wish I could tell you where you are going. If you don't know or don't have a map, it wouldn't do me much good to try to tell you anyway. One thing is for certain; from here you will walkthe rest of the way. For many it will be to destination unknown. Most are on the way to the City of Despair, in the State of Confusion, located within the Nation of Disgrace. For others, the destination will not be pleasant nor a matter of choice. You get the picture. Those who, ‘take all of your belongings and climb into the truck,’ will weep in utter misery for the personal negligence that they brought upon themselves and their families. You will have paid the ultimate price.

 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22: 3, KJV)


So,...will you take the final moments God is giving you to step away from your ‘stupid zone’ and do what you should have so long ago? Will you finally make some plans? Will you really sell off your unnecessary toys and purchase the absolutely necessary survival tools that will give you just a chance to make it through? Will you search out the ultimate truth of our predicament and the One who can give you peace, serenity and eternal life? Can you admit that putting a dictator in office was one of your very worst mistakes, and you will try to make amends by resisting him and his communist platform? Will you do all you can to convert your family and friends who also voted for him and others supporting him to work against him in every way possible? That may sting and burn to be told that, but it is far better than the amputation of your limbs that is coming if he continues to dismantle this nation and its last freedoms.

“Procrastination in implementing your family's self preservation plans will be terminal.” [1]


Editorials like these are expected to consume about 1500 words. This is half that. Like I said, the time for talk is over.”


[1] Dr. Greg Evenson


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The Time for Talk is Over

Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight 

Defining the Spiritual War You Failed To Fight cover image

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Worldwide Church of God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International 

Worldwide Church oof God Returns to the Vomit as Grace International book cover.

“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” (2 Peter 2: 22)

“As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26: 11) 

Discover the part played by the Illuminati Jew, Rupert Murdoch (pictured above), and his Zondervan publishing company, in the destruction of Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

What Murdoch "... is not is an Australian 'right wing' billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda." (Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.)

Get the book here.

UFO's Originate in Nazi Antarctic Bases 

Nazi flying saucers thumbnail.

"Perhaps in order to engineer and prepare the global collective psyche to the "great earth-shattering announcement" that may be coming any day now, ... that the US, UK and allies are in contact with "technologically superior beings from other worlds, which do exist after all and we are in contact with them."

Read more here ...

"The only correct term for the mis-called 'anti-Semitic' is 'Jew-wise.' It is indeed the only fair and honest term. The phrase 'anti-Semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." (The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, p. 63)

Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?

“Is it ok if I vent a little today? I’ve built up a little frustration over the past couple of months and I just need a pressure release. Will you let me do it?


As you may be aware I have started a varsity football program at a local Christian High School. Although I vowed to myself that I would never return to prowling the sidelines when I walked away from public education in 2000,the opportunity to train young males to be men was something I could not, in good conscience, run from.


Not all males are men. I hope you understand that. Especially convincing is the evidence I have garnered recently that Christian males in particular are the least manly.



Why Are Christian Men Such Wimps?


How Shall We Tell The Children? 

 "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19 (KJV)

How Shall We Tell The Children eBook cover image

"But how shall we tell the children? We probably won't tell them; the knowledge would be too dangerous to the "system" we have developed to ensure our own preservation. As long as they will continue to work in order to support, and in order to die in, for, and because of our system, we will allow as many of them who can do so, to survive until we have lived out our lives in the manner to which we have become accustomed. It has always worked before, so maybe it will continue to work long enough to keep me comfortable until I die. It is a gamble in which the odds are becoming increasingly negative."

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How Shall We Tell The Children eBook 

How The World Really Works, by Alan Jones 

How The World Really Works cover image

Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

The picture which Alan Jones paints in this book is one which you must understand if your efforts in truly understanding how the world REALLY works are ever to amount to anything. We paint that picture by presenting an ordered set of book reviews which identify our enemies and describe the primary strategies and actions which they have taken against us over the last 100 years or so. Our goal in writing the book was to provide an accurate portrayal of that picture within the covers of a single moderate- length book. The 12 chapter titles of How The World Really Works are ... the names of the books being reviewed.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> How The World Really Works eBook

Secrecy or Freedom, by Alan Jones 

Secrecy or Freedom ebook cover

Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

This is Alan Jones' most recent book, published in April, 2001. While countless books have been written revealing yet one more outrage which the New World Order folks have perpetrated on us, Jones has resolved on an entirely different purpose: to define a way of mounting a counterattack on those elites, and not just delay their next victory, but destroy their viability, and take back our country and the world for middle class citizens everywhere. In the same way that an army or a football team will surely lose in the long run if it has only a defense and no offense, we too shall lose our world to the elites if we fail to marshal our resources, mount a viable offense against them, and reduce their present dominance of public affairs to a nullity. To that end, this book goes right back into history to discover their origin, their modus operandi, their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses. The exercise has been successful, and reveals a crucial weakness which may readily be exploited. We will, in this web page, outline our search, our major findings, and finally a plan of action to save our country for the benefit, we hope, of a great number of future generations of free citizens. Our historical look will go back 2000 years and beyond. Our sources are not generally well known, are not Nobel prize- winning historians, but nevertheless are historical truth seekers whose researches are uniquely valuable. Each of the chapters of Secrecy or Freedom? carries the title of the historical work which is reviewed in that chapter. In this web page, we will give you an inkling of what is covered in each of these chapters, with the hope that these few words will lead you to order our book, carefully absorb its contents, and then join in our proposed action plan to take back our country.

How To Get A FREE Copy>>> Secrecy or Freedom eBook

How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man, by Mary Croft 

You're an asset of the state. You're duped into entering the world of commerce and finance and trapped in imaginary debt bya brilliant but simple con. When you see your name written in UPPERCASE LETTERS it has a very different meaning to the one your parents gave you. This is an amazing ebook. We highly recommend it.

Click here to download

Classy Beauty, 25, Seeks Man Making $500K 

 Classy Beauty, 25, seeks man making $500M.

Reply to "Classy" Beauty,25, who advertised on Craig's List for a Man Making $500K.

The Answer ...

I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill; that is I make more than $500K per year.

Read the Answer the "Classy" Beauty Got

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell (1903-1950)

We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning.

“Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein: “We [the Jews] infiltrated  the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath.)”

(From The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell is All This Happening Again? by David Thatcher.)

False Flag Operations or "False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy.

False Flag Operations

John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education"

"If we ever needed a battering ram to pull down the evil structure of compulsory public schooling, this book should be able to do the job. The book calls for a revolution. But not a violent one. It can be won easily and peaceably by merely taking the kids out of the public schools. It's still legal to do so. That would change America radically. But the pessimists will say that most parents are too brain-dead to care what goes on in the public schools. Those parents who do care have already gotten their kids out and are homeschooling them. But we know that every day more and more parents are beginning to see the light. That's encouraging." (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)

Read more: 
John Taylor Gatto

Democracy Is An Illusion 

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy... But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,approximately the same policies". (Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 1247-48)

Democracy Is An Illusion

Why Men are So Attracted to Foreign Women 

Have you ever wondered why men are so attracted to foreign (non-Western) women? Have you heard from a friend lately that her ex fiancee is now looking for a Russian bride or that a male relative is engaged to a Filipina? And, do you scoff at that and put it down to these men being 'desperate' and those women as just wanting a ticket into the country?

Why You Shouldn't Get Involved With a Married Man [or Woman]
Here's a question that's been sent to me recently about a woman wondering if she should get involved with a married man. Here's my reply telling her why you shouldn't get involved with a married man! This woman's name has been changed to remain anonymous.

What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

What You Should Know About Swine Flu eBook cover image

"These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

We also need to realise - here, now - that  we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged  fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Never was this more important than with  the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate  mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccin-ation programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine." (David Icke)

Free Download: What You Should Know About Swine Flu 

This Has to be the Definitive Report on the Vaccination Hoax.  

“The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon. National Institutes of Health.

Are you scared when you’re told you have to vaccinate your child with 49 doses in 14 vaccines before age 6? Or are you scared at the idea of not vaccinating and so “exposing” your child to serious illnesses?

Are you scared about the school threatening you that if you don’t vaccinate you can’t enrol your child?

FEAR. That’s what all these pro-vaccine campaigns are based on. As a parent, what’s the biggest scare of all? When your child gets sick with a serious disease and you feel responsible for that. As you see, vaccine supporters couldn’t go wrong with this and developed a dogma that’s been bought over and over again over the years by people. The magic insurance policy to solve it all.

So, even if your child gets sick, at least you know you did everything you could for his/her health and vaccinated, right? But what if the very vaccination is able to cause the illness in the first place??

Could The Vaccine Hoax Be Over?

An extraordinary paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

The 45 page paper with detailed evidence can be downloaded here.

Also see the short article about this report in Issue #65a of our newsletter Last Days Watch, which is here.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"  (Matthew 7: 15)

Vicious wolf

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11: 13-15)

We are Facing Orwellian, Totalitarian Slavery 

That's what they want to impose on us. That's the reason behind all the national identity cards, DNA data bases, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices in cars and trucks and cell phones, digital micro-chipping of everything from A to Z, Internet surveillance and censorship, telephone taps, body and luggage searches and scans at airports, finger printing of air travelers and bank customers, interrogations at airline boarding gates, intrusive banking regulations, and much more. The Powers That Be are branding and penning up the global "human herd" in just the same way that cattle ranchers tag their cattle herds with ear tags and fence them into feed lots to fatten them up for slaughter. The Powers That Be regard us as their livestock, as their personal property, and they are in the process of branding us, tagging us, and penning us up, so that they can manage us like cattle or swine. Our plight is that stark and simple.


So do you want to be a slave or free? That's the question. Because if you want to be free you're absolutely going to have to do something about it. Millions of people are going to have to go outside of their comfort zone, that's the hard truth of the matter, because the status quo is simply not remotely acceptable for people who want to live as free human beings on this planet.


Don't imagine that you can just vote in the next criminally rigged election and a new set of corrupt politicians will somehow magically make things better. THEY WON'T. The galling thing is that the Powers That Be have set up a global system to which they insist we assiduously adhere and obey every corrupt dictate they issue, while they themselves flagrantly flout the Constitution with impunity, and never cease massively enriching themselves and their plutocrat cronies, and rolling in corrupt luxury, at our ruinous expense.


This pathetic charade will continue only as long as the people permit it, because when the people declare a de facto Jubilee Year, the jig will be up. As a matter of fact, that process is already underway. It is a simple truth that unemployed people cannot service a loan, cannot pay a tax bill, and cannot pay a fine that is imposed on them for failure to do any of the foregoing. So as the unemployed rolls continue to swell, more and more people will simply refuse or fail to make credit card payments, to pay back home, automobile and student loans, and will default on furniture, appliance and pay day loans, and much more. This is already happening and the trend will increase.”


Read the Full Story:
Hidden in Plain Sight 


The Manipulated Man

The Manipulated Man book cover.

Are You Laughing Yet, or Would You Forward this Email on to a Friend or Relative? 

The Email "Are You Laughing Yet?"

Pass this very insightful email on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it ... no one will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.

The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide 

"Nature is a self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to 'control' the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline fueled lawn mowers. Okay, children, let's all sit up straight at our desks. We are going to begin 2009 with a lesson about carbon dioxide (CO2)." (Alan Caruba)

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes  

Lindsey Williams' book cover,

Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister and author of the 1980's book The Energy Non-Crisis (on line) has been reporting inside information about oil price-manipulation for many years now, and generally the information has been accurate.

According to Pastor Williams, the Globalists are fomenting rebellion as an excuse to raise the oil prices to $150-200 a barrel.

Pastor Williams revealed in his book that the US has huge untapped oil reserves that the elites have known about for decades. After manipulating the oil prices  to around $200 a barrel, we will finally see these US oil reserves opened for production.

The Oil, Gas and Energy Crises are Massive Hoaxes

"Anyone not preaching coming out of the state church and the government system is a false prophet."(Neal King,

Christ's Flag is The Union Jack 

The Union Jack.

The Union Jack

The Australian and New Zealand flags go back much further than the 200 years you probably are aware of. Notice the most prominent symbol on all these flags is the eight-pointed cross. This 8 pointed cross consists of two different four pointed crosses (the x and the + crosses) that are superimposed!

The Australian National Flag.

Australian Flag

The New Zealand National Flag.

New Zealand Flag

Their heraldic  symbolism goes back 3,500 years; to the time of Moses and Joshua, the great Israelite (not Jewish) Military-Commanders.

The vertical cross on the flag is for the Great Cross that is formed at critical times in the Galaxy, and this is called the Galactic Cross. T  he diagonal cross stands for the Earth Cross. The Earth cross is the cross of the Zodiac, while the Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic and its perpendicular axis.

Four times during the Great Year (which is 25,920 years long)--i.e. every 6,480 years--the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross to form a single four-pointed cross in the sky. This is what will occur on December 21, 2012, which will herald the end of the "Dark Cycle."

For more information download Part I and Part II of Jan Wicherink's "Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses" reports.  These reports are also in our free book The Prophet Daniel and December 21, 2012.

The red on the flag stands for human blood, and the white stands for the Birthright Holy Spirit, which does the work of redemption (i.e. the born-again process), thus changing a sinful human being into a true blue-blood (i.e. the Elect). Blue is the colour of Sirius, and the Creator God of ancient Khemit (Egypt) known as Ptah (who we call God the Father). In this process it is important to know that there are 216 bones in the human body, and the blood is actually made in the bones!

Furthermore, the science of Khemitology reveals that Ptah was referred to as “He Who Comes from the Blue,” and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin.

What race was Ptah depicted as?

In the depictions of Ptah from ancient Khemit (the proper name for ancient Egypt) “Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose, and Negroid lips. He apparently represents many races as the ‘Father’ or progenitor race from Sirius. Ptah became known as Dyas or Zeus to the Greeks, and later ‘pater’ (father) to the Romans: Ptah, Pater, ‘Father Race.’” (Source: Stephen S Mehler’s The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001, p. 180)

It is also noteworthy that Egyptologist’s word for the bright star Sirius is Sopdet (Sp.dt). According to the science of Khemitology, the Egyptologists have it wrong (and I would heartily agree), and the word should be S.pth, which is Sa-Ptah, “The Birthplace of Ptah.” Thus we see the clear connection between God the Father and the eighth planet of the Solar System, the bright star Sirius.

For more information on the names of the Messiah and God the Father, and these flags, see our free book The God Messiah Worships.

The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

British coat of arms.

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.

The TRUE Israel People have, on their "Coat-of-Arms", a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse "rampant" with one horn. The amber Lion "rampant" on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed "House of Judah" and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox "rampant" on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed "House of Israel", collectively making the 12-tribed "Kingdom of Israel".

The word British is Hebrew. It means "the People of the Covenant" or in other words "the People Israel", whose written Constitution; under that Covenant, that they have rejected to their own loss; is written in the Bible (Israel's Book) that they still swear on to tell the Truth, but whose Constitution, under which there are no poor people, is then foolishly rejected by almost everyone, in favour of inferior and unjust, man-made laws and economics which cause poverty and therefore also crime brought about by deprivation and desperation.

Read More.

Compare the imposter Antichrist's Coat-of-arms (below) ...

The Antichrist's coat-of-arms.

The lion facing the East stands for the Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the 12th Sign in the Birthright Zodiac. The unicorn stands for the Constellation of Pegasus in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Both animals are holding the Shield of Salvation, or the Shield of Damnation, depending upon your attitude to God and your way of life, whether you are in rebellion or submission.

Consequently the Lion stands for the White Crown of Upper Egypt, while the Unicorn stands for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. While the symbols may have changed, the meaning has remained the same over the Millenia.

The Bible is Not a Jewish Book 

The statement is commonly made, even by those who should know better, that “we Christians owe a debt to the Jews, for we got our Bible, and our religion, from them.” While many people have been deceived into believing this, it is completely false.  Part of the mistake comes from the complete confusion in the minds of nearly all people as to just what they mean by “Jew.” Are they referring to people of a certain race? Or people of a certain religion? For the two are not the same.  There are in Africa today some pure-blooded Negroes who are Jews by religion and there are in China today some pure-blooded Mongolians who are Jews by religion. Likewise, there are some people today who are racially of the stock we know as Jews, but who have been converted to other religions.

Read the Full Article:
The Bible is Not a Jewish Book

How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? 

“In another pamphlet, entitled How Many Men are Necessary to Change a Crime into a Virtue? Adin Ballou [another champion of non-resistance] says: ‘One man may not kill. lf he kills a fellow-creature, he is a murderer. lf two, ten, a hundred men do so, they, too, are murderers. But a government or a nation may kill as many men as it chooses, and that will not be murder, but a great and noble action. Only gather the people together on a large scale, and a battle of ten thousand men becomes an innocent action. But precisely how many people must there be to make it so?- that is the question. One man cannot plunder and pillage, but a whole nation can. But precisely how many are needed to make it permissible? Why is it that one man, ten, a hundred, may not break the law of God, but a great number may?” (Quoted in Leo Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, p. 6.)

"Don't think for a moment you are going to vote the Illuminati out of office. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. (However, God controls the hearts of His people.)" (From The Top 13 illuminati Bloodlines, by Fritz Springmeier)
Woe Unto You Lawyers! (and Policemen) 

"Of all the specialized skills abroad in the world today, the average man knows least about the one that affects him most – about the thing that lawyers call The Law. A man who will discourse at length about the latest cure for streptococci infection or describe in detail his allergic symptoms cannot begin to tell you what happened to him legally – and plenty did – when he got married. A man who would not dream of buying a car without an intricate and illustrated description of its mechanical workings will sign a lease without knowing what more than four of its forty-four clauses mean or why they are there. A man who will not hesitate to criticize or disagree with a trained economist or an expert in any one of a dozen fields of learning will follow, unquestioning and meek, whatever advice his lawyer gives him. Normal human skepticism and curiosity seem to vanish entirely whenever the layman encounters The Law.

There are several reasons for this mass submission, One is the average man’s fear of the unknown – and of policemen."

“Telling the story of the rise of Communism [Nazarene Remnant comment: This term Communism needs to be replaced by the word Satanism, because we now know that this term was chosen to hide the underlying devotion to Satan that drives these people. End NR comment] means revealing the histories of the worst of the criminals involved at the time. But this is necessary, for without knowledge of the secrets of evil, we cannot properly develop the good, either. As the Swedish philosopher Henry T. Laurency wrote: ‘Only he who knows evil knows good.’ 
Then we shall appreciate goodness above everything else on earth.Then we may really be able to welcome the truth, even if it is frightening and dismiss lies, even if they are pleasant.” (Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 63)