In Freemasonry Hiram Abiff is a
Symbol of the Egyptian Osiris

"... it seems clear, the Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry is not an historical character and certainly not a biblical one. Rather, he actually represents Osiris, the Egyptian Sun-god, and the reenactment of the Legend of Hiram Abiff is actually the reenactment of the legend of Isis and Osiris.

Thus, each sincere man who is initiated into the Third (Master Mason) Degree of Masonry impersonates Osiris, the Sun-god of Egypt, and enters into his life of good deeds, his death, his burial and is "raised" in his resurrection from the dead. With this understood, it is then easy to understand the statement in the Kentucky Monitor (handbook for all Blue Lodge Masonry in the Grand Lodge of Kentucky) that, while the Christian's Messiah is called Jesus, the Mason's Messiah is called Hiram." (Kentucky Monitor, "the Spirit of Masonry," xv) [but of course Hiram stands for Osiris!].

For more information on this subject see the articles "Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry Represents the Egyptian Osiris," "The Masculine Journey," and "The Legend Of Hiram Abiff," in Appendix R: "The Spiritual Meaning of the Ancient Egyptian Allegory of Osiris Being Cut into 14 Parts," of our book The 33rd Degree Freemason, which is available on the DvD / USB version of this work, or online here:  


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