Inside The Great Pyramid of Giza

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Did you miss the fateful point X on your journey through life?

 Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

A couple of points about you and this picture:

1. The A - B line is your timeline, with A representing your birth and B, your death (anciently known as the Pit). It also represents the endless circle of the Ecliptic, the path the Sun takes year in and year out, during your life. The black arrows show where you may be now on this line, during the 43,200 days you have been allotted to live as a human being. Speaking in astronomical symbols, this long Descending Passage in the Great Pyramid, has its celestial counterpart in the pathway of the planets along the Ecliptic (all moving from East to West, the direction of death), the apparent path of the Moon, the Sun and the planets, when viewed from Earth. The "destination" point, astronomically, is in the Constellation of Orion, as you will discover.

2. At some point along this line you probably made a very big, fateful, but entirely wrong decision, one that may lead to your eternal death, if not repented of. At that moment you probably missed the seriousness of this decision, and overlooked the fork in the road that should have been taken (shown by the large yellow X). It is most important that you know what this large yellow X represents. In the Great Pyramid it is the secret entrance to the Ascending Passage, as in ascending out of the Pit (which stands for the Abyss, or, as in most scripture, hell). But in the sky, and in the Plan of Salvation, it represents the Stargates through which we must enter as we pass every stage of the process of being born-again, and purified from all sin. These stargates refer to the two gates that are only opened on the days of the Solstices each year, and the Equator itself forms the function of a railway line, getting us frtom one to the other. In effect, we have to learn how to change trains at the Equator! This is explained in our free book, The Beguiled and the Doctrine of the "Two Spirits" (in the essay on "The Fall").  Perhaps you were misinformed? Ill-advised? Too young and foolish to know better? ... or any number of other reasons why you continued on down the A - B line, and did not realize that life was asking you to make such a fateful decision.

3. If that decision violated any of God's commandments, and you do not repent of that decision, and go back and "fix, forgive and forget" (with the emphasis on the "fix" part, as explained in The Beguiled and the Doctrine of the "Two Spirits") you stand in line to come face to face with an aspect of your Creator that you also have been misinformed about: His severity, wrath and judgment.

4. This mistake will cost you your eternal life, if not repented of from the heart.

5. Repentance means going back to point X (the large yellow X), that fork in the road that will enable you to be forgiven of your errors and sins, and begin the re-birth process, including doing works of repentance, that will take you to Paradise, and continue to conquer life and arrive at point F on the picture (if you are a female), or point E (if you are a male). This pathway of repentance, this crossing of a mighty river (changing your basic attitude to life), so to speak, is pictured in the Great Pyramid by the Ascending Passage, and in the sky as a part of the Planet Venus' complicated motion, as it passes across the mighty river of life in the sky (known as the Milky Way to us). Then, if you are male, after completing the work of the Ascending Passage, you have before you more spiritual work that you will need to do on yourself (thankfully you will be Mightly assisted, otherwise you will not make it up the grade!), represented by the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid, which anciently the Egyptians called the Hall of the Orbit, and in the sky by the 120-year periods between a pair of Transits of the planet Venus!

Sit and ponder a while (or as long as it takes), for this is a question that comes to all of us, eventually, and one that demands that we really do have the right answer!

Phillip Coppens and the Three Pathways of Life in Ancient Egypt:

Philip Coppens confirms that there were three possibilities for human beings after death in the ancient Egyptian religion, before it became corrupted:

"Central to the imagery of the Duat is a central path, a tunnel, from the world of the living, into the darkness of the Duat. In that tunnel, the soul is given three paths, each leading to a specific destiny, and identified, at least at the times of Tuthankhamun, with three different couches: a cow, a hippopotamus and a lion.

This imagery translates straightforwardly to the Great Pyramid: the entrance leads down into a dark, low tunnel. By default, the path descends to the Lower Chamber. However, there is an entrance towards another tunnel, leading to the "Queen's Chamber" or the 'King's Chamber.' A lot of ink has been written as to how this stone blocking this tunnel was put in place, and whether it could pivot or not. That is less important than the observation that there was a 'guarded' entrance in this fork in the road. Once in the ascending passage - an apt description for those trying to attain heaven - a further fork occurred, one leading to the Queen's Chamber, another that continued to climb, towards the King's Chamber.

Did each of the tombs symbolise a path? The path of reincarnation, of the Hippopotamus, would be the Underground Chamber: easiest to reach, but very 'basic:' earth to earth [Nazarene Remnant comment: and dust to dust, in other words a wasted life]. The path of the [celestial] Cow would be the Queen's Chamber [Nazarene Remnant comment: this is the result of repentance, conversion, and the born-again process coming directly through the keeping of the monthly New Moon Festivals, which is caused by the Birthright Holy Spirit. This is what the celestial cow meant to the ancient Egyptians] in between both, specifically there for a soul stalling to make the final ascent to the King's Chamber. The Lion's path [Nazarene Remnant comment: this is the Sceptre Holy Spirit, and is also symbolized by the celestial Bull] would be the continued ascent towards the King's Chamber, where the 'tomb of God,' the coffin, was the symbol of resurrection - initiation in the Divine Abode."

This interpretation of the Great Pyramid as the three-dimensional visualisation of the Duat would explain many anomalies, too many to list here. But one intriguing anomaly is the "Well shaft", a roughly hewn path that connects the Lower Chamber with the fork in the tunnel towards respectively the Queen's and King's Chambers. This path was the "loop" from the second path, that of the Cow, either to reincarnation or regeneration. It would, by default, have to bypass the original "choice" (the original fork in the road), but would have to lead to both other chambers. For the architect, this presented a problem, but I believe the shaft and its execution display exactly the nature of the path: it was rough, "unhewn". To some extent, the architect had made the passage from the Queen's Chamber to the Lower Chamber more difficult than the passage towards the King's Chamber: It was a reminder that the seeker "had come so far, why not go all the way" - towards ascension?" (From "The Truth About Egypt's Star Religion: The Canopus Revelation," by Philip Coppens


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